Clique Girlz Parting Ways With New Member Sara Diamond

April 30, 2009 08:38:53 GMT

Clique Girlz's official website and MySpace page feature a picture of only Paris Monroe and Destinee Monroe, excluding Sara Diamond.

Clique Girlz Parting Ways With New Member Sara Diamond
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Sara Diamond apparently is no longer joins Clique Girlz. The group's official website as well as their MySpace page have been updated with a new picture of only Paris Monroe and Destinee Monroe.

Sara Diamond was picked up from thousands of teenage girls, who attended an audition in February this year. She was announced as the official member of the band to fill vacant slot left by Ariel Moore, who walked out of the group in January for "a personal reason."

At the time, Paris said she and Destinee had "just clicked instantly" with Sara, who is a fourteen-year-old Montreal native. Paris moreover added, "It was amazing how well our harmonies blended."

No statement has been issued by the Girlz's camp regarding Sara's exit. It is also unknown whether or not another casting call will be made to seek a new member.


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posted by Broken Silence on Jan 09, 2011
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posted by lol!!master on Nov 02, 2009
omg this is crazy maybe it should just be the monroes and be like i dont know a duo or something like a sister event because i mean they are just gonna be putting people to replace the other who left and i know that i dont wanna be like 1,000,000 best in the band with like 2 notes to sing and 1 camera scene (NO THANKS)i would not want to be the other girl or the girl who replaced the other girl(PLEASE) i can do better with out and so can they .
posted by kendra on Oct 24, 2009
it was really big that Ariel left i thought the Clique Girlz would never break up but now my thought is smash .if it was up to me and i was Ariel i would go back.
posted by Pepysocrgrl on Sep 15, 2009
Sara left too??? Are they getting a new member...again???
posted by Debi Diamond on Sep 10, 2009
Perhaps the girls could audition me to replace Sara. I could really teach them a thing or two.
posted by E.S.S.T.D.L on Aug 16, 2009
I think that Ariel and Sara should get together... Maybe that would be okay... A blonde and a brunette.. Now we could maybe picture that, yes?
posted by heartsandsmiles on Aug 06, 2009
Ariel and Sara are both talented singers. I wish they never had to leave. But it's all up to their choices. I was susprised to find out Ariel left. Then Sarah joined and left few months later.
posted by I<3CliqueGirlz on Aug 06, 2009
At first, I thought Ariel died her hair black. Then I saw all this. Personally, I think I know why. She isn't in most of their youtube videos, she gets small parts in songs. I think it should just be the munroes. Because, they are both talented, and they are the only ones who don't just give up. I think Ariel chooses to be out of the spotlight, while the munroes are just more playful and outgoing. So, either, Ariel,Paris, and Destinee, or Paris, and Destinee. NO NEW MEMBERS! If they want a third new memeber, they should just stop.
posted by Isabella on Jun 24, 2009
wow. I just read the previous article posted that Ariel was officially leaving the group. That is terrible. I think this sends a message about the Clique Girlz, that they obviously have personal predicaments in their relationship as pop star co-workers. It sends a message to their fans obviously. I hope this rumor isn't true but I believe they are, considering other sources. Abagail- Ariel left the group due to "personal problems". The other members of the group did not respond to her absense. I preidicted that Sara would leave, partly, because she was merely chosen by managers and agents. Not by the girls. Since their so young they cannot possibly work together---no one can---without having a relationship (hopefully kind and friendly) with the members (in this case) of their band. The new member was NOT fully their decisions, and considering their past experiences with so called rumors of "excluding" Ariel from most public and private attention in the band, Sara leaving the group was a higher percent chance then if, say Ariel left for a predicament outside their friendship or they had a close friendship and brought her into the talented plan. Tehe...rant over. :-)
posted by abigail on Jun 23, 2009
who is sara and what happened to ariel moore i dont like sara.first i toughtthat ariel was sara but i was so totally wrong
posted by OMG on May 27, 2009
Wow,what's their deal? Ariel and Sara have a wonderful gift but it's kinda obvious about why they left. Ariel:If you watch their weekly episodes,you'll see that Ariel is kinda being excluded(plus she gets the smallest parts of their songs) Sara:Ppl say that she had a dispute with Destinee and Paris.I don't know....
posted by wow on May 25, 2009
they lose two girls in less then a year they must be real bitches then..for then to leave like that..snobs
posted by Abigail on May 25, 2009
Ariel and Sara are both wonderful and very talented. Paris and Destinee are talented too, not bad people. But their stage mom is a raging lunatic and destroys everything she touches. I won't be surprised if their record deal is dead now.
posted by ilu sara on May 24, 2009
