'The Last Airbender' Pics: First Look at Aang and Zuko

May 22, 2009 04:53:00 GMT

The first two photos from the live-action adaptation of animation series, 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', are published in the Friday's issue of USA Today, featuring Noah Ringer and Dev Patel.

'The Last Airbender' Pics: First Look at Aang and Zuko
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The first look at key characters of "The Last Airbender" has been shared with the publication of the film's two images by USA Today on its Friday's issue. One of the photos shows off newcomer Noah Ringer as main character Aang. The other one centers on the live-action Zuko, who is portrayed by "Slumdog Millionaire" star Dev Patel.

Accompanying the pictures, the paper included an article about the two actors. Ringer, who is a Texas native with a black belt in tae kwon do, revealed that he keeps his head shaved like his character. "It keeps me cool when I'm doing tae kwon do," the 12-year-old reasoned. "It's so cool to get the part." As for Patel, he fessed up of learning about "Avatar" series when filming "Slumdog".

"The Last Airbender" is a live-action film version of Nickelodeon's animated series of the same name. To be differentiated from James Cameron's "Avatar", it has dropped "Avatar" from its title. It centers on Aang, an Avatar who has the power to manipulate air, water, earth and fire. Though caught between combat and courage, he teams with Katara, a Waterbender, and her brother, Sokka, to restore balance to their war-torn world.

Aside from Noah Ringer and Dev Patel, it will see Nicola Peltz as Katara, Jackson Rathbone as Sokka and Jessica Jade Andres as Suki. This action adventure movie is said to be a part of a trilogy. Paramount Pictures eye to release it in theaters across the U.S. on July 2, 2010.


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posted by jo boy on Jul 07, 2010
i know they jacked it all up
posted by jo boy on Jul 07, 2010
that is bulljive man y stop in the middle finish the movie and get the names right oh and by the way my dad works for the government so if you somthin smart to say i will sue u :]
posted by lauren on Jun 20, 2010
Wtf there is no toph when she is like da best charectar and zuko does not even have a scar and wtf in this move katara and aang r like 5 years apart
posted by J on Dec 12, 2009
Haha Dev Patel sucks. Like the series but this looks SHOCKING. Fail.
posted by alex on Nov 05, 2009
and how the hell is ang soppoeds to kiss Katar when hes 10 and she 18 u fucked it up M.NIGHT ANOTHER GOOD MOVIE RUINED BASTARD LOL NO RELLEY U SUCK DICCCC
posted by alex on Nov 05, 2009
what the hell of cours M.NIGHT picks a Indian kid to play zuko that's fuckd up hes not indain he kinda white or lightish brown
posted by toph 101 on Aug 30, 2009
i wonder who is going to play toph.i love the show i wonder wat the movie is going to be like
posted by little D on Jul 14, 2009
will people not go to the show because of M. Night shyamalan ???
posted by little D on Jul 14, 2009
how are they going to show the animals in the film when they dont look like regular animals ???
posted by little D on Jul 14, 2009
where is Toph and how are they going to find Apa ???
posted by Avatar101 on Jun 27, 2009
Where is Zuko's scar?
posted by sara on Jun 07, 2009
what is this u guys are dissing avtar

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