Tom Green Fired From 'The Celebrity Apprentice'

March 16, 2009 04:27:05 GMT

In the third week of 'The Celebrity Apprentice', Donald Trump chose to fire Tom Green instead of Dennis Rodman but gave the latter an ultimatum to try harder.

Tom Green Fired From 'The Celebrity Apprentice'
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The women team has triumphed over the men for the third time in a row, in the third episode of "The Apprentice" celebrity edition. Athena won the challenge of selling 125 wedding dresses in an empty slot which is free to decorate, raising $103,000 from the sale of 22 dresses.

The men on the other hand, sold 21 dresses for $63,000 dollars. Project manager for the KOTU team, Tom Green, consequently was in the board room and he brought along Dennis Rodman who also did a lousy job in the task. Donald Trump asked Dennis who he will fire, himself or Tom, and the former NBA star said he wanted to stay so he could fire Tom. Mr. Trump, based on the reason that Tom failed last week and this week, fired the comedian.

Tom was particularly eccentric when he was supposed to lead the team. He thought that they were too serious in handling the challenge and decided to goof around by trying on a dress. He also failed to order his team to decorate the empty shop. The men also lost because Dennis was not productive in his scheme to create a "buzz". He ended up inviting a Russian model who, along with him, were not present during the sale day.

The women team, on the other hand, got it all organized the right way. Melissa Rivers invited wedding planner Preston Bailey to come and help the team, and they had the store decorated in fresh flowers. The men's store however, still attracted customers but the women decided to play rough by sabotaging the customers into buying in their store.

Clint Black brought in $35,000 and Herschel Walker took a check of $16,000. The women however, got the boost from Annie Duke's $10,000 and QVC check of $25,000. All proceed goes to the winning team's project manager, Brande Roderick, whose charity of choice is California Police Youth Charities.


