First Look at Sokka and Katara in 'The Last Airbender'

July 15, 2009 04:19:29 GMT

Take a peek at 'Twilight' actor Jackson Rathbone in his Sokka's role and Nicola Peltz as Katara through newly-found images from 'The Last Airbender'.

First Look at Sokka and Katara in 'The Last Airbender'
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Brand new pictures from "The Last Airbender" have been unraveled and this time, they bring forth Sokka and Katara, the two key characters beside Aang and Zuko. Found via The Examiner, each of the images gives out a close-up shot of Jackson Rathbone and Nicola Peltz in their characters' costume. In addition to those two, other captures at Noah Ringer's Aang and Dev Patel's Zuko are also included.

Weeks earlier, producer Frank Marshall has opened up to Starlog that the planned trilogy of "The Last Airbender" won't be filmed back-to-back, instead they will be handled one by one and may take as long as six years to complete. "We're shooting them one at a time, because they're being written one at a time," he stated. "[M.] Night [Shyamalan] will finish this movie, then the script and then we'll prepare for the next one. I think it'll probably happen over six years."

Slated for July 2, 2010 U.S. release, "The Last Airbender" is a live-action film version of Nickelodeon's animated series of the same name. To be differentiated from James Cameron's "Avatar", it has dropped "Avatar" from its title. The film follows Aang and is set in a world where human civilization is divided into four nations: Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

With the help of a protective teenage Waterbender named Katara and her bull-headed brother Sokka, Aang proceeds on a perilous journey to restore balance to their war-torn world. But, his goal will meet a tough challenge from exiled Fire Nation's evil prince Zuko who is sent to capture the Avatar in order to restore his honor and right to the throne.

Images are removed by request of Paramount Pictures.


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posted by laughinyourface on Jun 12, 2012
haha, now everyone agrees that the movie was horrible. NO ONE could act. screenplay awful, effects were two thumbs down. there was no humor, u could tell when the actors forgot their lines. also, no one looked like their character, except for aang. My opinion, leave this movie to an asian director, they would have made this movie a billion times better. & yes, they did white washed the movie. thinking "only white can play this beautiful move?" please, everyone hate you & your country. Its like having an asian or white person play an african character.
posted by nikki on Jan 15, 2011
i dont understand y ppl r being racist bout it i mean if ur an avatar fan then u know wat avatar is bout nd that is to bring peace to the world nd balance the four nations sooooooo so wat if katara nd sokka were white nd zuko was dark nd in the show he was't but yea they could have made it better they skipped so many parts and suki,king bumi,jet nd huru werent even in it nd the fire lord kept on showing he wasnt suppose to show untill book 3 they only showed parts of his face nd in the movie zuko didnt even know who katara was nd he was suppose to have followed them all around the world nd they met nd fought a lot of times. but the best thing bout it was they way they did aangs tatoo nd they way they were beding that stuff looked real
posted by youpplarennuts on Aug 09, 2010
ok the movie correted the show.I mean how are sokka and katara a sposed to be tan if they live in the south pole.I mean really ppl don't get upset about dum stuff.I mean nicola and jackson did a great job playing sokka and katara.I am a major fan of the show and all, but i think the show made a mistake not the movie.But just think about it how are they all tanish if they live in the coldiest place in the world.I like the actors in this movie.I wish they can use the same actors in the next books.Maybe they will i hope they do. But Mr.Night was smart to pick those acters beacuse it all so tells a story and I feel sorry for all you racist who can see the story.
