Justin Bieber: I Don't Like Mariah Carey's Music

March 24, 2010 03:35:21 GMT

Mariah Carey's new music in her latest album is compared to Michael Jordan attemping to come back and play in NBA.

Justin Bieber: I Don't Like Mariah Carey's Music
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In a recent interview, Justin Bieber talked about his senior Mariah Carey and ruled out a duet project with the R&B singer. The 16-year-old singer explained her new music in "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" is the reason why he doesn't want to collaborate with her.

"I don't love her new music, it's not the same," the Canadian pop singing sensation told The Sun. "It's like Michael Jordan coming back out to play in the NBA. She is past her best."

While he is not interested to team up with Mariah Carey, the young pop star said he would love to hook up with British songbird Corinne Bailey Rae. "She's a talented artist and seems like a nice person," he reasoned.

Another thing that he discussed was his life as an ordinary kid despite the fact that he is a big star now. "I'm a grounded person. I don't need security when I'm home as they know who I am. I live with my mum and tour with my dad," he stated. "I'm just a regular 16 year old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls. I have to do my homework which is a chore. English is my best subject but I'm bad at chemistry."

"I could finish this year but I want to continue at school until I'm 18 in case I decide to go to college. I don't want to limit my options. You never know how things are going to work out."

Beside doing an interview, Justin Bieber also did an acoustic set, singing a cover version of Usher's "You Got It Bad" and his own songs "Baby" and "Never Let You Go".

"You Got It Bad":


"Never Let You Go":


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posted by bmw on Jan 27, 2013
it it real? really? i can't believe it... Cuz someday Justin said we should have to respect someone... but.. umm those anyone know this interview video?
posted by gecks on Sep 13, 2012
Ugly conceited, piece of trash. Looks like a fucking beaver.
posted by natalielui on Jul 21, 2012
Bieber's stupid fan:Listen to bieber's music or else you'll have to drink up the poison!!!! Me(grabbing the poison):I beg you! Please let me drink the poison!
posted by natalielui on Jul 21, 2012
IF he did team up, everyone will see the great difference between a gay and a diva.
posted by natalielui on Jul 21, 2012
Bitch please!!! MC is way better than you. And she has the greatest voice. You dont want to team up with MC, i'm so sure that MC doesn't want to team up with you either. Maybe ur just jealous. I hate you but your attitude makes me hate you more. I guess you're just jealous that MC is way better and has more fans than you. If i go round asking if you like MC or JB, they'll say, "MC of cuz, JB is such a GAY!!" P.S. You sound so gay.
posted by Jackcy on Nov 24, 2011
And Justin why dont u collaborate with Rebacca Black and make a Lesbiaan Performance called "Sunday" Ooooooo
posted by Donthaveone on Nov 02, 2011
LOL, that child tickles me but he's right about Carey. Her music is not the same. The voice just isn't there anymore. She hasn't dropped a hot album since butterfly and even then her voice was declining. Mariah use to sing in this powerful, round voice. Now her singing is nasal. I think the singers voice has even lost a few octaves. Take it from me, a former "lamb" LOL. Justin is telling the truth.
posted by Morgan on Nov 01, 2011
Justin sucks. Mariah has one of the best voices ever heard in music history. Justin has the gayest voice in the history of music. Justin Beiber should just shut up and mind his own effing business...
posted by jeremiah on Sep 05, 2011
and BOY, please change your hairstyle.. I cant even stand that horrible hair... STFU Bieber!!
posted by jeremiah on Sep 05, 2011
Mariah doesnt want to collaborate with you either.. I dont think you can even stand another 3 years in the industry because of your attitude and no one is taking you seriously.. You're just a BOY and a boy can't stand in the industry for 10 years!
posted by M on Sep 02, 2011
LOL justin beiber can diss anybody he is nothing but a joke! He needs to get his lil ass beat for even attempting to disrespect a living legend. Mariah Carey's is probably like "who is this little girl?"
posted by lorenzo on Jun 20, 2011
MC is already a legend... and you justine beiber is just a kid whose way was not yet half or even one fourth o what MC has reached so shut up!!
