Ed Told 'Bachelorette' Castmate of Having a Girlfriend

Ed Told 'Bachelorette' Castmate of Having a Girlfriend

The case has turned into winner Ed Swiderski having a girlfriend, not ex-girlfriend, while he was on the show to pursue Jillian Harris' heart.

Going home from "The Bachelorette" with tarnished reputation, Wes Hayden is looking forward to bring down also the eventual winner. Wes told the newest issue of Us Weekly that Ed Swiderski indeed has a girlfriend, stating the fact that Ed told him and another contestant Dave Good that he has someone else back home.

"Dave and I both remember Ed saying he had a girlfriend," said Wes who was also accused of having a girlfriend while on the show. "But we are not the kind who are going to run our mouths." The article is featured in the latest issue of Us Weekly which is already on sale.

Apparently Ed is not a favorite among the men as other contestants also opened up about their dislikes. Reid Rosenthal, whose marriage proposal was rejected by Jillian Harris, said that he didn't even "care to hang out with him". Michael Stagliano added, "There was definitely something, I can't put my finger on it, where I did think, I'm not going to be best friends with this guy. Ed's a shady character."

Earlier this week, it was reported that Ed also got the privilege from the producers to have access to the cellphones and laptops while the others didn't. It was due to the access that he kept in contact with ex-girlfriend Lindsey Johnson whom Ed reportedly slept with after he got engaged to Jillian.

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