posted by bboy on Jul 05, 2010
for all the people saying katara and sokka are asians,or should be asians,it was never said that they were asians.the show is based on chinese fighting styles,and has some chineses/japanese writings,but that was probably done to honor doesnt mean they were asian,and they certainly dont look asian to me(neither does the rest of the water benders,who are also white in the movie).they could have gotten native americans,or african americans to play the part,but beautiful movies like this can only be played by whites :/
posted by Juan on Jul 03, 2010
this movie is going to sck because the director whitewashed all the heros and took out the kyoshi warriors. The kyoshi warriors are magor characters, azula pretended to be them to take over Ba sing Sa(sorry for spelling), suki helped sokka and toph stop the fire nation war ships, and azula delayed sokka and aang by metioning suki, ty lee as becomes a kyoshi warrior in the end. the director made firebenders have the ability to bend fire near them and not spontaneosly create their own because other elements could only be bent wen near it, but air benders always have access to air because it is everywhere, Toph discovered metal bending and earthebenders always have metal,rock,sand, or crystal near them because the planet is made of rock(the ground), and having the lack of water gave rise to bloodbending plantbending and pulling water out of the air. Due to the lack of water the witch lady learns how to blood bend and teaches it to a unwilling Katara. This director is ruining the name of the sereies he whitewashed the heros, took out eh kyoshi warriors, and made firebenders have the ability to bed fire near them and not spontaneosly create thei own.
posted by CND on Jun 18, 2010
it is also very, very convenient that the "best actors" for the protagonists are very pale, and the "best actors" for the antagonists are all very middle-eastern looking.
posted by CND on Jun 18, 2010
The arguments that this movie isn't whitewashed say that maybe the casting directors went with the best actors for each role, regardless of race. That would be a reasonable explanation except for the fact that the casting call literally stated "Caucasian or any other ethnicity" for each of the main roles.
posted by heyyo on Jun 14, 2010
posted by unknown on Jun 14, 2010
i have the feeling that this movie is gonna suck and be hated by many fans. this is a freakin rip-off. its like what happened to recent dragonball evolution movie. characters and story line are out of whack!
posted by michael on May 28, 2010
when and where are auditions for the last airbender book 2 auditions gonna be?
posted by NuyoricanMissy on May 18, 2010
S'cuse me on the last comment---Katara and Sokka are Inuit/Native-ish. But you get my point.
posted by NuyoricanMissy on May 18, 2010
I've seen previous comments and all that so i'm gonna try a slightly different approach (i said SLIGHTLY): I read the interview that they had with the director and how he wanted to show all ethnicities and that's cool and all--but changing the skin colors when the whole "asian/ middle eastern vibe" is there in the series is kinda screwy. I mean, don't get me wrong, the girl playing Katara for example is pretty and can probably ACT(which is the reason they chose her) and "Sokka" probly can act too, but to fans i think this is KIND OF like taking Storm or some other widely known dark skinned character or the opposite and having her actress be the complete opposite ethnicity; in other words: the fans KNOW these two main characters to be dark-skinned middle eastern--ish people (or in zuko's case light skinned middle eastern--ish) so it cheats the people that have stuck with this series for so long and have been waiting and waiting for so long for "a devoted fan"(the director) to come out with something that doesn't even cover the bases. I mean, come on--out of all the people that went in to tryout they couldn't find two good dark skinned actors? They could have made katara and Sokka the ethnicity that the fire benders are and then just moved their way around from there. Just two characters that have the basic design down, Hollywood--that's all I'm really asking. But as Vina said and like I've seen so much of, "they whitewashed the heroes." I'm actually still seeing it but if this turns out the way "Dragonball Evolution" did, Mike and Bryan at Nick are gonna need another season.
posted by ladida on May 05, 2010
well even though skin color shouldn't matter too much, it does. Especially when people are portraying people from another world. A world that had its own races. I don't care whatrace anyone was made as long as their was some diversity and ways to differentiate between the nations.
posted by CharlieGeek on Apr 29, 2010
Maybe they should hope that the fans stay interested throughout the six years
posted by 3 on Apr 04, 2010
i get what the director of the film is doing. he is not chaning how tha movie is in a fictional world he is doing the same thing like in the cartoon. the casting choice is not races why this what it looks like he doing. he puting every race for ever nation.