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posted by shocked on Apr 04, 2009
How unfair was Tom's firing? He wasn't lousy the week before as others have already mentioned. I think Trump may have been upset at having to let Scott go or Scott may have been a close friend so he unloaded on Tom. It was an ominous warning when he let Scott go telling Tom "you have some very big shoes to fill..." when obviously Scott did a crap job. And then to be so understanding of Rodman's BS while totally being nasty to Tom?? You can tell who his friends are on the show. I've been watching this and the non-celebrity series for years. For the first time, I am turned off and my opinion of Donald has changed. Now where's the remote?
posted by Jas0n on Apr 01, 2009
This show is retarded. I love how George(the old guy sitting in the boardroom) was trying to get Tom Green to start talking shit about rodman. What is this grade-school??? Whoever can dish out the most shit on another person stays. lol? The only reason I watched the show was for DICE and TOM. Bye Bye.
posted by haha on Mar 31, 2009
totally agree with trump is an idiot love your speech!
posted by Give Tom A Chance on Mar 25, 2009
So what if he overslept? In the past episodes, he had shown that he had good ideas. He was very enthusiastic from day 1 inspired by his charity. He called people to get some money in for the cupcake task. He even managed to get Tony Hawk to show up! I feel bad that he's misunderstood, but I strongly disagree that he was such a distraction to other team members. They just don't get him. He gives good support.
posted by Tom\'s Newest Fan on Mar 24, 2009
Trump should have at least tried to be nice in firing him. His harshness towards Tom is totally uncalled for.
posted by Trump is an idiot on Mar 23, 2009
I've never been a Tom Green fan but after watching the last 2 weeks I was as SHOKED! That Trump fired Tom. Unbelieveable. Please everyone! obviously besides Trump had to know Tom Green had no business being fired. Rodman should have gone home for the last 2 weeks. Hands down without a doubt it was so flippin obvious that RODMAN should not have been there. It is obvious to me that Trump has no clue. He must have fired Greeen because he doesn't like him, NOT because he thought he did a bad job. The same goes for the other contestants. Rodman didn't ever leave the truck during the cupcake task, and then he doesn't even show up to the wedding dress task?? Are you kidding me? And the fire Tom? It was Tom who tried in vein to get them to change the name EEE or whatever. He is the ONLY one who kept saying it was a bad idea. AND that IS the reason they lost the task is it not? So, who should have been fired? Of course the one who made up that name. Why say Tom did a bad job that week? Trump said Tom failed that week and then the next week he tells him it was his bad work that made them lose? I saw nothing that made him the reason they lost the task. He did the best he could and thought he did fine. The woman just happened to get more money. Period! DENNIS RODMAN DIDN'T SHOW UP FOR THE TASK AT ALL. He never left his hotel room. He did not participate whatsoever, AGAIN! The cupsake task he sat in the truck? He did nothing. Then he doesn't show up the next week and Trump fires Tom??? What the hell is wrong with him? It was totally obvious that Trump and other celebrities simply didn't like Tom and that is the ONLY reason he was fired. This show is supposed to look fair when you see whose fired. I've love the celebrity Apprentice, but after what Trump did I don't think I'm gonna watch any more. Trump is an ass. Why didn't he just say, Tom I don't like you so that's why I'm firing you? Not you did badly last week, which is so far from the truth and you did badly this week when it had nothing to do with him it was Rodman who didn't even show up and could possibly have made a difference in the win or lose. I don't believe Trump could be that stupid to fire Tom for the reasons he stated. He should have just said I don't like you so your fired. The audience would have rather heard the truth than see someone go home when it was to completely clear Rodman should have gone home than hear the BS Trump was saying as his reason for firing Tom. Tom you have, I'm certain, 100's, 1000's of people, like you or not who believe your being fired was BS and most of those WILL stop watching after seeing Trump for who he really is. I've never seen him fire someone when the person that should have been fired was so TOTALLY a dah! No brainer, and that person was not fired. BAD, BAD, move Trump. You've lost a lot of watchers of your show from that move.
posted by mister green on Mar 23, 2009
tom green is kind of the man. I've been a fan of his ever since he did the tom green show. If trump were smart, he wouldn't ahve fired Tom, because tom is funny and would have brought better ratings to the show. Same goes for Dennis. Dennis is probably the biggest star on the show and creates a lot of drama. He will be around for a while to boost the shows ratings : )
posted by Apprentice Finished on Mar 23, 2009
How can it be Greens fault that Rodman didn't show up. He didn't answer his door, what was Green supposed to do stay there all day knocking instead of going to the place he was supposed to be leading? He did nothing wrong. He was a good team player, got them to stop acting like 2 year olds and bickering back and forth and sell dresses. So the woman got more money given to them and sold more, that's the ONLY reason the men lost. It had zero to do with Greens leadership whatsoever. And again, the way Trump fired him was completely inappropriate. These people don't work for, someone slap that ego down to where it belongs, on the cement, Trumpo. They are there to raise money for charity. Terrible decision Trump, and you, who tell others in the past NOT to bring people into the board room simply because you don't like them. He actually had to fire Kiss singer Simmons last season for that very reason, and he showed he's an idiot by firing Green for the exact same reason, he ovbiously just didn't like him. Everyone, and I mean everyone HAD to be expecting Rodman to be fired. He has done nothing on any task so far. And to not even show up on that day, and not get fired and fire Green? Instead. Trump your an idiot. You've just lost most of your viewers. I'd say your finished in the entertainment business. This Apprentice should be your last. I know I won't watch and only