posted by MikeJay on Mar 04, 2011
You, the reason why Justin Bieber says that is because, when he used to Sing like a Girl, he wasn't able to master Mariah Carey's Voice, and that frustrates him, lol, you know, your Voice wont be as good in 10 Years, so quit Hating on Mariah Carey, i mean, it's been 3 Years, and your Voice is already going bonkers, and you wont be as Big as Mimi boy, so, don't play, and by the way, if you think you can change to be like Michael Jackson, bahaha, pssh, please, you sell your looks, not your Music, when all of that is gone, i wonder what next, respect your elders Justin, because you are still growing up, you know nothing. Have Fun.
posted by mclambforever on Feb 22, 2011
...Mariah's music has changed, I mean who doesn't but still to say something like that is not so nice...Let's see after 20 years if Justin Bieber's music still sells. young man tsk tsk tsk...have some respect...
posted by tatib on Feb 22, 2011
haha lmao at everybody...i love jb and mc but he does have a point she really isnt as good as she was back when she was younger.everyboody has a right to their opinion so why get mad at him for having his own opinion?
posted by ebiarbashu on Jan 19, 2011
3LXDQs Menia viebali kak shmelia na goufake YYou!!!!
posted by kiara45 on Jan 14, 2011
mc is way better than u you both sing about love if you say mc is bad your worse
posted by louis on Jan 09, 2011
Hey JB gay !! how dare you talking about MJ and Mariah
posted by justinbiebersuckssup on Dec 13, 2010
i cant belive justin bieber i meen his music sucks super sized cock comn when he sings baby it sounds like he is having a orgasme hes is just a silly shit and all his other songs sounds like a dick vibrator
posted by justinbiebersuckssup on Dec 13, 2010
i cant belive justin bieber i meen his music sucks super sized cock comn when he sings baby it sounds like he is having a orgasme hes is just a silly shit and all his other songs sounds like a dick vibrator
posted by brianna on Dec 08, 2010
look dude even know that i dont like you my opinon is i like mariah carry than you
posted by F\'ing Hate him! on Nov 29, 2010
he said he would never do a duet with her... What makes him think she even WANTS to do one with him in the first place. Then for his little punk ass to diss one of the greatest artists/singer in the world is amazing. Hes got a lot of balls doing that... well maybe not. He needs to shut his mouth, hes been in the biz for less than 3 years shes been in it for 20 and had more #1's before his retarded ass was born. STFU bieber, she was here first.
posted by YAAAHHH on Nov 28, 2010
hey c'mon kid... u know both of u have the same tastes: singin', money, black men...
posted by UBAL on Nov 28, 2010
Mariah carey music is MUSIC.
posted by Mariah Carey on Nov 22, 2010
I just don't like his music too, its kinda screeching and annoying. LAMBS♥♥
posted by Mariah Carey on Nov 22, 2010
its fine, i admit that he is not a good singer either
posted by fu justin bieber on Nov 11, 2010
Mirah Carey's music is awesome. look at ur music it sucks. i would die before i ever listend to ur music.
posted by Muzicx44 on Nov 06, 2010
Truly, Mariah's music has changed, but duh, it does always change. That's how great her musicianship is. For an artist like Mariah, JB is not even worth of Mariah-attention. Mariah's level of duetting is only applicable with those who can REALLY SING (e.g. Aretha, Whitney, Patti and so on).It's okey to say what's really inside you, but plz, learn how to categorize some people. For an artist like Mariah, who is known for her great vocal ability, musicianship and huge impact to music industry, i think the least he can give is RESPECT...My 14 yrs older sister is a hardcore Whitney fan. But I have never heard her saying something negative to Mariah even her comments on youtube is being attacked by MC's fans...So i guess my sister has manners...unlike JB, she knows how recognize RESPECT not only as a person who always deserves respect, but also basing on person's background.