posted by qwetr on Mar 30, 2010
for all of you who said the whole cast is white you did not do your research. the s=character in the last airbender movie who plays aang is asian, but 1/2 asian.
posted by awc on Mar 30, 2010
why? skin color does not matter'
posted by pl on Mar 29, 2010
i am wonder which will be the to movie of the summer. twilight or the last airbender. my choice is the last airbender
posted by lk on Mar 29, 2010
who ever is reading this you are looking at it all wrong, the race should not matter its the character. and in the show they talk about peace no race it never in the show mattered. if the animated show is good then so will the movie. adults and kid like this animated show not because of the, well that was one thing, but also because this is a show that teaches lesson. i think everyone should watch the cartoon again without looking at the race or skin color.
posted by er on Mar 29, 2010
are you a true avatar: last airbender fan if you just look at the race?
posted by er on Mar 29, 2010
its all kinds of colors in the last airbender not just one race. everyone who is talking about the race, is that the only thing you noticed in the cartoon. it does not matter who plays the characters. it in an asian world , it does not mean that sokka, katara and the other charaters are asian that is the piont of this cartoon not to look a skin color becasue it doen no matter what skin color you are, butto bring peace to the world. you are taking the meaning out of the animated cartoon. please stop. and that teacher a lesson in the real world
posted by h on Mar 17, 2010
i was wrong before it doesn'y matter the race they are. its tha character that matters
posted by waterbenderana13 on Feb 13, 2010
I really dont understand why m. night casted these people. Ok maybe some are "good actors" maybe not. I mean look at the guy playing sokka. He always looks like hes scared of something and is waaaay too pale. They also had to consider even though the cast needed to be serious they also needed to be a little goofy becuz theyre young. Also uncle iro is too skinny and so is the man whos playing firelord ozai. Firelord ozai is buff. M. Night could definetely had casted a more asian group becuz i know for a fact many ppl mustve auditioned for those roles and mustve auditioned good but shamalan wanted to change everything and to me he messed it up.
posted by wyt on Feb 10, 2010
this a multicultural movie and a show. i think sokka and katara, the characters who are playing them are good. I am wondering was ther father light skin and there mother casasian if so maybe he is changing the charaters around, in the cartoon they take after there father, now in the movie they are taking after there mother skin tone. i don't think he is trying to whitewash the cast, i think he is doing a good job or he is trying to be races, he said it will be a multicultural, to me it is.
posted by hpl on Feb 09, 2010
umm. i am wondering the characters aren't going to be like in the animated they are trying to take, i am not cacasuin i could see if it was a real person life, but it is a cartoon and i am wondering do you base the cast on the people who played the voice or the fictional character because i did not see anyone arguing about the voices. i am happy that an multiculure show is coming on screen live. also anyone ca be aang that is why the cartoon was made so that everyone can be any of the characters. if he said it is going to be an many races in the movie i think it is. this is only the first movies
posted by ty on Feb 06, 2010
the cultures isn"t changing but its a cartoon just like in fantastic 4 it was a mixed cast the invisible lady was played not by a cacasion but was mixed she was only cacasion
posted by hy on Feb 06, 2010
this is just acting and it is fiction cartoon not the kung fu maybe he was not trying whitwash the cast i would understand if it was real like if they were doing a rel life movie about the culture< but it ficiton i don"t think he was trying to hurt anyone but know that he knows how you feel he might change the casting lighting up please the culture is still the same as the cartoon>
posted by AN on Feb 06, 2010
maybe he wasn"t trying to be to white warsh the film he just picked actors who would play the part good<like fire lord ozai is not asian and there is no complaining its an asian film and nothing can change that know matter who plays the part i think the casting will not chsnge ut it will get better in the furture
posted by unknown on Feb 05, 2010
i know that the casting us upseting but it is an asian culture nothing can change that, nothing. its just a movie and you know that the real characters are asian i know it is discriminating but in the future movies of the last air bender maybe things will change.
