Official, Adam Lambert's First Single to Arrive Next Week

October 26, 2009 02:58:20 GMT

Adam Lambert tweets about the first single from his upcoming album 'For Your Entertainment' and his pre-Idol album 'On With the Show'.

Adam Lambert
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Adam Lambert has promised to give the first taste of his major-label debut album in the form of its first single next week. "The Single SHOULD be out next week...," he tweeted. "Sorry to keep you guys waiting!"

In addition to sharing info about his single, Adam also addressed "On With the Show", an album he recorded in 2005 before auditioning for "American Idol". He wrote, "Yeah this 'Take One' thing is basically 'On With the Show' re-tooled. Now this is ALL material recorded in '05 not written by me."

Adam Lambert will release his post-Idol effort "For Your Entertainment" on November 23. One day before the album arrives in stores, he will perform at 2009 American Music Awards along with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, DAUGHTRY, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Jennifer Lopez.

On another news, Adam Lambert reportedly performed at a Halloween-themed private party in Boca Raton over the weekend. During the gig, he is rumored to don all-black costume with vampire fangs, and perform "Ring of Fire", "Black and White", "Mad World" and "Born to Be Wild".


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posted by queenrosered on Oct 28, 2009
I can't believe the way some so-called "fans" feel they have a right to chastise Adam, like he's a kid. Christ, the man is damn near 30! I am agnostic but have Jewish friends. They don't give me a Star of David and I don't discuss religion with them. (They are also gay and that's not an issue either!) Thrusting a cross at Adam is no better than thrusting a woman at him! (or another guy even!) He knows who he is and has his own vision for the future and for his music.As a straight female, I found the Details photos erotic, provocative and very artfully done.Adam is smooth,sexy, creative, talented but first and foremost, very much his own person!I wonder how many of us could or would have taken all the attention and comments as long and as graciously as he has, before telling everyone to back the f**k off? I can't wait to see what his future holds and to see and hear more from this awesome artist! XD
posted by don on Oct 27, 2009
You just keep doing what you are doing Adam...your music is what is important, crap comments will fly at you thru-out your career..happens to all the hugh Artist. so, keep the cd's, vids, photo shoots coming, There are tons of us enjoying every minute of it..The negative posters are your biggest fans, they track down your articles, just to post nasty comment, but in reality their hits to the sites are paying folks ONward and UPward...GO ADAM....
posted by zap on Oct 27, 2009
Not all, but a certain type of Christian feels that they are entitled to rule the world and that is just so sick. Who thinks it's ok to give out crosses to Jewish people or anyone for that fact? These people are so ridiculous and I admire him for speaking out. Religion should be a private thing and not something to shove in anyone's face. These Christians who do this type of thing are so rude and self-righteous. The photo's were great. Adam seems to be the target for things that he doesn't deserve. Speaking out about them is probably a way to let people know he won't tolerate them. After all, he is just an entertainer. He isn't seeking to run for office. I think he makes a lot of sense and he just wants to sing for those who want to listen. Anyone else who thrives to make trouble or seek him out for condemnation looks pretty ridiculous to me. Just let the guy sing! It really isn't that complicated. He isn't asking for anything else but the right to sing.
posted by A Devout Christian on Oct 27, 2009
I am quite conservative and traditionalist Christian but with an open mind. The Details photos and Adam's comments about some entitled fans and about some Christian fans had me in shock for several seconds. Then the photos made me smile really what a teaser Adam is. The remarks made me worried for some fans who might take them in a bad light. Because although it shocked me, I just have to put myself in Adam's shoes. And as a very private person, I myself abhor such entitlement from people, more so from fans if you're in public eye. I abhor more agressive proseltytizing of religious fanatics who are in your face or pushing Christianity down your throat with the Bible or crucifix. I am a very devoted Christian but not a Protestant. And I understand and accept Adam. I pray for him for God to bless him.
