Sneak Peek to Shakira's 'She Wolf' Music Video

July 14, 2009 02:48:29 GMT

Shakira is showing off her sexy side inside a cage as seen in the preview of 'She Wolf' music video.

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After giving away her new single "She Wolf", Shakira now treats fans with a sneak peek to its music video. In the clip, the singer is captured sporting a gold leotard, singing and dangling inside a cage.

The music video is expected to arrive in late July, and reportedly will feature live wolves. It is described as "an inventively sexy video directed by Jake Nava and featuring the metamorphosis of a woman told through her unique dance techniques."

Shakira gave "She Wolf", which is set to be included in her upcoming studio album, for free on ABC Music Lounge starting from July 12 at 7 P.M. ET / 4 P.M. PT. to July 13 at midnight E.T. / 9 P.M. PT. She has recorded its Spanish version titled "Loba", and will drop both songs for digital purchase on July 14.

In the meantime, there are no words about working title and release date for the album. Recently, she was said to have hit studio with Pharrell Williams, RedOne and Wyclef Jean. "I really wanted to explore different dance beats and cultures on the new record. I did my research and looked into different kinds of rhythm. Plus Pharrell is a genius with beats so it came together really fast," she told The Daily Star.

Preview of Shakira's "She Wolf" music video:


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posted by THE MACHINE on Jul 24, 2010
By the way- Shakira is a genius!! Try not to let this get to you Shakira- it got to me. Try and fight through it. When you can ace a course and disguise yourself in California and speak a number of languages, then you can make those comments!! Lala, try doing advanced Physics mathematics, go through years of university, and so on and so forth!! Try actually writing music and programming your own production for presentation!! There's a lot more involved than you can see. Try facing the public and media for extra pressure and stress! THE MACHINE
posted by bozy on Oct 20, 2009
she's gorgeous but man, she is a stiff dancer. She's a 3 tool hot chick.
posted by hurleyge on Aug 18, 2009
I don't know what kind of dope you all are smoking, but shakira CAN NOT DANCE!!! She is as stiff as a board and does the same moves over and over and over. She can't move fluidly to save her life, and the whole howeling thing she does just makes me laugh my arse off!!! She really does suck!!! Not only can she not speak english, but she needs dance lessons.
posted by SA Boertjie on Jul 30, 2009
Its very sexy and she dance, so why not show off her skills. YOU GO GIRL
posted by in awe on Jul 26, 2009
everything about this song/video is hot.
posted by antonia on Jul 25, 2009
she is back!!!!!
posted by louis on Jul 21, 2009
I can't believe that, all thid people don't understand that Shakira is the number one, anywhere in the world no matter what, and i don't think she is trying to be american. who wants to be american, hello! What is important is to be who you are and bring to the people something new and fun.
posted by steven on Jul 21, 2009
Finally Big Shaka is back!! and she came to kick asses.
posted by alyssa on Jul 16, 2009
ganyan tlga c shezuk insecure kaya dini discourage c shakira
posted by alyssa on Jul 16, 2009
SHEZUKS r u insecure of what shakira can do and cannot! make your own video and show what uve got!
posted by zyl on Jul 16, 2009
@mani: Geez, Rihanna AIN'T talentless...
posted by musicmancbj on Jul 16, 2009
you know.. everyone gets mad at shakira cuz she has her iconic moves.. but no one got mad at MJ for doing the same dance moves over and over and over again... it's Shakira.. let her do her thing already
posted by She...wolf !!rocks on Jul 16, 2009
I believe shakira is a very talented singer and her dance moves are the best.. For those who can't understand her when singing.. Read her lyrics that's what their for,.. It's like real poetry
posted by apostolis on Jul 15, 2009
shakira is great!!!she is just so lovely and talented!!support her!!download she wolf on i tunes!
posted by Mani on Jul 15, 2009
At least she sings her own songs and can perfomr (did you hear her on the Obama tribute? that's singing), unlike skanky Britney and talentless Rihanna "I can't sing without computers". She is creative and does her thing her own way. This is a good comeback.
posted by A on Jul 15, 2009
She Wolf is great! One of her best ever. Fire!
posted by alan on Jul 15, 2009
posted by Magic Man on Jul 14, 2009
shazuks dont you get tired of making stupid comments about people who you will never be half as a good at anything than
posted by alias on Jul 14, 2009
shezuks she is not a dancer she is a singer
posted by on Jul 14, 2009
I dont't thing so. She is good, and the son is exelent. very smart. with the sow. truth blod. the son come in the perfet time. congratulation baby. You are the best.
posted by Picu\'poki on Jul 14, 2009
You cant really understand a word when she sings in English. She sounds like a crying goat.
posted by Shezuks on Jul 14, 2009
This shakira cannot dance for nothing. Doesnt she get tired of always doing the ROBOT dance on every video and event?
posted by Moi,le je on Jul 14, 2009
HOT!!! Can't wait for the new video <333
posted by she.wolf on Jul 14, 2009
why do u guys read articles about her if u hate her so much? I think she's great, and u can't even do a little of what she does.. guys,relax!!
posted by jaja on Jul 14, 2009
The truth is that both in english or spanish you can barely understand what she is saying. I am so bored of her robot moves, the have never looked good or ever will. as for her singing voice she does sound like crying. On the other side she has helped improve the image of Colombia. I just wish she would do something more original and real.
posted by pele on Jul 14, 2009
sorry, sounds!!!
posted by pele on Jul 14, 2009
she certainly sound like a crying goat!!! jejejejeje
posted by peter on Jul 14, 2009
she needs to find something new to do!!! she always is doing the same thing in her videos
posted by tito on Jul 14, 2009
she is a bitch, she puts her buttocks to any man when she is dancing, she is a really colombian bitch
posted by lala on Jul 14, 2009
shakira lost her essence, she is a latin girl who wants to looking like american singers!!! she is small, with black hair... anyways she is imitating madona, britney, etc...

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