posted by la on Feb 03, 2010
well this is going to be a good movie,i just can't wait to see toph, maybe he the director did not think of it in that way he was just thinking about making a good movie maybe in the future characters will be better.
posted by pi on Feb 01, 2010
i know the casting is not right ut at least a chinese culture is geting recognized. what thing they do to bend is a different type of kung fu just fom this movie people are going to want to study and maybe even take lesson. in this movie i am lookinf forward to see bending just like in the cartoon and the places they visited in the cartoon come to life. it will get better over time but at least they recognize this culture.
posted by Nana on Jan 27, 2010
I think everyone is a bit overeacting about the whole white actors thing. I mean, yeah, the characters are meant to be asian/inuit , but as long as the actors play good enough, i don't care that much. I mean, they must have chosen these actors because they are good actors, because they don't look like the original characters. It would have been better if they were asian/native american actors, but i'm going to see this movie anyway, and i'm not going to make my opinion after i saw it. btw:sorry for the bad english, i'm dutch:D
posted by sa on Jan 20, 2010
and who would play zuko perfectly, the boy who was his voice in the animated cartoon of the last airbender
posted by sa on Jan 20, 2010
you know who would play aang perfectly in the last airbender, the youngest member of twilight in the wolf pack, seth clearwater thats his name in the movie
posted by L. angeltears on Jan 18, 2010
It's absolutely amazing how you can try to justify that this cast was not white-washed. The heroes are all white. The main enemy is Indian. All the background characters are Asian. Hmmm....strange how that works. The whole "they have big blue eyes, so they must be white" argument shows your ignorance of the anime art form. Get educated before you spout off that nonsense. If you look at the casting forms for the movie, it was obviously that they were looking for Caucasian actors, not minorities. Just looking at Sokka and Katara, they are not white yet are being portrayed by white actors (And no Jackson, having a tan won't make you a better Sokka. In fact, your blatant brown-facing comment offended me even more). Honestly, this is ridiculous. Avatar:the Last Airbender has a huge fan base, but with the casting, they have been alienated from watching this film. It pains me and just goes to show how Hollywood takes these amazing series and completely distorts them in a horrible live action version.
posted by HI on Jan 12, 2010
other charatcters can be found to play aang because there are you just have to look hard
posted by te on Jan 12, 2010
please change the casting i won't even be mad if the movie comes out alittle late just change the casting and be fair to the culture. but if not i might see it or might not see it. PLEASE CHANGE THE CASTING!
posted by nine on Jan 12, 2010
Change the casting please because i don't think anyone might to see it. have an audition there is still time. do the right thing.
posted by POP on Jan 12, 2010
YOU can even change the casting now there is still time, Be Fair. give us fans what we want and what is right
posted by pop on Jan 12, 2010
if they are not going to change the cast this time hopefuly in the next movies they will, PLEASE CHANGE THE CASTING BE FAIR
posted by aang1 on Dec 31, 2009
I hope it gets canceled and Avatar the last airbender comes back.
posted by tellmebout it on Dec 18, 2009
all i know is, is that when this movie comes out, and the money keeps rolling in because it was great, i hope it will shut all you guys up who is worrying about the race of the characters. As long as the actors do what they need to, to get a point across, and make the watchers, feel the emotions they feel, then race shouldnt matter at all.
posted by tellmebout it on Dec 18, 2009
its underd=standable that people would be upset about the people who have been casted in this movie because of their race. Yes Aang is suppost to be asian, i agree. But has anyone thought that maybe during casting, people that actually fit the original cultures was not found? Yes, someone could look like the characters, but they have to be able to act too. You can't just throw anyone in the loop just because they look a certain way.
posted by donthedon on Dec 14, 2009
omgosh! so many people talking about the cast!!! It doesn't matter if Asians are played by blatant white actors.It doesn't if th M. night is changing the culture of the tribes to fit is visions. Seriously, people it doesn't matter. So what if charming prince Zuko isn't going to be charming looking, so what!! Or if katara looks waay older than aang. I mean it would still make for a great kiss scene at the end. Lighten up people! Besides it's not like if superman was played by a asian guy, you wouldn't watch the movie, right?
