Nick Cannon Responds to Eminem Dissing Him and Mariah Carey

August 01, 2009 03:55:33 GMT

'I will permit no man to narrow or degrade my soul by making me hate him. Be patient in the moment of anger and escape a hundred days of sorrow,' so Nick Cannon tweeted.

Nick Cannon
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Already defending his wife Mariah Carey when Eminem dissed her in a song called "Bagpipes in Baghdad", Nick Cannon once again stepped forward to back her up when the Slim Shady mocked her for one more time in another track titled "Warning". He wrote on his Twitter, "Changing the world one hater at a time! Those who feed into negativity must examine there purpose on this earth."

Nick continued with another post, "I will permit no man to narrow or degrade my soul by making me hate him. Be patient in the moment of anger and escape a hundred days of sorrow." Though Eminem's name is not mentioned in the message, but many believe it is meant as a response to the rapper's recent mockery which shot down not only Mariah but also Nick as well.

"I will bless those that bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse. Genesis 12:3. Never take your own revenge, but rather give place unto the wrath. For it is written vengeance is mine, I will repay ... PREACH! When there are no enemies within the enemies outside can not hurt you!"

"People who project negativity ultimately are crying out for their own broken souls," Nick then concluded. "Trying to save a hater is like trying to teach astrophysics to a wino! LOL Chuuuuch!"