posted by Zwitdh on Oct 31, 2010
I'm not maiah carey fan, but I do really wonder, what really in Justin, his voice is just common voice
posted by faz on Oct 20, 2010
MARIAH may not sound the same, BUT DEYM IT'S BEEN 20 YRS. mariah has been singing for 2decades. don't expect that everything about her will still be the same. (HER VOICE, HER ATTITUDE, HER MUSIC, THE WAY SHE DRESS.) IT'S ALL GONNA CHANGE!. all i want for this bieber kid who absolutely knows nothing about good music. *cos his music sucks* IS RESPECT. BIEBER IS DISRESPECTING ONE OF THE GREAT ONES. i dont freaking care if he does or does not loving MC'S NEW MUSIC. i all want to see is some RESPECT FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO CAME BEFORE YOU, RESPECT FOR THOSE LEGENDS WHO MADE AN OUTSATNDING CONTRIBUTION TO MUSIC INDUSTRY. bieber doesn't have manners. and of course, he doesn't have TALENTS EITHER.
posted by gabi on Sep 24, 2010
o BIBA,tu nunca vais ser como a Mariah,nem ningueeeem eu gostei da parte que falou a cantora,ao ives de O CANTOR... mas tbm ne ele na vdd,é ELA BIIBAAA MARIAH foooda
posted by Gazaboy on Sep 24, 2010
WTF??? lil motherfucker wtf If u don't like her and her music OK but don't come acting like ur the best because u suck
posted by Jackie on Sep 23, 2010
Justin U SUCK
posted by JBpootpooter on Sep 20, 2010
Here I am on Justin "Diaper Rash" Bieber's maturity level. Look how special he thinks he is with his momas boy hairstyle. I mean, that is all he has going really, with the smirky babyface look. Of course, the girls think that's cute right now. Mariah likely doesn't care for his pitiful excuse for singing.I'm sure she's not crying over his laughable remark of musical taste. His talent is jumping around on stage like a little zoo animal, that's all JB has got. And he thinks he's special.. for what reason? LOL! "Look at me I'm Justin Beieber jumping around looking like a sissy". HAHAHA. You go there JB.. get it you little flash in the pan goober!
posted by fly gurl swagg on Sep 17, 2010
first of all jb u is the gayest singer i ever heard mariah is a finion and beyound way better than go f yo self sucka
posted by Q12345 on Sep 13, 2010
I can't wait for Justin Bieber's career to be over. What an arrogant little boy with mediocre talent. All those girls screaming for you now will one day grow up and recognize you for the hack that you are.
posted by Bieberetard on Sep 12, 2010
Bieber her music might suck but atleast she can sing. Dude if you ever made it to american idol u wouldnt even make it to the first round.
posted by BADDDD on Aug 23, 2010
he is such a looser!
posted by BAD MUTHA FUCKS on Aug 23, 2010
posted by justin bieber on Aug 16, 2010
tacks you all i am having fun doing this for you and i am goning to goout with a fan her name is abby she is the best of all got to go have some of my bieber fever love you all
posted by ddmone99 on Aug 06, 2010
Can you really blame him. Her most recent songs aren't really appropriate. I mean really. Why would a teenager actually want to collaborate with her?
posted by PR_NYC on Aug 03, 2010
Fair enough. Though, that's not something that a new boy in the industry should be saying about a succesful, well-respected artist. If you don't like an artist fair enough, but don't ever let it come up in an interview. BAD move. You have to say you like everybody, more chance of stealing other artists' fans is by publicly 'adoring' the artists that they worship. Better luck next time.
posted by asshoole on Jul 07, 2010
fack u beaver!! so beaver, u think u are the best singer in the world? fack u again!!!
posted by emma on Jun 25, 2010
if he doesnt like her music fair enough. but he should be honoured to sing with someone like mariah. shes a legand,a powerhouse vocalist, and an icon. then again it would be painful to watch this boy struggle in a duet, mariah would wipe the floor with him. she sang with ne-yo (angels cry) and without meaning to, she over powered him. mariah may be doing diffrent music, but shes still here, and will get better. people wrote her off after glitter than she came back with E.O.M and thats the most sucessful album of the decade
posted by spider29 on Jun 19, 2010
um, that little Biber turd can't even sing. Just wait until his voice breaks.
posted by QueenBee75 on Jun 18, 2010
Mariah's music isnt as good as it used to be. Plus she doesnt seem to understand that booty shorts look good on someone in their late teens and twenties no more than early mid thirties not someone who's 40.