posted by jessika on Nov 25, 2009
Has't anyone at least though that the actors where picked for their acting skills and not for their race. I think as long as they come across as there characters should and that they tell the story right, then that is all that matters. and its not being white washed or whatever you're reading way to much into it. some of you people have racism on the mind..... get a life
posted by wtf on Nov 11, 2009
i can handle the whole Indian Fire Nation and aang being asin, im okay with it. It's Sokka looking pastie and Uncle Iroh being skinny, i know im being judgmental but iroh has to be hefty and sokka shouldn't be played by a vampire.
posted by DNA on Sep 24, 2009
The Cartoon will Remain the best! And No Movie Can top it! i don't like any of the movie's characters! they all don't look anywhere Near the Cartoon characters! im not talking about color or Race, they aren't like the cartoon ones! The Cartoon/Anime is the best!!! GRRRRR
posted by dina on Sep 16, 2009
I can understand questioning Aang's race but anyone can clearly see that Katara and Sokka are not white, there skin is two shades darker than Aangs, in the light with no light, skin tones, next to grass or water what have you. I really think that they should have taken the time to respect the characters as they are seen. Why are all of the other people such as Zuko, Iroh and Zhoa all ethnic? Could it be because they are not the heroes? But Sokka and Katara the good guys are cast white? Hmmm looks pretty cut and dry to me "WHITEWASHING"
posted by Tantivy09 on Sep 08, 2009
did u guys know a different person plays the back of aang's head ya i know that guy
posted by kung fu on Aug 26, 2009
The great Bruce lee lost the lead role to David Carradine in "kung fu" back in the 70's. (on what was allegedly his idea no less) Seems things haven't changed much since then. :)
posted by Ishi on Aug 21, 2009
The whole 'whitewashing' topic is totally stupid and unnessiary. Isn't a character supposed to be about their personalities and choices? I don't care about their color or eye shape so long as Nicole stays true to Katara and Jackson acts like Sokka. . . etc. This movie will be amazing simply because it has a moving plot, a new setting, and some serious kung fu (bending?). So as for those people who are obsessed with the characters being asian: 1) YOU are being the raisist ones, and 2) get a life. Seriously don't you have something better to do than put down this movie? I bet there's only a small handful of people like you, and you just don't know when to stop posting. Know this: America and Hollywood are melting pots. Get used to it. AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER FOREVER!
posted by Nicole on Aug 15, 2009
I think plainly, it would be a bit weird to watch because those of you who have watched the cartoons and read the books already know exactly what they look like. I will try it out. Just as long as the storyline is the same, I'm fine. And people it's not about being racist as some people think on here, that's just stupid. Maybe the director wanted these people for a reason. Sorry if I offended anyone didn't mean to, I just don't like where this topic is going anymore. You have people say that they're racist and that's not right, actors are actors. Just don't go see the movie if you have a problem with it so much.
posted by Kris on Aug 12, 2009
I'm not gonna sit here and cry racism 'cause I don't think it's racism or whitewashing or whatever else everyone's saying. The reason this casting bothers me is that it's just not true to the original cartoon. Yes - it can't be the exact same. I'm not naive enough to think it could be, and I still think this movie is going to rock. But Sokka and Katara are very blatantly NOT WHITE. It's not racism or reverse racism, it's a FACT. I think the casting of Noah Rider as Aang was brilliant, and Dev Patel is going to be kickass as the Fire Prince. And I'm still extremely looking forward to this movie; I hope that these two can be true to the character, you know? I'd rather have an actor who externally does not resemble the original character, but internally does. Yes, it bothers me at this moment because it kind of changes the flow of Avatar to me - also, couldn't they get a tan or SOMETHING? They look like they're just trying to resemble their whitest, when obviously that will not make fans of the original series happy. This isn't a matter of whitewashing or racism, it's a matter of the director taking a risk. This is a director who likes risks, he likes twists. And while at the moment I'm a bit skeptical, I still know that this movie is going to be great, and visually stunning.
