Possible Plot Details of 'Batman 3' Shared

January 27, 2010 07:18:48 GMT

The Riddler may become the main villain in the next 'Batman' movie, while other characters who could make appearances in the film include the Penguin, Dr. Victor Fries and Dick Grayson.

Possible Plot Details of 'Batman 3' Shared
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While there has been no confirmation on whether or not Warner Bros. Pictures will make a follow up to "The Dark Knight", story for "Batman 3" reportedly has been planned. Comic Book Movie (CBM) has just obtained information from a "plot outliner" at Warner Bros. who reveals some details of the upcoming film.

According to the source who is called "TT" by CBM, the Riddler will be the main villain and will figure out Batman's identity in "The Dark Knight" sequel. Beside Riddler, the forthcoming movie will also feature cameos of several Batman's classic enemies, such as the Penguin and Dr. Victor Fries, the alter ego of Mr. Freeze. Other characters who will possibly make appearances in "Batman 3" include Barbara Gordon, who is the daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon, and Dick Grayson, though he will likely not turn into Robin.

Additionally, the source informed that James will mention Metropolis and possibly Lex Luthor from "Superman". The "plot outliner" further mentioned that the plot, which has Arkham Asylum figuring prominently on it, will be outlined in time for the screenwriting which will begin in February.

Back in November 2009, Michael Caine shared he was not sure that Warner Bros. will ever make "Batman 3". "I don't know if they are ever going to make another 'Batman'," the depicter of butler Alfred Pennyworth said, before adding "If they do it won't be for quite a while." However, he stated, "As for the future... if they ever make another 'Batman' I will be in, I will be the butler..."

As for the cast, Aaron Eckhart has uttered his willingness to reprise his role as Harvey "Two Face" Dent. Moreover, Johnny Depp has opened door to possibility of him joining the cast ensemble for the movie to portray the superhero's nemesis, the Riddler.