sara quit for personal reasons too. i think she also missed home (i don't blame her, the hollywood scene is tiring i guess...)
posted by AshleyT on May 10, 2009
I really want to know what happened. my bff is friends with sara I wil ask her
posted by asbs on May 10, 2009
I cant believe this so sad I wonder what happened
posted by NEW SONG on May 08, 2009
posted by allira11 on May 08, 2009
Wow. 2nd member leaves. what next? I have a feeling that the monroe girls are being a bit 'Me! Me! MEEEEEEEEEEE!' I don't know but having 2 members leave in the SAME YEAR is a little sus! right?
posted by ggggogggo on May 06, 2009
WHy did u split up!? I luv u girlz. Ive been at the cheetah girls concert! u girls were amazing! I luv ur videos! unlike the mean girlz who u get fired. I disagreee! U ROCK!! U r singrerz @ heart! dont stop cuz they tell u too. all celebs have lovers and haters, i luv u girls! Nobody can change my mind!!! :)
posted by saywhat? on May 04, 2009
come on guys, all of them are very talented, its just ashame that ariel left, after a 61 city tour, & all those new fans, sara just didn't fit in with their look, but she could sing & harmonize. i think they should either get back with ariel, or just go it as sisters, their great on their own! release your albums already!
posted by RAWR on May 03, 2009
uhhhhhhh geez! Break up already clique girlz! no one likes any of you except for ariel and the new girl! stop being jealous that they are getting more attention and are better than you monroe girls!
posted by randonchild on May 03, 2009
wow. they're confused. and fake. like come on they're like 13 and dying their hair every week. they're parents must be horrible. i like celebrities who are real. like snobby little girls who are fake. thank god they got rid of their pitch blonde hair. no one likes three little blonde girls screaming through their nose.
posted by jojostar on May 03, 2009
ariel is doing great on her own so will sara so screw the clique girlz they r mean jerks and they are so arrogent they should be greatful that they were in a group with ariel and sara soon they are gonna start losing all their fans including me.!
posted by chasdiamonds on May 03, 2009
after ariel left now sara leaves and now they are probably gonna do another audition like what the heck is going on soon they are not gonna be able to get another person then they r gonna b all alone and its just gonna them two,but so what cuz ariel and she is doing great now sara left and she is going to b better on her own to so screw destinee and paris i hope they get fired.
posted by ImTheNextCliqueGirl on May 02, 2009
i hope they do the casting call again. i missed the last one and really love them. i personally liked ariel better than sara and i wish she never left.
posted by jkgirl on May 02, 2009
ew. they should just stop. first of all, i hate the fact that they think all of us are stupid. like come on. They're not letting any of us know whats going on. i havent seen one bulletin from them saying whats going on. so what are we supposed to think? wow. thats totally disrespectful to their fans. they;re keeping everything a secret instead of letting everything out in the open. i have no respect for them anymore. and they never comment anyone back. BOO CLIQUE GIRLZ! the sisters are even more horrible though. i dont think they could make it on their own. but i dunno
posted by yo on May 02, 2009
oh my gosh. the clique girlz are dumb. i met them at one of their concerts b4 their show and i was like hey can i get a picture wit u and they were just like, oh sorry we can't take any right now. you can get in line later though after we perform. and they werent even doing anything. theyre rude snobs and no one is seeing through them. the world should know the truth. i tlked to another girl who said she is friends with their family and said that they let ariel go because she got a record deal i guess. she should cause she is the only one who can sing. the sisters suck at singing. they are so nasal. but i guess they keep letting go the new girls because they dont want the attention taken away from them since they are not talented.
posted by person on May 02, 2009
i mean if they want a third member get a third member if they dont then get on with it!!!!
posted by person on May 02, 2009
what is going on they need to get serious!
posted by me on May 02, 2009
i truly think it's better that ariel left the clique girlz because she is an amazing singer, she doesnt need the other 2 to help here career. as for sara, if she was a good singer then she wont need them either.
posted by person on May 02, 2009
and if you put in you go on clique girlz wiki page, sara diamond is now in the former members section.
posted by person on May 02, 2009
no i think its just going to be the two of them now. didn't you see there myspace page pics, it only had them in it.
posted by lokoyoko on May 01, 2009
im so confused wats going on
posted by person on May 01, 2009
sara diamond left clique girlz
posted by person on Apr 30, 2009
if the clique girlz are just going to have people leave there group than they should just be the two of them and leave it at that!
posted by Sara diamond is the on Apr 30, 2009
omg if the rumors are true that's horrible! unless sara wanted to leave. If you read this sara, please know that you can fly solo and be even better than the clique girlz!!!

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