posted by phai on Jun 14, 2010
i miss u mc wish u cared to sing in thailand........... mc doesn't need to listen to jb said. it was just an innocent new born baby trying to beg attention from his fanclubs.... 555+
posted by BAnkiiz on Jun 13, 2010
O.K. One sweet Day is a song of decade 1990-1999 We belong together is a song of decade 2000 - 2010 ... but you Justin Bieber nothing Shut up! MC fans from thailand
posted by Hannnn on Jun 10, 2010
LOL I'm laughing at all of you saying that Justin's being snobby by ripping off Mariahs music when you're all doing the same now. The thing is, everyone has an opinion on music, not everyone likes every genre of music and you can't slate JB for saying something he thinks. I think Mariah is past her best too, you dont see her come out with better hits than "Honey" or "Heartbreaker" or "Always Be My Baby" now, do you? I bet if you looked at her record sales, you'd see that she IS past her best. Now you all need to grow up before you start on a 16 year old gosh !
posted by mariahangela on Jun 08, 2010
justin bieber u need to shut up mariah is all you'll never be you can't even sing so why are you talking about an artist of her magnitude i'll bet by thr time you turn 20 nobody cares about you
posted by idk on Jun 07, 2010
justin bieber says that mariah can't sing as well anymore... well mr. beaver, who said you could even sing at all?!?! so grow a pair and shut up.
posted by LuvChul on Jun 02, 2010
Just because Mariah is a huge singer, BB has to praise her and team up ? I don't think so. To be honest, I'm either a fan of BB nor MC. But people pissed me off. I agree with Andres that MC isn't as good as she used to be. And BB has to give some respect, too. But everyone has their own point of view. Their tastes are different. For example, Madona's fans and MC's fans . Madona and MC are both Divas. But those fans are always bashing each other's idol. So what about that?? And BB is really a guy that he can point out his own way of feeling music without being afraid of criticisms. And he should make it clear that it's not he doesn't like her, he just doesn't like her music now.
posted by Skye on May 31, 2010
Even my favourite singer, who sings in a different musical genre from Mariah, even admires her for her vocals. So Justin should zip it.
posted by Skye on May 31, 2010
Who does Justin Bieber think he is? I don't listen to Mariah much, and her music may be different from what it used to be but the woman has awesome vocals and trust me, Justin to do a duet, you would have to be begging her, not the other way around.
posted by Jack on May 31, 2010
This seems to be a case of a dumb, DUMB kid who is too full of himself! The only smart thing I've read about him is in this interview...when he suggests he may go to college. Pick up some other endeavour're going to need it!
posted by chloe on May 29, 2010
are u still going to sing
posted by Icy-kun on May 29, 2010
Wow. What an arrogant little snot. What makes him think that Mariah Carey would want his shrill, whiny little voice bringing down her own vocals? Mariah Carey is more successful than he could ever DREAM of being. Suck on that Bieber!
posted by Blah on May 27, 2010
I smell a bunch of little girls prowling around here. Must be those Disney kids again; oh how I hate them so. Go listen to REAL music kiddies and stop listening to the Fagness brothers or this beaver kid.
posted by fantasy on May 21, 2010
Mariah definately is a great singer and Justin he's cute but sorry to say he definately can't sing and for those said that Justin can sing must be out of thier mind.
posted by MC fanclub Thailand on May 19, 2010
Mariah Carey is the best selling femel artist of all time, justin is a sucker artist of all time in the word..,justin u suck
posted by tythelamb on May 13, 2010
lol he doent want to work with MC??..he is a little child his voice wont even sound lyk that in 5 years!..and on top of that he is already a little ass whole! Mariah is a legend!!!..he will NEVER reach the peaks Miss.Carey has!!!..he sould be honored that if so MC would even consider that little bastard talent!
posted by mrs bieber on May 12, 2010
no it won't cause he will work through it even if it does i will still love him(L)(K) xxxxx
posted by oh dear on May 12, 2010
justin is going to have trouble with his voice when he starts growing up a little, he wont be able to hit those high notes as well and it will all go downhill from there
posted by Björn E. on May 11, 2010
Justin your voice are not so good in the last time but you are a good singer.
