Twenty Minutes of 'Legion' Unveiled

Twenty Minutes of 'Legion' Unveiled

Beside highlighting the arrival of archangel Michael on Earth, the clips shown to Shock Till You Drop also feature the fight between the protagonists and possessed humans in a diner.

Shock Till You Drop has just watched 20 minutes of thriller movie "Legion" when visiting the film's set. The site then shared what they have seen from the selected clips, which are believed to highlight some of the main themes of the film as well as to introduce the cast ensemble.

[SPOILER ALERT!] The first clip highlights acrhangel Michael, played by Paul Bettany, who smashes onto the Earth's surface, breaks the metal halo around his neck and slices the wings from his back. He loads up on guns and ammo from a nearby shop and takes on two cops who respond to a break-in. The footage is said offering a glimpse of "angelic possession" when one of the officers is shaking until his teeth become pointy and his eyeballs turn black.

The next video features Jeanette Miller's Gladys who enters a small, New Mexico diner and tells Adrianne Palicki's Charlie, who may be pregnant with Christ, that her baby is going to be burnt. Gladys then shifted into something which looks like an ape and she starts climbing the ceiling until she's put down.

One of the clips that was shown to the site exposes "the first plague", a storm of flies that the film's protagonists decide to drive into. Meanwhile, Dennis Quaid's Bob Hanson, Charles Dutton's Percy Walker, and Michael take to the roof of the diner to kill a possessed man and a convoy of other possessed folks.

"Legion" takes place after God loses faith in humanity. As He sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse, Michael comes to stand between mankind and the apocalypse. Defending humanity's only hope, Michael leads a group of strangers who must protect a woman who is pregnant with Christ in his second coming. The film is planned to be premiered in U.S. theaters on January 22, 2010.



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