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posted by b-a-b-y ash on Sep 19, 2010
according to my fren the three of them are acting childish. mariah and nick should just continue with their life try ignoring eminem and live their life peacefully leave him out there saying all the things he want hes only reciveing the power of what ignorance can be and who dnt like this I DONT CARE!
posted by PARA A PUTA DA GUCCI on Jul 08, 2010
posted by deettrooiittt on May 26, 2010
okay nick needs to get a fuc*ing life like really he is a fake clearly mariah was the dumb broad who made up a song to get recongized no one liked her before and now that there is a fight about her they do and nick trying to be a man please he is more of a fag then the gay man himself eminem was right in all means he didnt do nuttin wrong mariah was trying to be cool by makin shit up so he spoke wat needed to be said.
posted by lil wayne is whack on Oct 30, 2009
Em is the greates lyricist ever
posted by Johnny on Oct 13, 2009
It\'s walffes fucker says that eminem only stirs the pot to keep his name& face out there.. thats by far the dumbest thing ive heard, your exactly as retarted as Nick Cannon. Eminem has done everything there is to do with music. Eminem is 1 of the best rappers, black or white. His changed the rap music industry completely with his style.. Eminems name is out there regardless u idiot
posted by It\'s walffes fucker on Sep 12, 2009
In the bigger picture, Why are people not seeing Eminem for the media whore he is?(Bruno stunt) He only stirs the pot and talks sh!t to keep the his face/name out there. His game is getting old. At this point he really needs to grow up and drop his tesicles already.
posted by daniel on Aug 14, 2009
- nick cant/wouldnt dare make a combat. M would destroy his ass! - people stop saying eminem only targets women and all that bs. hes had beef with MANY male artists. he has reason for 'the warning'. - Mariah isnt as perfect/innocent as shes led us to believe.
posted by jk on Aug 10, 2009
it's interesting how he's so wound up over (how'd he say) actual experience of sex. you'd think he'd have something better to talk about. it's disturbing to hear all these people talking about what nick should do. it's easy to fight and be ignorant - many people do it so well. but to let someone sit in their own ignorance takes maturity. whoever that was that is ashamed nick is black obviously hasn't been outside the hood long enough to realize that we don't all live in that kind of a box. grow up. if this is all hip hop has to offer nowadays...i'm sorry
posted by REAL TALK on Aug 03, 2009
Mariah must have some of that REAL GOOD NOOK NOOK! She got this IDIOT continuing to make diss tracks about her. Eminem is the real bichazz! He can't hold on to a woman... Whether it's Mariah or Kim, he can't keep one... Li'l dck mofo!
posted by Neogeoi on Aug 03, 2009
This is why obama is president...
posted by justhavetosay on Aug 03, 2009
JUST STOP. Now all yall know dat nick cannon did da right thing. I lik eminem but he actin like a negitive roach right now. A BIG ONE. I mean, how he gone pick a fight and den get angry when the person replies after how many years?
posted by demi on Aug 03, 2009
I dont like EM at all we call him BM at our house. I bet his daughters real proud of how he cuts down women left and right how would he feel if someone cut her down like that. BM is a negative wort.
posted by Bebe on Aug 03, 2009
Ilike eminem and I like Mariah. But I think there both acting childish.. If u did do it just say it to be done with. If you didn't drop it... And nick is trying to be calm as he can
posted by Big Daddy Diesel on Aug 02, 2009
Religeous ? Few months back he said he wanted to fight em? now look at him, sorry ass sob.
posted by BiG.Bos$ on Aug 02, 2009
Oh my god, such a loser, sorry Mrs. Nick Cannon you are so girly, don't u wanna cry big girl???
posted by Satan on Aug 02, 2009
Who cares about all this. People are starving in America...
posted by weezy fan on Aug 01, 2009
Man this dude is a loser, can't he see that he is a joke. What does he do how does he even get money
posted by Hypocrisy on Aug 01, 2009
lol didnt Nick say he was going to bring Eminem down before? What happened now ? Oh right, he heard of the warning....
posted by gmo on Aug 01, 2009
Vengence is shady
posted by gmo on Aug 01, 2009
Vengence is shady
posted by to the dumb people on Aug 01, 2009
You fool's will burn in hell just like eminem. I don't blame Nick for leaving it in God's hands. Just because his wife put him in this position doesn't mean he has to be an ass like the next man. She should really be careful who she sleep with, that's if she even did it! Nick keep your head up. Eminem grow up it time, let's see if you blame this action of yours on your mom!
posted by MRF on Aug 01, 2009
Nick Cannon is a fucken loser. Hes your typical religous hypocrit.
posted by rugerrecordsinc on Aug 01, 2009
ruger records inc on myspace
posted by rugerrecordsinc on Aug 01, 2009
and y is this fuck quoting bible scriptures "dude ur not a preacher "and ur not even funny ur a fucking fag and this is hiphop this is how its been done forever and all he can do is pull shit out of the bible !!!! wtf is that!!!! if nick was a real MC like he says he is he would take this beef to the mic but he wont cuz hes a bitch
posted by sexxybiatch on Aug 01, 2009
u did gurrdd nick cannon u did gurrd man mwah xx gve da kisses to mariah carey
posted by andy on Aug 01, 2009
Lolz, When did Nick cannon become gay. I am so tired of listen to those gay poems hes doing. So tired.. I mean nick cannon wont repond cuz this warning shot, shot him down and murded him. I ofc hope he repond to EM, so he can do a final shot. And kill this.
posted by fuck drake on Aug 01, 2009
em is the man bout time this bictch gets it and nick ya right being patient is better then years of sorrow aka eminem destroying my i mean mariah's career cuzz u aint got one kid.....chuuuuch........dork
posted by babes on Aug 01, 2009
ha ha ha....GO EMINEM!!! Mariah your no match for the big guy!!!your in denial
posted by drakefan on Aug 01, 2009
eminem is an idiot, period
posted by ha ha on Aug 01, 2009
I laughed from he very start to the very end. Nick makes it so hard to like him. Hes so good in America's Got Talent. Nn ppl who say Eminem is a "little girl" I think uu need to question urself. Look at wat nick just said. If he was a man he would actually say Eminem's name. He's a creepy loser,punk and a hypocrite. Thank you.
posted by truth on Aug 01, 2009
nick isnt crazy if he says anything out of pocket eminems next song or move could bust him and mariah out he has no choice but to chill....
posted by Big Show on Aug 01, 2009
Nick's gona load his cannon an pop dumin dums little white head.
posted by Drake Dub on Aug 01, 2009
M's gonna need PC fo sho!
posted by brealz on Aug 01, 2009
In County eminem would b in protctive custody!
posted by Len on Aug 01, 2009
M's a sell out!
posted by K Tuff on Aug 01, 2009
Nicks gonna' doo doo a drum line on Shady's head fools!
posted by ST BIZ on Aug 01, 2009
Ems like a little girl in a mans prison.
posted by Big B on Aug 01, 2009
Eminem needs to get a life.
posted by gamertag=DYN JAD on Aug 01, 2009
nick needs to make a comeback revenge is wrong, but wrong sometimes feels so good

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