Justin Timberlake and Prince Up for Michael Jackson Tribute Show

March 08, 2010 09:17:26 GMT

Jermaine Jackson reportedly still moves forward with his plan to pay tribute to the late King of Pop with Santana and Jackson Five on the line-up.

Justin Timberlake and Prince Up for Michael Jackson Tribute Show
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Recent report suggested that Justin Timberlake and Prince have been booked to perform at a tribute show dedicated for Michael Jackson. The upcoming gig reportedly is initiated by Jermaine Jackson and will include Santana on the performers line-up.

"The best way and most suitable way is to assemble the world's largest tribute in history that is only fitting to a man who moved the hearts and souls of an unimaginable amount," Jermaine said as quoted by Undercover. Additionally, the older brother of the King of Pop was said to have signed Janet Jackson to fill the vacant slot in the Jackson Five during the tribute.

The gig is expected to take place at Wembley Arena in London on June 8 and rumored to be broadcast globally. Other rumored performers include Shakira, Earth Wind and Fire, Usher, Nelson Mandela, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Jabbawockeez, Seal and Ne-Yo. There is no official confirmation regarding the report as the official site of Michael Jackson tribute show still mentions the gig as a "coming soon" event.

Jermaine Jackson has planned the tribute show since last year. It was originally planned to be held in London before then moved to Vienna and postponed until 2010 after organizer struggled to get stars to perform at short notice. The gig was then canceled after its main sponsor decided to back out of the project.


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posted by JLJlover<3 on May 29, 2010
I think people need to leave jermaine alone. This is exactly why the last tribute fell through...too much negitivity! i hope jermaine is able to pull this off. i know the jacksons are perfectionist so this tribute will be top of the line in order for them to present it and personally id rather wait a while and see a great tribute then to have some whack shit thrown together. Bless jermaine michael and the rest of the family...except joe. fuck him
posted by vivienne on Apr 08, 2010
I support Jermaine doing this tribute for his brother Michael Jackson and think Prince would be so great!! Tired of hearing negative trash about Jermaine I don't believe it. Jermaine loves his brother and is always there for him..PRINCE YES!! Prince is brilliant..
posted by megakingmj on Mar 22, 2010
That's wonderful, I'm sure Michael would be glad to know that Prince respect him in a way. NOBODY IS LARGER THAN MICHAEL JACKSON, HE'S THE BEST!!!!!
posted by war witch on Mar 22, 2010
instead of janet takin michaels place as a jackson five why not the lil guy from brits got talent who did a song at mjs wake close your eyes and he sounds like him when he was that age
posted by 76 on Mar 12, 2010
corny shit#
posted by annonymous on Mar 10, 2010
i hope there will be a tribute show like this but Jermaine always falls behind on his wrd.
posted by NBAfan on Mar 10, 2010
Shakira shakira!!
posted by peace&love on Mar 10, 2010
Great news! Can't wait to see the tribute and shakira! RIP MJ.
posted by casey on Mar 10, 2010
Can't think of anyone better than PRINCE doing this.!! YES. Michael would approve I think. Also Justine is good and Usher... Hope it happens. Love Prince. He's the best performer happening after Michael Jackson and James Brown...
posted by Brian on Mar 09, 2010
posted by emoney on Mar 09, 2010
i wonder what nelson mandela is going to perform. lol
posted by opinion on Mar 09, 2010
Michael the greatest musician and humanitarian.
posted by fan on Mar 09, 2010
Michael is "Matchless!" and will be for a very long time! I trust that this tribute will be one that is fitting for a king.. and then some.
posted by klk on Mar 08, 2010
I can't stand the world without Michael,I miss him so much.
posted by andy on Mar 08, 2010
why isn't anyone telling jeramine to get out of the house so michael kids can be at peace with their grandmom and the people who home school them they should not be aloud to go to school outside of home so what grandmom ccan have exta money for JOE and the HUGE FAMILY
posted by BAB on Mar 08, 2010
posted by rachel on Mar 08, 2010
I love the king of pop... I miss him!!
posted by esh.jackson on Mar 08, 2010
i love u michael so much.i'm just crushed every time i think that u are no more here with us.i'm so proud of u michael,just like the phoenix rising from the ashes,u fought on even though people tried to break u.i'll love u now and forever my beloved angel.endless love!
posted by Miss July87 on Mar 08, 2010
Well said esh.jackson!!! F**k the media and all the haters of the most beautiful man the world has ever seen (he was soooooo GORGEOUS, especially in the BAD ERA - 87-89). I will always love you ANGEL/KING Michael Joseph Jackson!!! XXX... Sleep tight my beautiful baby XXX
posted by janice on Mar 08, 2010
Amen to that. Unfortunately people will always be hateful. But, love is stronger. Your fans will never forget your genoristy and love .
posted by hamid on Mar 08, 2010
hi jeusten iam hamid inj algerie tu as beatifaul chanter ok bay
posted by Steve on Mar 08, 2010
That would be cool! Justin has come along way since his 'NSYNC days. I did like him with Britney Spears, though. I hope their relationship is menioned in "Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost". I would pay to read more about that. Check it out on Amazon!

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