Promo of 'Ugly Betty' 2010 Return

December 12, 2009 07:22:42 GMT

Occupying new time slot, the comedy series promises something more huge and uglier.

Promo of 'Ugly Betty' 2010 Return
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The promo at the end of "Ugly Betty" this week emphasizes on the fact that it will move to a better time slot next year. Saying it will be "huge" both metaphorically and literally, the sitcom will be part of the Wednesday comedy line-up starting January 6, 2010.

Under the new night, "Ugly" is to be preceded by half-hour comedies such as "Community", "Modern Family" and "Cougar Town". The series starring America Ferrera previously occupied the Friday slot, which is generally not favorable because audience would prefer to go outside than to watch TV. In the third season, it was placed on Thursdays but due to rating decline, the show was put on Fridays.

It was "Eastwick" that met the devastating end. Starring ex-"Ugly" cast Rebecca Romijn, the series about witches was canceled before completing a full season. A petition had been launched by fans of the show but ABC stood firm with the decision and put "Ugly" in the void.


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posted by kay96814 on Jan 27, 2010
yeah, first its on thursdays... then fridays... then wednesday... what's going on? i know i can always watch it online with limited commercials but i still wanna watch it on a bigger screen.
posted by ugly betty fan on Jan 22, 2010
i always get confused when ugly betty gos one because i thougt it came on on monday of friday of wednesday!! when deos it go on ??? and what has been happening ???
posted by Carol on Jan 04, 2010
Ugly Bett can´t stop! And, we want Gio back. He is perfect, must return!
posted by Carol on Jan 04, 2010
Ugly Betty is so funny! Can´t stop! And Gio...Oh! Came on... We want Gio back!!! He is perfect, must return!Miss him!
posted by Lana on Jan 03, 2010
Ugly Betty is my favorite show. If they cancel it... I will cry.
posted by Cd01 on Dec 14, 2009
Just a correction, " Community " is not part of Wednesday comedy's ABC. It's the brilliant " The Middle "!
posted by stuuuupiiddd on Dec 12, 2009
First of all Ugly Betty doesnt deserve to get another new time when Eastwick which had absolutly no advertising is getting cancelled. Sure Ugly Betty may be a good show but Eastwick was amazing. ABC SUCKSS!!!
posted by Amber on Dec 12, 2009
I am soooo excited for the new timeslot. I hope it does well because this season has been fabulous. And I hope Rebecca can go back to Ugly Betty =) She was great in it

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