P. Diddy Says Hip-Hop Plays Part in Making Barack Obama U.S. President

P. Diddy

"The confidence, the swagger we instilled in our communities made that possible," says Diddy of how hip-hop music has played a significant role in making Obama the current U.S. president.

In an interview he lands with Playboy, P. Diddy has no hesitation to enthuse about the big part that hip-hop music plays in making Barack Obama the current president of the United States. "I think we are probably responsible for Obama being in office, yes. ... The confidence, the swagger we instilled in our communities made that possible," he says.

And Diddy won't stop there as he goes on singing Obama praise. "I ain't gonna lie - if God said I could pick one person to be my father, I'd want to be Sean Combs Obama," he raves. "That's how dope he is. I hope he reads this interview and adopts me. I wouldn't even have to be in the will. I got my own money!"

From that point, he continues talking about another famous person, which is the late Michael Jackson whom he said once used him to meet Beyonce Knowles. "He was acting as if he was from the hood. Then he whispered in my ear, 'Where's Beyonce at? I'm trying to meet her.' So I introduced her to Mike," he recalls. "I thought he was coming to meet me but he was focused on Beyonce."

Diddy, nevertheless, is secretive when he is asked about scoring himself a fling. "There was a young lady who's an actress. She's famous. I liked her, so I was willing to do whatever I had to do ... We started spending time together, but we were prisoners of our celebrity," he states. "She took me out to dinner after we got to know each other and hit me with a line that was straight out of the movies. She said, 'You know this will never work, right?' I knew she was right ... This was going to shake up the world. It would have been a Puff and J. Lo situation, part two."

Speaking of Jennifer Lopez, whom he previously dated, Diddy tells Playboy, "There are people who come into your life that you'll always love and respect. She's definitely one of them. I feel as though we changed each other's lives. It was a different type of feeling. It was being in love with somebody who understands who you are because they are exactly like you."

The full interview P. Diddy has with Playboy is featured on the men's magazine's January/February 2010 double issue.

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    number one jew
    Dec 20, 2009

    You all are wrong stupid mendicants jews are simply the best there is,so obama got no power over us ,we can kick his ass any day.

    Dec 18, 2009

    Combs says-"I think we are probably responsible for Obama being in office, yes. ... The confidence, the swagger we instilled in our communities made that possible," he says. But I say, it takes more than confidence & swagger to get into the White House. It takes education & credentials- which the rap community does NOT have.

    Dec 18, 2009

    @Museka, You ignorant Chickenhead wanna be. TJMaxx is right. I am black and that is a fact, but all you Minstrels and Sambos should've gone out with Al Jolson's time period. Obama doesn't owe Combs ANYTHING!

    Dec 17, 2009

    @tjmaxx53... i bet u r white and might evn b a chichiman if u knw wat Buju say...

    Dec 17, 2009

    I totally disagree with this comment from sean combs, the only thing hip-hop and gangster rap played a part in, is creating havoc amongst this younger generation in thinking being a "thug" is the way to be. Now we have young black men, killing each other over insignificant things, because of these lame ideals put in their heads by these so-called artists- these people have created the "monsters" we in society have to deal with- and then backed away from the problem. sean combs, snoop dog, nwa, biggie smalls, all have done nothing to promote peace- but hostility in the black community.

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