Blink-182's New Song to Be Played on Upcoming Tour

June 09, 2009 09:45:18 GMT

Fans may be treated with Blink-182's new song titled 'Up All Night' when they attend the band's upcoming tour this summer.

Blink-182's New Song to Be Played on Upcoming Tour
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A new song from reunited band Blink-182 is expected to be played during the band's upcoming tour this summer. The track is titled "Up All Night" and is almost done, drummer Travis Barker reveals to MTV.

"We just started practicing for the tour, going through the old sh--, playing the greatest hits - only we'd start experimenting on them a bit, working on different versions," Travis says. "So, it ended up that some of the old songs have new flavor to them, and then we also got around to making four demos, including one song that's pretty much complete."

"In the case of 'Up All Night,' it feels like it could've been on the last record, or right where the last one left off," Travis continues. "It's kind of heavy, if you mixed Box Car Racer and Blink. It all makes sense. The pieces are all together."

When Blink-182 kick of their roadshow in Las Vegas on July 24, Travis plans to "have the studio out on tour with" them. "I wanna work on it while we're on tour," he explains. "But that's just me. I'm taking it day-by-day. Loving life. Working."

Blink-182's summer tour dates can be found on their MySpace.


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posted by jesse on Oct 28, 2009
Anyone that doesn't wanna have blink play their new stuff IS A FUCKING DUMB ASS BECAUSE I WANT TOO HEAR THEIR NEW SHIT!
posted by jesse on Oct 28, 2009
I wound want blink 182 too play one of their new songs that they have on the upcoming new album because look it all theses people wanna hear blinks old song but come on we all heard it already so let's give a chance too hear their new stuff ALRIGHT! BLINK !82 IS THE BEST FUCKING BAND EVER!

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