posted by Donna on Oct 27, 2009
Adam,slow down and smell the roses b4 you pee on them and they wilt!!!! Just stick to singing and put your smart ass remarks to rest. This is a great comment! I agree. I LOVE ADAM!!XOXO He is Amazing and I love his honesty, openness, and humble spirit, kindness. He has alway been sooo gracious with fans, reporters, musicians, EVERYONE it seems. That is why we fell in LOVE with him. He has the supernatural talent un- matched to date, model looks, and NO ONE on earth more SEXY! So if anyone could be a Diva it would be Adam-- But we love that he is NOT a Haughty DIVA! With all his honest- unfiltered comments NONE have been RUDE or arrogant. BUT-Some of his recent comments borderlined this. So yes Adam-- We LOVE YOU--Just take Note- Your very clever-- you know what we're saying! Your long term success IS IN YOUR HANDS NOW!! I LOVE YOU XOXOXOXXOXO
posted by Elizie on Oct 26, 2009
I have to agree with some of the previous posts that are concerned about the article content in Details. I understand what Adam was doing and trying to say in the article, but some fans may be put off a bit. I just hope Adam remembers what it's like to be offended by others' actions and words even if they are, as he says, "coming from a good place". And I would even go so far as to question one comment in particular that was made in reference to him being Jewish and being offended at Christians who offered crucifixes or comments about Christ "loving" him. Well Adam, when you said that you knew they were coming from a good place, you should have left it at that. I've encountered the same thing within the divisions of my own Christian faith, but I've never not listened to or not read any material I was given. Some people might question your proclaimation at having an open mind. Anyway, despite the way this post sounds, I do consider myself a huge fan of yours. I just would hate to see a talent as huge as yours be overlooked because of a few comments.
posted by ianaleah on Oct 26, 2009
It's so hard waiting-gotta learn to live in the moment more often cuz , when I stay 'now' life is far more fun. I love Adam.
posted by totalglam on Oct 26, 2009
adam,I'll see to it your single will be on TOP
posted by janka23 on Oct 26, 2009
I say let Archi do the teeny bopper role model thing. Let Adam be as Edgy as he wants or needs to be. I have never been so thoroughly entertained as I have been by ADAM. The only sabotage if from trying to keep him in a "normal" safe mode...
posted by Barb on Oct 26, 2009
I'll definitly be getting new single and have pre ordered the New CD For Your Entertainment. I cant wait to get it. This has been the hardest thing to wait for.Love You Adam
posted by Dorena on Oct 26, 2009
Waiting has never been so sweet and also agonizing. I love Adam's voice so much and can't wait to hear what he has in store for us. Am crossing my fingers that it is worth all the hype because Adam so deserves it. The details mag pics were classy and artsy - no complaints from me. Keep pushing my buttons baby!
posted by Marie on Oct 26, 2009
For those who didn't care for his comments about "entitled" fans - he's absolutely right. He wasn't referring to all his fans, just the ones who expect too much of him because they voted for him and feel they deserve to be able to bother him, intrude upon his personal time and otherwise not allow him the luxury of a personal life. He's trying to set boundaries at the very beginning of his career, before things get too out of hand, and he's smart to do it. Those fans who respect his right to personal time - just like anyone should have - should have no problem with what he said.
posted by Linda on Oct 26, 2009
Marie: I've read several posts where so-called fans want Adam to do this, or expect him to do that. I think the point he was making was that we all fell in love with him because of HIS creativity, not that of some faceless, anonymous, self-proclaimed music expert on the Internet. If people want to see THEIR artistic visions brought to life, then they need to do it themselves. Ultimately, Adam needs to please himself and make his own artistic vision come true. People shouldn't think that, because they voted for him, they have the right to tell him what he should or shouldn't do and how he should or shouldn't do it.
posted by Adam Phan from Phill on Oct 26, 2009
I can hardly wait. I wonder how new singles get airtime on the radio? I hope that we will get to hear Adam soon. It seems that there is nothing but rap, hip hop, Brittney, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. There are many talented artists who do not get their singles on the air.