watched tonight to see if Rodman went home, but it didn't happen so I'm done. And I know there isn't a person I know who will watch again either. Your only way to stay on TV is through ratings and you should have received a zero for that night. Zeros won't get you another season. I hope everyone. Actually I ask everyone to boycott Apprentice and Donald Trump. He owes Tom Green a huge apology. On air! I know he knows he fired the wrong guy. He may think Rodman is good for ratings? Oh my God is he wrong. Don't know many who can stand Rodman or want to see his face on that or any other show. I'm not even a Tom Green fan, but lets be real people, Trump screwed himself by firing him. And the rudeness of how he did it was tactless. Just shows you how unprofessional he really is, the so called "business man." Hahaha! That's funny. How did the man even ever get famous? Cause he had a public divorce from Ivana? Haha! Seriously. He's failed many businesses and lives and makes money on borrowed funds. Why does that make him famous? Loved one of the posts on Green handing him a large clown comb on his way out the door. But ya know I think even Green who I've always thought was obnoxious has more class than Trump this time. He didn't fight back and took the totally uncalled for BS from Trump and the old man who, who knows what he's even on the show for, give Green some more BS about how long he knocked on Rodmans door. Who cares how long he knocked. It wasnt his responsibility to even knock on his door. He should have just called him, if he didn't choose to answer or show up is somehow Greens problem? And no he didn't put Rodman under the bus and he should have, but that still wasn't a reason to fire him. RODMAN should have gone home after the 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd task, but he's still there. Hope you like him enough to lose your show Trump, cause Rodman will be the reason you lose it. And the way you treated Green for no good cause. Its ashame cause even though Trump is a piece of shit they were raising money for charity. And you think Trump can get these stars to do that off air? Not likely. That's what gets me the most. Green was there and taking time out of his schedule to be on a show to raise money for Cancer. He doesn't work for Trump and didn't deserve to be treated like a 5 year old. Trump, you're the 5 year old. And your show is over.
posted by Trumps Apprentice fi on Mar 23, 2009
This will be the last Apprentice in my opinion. Trump made a big boner this time. Firing Tom Green was the biggest mistake he's ever made. It is clear there was more to it than what we saw. Trump clearly didnt care for Green. Why else would he fire him over DragQueen has been Rodman who hasn't done a damn thing since the show began? Come on, Trump, do you think the viewers are stupid? It was so obvious Trump had other reasons for the rudeness he showed toward Green. He always tells the contestants nice things about them and how he likes their work or whatever it is they do before he fires them. Even tonight before he fired that Deal or No deal number holder, haha! Wow that takes talent, Trump praised her on how beautiful she was, and that matters why? and told her how she will do great things and go far, ect, ect puke, puke. But,Trump flat out treated Green like someone who actually really worked for him and did something like steal from the cash drawer, and he had to fire him for it. It was amazing to me that Rodman who hasn't shown up or hasn't participated in any task yet, and that includes the show tonight where the woman lost, too bad cause I would have had to throw up if Rodman didn't get fired again this week, which he wouldn't have because McKnight project manager admitted he didn't use Rodman this week on purpose, and good for him, he knows what we know, he's an idiot and wouldn't have helped anyway. Too bad Tom didn't get to stay long enough to finally win a task. All I saw was someone who was there to sincerely raise money for his Cancer charity and did more than any of the others, and was picked on by everyone. Trump being the worst of them all. How can it be Greens fault that Rodman didn't show up. He didn't answer his door, what was Green supposed to do stay there all day knocking instead of going to the pla
posted by turt on Mar 22, 2009
just because tom is a commedian, no one took him seriously. he made more sense than anyone. i used to like trump. not so much anymore. i hope he realizes how much of a douche he looked like. he fired him so violently. didn't even give him the respect everyone else got when they were fired. something tells me that trump had a prior problem with tom.rodman should have been fired. it's only a matter of time. jessie should be after that. it's his fault that wedding dress display sucked. he's the designer. he should have stepped up. no one stepped up. it was tom green sabatoge. f*** donald trump. may all his businesses fail and his terrible hair blow away in the wind.
posted by tom w on Mar 22, 2009
I don't see the point in watching anymore. All the remaining contestants are overly critical has-beens. None of the women are interesting, the only one I remember is that stuck up b.itch with the failed plastic surgery. It's funny now that I think about it. Tom Green was so far beyond any of the people on that show; he made them all look amateur.
posted by Freddy on Mar 21, 2009
In a show of failed celebrities they kicked of the one guy with talent? They just couldn't handle the fact that his single testicle has more talent than all of them. Seriously, why was rod-man ever considered worth paying any attention to outside of basketball? Because he dyed his hair? Trump will regret this when Tom comes back to cut the ribbon on Green Towers.
posted by Pro Tom Green on Mar 18, 2009
Like many others I too believe he should not have been fired. I however feel Tom was over protecting Dennis a lot and should have put him up on the stand and asked him why he didn't show up? Secondly, Tom wasn't assertive enough and like me he couldn't make others count his strengths. He is a good presenter, he is creative and he kept the team together. But I guess the objective of the task is to bring in money than to lead a team. And that's what really got Tom the loss. GG Tom.
posted by malloy on Mar 17, 2009
Trump is loosing it in his later years, tom green was the only contestant with any personality, the rest are uptight assholes
posted by Tozz on Mar 17, 2009
