Miley Cyrus Shares the Emotion in New 'The Last Song' Featurette

February 27, 2010 07:03:07 GMT

The film beauty is crying in a hospital scene, but is seen having a good time with co-star Liam Hemsworth in another part.

Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear
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Walt Disney Pictures has unleashed a brand new featurette for "The Last Song". Debuted by Trailer Addict, the video features director Julie Anne Robinson who praises Miley Cyrus' acting quality and the book's author as well as the film's scribe Nicholas Sparks who claims the story was intentionally written for the Disney cutie.

In between interviews with the filmmakers and the cast, there are also fresh scenes which follow Cyrus in different states of emotion. The lead actress is captured shedding tears in a part which features her in a hospital while in another moment she is seen sharing laughs with Liam Hemsworth.

Based on best-selling novel by Sparks of the same title, "The Last Song" centers its story on Cyrus' Veronica "Ronnie" Miller, who is described as a rebellious teenager. Living separately from their father Steve Miller since their parents got divorced, Ronnie and her brother Jonah Miller are later sent by their mother to spend the summer with their father in Tybee Island, the small Georgia beach town.

There, she meets successful beach volleyball player Will Blakelee, with whom she falls in love. As she is getting closer to the handsome and popular guy, Ronnie manages to reconnect to her father through one thing they have in common, music.

Liam Hemsworth takes the role of Will Blakelee with Greg Kinnear, Kelly Preston, and Bobby Coleman also among the cast ensemble. This drama movie is now slated to arrive in theaters across the U.S. on March 31, after previously scheduled to hit theaters on April 2.


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posted by susannaranna on Mar 09, 2010
Almost here! Excited!
posted by Ygghfgyyyyyytfdfgbj on Feb 27, 2010
Can not wait
posted by tweesha1 on Feb 27, 2010
me either!
posted by keli on Feb 27, 2010
this is so awsome i got all her movies i got her book the last song! Wow!
posted by lol on Feb 27, 2010
cant wait!
posted by miley fan on Feb 27, 2010
OMG! I cannot WAIT for this movie! I guess you could call me obssesed. I am her number one fan! GO MILEY

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