Megan Fox Joked About Robert Pattinson Being 'Immature'

Megan Fox admitted during 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' premiere that Robert Pattinson knew about her dissing him on the Elle magazine interview.

AceShowbiz - Megan Fox has spared a word about Robert Pattinson on the red carpet of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" world premiere in Japan on Monday, June 8. The actress who has been rumored several times to have a brief fling with Rob said on the June issue of Elle magazine that the "Twilight" actor is "too immature". Told by that her comment may make Rob upset, she said "No. I know him and he laughs about it, it was a joke."

Also asked whether the event was the craziest that she could get, Megan replied that it was not as crazy as what Rob is experiencing. "No," the 23-year-old beauty said. "I think as crazy as it gets is when Robert Pattinson goes anywhere, that's as crazy as it gets. He's a Beatle, he's all The Beatles, he's the Backstreet Boys band in a person."

On related news, the dating rumor of Megan and Rob resurfaced through E! Online's Ted Casablanca's report which emphasized that Megan is officially separated from Brian Austin Green and that she hooked up with Rob shortly after.

The newly-single Megan reportedly told the people on the set of her movie "Jennifer's Body" that she "hooked up" with him once but Rob surprisingly did not want to continue seeing her. "Nothing ever went further than one night they were together. He totally blew her off," a source added.

In a twist of story, Megan consequently was pissed off and it was the reason she told Elle that Rob is "too pretty" and "immature". Nevertheless, a denial has been issued by Megan's rep who said "(Megan) has literally met Rob twice. She went to coffee with Shia (LaBeouf) the other day, so they must be hooking up too, right?"

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