David Cook Added as Performer in 'American Idol' Finale

May 16, 2009 07:45:31 GMT

David Cook reportedly will take 'American Idol' stage and sing for the audience during the show's finale on May 20.

David Cook
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David Cook has been added as another musical guest in "American Idol" season eight finale, according to Examiner. On top of that, Lionel Richie, Cyndi Lauper, Queen Latifah, Black Eyed Peas and Keith Urban reportedly have agreed to make live appearances at the show's finale. Up to date, no words are made by Idol's camp to confirm all those rumors.

Previously, Carrie Underwood has been announced to entertain the Idol viewers during the show's forthcoming finale. She is set to sing a cover version of Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home", which is picked up as the farewell song of this season's show.

Beside featuring a live appearance from Carrie Underwood, "American Idol" finale will also have its two remaining contestants, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, singing for the audience and the judges. The finale will be held in two parts. The first part, which features Carrie, will be aired on May 19, while the other one, which is rumored to have David singing, will be broadcast on May 20.


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posted by MRS ARCHULETA on Jun 04, 2009
posted by nur hamimah on Jun 04, 2009
aku dari america!!!neh!!!
posted by yourmama on May 22, 2009
posted by uuig on May 21, 2009
posted by COOK4ever on May 20, 2009
guys! its pretty obvious that DC will perform on the ai season 8 finale because from the Philippines he went right away to Los Angeles. OMG! im excited to see him again to perform. It was a phenomenon here in Manila when they (with david archuleta)had their concert, imagine its the only show they had here in Asia! Their AI batch was the AMAZING and GREAT season i've ever watched. For today's AI, my vote is for kris allen....GO KRIS! =)
posted by Cook Lover(a.k.a Reb on May 20, 2009
I am so excited that David is going to be on the finale. I am also an Adam Lambert fan and seeing Adam win and hearing David sing on the same night is just amazing!! LOL, I just can't wait for tonight to come!(Everyone vote for Adam Lambert last night right , you better.)Even though Danny is gone I am still happy with the results of the top two.
posted by Pl@aol on May 19, 2009
David Cook and C. Underwood is the only reason why I am watching American Idol finale.
posted by snewark on May 19, 2009
David Cook and C. Underwood is the reason why I am watching American Idol finale.
posted by peggy on May 17, 2009
I think that it is neat that Cook is back again on Idol....I do hope him the best as he continues with his concerts....I am from north Missouri and was proud he won last year...cause he was the best, the only one...This year it is Lambert and he has had the best talent in AI...Vote for Adam......
posted by S A M M Y on May 17, 2009
Hi!! I´m from mexiico but I know david cook and I think he´s a great singer and I love that he won the last americas idol season and I think the next winner should be adam kisses ByeBye
posted by Gaga over you on May 17, 2009
Of ocurse he should, he was last year's winner . Its just like passing the crown to the next winner. He Hello ! Next year it could be Lambert or Kris. (sino kaya? doing the same. Remember mahirap manalo nyan...
posted by ny on May 17, 2009
It'll be so great to see David Cook again. He's so incredible! Just wish Danny Gokey was in the finals where he belongs. :(
posted by on May 17, 2009
David Cook and the new American Idol (ADAM) in the same night -- can't beat it! I also think many kids will look up to Danny Gokey as their American Idol based on the charity that he set up to help them in his wife's name. :-)
posted by CATHY on May 17, 2009
Of course David Cook will be in the finale this year. There was never a question about it. The winner of the previous year ALWAYS performs in the current year's finale. I'm positive it's part of the winner's contract that they HAVE to be there.
posted by CooksBiggestFan on May 16, 2009
Ahh, I can't wait! David is so stunning, and he hasn't let Idol and his success change who he is [: He's a sweet guy.
posted by calsingr-is-a-fool on May 16, 2009
To Calsingr - Cook is 1 of only 20 artists to go platinum with a CD on which he wrote or co-wrote all but 2 songs last year. I think that makes him a true artist. Go hate somewhere else.
posted by Tina on May 16, 2009
Go away calsingr. If you're not a fan, fine. But your comment is ridiculous.
posted by calsingr on May 16, 2009
In response to the Lead-In; David Cook added as performer in American Idol finale. My comment: WHY??That is ridiculous! Adding him to the true artists appearing makes it ludicrous. He sure must have a great publicist!!
posted by Cooking on May 16, 2009
Gosh, guess am so lucky to see him perform LIVE! After watching him perform a few hours ago, I feel I can watch him over and over again! David Cook is one artist I really am going to miss! I am excited to see him again on the finale.
posted by COOKie Monster on May 16, 2009
Thank you VR for confirming that it's not a rumor. Yes, I agree with you that David is a true American Idol. It was the best AI season ever! Now I can sleep like a baby without thinking if indeed David will be a guest in the finale.
posted by TTnCA on May 16, 2009
Yea! Can't wait...he's the most awesome American Idol. We've missed him on the show this year, just not the same.
posted by COOKie Monster on May 16, 2009
Hope it's not just a rumor. Among others, I think Cook should be a guest in the finale being the 2008 American Idol! It would be nice to see his last performance as 2008 American Idol before relinquishing his crown to the next idol.
posted by VR on May 16, 2009
I can hardly wait to see David Cook on the finale. Now that is a true artist and a true American Idol. David Cook's mother also said that she will fly to LA to see him perform so it's not a rumor. How I miss seeing him every week. He'll blow the rest of them out of the water. That was the season to watch. Hate this season.
posted by HookonCook on May 16, 2009
David Oh David, he is such a nice guy, a great singer! He is really an IDOL to watch. I just watched his fantastic concert a few hours ago here in Manila with David Archuleta who is a great singer too. I can't believe I have seen them perform LIVE! I am so ecstatic! I thought it would only happen in my dreams! Thank you for coming to the Philippines guys! After the Manila concert, I cant wait to see Cook on TV again on the AI finale!
posted by CM on May 16, 2009
He just finished his concert, with David Archuleta, hours ago here in Manila. Great guys. Cook should really be in the finale... that would be great to watch him sing again.

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