posted by mrs bieber on May 11, 2010
i jst want to say you r my reason to sing xxxxx
posted by mrs bieber on May 11, 2010
i don't thik that he meant it like tht. So why is everybody goin on at him nobod actually knows him or her do they wll maybe Eminem okaii soo get off his bck okaii and if youu were like me a lassie youu wid also think th he is drop dead fuckin gorgeous an if you were a boy or man youu mit think the she is goreous okaii xxxxx
posted by MariahFan on May 08, 2010
Justin Bieber says Mariah doesn't have the pipes she had before, well gotta tell Justin Bieber that Mariah is still way better than him even though she doesn't have the same pipes as she had before :)
posted by Eminem on May 05, 2010
U fkin faggot who the fuck are you to say that abt mariah!?, she's in the business since 20 years, u fkin faggot dont you ever come to detroit cuz ure gonna warning you
posted by ..... on May 05, 2010
mariah carey new album aint all dat but hw could justin beiber say dttt compared 2 her he nothin
posted by I hate beiber on May 05, 2010
Hey assface, don't talk to us about Mariah ok! U don't hv the voice and u want to compare ur song writting skills? U can't write song ok! And if u do try is just gonna be about stupid shit tht people gonna forget! U just hot now JB! Enjoy it coz u gonna disappear soon! Yah bye bye JB! Hate you too!!!
posted by Ariah Vaney on May 04, 2010
I love your voice
posted by Ariah Vaney on May 04, 2010
Hi JB your voice is very good for me
posted by marc on Apr 29, 2010
I Strongly dislike his so called 'music' its all ushers fault for forcing him down our throats. His voice isnt all that good i know loads of people who sing better than this guy and yet they are finding it hard to break out into the music scene music industry is soo unfair :(
posted by Ariah Vaney on Apr 27, 2010
I'm Mariah's fan but I'm your fan too. you should not saying this Because you 16 years old But Mariah 40 years old yes I love your song Baby one less lonely girl favorite girl Never let you go U smile yes but I love Mariah's cong too I hope you say THis Bye Love you
posted by Okayy on Apr 26, 2010
Why can't any of the Mariah fans spell or use correct grammar? And waste their time bashing a 16 year old boy? That's more embarrassing than what he said about her which wasn't bad. Just because he doesn't want to sing with her and thinks her past work was her prime, doesn't mean that he thinks he's better than her or that he's sold more music. Stop jumping to conclusions based on your biased opinions.
posted by jo oh lalal on Apr 26, 2010
,.jb dont be like that your a new singer you must have to respect mariah carey couz mariah carey is ore expensive than you,.,.,maximiza ur bad atitude
posted by Styles on Apr 25, 2010
The strength of any singer is to be able to sing live (preferably in a cappella). Based on his live youtube performances, I think he would wake up the dead if he attempted such a feat. Anyone with half an ear knows he can't sing - just like the Jonas Bros. It is all noise pollution. Now, this little bugger is disrespecting one of the great ones! What a joke! I bet that one year from now people will be saying Justin who? - lol.
posted by I want j.b ass on Apr 22, 2010
Let me tell sumtin' j.b ,first of all ur voice is a kids voice and sounds lyk gays. believe me u aint gonna success in music business .wit dat soft white skin and dat brown long hair and that red leps u can only success as a gay , believe me...and i promise u I'ill be ur costomer. Just think of it and think of the mount of the pp who wants ur ass !!
posted by Jo on Apr 17, 2010
Lol Mariah's music at her worst is still a million times better than this annoying little kid's music at his best. Seriously his music is shit and I'm not saying that just because he dissed Mariah.
posted by NazCarey on Apr 11, 2010
Fuck up Justin Bieber...u r not de U r only famous in US n Canada.still not that famous i would say. Even miley cyrus is greater than him in term of album sales. The point is u r not famous n barely UNKNOWN in ASIA, Europe, Africa ..u r nothing!!! even if u dont like her MUSIC u need to respect a Lagend if u want ur career to last long time..u need to learn to respect poeple
posted by SAVEGIRL1978 on Apr 11, 2010
posted by tompookybear on Apr 10, 2010
first off justin baby should show respect to mariah and besides he cant sing as beautiful as her! mariah fans will be laughing when he turns thirty and is bald and fat and also i think hes gon to be a one albumwonder! we'll be seeing him years from now what happened to justin who?? thats all cant wit for next mariah album!
