Camilla Belle Doesn't Drink Alcohol

July 11, 2009 06:56:23 GMT

The actress insists she comes to nightclubs with some friends only for sight seeing and not for drinking alcohol.

Camilla Belle
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Notwithstanding her celebrity status, Camilla Belle admits she doesn't live the Hollywood life, which is often associated with drinking alcohol and partying. "I don't take part in it. Obviously I'll go to events but very rarely. It's usually a friend's premiere or an event where I have a relationship with a designer; it's always for a reason," she tells The Independent. "I don't go out just to go out which I think makes a big difference. I'm not showing up just to show my face."

The 22-year-old actress goes on detailing, "I've been to some of those Hollywood clubs with my friends, but we just show up and we're like, 'OK, this is what it is! Great!' and then we leave." She then adds, "I don't even drink alcohol. It's pretty much sparkling water. I've never been a big drinker."

In addition to addressing the wild Hollywood lifestyle, Camilla opens up about being envied by many girls for becoming Joe Jonas' leading lady. Asked about how she feels toward her haters, she says, "Well, I don't know, you can't help what people say or what people write. People are going to say what they want to say. I am just living my life and I'm perfectly happy."


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posted by WTF on Aug 30, 2010
How old are you people??you are all insane, maybe you should focus on your life not the Hollywood glam crap that's probably not all it's crack up to be. Joe Jonas and Camilla belle are people to just living their life. And this bloody article is just half trues anyway.
posted by kim on Aug 07, 2010
hey cami im a big #1 fan well im twelve years old and i whant you to be my friend!PLEASE! i know you live in LA and weir you live
posted by 12year old kim on Aug 07, 2010
camilla belle is very smart thants wy she broke up with JJ becuse he wants to live with her. you know teens like CAMI! like to think about their carires
posted by Camilla belles bigge on Jul 27, 2010
Wat r u talkin bout ppl just bcuz she dated that Jonas brother guy doesn't mean she used him wat d fuk? So r u saying brad Pitt and angelena used each other for fame? Ur all SHTUPID god and y do u care anyway, u shud care bout ur life not anybodys life cuz in this universe ur on ur own,  OUT, ps. Haters gunna hate
posted by Daniella on Jul 27, 2009
Camilla Belle O BRASIL te AMA!Liinda
posted by sun on Jul 24, 2009
back off lil bitch!!
posted by Sheila on Jul 14, 2009
Okay all you people who are saying Camilla is not ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in my eye she is ugly and needs to pluck her eyebrows. You don't have to agree, but that's my opinion.
posted by jblover on Jul 13, 2009
THAT IS IT! i am sick of you all. Camilla is not a bitch, you're all just pissed off because joe and camilla are happy with each other!!! And she is not UGLY!! Taylor now that girl is homely, swinty eyes...she looks like a dude gross. Camilla is a lady and joe is a gentlemen...perfect couple! :D
posted by peaceluvjonas on Jul 12, 2009
lie lie lie . . . she is just using joe for fame . . . wow . . . she needs to stop lying to everyone
posted by >:( on Jul 11, 2009
wow? really? Yeah, I get drunk off sparkling water to go home with robert pattinson all the time too! FUCK YOU!! You're just using Joe for the attention...FUCKING DAMN IT I HATE HER!!! and im a Kevin fan!
posted by ffff on Jul 11, 2009
posted by chameleon220 on Jul 11, 2009
seriously what the hell is your problem. You all are so fucking obsessed with this guy who i might add you dont even kno and your calling this girl who you also dont even kno names that makes you guys the bitches not her chill the fuck out. you are just jealous because shes with him, famous and beautiful. shut the fuck up you fucking annoying people
posted by angel on Jul 11, 2009
dalia you are ugly girl,camilla is beatifoul
posted by Angel on Jul 11, 2009
Es una niña muy linda
posted by dalia on Jul 11, 2009
who is she? ugly girl.
posted by ddd on Jul 11, 2009
posted by Deddi on Jul 11, 2009
i don't know. I just hope she's not using him. I just want him happy though i love him and want him, his happiness is first. If he's happier with her than oh say ME then so be it i'd rather him be happy with her than him not happy with me i just don't want her to treat him wrong. I don't think she should drink at all. One thing i don't get i read an article that she was at a club with friends and saw rob pattinson and took pics with him as far as i know it wasn't a premire but im not going to say anything about her that may not even be true. Just don't say anything until you know i just hope pray and wish joe (and camilla) are ok. GOd bless them together or separate whatever his will and God bless you love ya.

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