posted by theavatar on Aug 08, 2009
Why must it come down to race? You people who cry racism and white washing really have to think of something better to do than put down this movie. Although the show has some asain culture it doesn't mean you need an asain actor. Maybe they tried but couldn't find what they needed. To me sokka and katara look like eskimos but maybe they couldn't find some excellent inuit or eskimo actors. Personally ang zukko and a few others don't look asain to me in the show. Their race could be open to interpretation. Just cause there is some asain writting and culture doesn't mean they can't be white. Hell my sister lives in japan and speaks, writes, and reads fluent japanese. Let's just get off the race issue and enjoy the awesome movie this will be.
posted by Jen on Aug 07, 2009
.. oh man i really wanted to see the pics... not being racist or anything, but it's hard to imagine jackson rathbone as sokka =]
posted by GetReal on Aug 06, 2009
@Kahjmer and everyone else yelling "racism". Where in Avatar does Aang go "I'm Asian"? No where. Avatar takes place in a different world where there is no asia, no africa, no race. Only fire, earth, water, and air. Several of the people in Avatar look white. My friend has made the argument that Katara and Sokka are mexican. My point is that in a world where their is no race any race that we cast these characters in would be wrong and thus race is completely irrelavent. Most obviously is that in the Avatar world naming might not quite work the same just because his name is Zuko may not mean anything about where he's from. Sokka and Katara may just as much be black as Native American. Despite coloring and what that might imply to us, it may have a completely different implication in the Avatar world. Since these characters remmain unidentified, i maintain that no race has any claim over any specific character.
posted by Jane on Aug 06, 2009
getreal, to answer your question. the creators of the nicktoon said that the characters in avatar were based on east asian and inuit people! the nicktoon also has actual readable chinese characters! i also remember uncle iroh talk to zuko and tell him to eat jook, which is chinese for poridge. they are obviously asian, dont try to argue that they arent because your argument will just fall flat with no evidence. cant beleive they casted white people as the leads asians as the extras. thats not only racist but an insult to the original show.
posted by TIM on Jul 25, 2009
omg. this is actually a controversy? makes no sense. people should really shut up about how they thik the movie will suck. everyone knows that people who go to movies know little of what it takes to make a full-length live-action film. (based on a cartoon, no less!--stop comparing it to Twilight, which is based on a book!) -and what they do know, they usually underappreciate. this movie is going to be amazing. sure the actors are different-looking, but this is live-action. you can't make cartoons look as real as real people, nor can you (or should you) make real people look exactly like cartoons. i love what was mentioned about Katara and Sokka having light skin because they have little sunlight, although it is possible to get a snow-tan. -and by the way, the cartoon characters did not have specific skin colors because they were 'asian' or 'inuit'. they had them so viewers could more easily recognize characters from the four nations of the Avatar world...which by the way, is obviously not the same as our earth. that would be stupid. as far as the infamous scar goes, it was darker looking on the show because they used set color palettes. they needed to use almost the same hue in every frame, so they picked a color that contrasted with Zuko's skin tone and stuck pretty close to it so the scar would be recognizable. thats really not necessary in real life, because lighting, weather effects, etc. will constantly change the way the scar looks, just like in...get this: REAL LIFE! haha thats why they call this a "live-action film." cuz they don't animate the characters. and stop talking about whitewashing. nobody is being whitewashed. race in Avatar, just like in the real world, is overblown. its significance is cultural and personal, rather than visual and identifying. the completely disproportionate attention this issue is getting is extremely annoying. please just chill out and if u don't want to see the movie, don't. i, for one, will definitely be shelling out the 35 bucks to take my little brothers and sister to see this in a decent theater on opening night, and i will certainly enjoy it too!