posted by blah! on Apr 04, 2010
stop talking like blah,blah I think justin bieber did not mean to say it but if he did meant it he is just talking about blah,blah,blah (PEACE IN HOLLYWOOD) PLEASE :)
posted by ciara.s on Mar 31, 2010
lmao, is he serious??! if he thinks his music iis better than hers, he needs to get his child like ears fixed, he is the biggest (well obvs not in size!) joke eva! He even tried to recreate the King Of Pop Michael Jacksons video- The way you make me feel! He is nothing compared to michael OR mariah
posted by truth tella on Mar 31, 2010
also, to 'cj' no, jb is a little boy, many have confused him for a girl and i think he needs to get over puberty first
posted by truth tella on Mar 31, 2010
im not really into mariah anymore either but what is the point of that little piece of shit justin bieber (aka little girl)saying that? if mariah is past it, he must be too young for it and he hasnt really got any room to talk. in my opinion he is way in over his head if he thinks he is even going to reach her level of fame.
posted by christina on Mar 30, 2010
MARIAH CAREY sold 232 million record in only 18 years,18 no. hit than any other artist in the history in only 18 years,and the biggest selling artist of the millenium in only 10 years,guinness world record hitting highest note by a human in 2003,even madonna cannot reach that in a short time, JUSTIN BIEBER is just a kid who promote teenages pregnancy...
posted by musicLOVER on Mar 29, 2010
FIRE THE PUBLICIST! #1 artist rule of thumb: Be humble Not a good look little boy regardless of Mariah. He has no class.
posted by damn! on Mar 29, 2010
mariah turned about 40 on the 27th of march the same date as my big bro and she is still sexy....
posted by i luv mariah mo den on Mar 29, 2010
any way umm well mariah is perfect she allways has been perfect and allways will be perfect she is beautifull, and come on justin beiber yu are awsome too and it is ur oppinion weather yu like the new album or not who cares but mariah is awsomee k.
posted by WhaWhat? on Mar 28, 2010
Justin, You are but a pee stain on Mariah's rug.
posted by Yummy4MYtummy on Mar 28, 2010
oh please... that memoirs album is beautiful. the only reason it hasnt sold mega millions is cos every1 wants to listen to gaga-centric music!! there is actually meaningful music on the album man. she's sold approx. 200 million so Wateva JB!!!
posted by jesskerr on Mar 27, 2010
just bieber sucks and should keep his mouth shut.
posted by celine dion on Mar 27, 2010
oh justin bieber,your critisizing "mariah",are you ok,did you know what you did,even me celine dion was afraid to comment negative to carey cause i'm afraid to his/her million million supporter,fans etc. you also disrespect your canadian land because of your bad attitude,you know kid if you want your career end now,go to public and get aplogize and sorry to MARIAH CAREY the legend of all legend,i'm sure she will forgive you,cause carey has a golden heart.
posted by cj on Mar 27, 2010
i love justin bieber !!! he is SO HOT!!!!!!! DO YOU THINK SO ??
posted by cj on Mar 27, 2010
jesskerr you are a retard !!!! justin biber dose not have a big mouth . you do !!!!ha,ha,ha,ha,
posted by downwithbieber on Mar 27, 2010
who does he think he is, a legend? mariah is one of the best female selling female artists to grace the earth. that punks needs to stay in his place
posted by Reality Check on Mar 27, 2010
Hey Justin Bieber, I like your comb-over hair's "Grandpa Chic". I think you are right about staying in school, since you won't even be relevant next year, kiddo. You will need a job to get you through the next 65 years of life. Enjoy your time now and remember Leif Garrett was where you are now... BuBye!