Tom Green was the only one who hadn't got fucked up attitude. Only one who could possibly think that the others were people too.. well, some of the others anyway. Some were just plain stupid people. :D
posted by Dont Trump is a tool on Mar 17, 2009
Tom Green was the ONLY male contestant with some true character. The rest acted like sell-outs and dip-shits. Fucking pissed Tom got shafted so unjustly.
posted by jolico on Mar 17, 2009
this show jumped the shark. cupcakes? wedding dresses? Tom Green & Dice were set-up. what's the point of watching this show now that they're gone?
posted by Bystander on Mar 16, 2009
I think right after Tom was fired he should have pulled out a oversized prop comb and handed it to Trump and said...for you big hair and even bigger ego!
posted by 42monkeys on Mar 16, 2009
Tom Green was the reason I watched the show. He should not have been fired and frankly last episode he is the only one that said the name "E" was stupid, but he was treated badly by his team mates then too. I don't they understand his humor either and mistake it for lack of intelligence when he probably has more talent then the ones left. Trump made a huge mistake in firing Tom. I guess it makes more sense to fire the person that shows up and not the one that doesn't then tells you they won't unless they feel like it. I won't be watching anymore!
posted by dewkdogg on Mar 16, 2009
What a joke Donald Trump dissapointed me on why he felt he had to act a fool and fire tom like a goof. He kept Drama Queen Rodman who would not open the door. Ratings wants Dennis the drama dragqueen
posted by Toma on Mar 16, 2009
Yeh, don't fire the guy who doesn't show up, makes a blatant lie about why he didn't, and then is entirely unapologetic and arrogant about his absence. Gimme a break. At least Tom showed up and cared about being on the damn show. And no one was fighting or whining, thanks to Tom's pleasant attitude the whole show. Trump, like everybody else, is letting his love for the 90's gladiators that were the eternal Chicago Bulls, blind his judgment this week as to who should have been fired. The rest of the team is too uptight to appreciate a character like Tom Green. He shouldn't have overslept though, that gave Trump the excuse he might have been looking for!
posted by greenfan on Mar 16, 2009
tom was the best contestant on the show long live tom
posted by WTF? on Mar 16, 2009
Rodman totally should have been fired. Tom Green was the best male character on there, and although he should not have been late (or gone drinking the night before) Rodman should have gone home. He has contributed nothing of worth. Fuck Rodman and Trump.
posted by fuck trump on Mar 16, 2009
yeah no one is going to watch this show. Trump makes lousy decisions what the fuck is dennis rodman doing there in the first place, fire his ass!
posted by dgdgdg on Mar 16, 2009
I disagree strongly with this firing. While tom wasn't the best manager in the world he was a far cry from basically making up a story and not attending a team for an entire day.
posted by katoo on Mar 16, 2009
i was not a real tom green fan but watching this i became one and sadly to say i dont think the show will do so good now,tom was a real team player
posted by parky on Mar 16, 2009
Tom Green is awesome and sooo funny. It seemed like no one on the show got him at all. and he definitely should not have been fired. i only watched it because of him so now i don't care about it anymore. i hope he does something else soon that we can watch!!
posted by kath452 on Mar 16, 2009
who was the on Trump's right in the boardroom???
posted by chartier58 on Mar 16, 2009
I can't believe that Donald picked Tom instead of Dennis. Dennis clearly doesn't want to be there as indicated in last weeks show as well. Tom kept the team on task, and there were no eruptions of teammates this week. Bad judgement for Mr. Trump.
posted by texas75218 on Mar 16, 2009
Dennis should have been fired before Green, Dennis did not even show up the day of the sales. Trump was wrong. But what do you want from someone who failed in the Casino business.
posted by me on Mar 16, 2009
Leave Dennis Rodman alone. He wasn't the leader that little twirp Tom was the supposed leader.
posted by Gabriela on Mar 16, 2009
Tom Green fired ?!!! Why ? I thought he was great . & why was Trump so mean to him and apologetic to Scott ? I don't get it ... I will no longer be tuning in to this show , it just became super boring .
posted by NiceGuysLose on Mar 16, 2009
I agree with every single comment here. Glad to know I wasnt the only one that thought this was uncalled for. Easily this is the worst call ever made on the show. And this is exactly what happens when you try the nice, quiet approach. Tom was able to remove all infighting and hell, even Clint Black was pleasant from what we saw. Sadly, Tom should have thrown that useless meatbag Rodman to the wolves but instead played too nice.
posted by mustangpatty on Mar 16, 2009
I think Tom Green was unfairly fired. Just because some people do not get his sense of humor, he was unfairly picked on, especially last week. Scott was a whiner last week, and deserved to be fired, and Herschel was a jerk too, sticking up for Scott against Tom. At least this week Tom got them all to get along, and they did their tasks. Except for Rodman, who should have been fired today. You made a mistake this time Trump. You ROCK, Tom Green!!!
posted by lilly on Mar 16, 2009
I like Tom Green, and I don't think he should have been fired either. ...Does anyone else get the feeling that Trump is in love with Rodman? Could he kiss this guy's arse any more?! Rodman is proving that he is still there for his "star" quality only(but is he even THAT famous?) because he hasn't tried once, doesn't show up, doesn't care and he hasn't been fired yet!!
posted by payan on Mar 16, 2009
Agree with all said above and frankly think perhaps there was a "set up" to get him off by the other Americans...he IS the only "non-American" in the group. His presentation and explaination for his strategy and contributions over the last two weeks was simply too team centred rather than self centred for the rest of those cats to "get" is another Canadian signing off that show - and to think I actually made time to follow it's decent for 3 weeks! signed an NON TV watcher.
posted by i_m)mishuggah on Mar 16, 2009
year after year i keep coming back to watch the apprentice. this comedy is hilarious!

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