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posted by abc on Jul 03, 2010
if movies about arkham how can joker not make cameo... even just a mention??
posted by abc on Jul 03, 2010
the joker is kept in arkham..
posted by est on May 21, 2010
poison ivy has to be in batman 3 look at her how much movies has she been in not that much
posted by samie (: on Mar 10, 2010
this is qay mann , if only heath ledger was joker wit ppl imitating tha joker its quna kill tha moviee no one can be joker but him .
posted by Majora on Mar 09, 2010
If they were to recast Joker, have Harley Quinn bust him out or something. They shouldn't use 2 of the stupidest villians in it. Riddler and Penguin are pathetic. I would like Scarecrow to come back. Cillian Murphy was awesome. Killer Croc would also make for awesome suspense and action scenes.
posted by bobbo on Mar 03, 2010
Bane. Killer croc. Please? I also heard a rumor that chef would play catwoman. I will probably dismember kittens if that occured. johnny depp as riddler is a good idea as long as its a balance of hunter s Thompson , dillinger and Plato. No poison ivy. possibly a penguin. and I have mixed feelings on joker being recast. but please.......BANE!
posted by Rycastaneda7 on Feb 26, 2010
This is for all the people who think The Joker should die with Heath Ledger, there is no actor bigger than the character. Joker is a master villian who has different personality within himself. This is a perfect time in the big picture to bring a different actor to shakin things up in Gothom. And brings A deeper relationship with Batman like a Hannibal style side story. These comic book stories are bigger then any actor. It would be a shame to just kill of The Joker knowing that he was kept alive by Batman. Please make a comment if you agree or disagree with my thoughts on that subject.
posted by hehehe on Feb 18, 2010
Johney Depp is one dimensional? Secret Window? Public Enemies? Nightmare on Elmstreet? I could keep going on but i don't want to embarrass you.(Directed at "memnoch". Depp COULD play the Riddler just fine I believe if he does play a serious role. However, I'm not sure the Riddler could really make this film TDK standards unless truly created in the right way. I doubt any of this article is true at all though. It's been stated BY Nolan himself, he doesn't want any unreal characters such as the Penguin/Freeze nor the wonder boy Robin in his films, so I doubt he'll set the way by putting there alter egos in.
posted by buttpoopie on Feb 18, 2010
Well, you know how the Batman was being "hunted" by the Gotham Police Department at the end of the Dark Knight? Well, I'm pretty sure that they want to know who the Batman is so they can bring him down. The police could hire Edward Nigma (the Riddler) and help them find out the true identity of the Batman. The riddler has to be a serious character though, and i think that Johnny depp can pull if off. I thought he did pretty well in Public Enemies... but that's just me.
posted by jessedidit on Feb 17, 2010
with the way things are going on now such as the green movement and like "avatar" it would be best to include Poison Ivy in the next movie along with Depp as the Riddler. and at the same time keep the realism in and not turn this into a carrtoonism screneplay like "Batman Forever" also there should be a good setting of Arkham with small features of other villains like Two-Face, Scarecrow, and yes the Joker. R.I.P Heath Ledger but if Joker shows up in the movie he should be brief and not redo the charactor with another starting actor...
posted by tee hee on Feb 15, 2010
has to be as dark if not darker than dark knight gotham has to rely on batman butdo not accept him somehow the film will need to show batman is a mortal man early on in film so we see he is still vulnerable to physical and motional pain
posted by Joel on Feb 11, 2010
I think Johnny depp should play the Riddler. But it shouldn't be his ususal funny performance but closer to Public Enemies. Someone mentioned the fact that he has no mask, maybe he should be a bounty hunter working with the police. Pretend innocence can be his mask. I thin k the Penguin should also have a part but toned down. The penguin is the only villain who targets bruce wayne rather than batman, as the batman is in hiding he'll need a push like that to get him back in the suit and on the streets. The police will also be hunting the batman in this installment so the writers will have to eliminate Coleman Reese who knows batman's identity.
posted by me on Feb 09, 2010
hey memnoch all those movies are directed by tim burton...maybe tim burton likes all those characters portrayed in the same way?
posted by freedomispopular on Feb 07, 2010
I really don't see how they could match the intensity without bringing back the Joker. From the end of The Dark Knight, it seems like that was the original plan. Would a recast be as good as Heath Ledger? No. Would a closing film without the Joker be as good as The Dark Knight, or even anywhere close to it? No. The next best thing would be to bring back Two Face. I don't think any other villains besides those two could be anywhere near the psychological match for Batman.
posted by jimnotcoolbeans on Feb 06, 2010
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posted by joecoolbeans on Feb 06, 2010
matt coffills gay
posted by unknown on Feb 05, 2010
all i have to say is, riddler would be a cool cameo for the film (plus other villans) shown through newspaper or conversation or quick intro like they did with scarecrow in dark Knight to show how much the city is taking to batman being around. Think guy's! Riddler isn't that... great of a main character. take batman forever, everything was sucking hard except riddler. they had him down to the tee perfect. so to put him in this modern film... no.
posted by Espontaneo on Feb 03, 2010
This "article" is spurious guff repeating the same old rumors with no basis in fact. I'll give you one good reason that Johnny Depp will not be the Riddler - It's too freaking brain dead obvious! It thoroughly underestimates the intelligence of the film makers!
posted by Fed on Feb 01, 2010
I think The Joker should be recast. And for me the actor who could do it is Joseph Gordon Levitt. Maybe his "try out" was Inception. This guy looks like Heath, his not a superstar actor and he is good! He would be a good Joker!
posted by aja on Jan 30, 2010
That's bullshit!!! there is no truth in this article
posted by gaga on Jan 30, 2010
Robin is most likely not going to make an appearance any time soon. It has already been done. Nolan is also most likely going to avoid the badies who have already been on the big screen. But, you never know.
posted by Jack Harmis on Jan 30, 2010
Ok, if this stuff is true then there are some good things and bad things. Johnny Depp should definitely play the Riddler, and I think Batman should see Freeze. But leave out the Penguin and even the guy who became Robin in the older franchise whether he becomes the bird or not. It sounds ok though, IF it's true.
posted by sdgfcvhbjn on Jan 29, 2010
i think leonardo di caprio should play the riddler and that this should be the final instalement
posted by fan on Jan 27, 2010
i think that johnny depp should play the riddler he's great in any role and they should bring the joker back who is better to play the joker than daniel day lewis who admired heath ledger performance in brokeback mountain and dedicated his BAFTA Screen Actors Guild for his performance in there will be blood to heath ledger daniel day lewis would be perfect for the role because he is a method actor he would get in to the role so deep that it would probably be the closes performance to heath ledger IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO SEE THE JOKER BACK ON SCREEN!! or johnny depp could play the joker because he has a dark side in him like in sweeney todd one of the best performance i ever seen! and philip seymour hoffman would be awesome as the penguin he like daniel day lewis or johnny depp can get in to the role he is one of the best actors out there! i also read that seymour hoffman doesnt want to play the penguin but he should reconsider! they should make him a good deal so he would take that role if he still doesnt take the role than i think ray winstone should be the penguin because he his the tough guy and a mobster look and his performance in king arthur, proposition and departed is some of his best actoring he would be a perfect penguin if the next batman cast has these actors in it who wouldnt want to see it! and with those actors including of couse christian bale still as batman also the director chris nolan this movie would have ocars written all over it!!!!
posted by coolbeans on Jan 27, 2010
recast the joker. Riddler is no where close to being as great of a villain as the joker. The riddler just wears a hat and a stupid eye thing the rest of his face is showing people can figure out who he is. AAAHHH
posted by nottrue on Jan 27, 2010
this is stupid and fake there is no way this stuff will happen.
posted by Screenfan on Jan 27, 2010
I agree with Chris--this has "studio marketing control" written all over it. IF it's true, and that's a big if, this seems like the last thing Nolan would be a part of. Personally, I like the Riddler part, the rest sounds pretty awful.
posted by Ez-E on Jan 27, 2010
Ithere is casting call for Catwoman Zoe Saldana get's my vote.
posted by Chris138 on Jan 27, 2010
I truly can't imagine Nolan using Mr. Freeze or The Penguin in his world, even if they were just cameos. I don't see him doing it. If this is what is being heard from the WB studio then Nolan is probably not directing the next one.
posted by fmita on Jan 27, 2010
just make a movie that has batman coming back as the hero and have him overcome the darkside as his destiny by defeating the emperor/riddler and recast the joker/vader and stop worrying so much. just rip off the Return of the Jedi
posted by memnoch on Jan 27, 2010
Please no Depp anywhere near this franchise. Depp is a one dimensional actor. every role he plays is the same thing; sweeny todd = edward scissorhands: charlie chocolate = madd hatter and so on...... I could keep going but I don't want to embarrass the man

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