Video: Eminem Rapping at 2009 MTV Movie Awards

June 01, 2009 06:50:39 GMT

Footage from 2009 MTV Movie Awards have arrived, capturing Eminem making a live performance and infuriated when Sacha Baron Cohen falls on his face.

Video: Eminem Rapping at 2009 MTV Movie Awards
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2009 MTV Movie Awards has just been wrapped and video footage showing Eminem's live performance has been found. In the clip, he is captured rapping a medley of hit singles "We Made You" and "Crack a Bottle".

Aside from the arrival of Eminem's live performance footage, a clip featuring Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego in movie "Bruno" flying on a sling over audience seat and falling on Eminem's face has also been outed. The rapper and actor had a small fight before the Slim Shady got pissed off and walked out of the audience seat.

In regard of the hilarious scene, "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest tweeted, "First MTV person said real..another said unsure...I figure it was planned but em didn't know Sasha's bare moon was going to be in his face."

2009 MTV Movie Awards was held at Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday, May 31 and hosted by "Saturday Night Live" regular Andy Samberg. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart-starring film "Twilight" led its winners list with five kudos, one of which was for Best Movie title.

Beside having Eminem as a performer, the awards also tapped Kings of Leon to rock the event. This band delivered "Use Somebody", the single lifted from their 2008 studio album "Only by the Night". Additionally, "Britain's Got Talent" runner-up Susan Boyle was also planned to sing at the awards gala, but the idea reportedly was ruled out by the singing contest's bosses. "We tried to get her. I wanted her here, but they've got a pretty strict contract over there," Andy Samberg chimed in.

Eminem rapping "We Made You" and "Crack a Bottle":

Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno falling on Eminem's face:


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posted by Planned on Dec 08, 2009
do you honestly think that eminem would let an ass go in his face......honestly??
posted by crome44 on Jun 08, 2009
next he'll kiss Lil Wayne on the lips
posted by belgica on Jun 06, 2009
It was soooo funny!! Eminem always makes fun of other artists, well now we make fun of him! well done sasha!
posted by American on Jun 03, 2009
Dude us Americans do own everything... So stfu
posted by bishop on Jun 03, 2009
yeah, its been announced that it was planned, but to what extent is the question. i doubt em wanted balls in his face, but then he's slim shady, he's crazy.
posted by not available on Jun 03, 2009
WHAT THE FUCKKKKK DUDE , why does every american vid say not available in your country ....... s'all bullshit maaahhhhhn , keep that shit
posted by lisa on Jun 02, 2009
i dont understand why eminem want a bare ass on his face. he will be remembered as eminem but head
posted by wtf? on Jun 01, 2009
I don't think this was planned at all and if it was, i doubt Em thought he was gonna have a bare ass in his face. I personally did not find it funny at all. If someone on the street put their ass in my face, it would be considered a sexual assault and this on live TV? Seriously, I wonder where it stops and when talent prevails over stupidity. Is this the kind of thing "artists" need to do nowadays for publicity? It's disgusting.
posted by zzzzzz on Jun 01, 2009
He looks pretty angry though
posted by whatev on Jun 01, 2009
planned. all tv is planned. sponsors demand it
posted by rock on Jun 01, 2009
Planned or not planned? If he wasn't a part of it, I'm sure it will cause an all out war. But seriously... Eminem agreed to have his a@@ in his face?! It surprises me either way! Brilliant PR!
posted by TONY BUTCHA on Jun 01, 2009
posted by B on Jun 01, 2009
Whatever. lol *) So planned.
posted by Gigi on Jun 01, 2009
Wow that was Fucked up!! eventhough it was funny..lollol I soooo think that was planned!!!

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