posted by laurel on Oct 26, 2009
I agree with you mom,I'm afraid Adam may have already gotten a Gene Simmons head on him. Especially after his article about his fans claiming a piece of him since they voted for him. but his reply left me a bit cold and scared for him. I hope he reads this or his publicist reads this so as to bring him down to earth a bit. I love his singing but hate attitude and I believe he is developing one alittle too soon. Pictures worried me abit too. Who is guiding him on these photo shoots? Playboy? Adam,slow down and smell the roses b4 you pee on them and they wilt!!!! Just stick to singing and put your smart ass remarks to rest.
posted by Lynn on Oct 26, 2009
Adam has said that with him, there's no filter. Maybe he should use one. I'm Christian but if a Jewish friend or co-worker handed me something related to their faith/heritage as a token gift of themselves, I would take it for what it is. It can always be trashed without offending the person with an unnecessary comment. I went to two summer concerts hoping for the chance to see Adam up close before/after a concert. I am certain that I would have ended any brief encounter with God bless you. I think a lot of Adam's Christian fans have turned their eyes the other way or rationalized things Adam has said or done in order to feel that they have not compromised their beliefs by their love and support of him. It wouldn't hurt Adam to show a little tolerance in return.
posted by queenb on Oct 26, 2009
i am a mom but was never alarmed with my teenage seeing adam's details photos - because my son is a responsible teen who appreciates art, those photos are one form of art to be seen and appreciated. it just depends on how the beholder is interpreting the art he is seeing.
posted by Elizie on Oct 26, 2009
Pampi, I would absolutely accept a Star of David and read any material on Judaism you would offer me. If I were a celebrity, I would certainly never turn down such a gift from a fan, and I would never put down their gift in an interview - especially an interview in a high profile magazine for all to read. But I respect your opinion and Adam's honesty, even though it struck me, as another post stated, a little cold. I just think Adam is too brilliant a performer to alienate potential fans before they get to realize the same thing.
posted by jeanne on Oct 26, 2009
I can hardly wait. I'll buy it and have already ordered his album!
posted by ke702 on Oct 26, 2009
I will follow Adams music, movies, Ill go see him as much as I can, Ill purchase all his music, From a 60 year old Gramma, I see the Detail mag pictures "as ART only" Cant wait to see him in a MOVIE!!! His voice tops all others and the world now knows he Is our Season 8 Winner!!!!! YOU GO ADAM!!!!
posted by Pampi on Oct 26, 2009
Hey ELIZIE, I totally disagree with you. I am Jewish also and would be totally offended if someone offered me a cross. That's just disrespectful. If I wanted a cross, I would get one. How 'bout I start giving you a Star of David. Yipes, let's give this guy a break. He is open and honest and totally refreshing. What a great sense of humor he has! He says it's all fantasy anyway, and how true that is. It's all for entertainment. Let's just enjoy this beautiful, intelligent and humorous man and enjoy his music.
posted by lilyx on Oct 26, 2009
I ADORE Adam and I can't wait for his single & album! Soo ExCiTeD!! I love that this whole article is written by using information from tweets!! Haha.. technology is so Glam :)
posted by Leila message on Oct 26, 2009
Leila if you are reading this, I just want to share some mom worry about Adam. I am one of his die hard fans and feel that I really do “get” him- the music, the way he pushes the boundaries, his gracious yet edgy persona. Can’t imagine how he stays grounded in this meteor-like rise to fame. But, the Details mag pictures sent my mom radar buzzing. This to me went a little too far, too fast. He has never “played it safe” and that’s what makes his music and performance exciting. But, what is left for him to do that is “risky” or “edgy?” His amazing career is just beginning and he may sabotage it in an effort to push everyone’s buttons. More magazines, movie makers and greedy entertainment folks will want to get their hooks in him, so he will be offered lots of crazy photo shoots, weird movie spots and who knows what. I hope he can stay grounded and have some perspective to say “no” to some of those offers. I have teenage boys and think Adam is a great role model for them for being true to oneself, being honest, respectful and believing in yourself. But the new magazine pictures have me worried for him. Just sympathizing mom to mom.
