First Look: Tila Tequila on 'The Cleveland Show'

March 15, 2010 04:11:28 GMT

The reality show star is featured in the March 28 episode with her famous cleavage on.

First Look: Tila Tequila on 'The Cleveland Show'
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Tila Tequila is cartooned in an upcoming episode of "The Cleveland Show", not pregnant. In the newly-released still, the reality show star who provides the character's voice sits down for an interview with her kinky outfit on. The episode is called "Brown Knight" and it's airing on Sunday, March 28.

When Cleveland and Donna are mugged at an ATM, Cleveland is accidentally wounded in the tussle. By the time the story hits the local news, the attention goes to Cleveland's head, but Cleveland's version isn't the whole story. Meanwhile, Roberta takes advantage of Rallo, who thinks that his sister is dying of a terrible disease.

Other guest voices in the episode are Jason Sudeikis as Holt and Dr. Simmons, Ashley Tisdale as Lacey, Kristen Wiig as Mrs. Stapleton and Jamie Kennedy as Homeless Man and Dragon.


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posted by krs on Apr 03, 2010
Why would you be jealous of a famous whore? I don't get that.
posted by fyoutilalovers on Apr 03, 2010
You Tila lovers are fucking stupid. if you love Tila, we know who are the dumb ones here.
posted by fuckyou haters on Mar 29, 2010
All you bitches just mad because you aren't as famous,or as rich as her.Like she gives a shit what you people think.
posted by Romeo X on Mar 25, 2010
Tila Terqueela is going to be on TV? Must be whores' night out or something.
posted by kenyrs on Mar 24, 2010
Aw sht, boycott this show!
posted by ann on Mar 21, 2010
Hey tila i wanna watch this episode! haha seems like its gonna be funny. i love this show. and also u! ;D take care.
posted by Baulzakk on Mar 20, 2010
Fuck all haters, good luck Tila!
posted by xblowupdollx on Mar 19, 2010
To all the haters...your mom must have fed you some bad milk....YUCK!
posted by aprilrose on Mar 19, 2010
look, everyone needs to stop wasting their time hating on tila or britney or whoever they feel the need to bash. we've all made our mistakes its just unfortunate that tila happens to have hers in the spotlight for the world to see and frown upon. and who the hell ever gave you the right to judge her? i'm sure she'd be a cool person if you saw more than just her flaws and shit. guess what you got them too buddy. you just dont have asshole paparrazzi's to brighten and enlighten every moment of it. i feel sorry for the girl, she has to listen to a bunch of shit from people she dont know at all, that claim and think they know everybit about her. get over yourselves and let the girl be herself. now tila- keep your head up girl, the night always gets darker but there is a sunrise coming the next day:) with love april
posted by thibault_girl85 on Mar 17, 2010
to all the haters out there leave tila alone and grow up why do you have to call her names and say she is a meth whore you guys are just JEALOUS of her !!!!love you girl~~~~
posted by endTila on Mar 16, 2010
I will contact all of FOX's sponsors if they air this show!
posted by Julia on Mar 16, 2010
Ewww!!!...I am glad am from Europe and we don't have that kind of crap on TV.
posted by jayjay98 on Mar 16, 2010
and the attention whore got more attention.. bastard!
posted by francescae on Mar 16, 2010
Shes FUGLY!!! Dumbass who tries way too hard to be in the spotlight .. try to get yourself off the show and maybe we'll like you better.. maybe.
posted by Gay on Mar 16, 2010
She just had to mess everything up.
posted by Tilaisgay on Mar 16, 2010
Tila? really? the pumpkin faced freak is on that show, could america get any worse than this?
posted by AnaLovesTila on Mar 16, 2010
All the haters go get a life... cus im sure u dont have 1
posted by Watsup with all the on Mar 16, 2010
Damn watsup with all the haters? These haters actaully spent their time to hate? Damn. To register as a fan, subcribed her, than leave hate comments? I use to read hate comment about her and think they are right. Nah... Just a bunch of fukin haters.
posted by Trix on Mar 16, 2010
what a slutty ass cartoon...
posted by 2endz on Mar 16, 2010
Myspace/2endz <<< hit me up ladies ;-) you wont be sorry!
posted by freeze on Mar 16, 2010
Myspace/2endz << chekc me out!
posted by 2endZ on Mar 16, 2010
Myspace/2endZ << check me out !!
posted by Britney on Mar 16, 2010
Tila is awesome! i wanna be just like her, she is absolutely stunning POW!
posted by VIETGIRL on Mar 16, 2010
VIETNAMESE REPRESENT WHAAAAT! TILA IS A HOT VIET GIRL! WOOT WOOT haters you need to chill off that HATE-tor-rade!
posted by me on Mar 16, 2010
You people are sooo pathetic...and how do you know she's a meth whore? Do you hang out with her? I mean you act like you know her personally...GET A LIFE!!!
posted by TILAISEFFINGHOT on Mar 16, 2010
posted by hahah on Mar 16, 2010
tila is a meth whore and will do anything for a paycheck. so sad
posted by meth whores suck on Mar 16, 2010
she is a meth whore. no thanks also!!
posted by robstereskimo on Mar 15, 2010
ill be watching :p
posted by JJ2472 on Mar 15, 2010
This show is awful, and having Tila Tequila on it will hopefully lead to its cancellation already.
posted by cmimi on Mar 15, 2010
posted by AnaLovesTila on Mar 15, 2010
Wtf? U haters should shut the fuck up.... i know u wish u had at least 1% of what she has... yall is talking all that shit about her, but its making her more famous. Tila Love ya Girl!
posted by Jerry on Mar 15, 2010
I won't be watching this episode.
posted by noway on Mar 15, 2010
this girl is pure trash, and I don't like this show anyway
posted by Dioriluv on Mar 15, 2010
posted by Dioriluv on Mar 15, 2010
Thanks but no thanks, I don't contribute to prostition so I won't definitely skip this episode. I can't believe Tila is so proud after they animated her as a used up junkie, lol the things she will do for attention...SMH.
posted by WILLNOTWATCH on Mar 15, 2010
As much as I like the show I hope the ratings are low that night because I will not watch the Drug Addict even on a cartoon.
posted by scoobyblue on Mar 15, 2010
good thing you guys won't be watching. We need to send a message, ignore this parasite and she will just die out.
posted by wow on Mar 15, 2010
thanks, i won't be watching this episode. Everything about this "thing" gives me the creeps. She looks like an alien with that big ass head of hers. I'm surprised she doesn't tilt over.
posted by fuck on Mar 15, 2010
fuckity fuck fuck. what a fuck up. Nobody likes this braud, why is she on the show? UGH...gross.
posted by Horrible on Mar 15, 2010
Thanks to Tila I won't be watching.
posted by Goorefm34 on Mar 15, 2010
Won't this NOBODY just go away already? Honestly, who cares about this girl? She reeks of desperation and just needs to go away.
posted by rod00799 on Mar 15, 2010
How could they mess up that show with her on it. I like the show but will not watch it that night.

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