posted by Khajmer on Jul 24, 2009
@Wrathchild: That would be an art style, my friend. These are real people, so there's no excuse for casting white actors in Asian and Inuit roles. And aside from that, that just gives our side more credibility, no one can even use the argument "well they look white!!!!" because it's an anime art style and anime characters look white. It doesn't mean they are. The reason it's racist isn't because the cast is white, because yeah, they might have been idiots and not realized that the characters were Asian. And honestly, I don't blame them, I have just as many friends who see the characters as white as I do who see them as Asian (although I would like to point out that my own mother, who got into the show after hearing about the controversy, took one look at Sokka and Katara at the very beginning of the pilot and was shocked that they were cast with white actors). It's the fact that we very explicitly told them in a massive letter writing campaign that they were Asian. They very obviously got the message, since they're trying with the minor characters, but not enough to really care since they didn't bother replacing the main cast with more fitting actors. That is the blatant racism.
posted by Eaver on Jul 23, 2009
@ AsianPerson It isn't whitewashing to have original characters that happen to be white. It's whitewashing when you take characters that are pretty clearly not white and cast white people as them. @ Lazyness Yes, because this kind of thing happens all the time, it should be ignored. That's a great argument there. The characters are from copies of real life cultures, but they showed preference to casting white people instead of the respective races of the areas they would hail from. It's like saying, "We love your culture, but we certain don't want you onscreen as the characters in these cultures. We'll leave that to these people that look nothing like them."
posted by brianna on Jul 22, 2009
have you looked at the cast list on imbd there was like not one white cast member on there or japanese! it was all indian which is a disappointment cause jackson looks more like sokka than the other dude personally
posted by AsianPerson on Jul 19, 2009
So...people are complaining that Sokka and Katara and Aang are supposed to be Asian.,,but before you call out the movie for "white-washing," call out ALL cartoons and animes for not having Asian-looking characters.
posted by Wrathchild on Jul 19, 2009
I wish the idiots of the world would stop screaming racism for ever single thing that comes out! Hey, ever noticed how REAL anime characters look?! They look WHITE, and they are drawn by JAPANESE people. What do you have to say for that, morons? Next you're going to say that ThunderCats was racist because the voice actors were white instead of real cat humanoids. This is based on a cartoon. The characters in the movie look a lot like the actual cartoon characters. So get over it. It looks like its going to be a pretty cool fantasy movie.
posted by Ace on Jul 16, 2009
Unfortunately, hollywood whitewashes EVERYTHING. and Asian culture is just something for white heroes to wear and look cool. This could've been and should've been a chance to put asian heroes in a mainstream movie. I love the Avatar series. but the whitewashing of the movie is a disgrace and a disappointment.
posted by Lazyness on Jul 16, 2009
To all of you who are complaining about white-washing the cast, This film is being made for an American market, what do you expect is going to happen?! Personally, I don't care what race the actors are. As long as they can act properly, that is all I care about. Seriously, for this film I don't think changing the characters' skin colour will affect the way the character's are portrayed. I don't hear any of you complaining about how the voice actors for the animation were white. It sounded all wrong. Clearly, they should have chosen people from different ethnic backgrounds. XP I'm anxious to see what they're going to do with Appa and Momo. What if they change their fur colour...?! Oh God, the horror!!! That would just completely ruin the movie for me!
posted by Shelly on Jul 16, 2009
In the cartoon, their is no exact race. They look similar to native americans, or asians, but it is not the real world,therefore there is no real ethnic backgrounds and stuff. It is just a movie. Their is no racism here, just people cast to portray characters in a pretty cool story.
posted by Ziggy on Jul 16, 2009
I agree. Whitewashing the movie may not be exactly good, and I agree it is somewhat racist (though they may not be trying to be racist, you gotta cut them some slack!) and I am a hardcore Avatar fan, so I do care about this movie! I have been tailing the news ever since the rumor of there BEING a movie to come! But people, even if they whitewash the movie, it wont COMPLETELY ruin it. It'll just mess up the ideas (like what was said about the african movie example. the idea is there but it is ruined). But, if the acting is good enough (I hope it is) then there may yet be some hope for our whitewashed heroes. It all depends, though, on M. Night's choices (let's hope he does it right!)