posted by VAMom on Oct 26, 2009
Hopefully, since Adam tweeted this on Sunday, we will get the single THIS week. I don't know if I can stand waiting until next week. If you need more Adam NOW, come and hang out with us at The Glambert Rock. We are about to burst with excitement over Adam's new music! And please, stay away from "On With the Show" - this is NOT Adam's music.
posted by toni on Oct 26, 2009
Flove Adam's TFM and looking forward for his coming single and album
posted by silva on Oct 26, 2009
I love you Adam
posted by silva on Oct 26, 2009
I can't wait until November, Adam you are the best!!!
posted by ben.wills on Oct 26, 2009
This report was posted on Monday 26th Oct. So next week means the first week of November? Why did you make us wait for so long, Adam !!!
posted by alsj on Oct 26, 2009
Adam didn't condemn Christianity and let's not forget that one of his best friends is a born again Christian (Kris Allen). And Adam was not dismissing fans in general, only those who feel they can place demands on him that they have no right to make. His word choice could have been better but he was speaking out of frustration. If you haven't been in his shoes, give him a break!
posted by lilyx on Oct 26, 2009
To the older fans who seem to have a problem with Adam's Details shoot. If you haven't noticed it yet, Adam is a very sexual person with no inhibitions to show it publicly. The Details shoot was not his idea alone, the writer & photographer came up with that idea because of what was transpiring on the tour with women going crazy for him. I think it's insulting to be addressing letters to Adam's mother about how he lives his life.
posted by Carley on Oct 26, 2009
I go to an art school and nudity is not an issue with artist and photographers. These photos are mild compared to many that are at my school. I think they are great pictures and Adam could be a model. What a great face! He can not only sing like a dream he is sexy as hell.
posted by IDAC on Oct 26, 2009
posted by adamfan on Oct 26, 2009
love the new song!!!!!omg... have not heard it yet !!!! oh well!!!! still love it!!!!!
posted by Ann on Oct 26, 2009
would love to hear Adam sing Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers.
posted by terie on Oct 26, 2009
Is it FINALLY here? Thank you ADAM. Can't wait to hear it! a LOYAL fan
posted by Rivers on Oct 26, 2009
On With The Show is NOT an album Adam ever recorded, it was Hi-Fi’s bottom-feeding attempt at making use of demo tracks with his hired vocals, without Adam’s permission, that they never intended to use in the first place - not until he made it on AI. It never saw the light of day. The same scum are probably behind Take 2 – an amusing name considering the circumstances - since they changed the label name and took out all the tracks Adam co-wrote, supposedly to come off appearing less slimy. They’re trying to make use of free publicity to sell this thing. Adam’s actual debut album is ‘For Your Entertainment’, November 23rd. Support him and his real label, RCA, that’s enabling him to collaborate with some of the best songwriters in the business, not those trying to make a quick buck off his name.
posted by DD on Oct 26, 2009
Hurry up, the wait is killing me!!!!!!! Of course we will make Adam's single go to the top. Adam's fans are rich b*tches who will buy his music!!!!
posted by Blondiegrrl on Oct 26, 2009
The Details photo shoot was edgy and creative. I did raise an eyebrow when I saw the photos, but it would be an overstatement to call them shocking. In fact, I think it was a brilliant career move. Besides, the photos served as a great way to illustrate the point of the article -- that Adam is the object of lust for many women. And yes, he was a little blunt in his remarks about Christianity and SOME fans being too pushy, but he gets points for honesty. Anyone who thinks Adam is ungrateful to his fans would have to overlook the hundreds of times he has expressed his love and gratitude in various interviews.
posted by StarLight on Oct 25, 2009
Yes, all Adam fans get his single to the top, Adam is THE BEST!!! Long Live King Lambert, his is truely in a league of his own, Idol has found it's biggest and brightest star EVER
posted by May on Oct 25, 2009
YAy.. I can't hardly wait to hear Adam's Debut single next week. Calling all Adam's fans get Adam's single to the top.

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