Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson Split Over Her Irritating Behavior

December 16, 2009 05:01:04 GMT

Alex's friend says Kate simply wanted publicity stunt and has forced the baseball player to marry her despite the fact that he has just got divorced from wife Cynthia Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez
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While neither Alex Rodriguez nor Kate Hudson has commented on reports of their separation, a friend of the baseball player has told Us Weekly the pair broke up "over a week ago," citing the actress' irritating behavior as the reason that prompted their separation. The friend blames Kate's hunger for camera attention as the main factor that ruined her relationship with the 34-year-old athlete.

"[Hudson] wanted more camera time each and every game. She would always want to be styled before games and she'd insist on front-row seats," says the friend of Kate's frequent presence on Alex's matches. "It was a turnoff to have a girlfriend who always wanted to be on camera. Alex wanted someone who was more interested in building a long-term relationship than just building their profile."

"Alex wanted to end this relationship well over a month ago," the friend reveals further, adding that he didn't break her up right away because he didn't want to disrupt her premieres and promotional events for her new film "Nine". "He felt that would be counterproductive and unfair to her," claims the friend.

And Kate's jealousy only made things worse as she tracked and followed Alex's every move during his busy pre- and post-season schedule. Besides, she also forced him to make their union official as soon as possible. "He's just coming off of a 13-year relationship with his ex-wife and a recent divorce," the friend points out. "He has two lovely children with his ex-wife, and that requires a certain amount of responsibility. She gave him ultimatums that a newly divorced father can't meet."

However, Alex and Kate ended their romance "amicably and maturely," the friend tells Us Weekly, adding "They're two mature adults. She did take the relationship seriously, and he has a lot of respect for her. They had some really wonderful times together."


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posted by yankee pride on Dec 24, 2009
this needy clingy skank of 6mnths added no value what so ever to arods life all she did was suck the life right out of this man,its a wonder he got thru the season. maybe a good lesson careful what you wish for!
posted by chris on Dec 23, 2009
way to go Alex i'm glad you are thinking with the head on your shoulders and not the other anymore
posted by hudson needs help! on Dec 16, 2009
alex rodreguez loves his family very much they split up because of his indiscretions, hes not going to have some bimbo of 6months come in and tell him how to run his life or what to do or who to see, his priority will always be supporting cynthia and helping raise his two girls.

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