posted by MILLION MC FANS IN A on Mar 26, 2010
we all saying now here in asia that you are not welcome...if you come here,sure we will kill you and your body never back in canada,hahahaha
posted by MILLION MC FANS IN A on Mar 26, 2010
we all saying now here in asia that you are not welcome...if you come here,sure we will kill you and your never back in canada,hahahaha
posted by MARIAH CAREY million on Mar 26, 2010
Justin bebier is like madonna who attack and insult carey music and other artist in 1995 to get attention to the people,sorry but this style is a big mistake it will begin a war,dont you know that mariah carey has a billion fan,supporters and wanna be around the world that why she become biggest selling artist of our new mellenium than any other artist in history,and this billion will start to hate you,michael jordan and miley cyrus fan will start to hate you also,what do you think you are?Do you think you will be popular after this,but your absolutely wrong because your unsuccessfull career will surely goto the end
posted by RICARDO D. MARZAN on Mar 26, 2010
justin bebier are like madonna,who insult carey music in 1995 and other artist to get attention by the people,you think your be popular now that you say that but your wrong and your carrer will begin to the end,dont you know that carey has a billion people fan and supporter thats why she become biggest selling artist of our new mellenium,and this billion people start to hate you...oh no you did a big war and mistake...sorry i cannot help you.
posted by RICARDO D. MARZAN on Mar 26, 2010
Justin begger should go back to school and learn how to respect THE BIGGEST SELLING ARTIST OF THE MILLENIUM,THE GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIME,THE GREATEST VOICE OF ALL TIME,justin bebier didnt teach by her mother how to give respect to the queen of RnB,dont you know that neyo help you to promote your unsuccessful "one time" and neyo also promote mariah "angel cry",now you dont have respect also in your collaborator neyo also,your carrier will be closed to the end,your mom and your dad will not proud on your ugly bad attitude.GOD BLESS US...
posted by heartbreaker on Mar 26, 2010
Jb U Suck U dont like MARIAH music but u have a duet with a rapper and u'r copying MARIAH music U must be stupid punk head ass hole.
posted by Alex on Mar 25, 2010
I don't think he his a good person and he really need to check him self. Yes her past was her greatest.Ever body knows that you don't stay on top for ever.( You just hope and pray that you will always be on top).
posted by not a fan of jb on Mar 25, 2010
first of all justin is a joke and is not worthy to collaborate with mariah. nobody wants to hear him tainting a mariah song. i do think his voice isn't exactly terrible but it's definitely nothing special, he has a very normal voice. one time which is his one and only hit is stupid, the idea of a 16-year-old acting in such a manner is disgusting and since the one time heat is over, he is past his best. i doubt he would have a bright future as an artist with his limited talent and vocal, not to mention his awful macho acts and insolent+arrogant attitude
posted by brianna on Mar 25, 2010
the nerve of this kid! he goes around making crappy pop music, which repeat the same annoying lyrics all through the song, yet he he disses mariah's new music. yeah, mariah's music isn't the same but damn, when she was on top, she dominated and thats gotten her to be one of the best selling artists OF ALL TIME! if i was this kid, i'd zip it, he isn't all that yet to go around dissing people who've been in the industry for over 20 years, especially since he shows absolutely no signs of being anything but a fad. keep counting those 15 minutes bieber cuz your time is almost up!
posted by itsme on Mar 25, 2010
I like Justin but i'm not a big fan of either. Yes Mariah's music was the greatest back then. But Biebzfan is right her newest album isn't as great as her past ones. If you read it carefully he never says he doesn't like her or never did. He just don't like her new album.
posted by kbell on Mar 25, 2010
I totally agree with him. Yes, Mariah dominated the 90's. but her music now isn't the same. and she should have stayed respectfully noted in the past rather than sunk to a humor now with songs that dont do her justice.
posted by juzbiebersuckscock on Mar 25, 2010
ow. justin bieber thinks that it will help raise his career (if he has any) if he criticize the best selling female artist of all time. i think it's just plain wrong to "under estimate" the voice who dominated the 90's. and by the way, justin bieber should just sing nursery rhymes because nobody wants to see a 16 yr old boy with a lot of girls in a MV. What does he promote? teenage pregnancy?
posted by nino83 on Mar 25, 2010
who the hell are yu tlk about mariah like that..ur not welcome back to houston...She is way better than ur wack as?fuck canada,ur hockey team still sucks..Mariah cum from America where we luv her music cause they aint no 1 like her..So look little boy shut ur ass up so yu won't get hurt..4 eva mariah carey...Fuk Canada :)
posted by JJB on Mar 24, 2010
Mariah isn't the biggest selling artist ever, but she has accomplished alot, I don't think he was trying to disrespect her!
