Confirmed, Metro Station Breaking Up

March 25, 2010 04:30:52 GMT

Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso are no longer bandmates as they have decided to disband Metro Station.

Metro Station
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Metro Station have called it quits. The news was first brought forward by Towson University in Maryland after their assistant director of programming for student activities, Bridget Chase, received a call about the withdrawal of the band from becoming an opening act for their Tigerfest.

A representative for the band has also confirmed the break-up to While the publication had no further information about what prompted the split, rumor suggested the group decided to go their separate ways due to internal dispute.

Metro Station parted ways with bassist Blake Healy and drummer Anthony Improgo in 2009, leaving only guitarist Trace Cyrus who is Miley Cyrus' brother and singer Mason Musso who is Mitchel Musso's brother on the line-up.

The band have released a self-titled album "Metro Station" in 2007 and contributed to a song titled "Where's My Angel" in "Alice in Wonderland" soundtrack. They were supposed to open for N.E.R.D on the Burdick Field stage at the Towson University's event on April 25.


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posted by S:) on Jan 13, 2013
i wish they would get back together i really liked there music annd i miss it:(
posted by blahblah. on Dec 23, 2010
i have a feeling they'll get back together, hopefully.
posted by pryscilla on Jun 04, 2010
i cant belive it!i love them so much,pleaaase get back togheter,im from brazil but i love them so much come on >.<
posted by Kimmers 56 on May 29, 2010
Well metro station isnt my favorite band,but still whats the need for breaking up.I bet you'll do WORSE apart than together.Many people have enjoyed the music that METRO STATION has made,splitting will change everything... think about it-it wont be the same nd' if ur breaking up cuz a of a stupid fight then your allll DUMB ASSES whos career went down!!!
posted by IMINSANE12354 on May 25, 2010
posted by priyanka miranda on May 05, 2010
come on metro station was the only band that i really liked they are amazing better then other bands u gusse need to get back togther forget your diffrences an make some great music an trace i love u babe
posted by melanie on Apr 30, 2010
i agree with EVERYONE here, and @holly, you especially.... i mean it stupid and i really think trace and mason should continue, i mean dudes! find 2 new guys to replace blake and anthony, and youre set to go!! c'mon!!! i mean metro station is my fav band in HISTORY and i think its reallllly stupid if they break up!!! so pleasssssse dont!!
posted by holly on Apr 30, 2010
i cannot believe they're breaking up .... they are my fav band i reaaaally think they should make another album cuz they only made one :( soooo sad oh my God....
posted by celia on Apr 03, 2010
i think this is stupid. i mean, they only had one album! talk about a one- hit wonder.
posted by morgan on Apr 01, 2010
why have they broke up?? this doesnt tell you anthing a got told that trace and mason wanted to start their solo carreers but they have not fell out or had any arguments!:)
posted by HAHAH on Mar 27, 2010
posted by em on Mar 27, 2010
this suckssss.
posted by Macy. on Mar 26, 2010
This article is not worthy... what? we where all thinking it. Its so sad. They where planning the second album. Im going to miss metro, especially mason. hopefully he will keep putting out music like trace is.
posted by @i on Mar 25, 2010
he's also the band bassist, keyboardist dumb ass
posted by l on Mar 25, 2010
Blake Healy was their synth player. Are you fucking incapable of spending 2 minutes to google a basic history of the band?
posted by S on Mar 25, 2010
I would say finally

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