Miley Cyrus' 'Just a Girl' Music Video From 'Hannah Montana' Concert

July 01, 2009 08:51:13 GMT

Miley Cyrus appears as Hannah Montana and entertains concertgoers with 'Just a Girl' performance in the music video for the TV series' soundtrack.

Miley Cyrus' 'Just a Girl' Music Video From 'Hannah Montana' Concert
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After a music video for "Mixed Up" arrived, now a music video in companion to another "Hannah Montana" soundtrack, "Just a Girl", has been found. It shows similar scenes featured on the "Mixed Up" video. While the previously-premiered video has Miley Cyrus wearing a white and purple dress, this new one sees her donning a pink and white top combined with white pants. Both videos capture Miley as Hannah Montana performing in a live concert.

Miley Cyrus has released her latest studio album "Breakout" in 2008. While there is still no word on her new effort, Miley has hit studio, crafting soundtracks for her Disney's TV series. In this project, she joins forces with David Archuleta, Corbin Bleu and Mitchel Musso in addition to having solo songs.

As for other projects, Miley has lent her vocal to Jonas Brothers' new song "Before the Storm" and teamed up with Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas during the band's tour opener in Dallas earlier this month. She will also hit the road with Metro Station, starting on September 14.

Miley Cyrus' "Just a Girl" music video from "Hannah Montana"

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posted by love on Mar 09, 2011
i love the song is will good song i love at so much my name is just like your name Hannah Montana and me is halla mohamed
posted by hannah on Mar 09, 2011
hi i am a big fan i love you so much and i think you is the cue girl an this word demi is nothing she is just about to kiss your leg so you can be her friend and Selena will get galls from you i heat Selena because she is gay
posted by YUI on Feb 08, 2011
posted by MIO on Feb 08, 2011
posted by alisawoodruff on Dec 02, 2009
hello my name is alisa woodruff how are u guys doing well im fine am at school today working muisc
posted by LOREN st on Jul 25, 2009
i love hannah the movie woow i liked saw much i love miley byebye kisses
posted by loren st on Jul 25, 2009
hannah miley whatever i lovee youuuu never change and i love your concert too i will see you in dallas in your concert byebye HEHE
posted by pura on Jul 12, 2009
i love hannah montana she is best of both worlds cool
posted by lilianna on Jul 08, 2009
my sis is sad that you are not going to be a rock star!!
posted by ninny on Jul 08, 2009
miley your the best person ever. sing the climb more! I have always wanted to meet you. your the best singer. Hannah Montana. your beautiful! thats all I wach. Miley Cyres. the climb is the best song.
posted by abbagail brown on Jul 08, 2009
hay i love your comcert and if i couldone day im gonna meet you and i love everything abt u miey il call u miles
posted by lea on Jul 08, 2009
posted by rudella on Jul 08, 2009
lol your so fun
posted by Queeny on Jul 08, 2009
lol omg yourlast song totally genius
posted by lesina on Jul 08, 2009
i love your music
posted by Divya on Jul 08, 2009
U r really a super rock star................
posted by posted by lauren on Jul 04, 2009
ilov u soooooooooooo much miley cyrus i wish u were my sis hers my #580 4910922 ask 4 Lauren Baker and my aderess is 401 s. lake st ponca av my sch ool is linchon elementery in ponca city ok u.s
posted by kitty on Jul 02, 2009
hay hannah aka miley i think your cool jk you are the most uglyest person i ever seeen you cant act for crap you are a slut and a hoe tacking the pic naked i seen those slut yo are a bad influenc so pis off puta
posted by lilly on Jul 02, 2009
You are so cool Hannah Montana.i always wanted to meet you
posted by leila on Jul 01, 2009
Ilove you hannah montana you are the star
posted by rocio on Jul 01, 2009
te re odio puta
posted by zara on Jul 01, 2009
however i have'nt heard this song i hope it would b gud
posted by babyja33y on Jul 01, 2009
i luv it
posted by Sade on Jul 01, 2009
Yay! A new hm cd!!! And i love this song!!!
posted by belinlukins on Jul 01, 2009
i love evrything abt u
posted by reynard on Jul 01, 2009
hi miley i love your concert
posted by violet4ever on Jul 01, 2009
If they are talking about the Hannah Montana Soundtrack 3 album, it comes out really soon - July 7 according to Amazon. I can't wait to get I Wanna Know You w/ David Archuleta.

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