posted by roy33 on Jul 16, 2009
mike and bryan wrote the story for the movie... and seriously this movie looks BA!
posted by lizzy on Jul 15, 2009
I don't think it is racist. First Avatar has anime like drawings. And anime characters look all the same, you know their nationality or race bacause of their name. For example, I can't tell if a anime character is a dark skinned japanese, a latino, indian or native american. I have to hear his/her name and story to know. Is true the tale is inspired in asian cultures and Ice Nation in Native Americans and Skimo culture. But is not acurate so they can be anything. Also Zuko have yellow ayes, which human race has gold or yellow eyes? Katara have blue eyes and tanned skin. There is not a race with that exact characteristics. Also, I think is cool the movie had so many diferent races, is more diverse.
posted by TLAfan on Jul 15, 2009
This movie looks better and better every time I see an update! At first, I thought that some these people looked nothing like the originals, but now I realize that this is MUCH more realistic, and they can really pull this off (ie Sokka and Katara not tan...hello, they rarely get sun, and I don't think their indian....but FYI RACE DOESE NOT MATTER ANYWAY!!! lol I get sooooo irritated with those fans that think this movie is "racist"). Now, aside from the actual full length trailer, the last thing I HAVE to see before the movie is APPA!!!!!! OMG that would be sooooo cool!!!! and MOMO!!!!
posted by Marshall Brooks on Jul 15, 2009
Way to not quote your source. That's top notch journalism there.
posted by Anns on Jul 15, 2009
ok... personally i think katara, sokka, and aang look great... but zuko... oh god! instead of this disgusting, huge, red scar... we get this little tinted thing that is almost pink! also, zuko is supposed to have a shaved ponytail and a really good (almost taylor lautner like) six pack... one more thing... he's supposed 2 be pale! i think they swiched up the skin color cuz katara and sokka are pale and zuko is tan... oh and what happened to his awesome amber eyes?!?!?! they're just a normal brown! =(... it makes me sad everythime i look at that dude who is supposed to be zuko....
posted by pm rain on Jul 15, 2009
I admit I WANT to like this - miss avatar like a good band broken up; white actors = don't care; The story is already told and done so perfectly. If this retelling is respectful to the quality and maturity of plot, character development, and action then great. m. night writing scares me, but slumdog actor and trilogy planned showes respect: still hopeful.
posted by V on Jul 15, 2009
it's "racist" because the animated series is based on an all-Asian world heavily steeped in Asian culture It's the equivalent of making "Roots" during the Africa parts, with white actors dressed in traditional african cultural dress...then acting surprised when people complain.
posted by Livre.Fille on Jul 15, 2009
Wow... this is just made of fail. I'm beginning to wonder if the people making the movie are at all familiar with the source material. It's like if someone made Macbeth into a Romantic Comedy... Just does not compute.
posted by maered on Jul 15, 2009
Whitewash = Epic Fail
posted by tommy h. on Jul 15, 2009
f@ck this movie. the original series is and will be better.
posted by HMG on Jul 15, 2009
Zuko is way better in animation. They should've chosen somebody else for him. Like Joe Jonas, haha.
posted by Vina on Jul 15, 2009
This is apalling. Aang and Zuko should be light-skinned East Asians. Katara and Sokka should be darker-skinned Inuit/Native Americans. Why would they make this movie if they were just going to whitewash all of the heroes?
posted by Jerome on Jul 15, 2009
Don't even bother guys. These fangirls/boys will lap it up and ignore any rational explanations why this is discrimnatory. Mike & Bryan had nothing to do with this movie so hopefully no one will give them a hard time at comic con.

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