posted by Chris on Mar 24, 2010
Well for one, who said he was worthy enough to collaborate with her? He hasn't even been relevant for a full year and wants to criticize the biggest selling female artist of ALL TIME?! And on top of that, if he's working with the exact same people who helped make Mariah's latest album, how is his music much different or better?
posted by iFellytone on Mar 24, 2010
Mariah Carey IS the best selling female artist during the Neilson Soundscan Era (the most accurate tracking system of sales starting from 1991). Plus Bieber isn't gonna last after puberty, hence the two albums in 5 months. It's okay, our time to laugh will come
posted by zui4u on Mar 24, 2010
who the h**l are you jb? this statement of yours would be the end of your career (if there is any..). gotta login to my twitter and UNfollowed this nonsense boy.
posted by houstonchic84 on Mar 24, 2010
OKAY thats effin stupid sayin it shows by her sales!Cum on wake up & how many has JUSTIN sold??..............THANK U that boy needS to recgonize it doesnt matter how many Mariah Carey has sold or not sold she is the greatest female singer in the pop culture!I actually went to see her on tour last month & I can never compare her to JUSTIN voice!!!
posted by tinker bell on Mar 24, 2010
jb needs to get a life and roll on. how long will he last with his wack music. there was nothing wrong with memiors it is just individuals lack true intelligence of what real music consist of. music no longer has any substance or orginality it is all about still what someone has done back in the day and profit off of them. he needs to shut his mouth and lets see how long it will take him to push 10 million certified units in the us and not wordwide with like 10 or more other countries added to that total and not just not singles and ringtones and mastertones but just the album itself. by the way last time i checked wasn't he on def jam as well and the dream was writing his music too, roll boy and go back home and suck on mommies titty milk. he then lost his everlasting mind to utter and type of disrespectful comment about her.bye boy fly boy
posted by justinbsuckzzzz on Mar 24, 2010
wtf justin can't even sing that good, who is he to criticize mariah carey who is 1 million times better than him. he doesnt deserve to collaborate with mariah carey, and anyway she's too good for him. i love her new album and i think mariah carey should sing with Ginuwine.
posted by jason on Mar 24, 2010
Ure not a big star jb,,,and u wil never be,,
posted by jason on Mar 24, 2010
Are u insane?? Mariah Carey is THE BIGGEST SELLING ARTIST IN THE HISTORY, Shes the best from the best, And shes a great artist,,any artist wud luv to colaborate wit her,
posted by MC4Ever on Mar 24, 2010
Usher probably gave bieber a Range Rover just to buy him off telling him to never sing his songs again. Listen to You Got It Bad and Bieber can't even get the words right. When he has enough hits to surpass Elvis Presley "maybe" then he'll be justified in passing judgement on who's worth collaborating with!
posted by pinkcupcake on Mar 24, 2010
whether or not mariah sucks now, u have to remember what shes already accomplished. she DOMINATED for the whole decade of the 90s! for 10 yrs straight! best selling female artist ever with 18 number ones, second only to the beatles! not to mention, one of the greatest voices of all time! mariah has had an EXTRAORDINARY career!
posted by Natanael on Mar 24, 2010
From my point of view,this is so disgusting, how a stupid wannabe mom and pop kid dares to criticize the best selling female singer of all time? that stupid boy will never have so much success,neither as many number ones as her, he's so pathetic.Furthermore,Mariah would be the first no to team up with him,because she's a real star and doesn't sing with anybody.
posted by Andres on Mar 24, 2010
I agree with the kid.... Mariah music sucks and it shows by her sales. Her new album sold under 500,000 and her new album just got kick so it ture what he said but he should have respect for mariah.
posted by kevin on Mar 24, 2010
justin bieber?? come on kid..who do you think you are?? you just the boy next door in your music career so don't you dare make a comment about mariah carey
posted by biebzfan on Mar 23, 2010
I don't really think what he said was so bad. And it's true, Mariah's new music just isn't her. Her past is her greatest work and she just hasn't delivered. Not that Justin doesn't like her, he doesn't like her music now

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