Jada Premiere Music Video for Single 'American Cowboy'

April 29, 2009 09:14:34 GMT

Jada have premiered a music video in support of their new single 'American Cowboy', which is set to be listed in their debut album.

Jada Premiere Music Video for Single 'American Cowboy'
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A music video to support Jada's new single entitled "American Cowboy" has been debuted. Directed by Ray Kay, it features the girl group's members, Elle Wine, April Forrest, Lauren O'Keefe and Jacyn Tremblay, going to a nightclub and mingling with other clubbers.

"American Cowboy" is a dance track penned and produced by RedOne and Akon. The song, which was featured in the April 27 episode of TV series "House M.D.", has been released for digital purchase since March 31 and will be included in the group's forthcoming debut album, which is yet to be titled.

Jada work with the likes of J. R. Rotem, Dallas Austin, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, Toby Gad and Wyclef Jean for their first effort in addition to crafting songs with RedOne and Akon. The group, who won 2008 Boston Music Awards for Outstanding Pop/R&B Act of the Year, are expected to bring out the record this spring.

Jada's "American Cowboy" music video


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posted by Tiffy on Nov 30, 2009
You mean lip sync? What do you live under a rock??? Jada has amazing voices! All 4 of them can belt it out! Watch them sing accapella on youtube! These girls are going to be the next big thing!
posted by EmMy on Aug 28, 2009
Is it true they lipsynch like Milli Vanilli?
posted by BUZZ88 on Jul 23, 2009
posted by singirl26 on Jun 05, 2009
i live in brazil and just hear this last days
posted by kat on May 14, 2009
great dance song
posted by jul\'s on May 04, 2009
The song is not available on the french i tunes store... Sometimes I really hate living here.
posted by traci on May 04, 2009
love it !!! the girls did amazing in this video and the song is HOT.. make sure you get your own copy of the song on ITUNES!! support the girls.
posted by Bill on May 03, 2009
very nice!
posted by sara d on May 02, 2009
i looooove these girls! did you here the single on House??? it was during chase's bachelor party episode this week!! lol love it i found their myspace! just look up jada!
posted by jelliechellie on Apr 30, 2009
Jada is hit! SOng is a hit
posted by xxkj on Apr 29, 2009
hottness times 100!!!
posted by jill245 on Apr 29, 2009
ps: you can download American Cowboy on itunes! I just did!
posted by jill245 on Apr 29, 2009
can't stand it???? this video is amazing! i love the song too! these girls are blowin up!!
posted by pfft on Apr 29, 2009
can't stand it.

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