Sara Diamond Is Clique Girlz's New Member

February 28, 2009 06:36:47 GMT

Sara Diamond, a fourteen-year-old Montreal native who has opened for Roberta Flack, has been added as Clique Girlz's new member, Destinee and Paris Monroe announce.

Sara Diamond Is Clique Girlz's New Member
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Clique Girlz revealed Sara Diamond as their new member. Announcing the news in this week's episode of Clique Girlz TV, members Destinee Monroe and Paris Monroe spotted Sara's talent during an audition taking place in early February.

Commenting on the addition of Sara as the band's new member, Destinee said, "We just clicked instantly." Paris then added, "It was amazing how well our harmonies blended."

Sara Diamond is a fourteen-year-old Montreal native. She was chosen from thousands of teenage girls, who attended the national audition held to seek a girl to fill Ariel Moore's shoes. She has been singing since age five and has opened for Roberta Flack and Bonnie Tyler at Montreal's Bell Centre.

During the introduction of Sara Diamond, The Clique Girlz sang their jingle for "Baby Bottle Pop" and rocked an acapella version of track "Then I Woke Up". They have also re-launched their official website.

Clique Girlz announcing Sara Diamond as a new member:


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posted by pce on Apr 16, 2010, u didnt get famous and btw u probably sing so bad that disney channel could not sign ur record label ur voice is probably high and icky and has not matured yet and I did not remember you getting a show! Now... I am 10 and my voice ALREADY MATURED so its deeper and not high and ugly btw I have been singing since I was a baby so I will probably become famous and btw I will let u know when I do, you LOSER
posted by demeka on Feb 27, 2010
i think the clique girlz are crzy! i mean cum on sara got brown hair how does that math blond hair and areil made the groupe look better!
posted by ughh on Feb 17, 2010
the clique girlz arent the clique girl withot ariel they started with ariel so they have to stay with her ugh sara is ugly and sings bad but.....ariel is pretty and sings great
posted by CliqueGirl101 on Jan 13, 2010
Ariel left because she wasn't treated fairly and in one of her video it talks about her leaving on youtube its on her official youtube channel but she said she didnt want to talk about it and im so glad that sara left she is such a bastard
posted by Lanie on Dec 29, 2009
Paris is a Hannah Montana Wanna Be
posted by boooo on Dec 27, 2009
I wasnt so fond of them at first but then i was getting to like them and they go and change a member I think Arial completed the group in my opinion Sarah is bringing the group down.
posted by I like Clique howeve on Oct 27, 2009
Destinee is amazing, Paris is beautiful, Ariel is interesting, and Sara is wow. They are sooo soo attractive however they are. And I like Clique so much so much so much however they are.
posted by criss_ on Oct 15, 2009
i miss ariel.she was soo awsome and pretty.the others r pretty to but i miss ariel
posted by Kianna on Sep 05, 2009
Well, When I hear the Clique Girlz the first time, I loved everything, the letters, the voices, the singers ... But then I saw the video of Ariel... I was sad ,because I liked it very much Ariel, but I understand why she wants to do a solo album. When I saw the new group member (Sarah) i was a little disappointed, she sings well and everything but they were all blond and Sarah is brunette, and was not well. And I do not really like the new hairstyles of Paris and Destinee, finally I am not here to criticize anyone but the Clique Girlz are going up and down, in my opinion. Each has his and that's mine.
posted by DanniiEla..... on Sep 01, 2009
ich liebe dich du viel und gut Saara../// \
posted by jackdawsonlover on Jul 27, 2009
i miss ariel but think sara is OKAY... i mean her voice is lower, so it sounds kinda weird with destinee and paris's higher voices and saras lower one.. just my opinion :)
posted by I Hate U Sara on Jun 26, 2009
Sara is so ugly and scary! I miss Ariel she's a better Singer! BTW, Ariel matches in the clique girlz cuz they r all blond!
posted by lily on Jun 23, 2009
i hate sara diamond
posted by !!!!!!!!! on Jun 23, 2009
why did they fire sara???????? i mean its not like i liked her or anything but what happend???? just the two sisters cant pull off a band. also Paris's new haircut is UGLY!!!!!!
posted by saraslame on Jun 22, 2009
I miss Ariel and whoever said that Sara Diamond blends in, she doesn't. She's a brunette and that really pissed me off. She threw them off their track.
posted by iwantariel!!!!! on Jun 22, 2009
Sara Diamond suck and Ariel rocks I hate all the clique girls 4 replacing her.
posted by ihatesaradiamondandm on Jun 22, 2009
I do not like her!!! I want Ariel! They probably got on Ariel's nerves. Sara is super-lame and now, I don't listen to the clique girls anymore. No one does
posted by ok on Jun 10, 2009
ok. let's get stuff straight. why did you have to even come on here and say that. Its not relevent. at all. go dream on about your triplets and stop harassing innocent people.
posted by ok biotch on Jun 10, 2009
ok. let's get stuff straight. why did you have to even come on here and say that. Its not relevent. at all. go dream on about your triplets and stop harassing innocent people.
posted by on Jun 06, 2009
you are losers your not going to be famous and i am you will wish you were us when you go see us in concert you will be dying to meet us because were famousa and perfect your jelous tooooooo bad for you losers and cry babies ha ha ha
posted by on Jun 06, 2009
hi I am 11 my best friend is 11 and my sister is 10 and we are going to be on disney channel with a show and band. we already met ariel, destinee and paris from the clique girlz. we also met selena gomez, deni lavato and miley cyrus. ha ha ha r u jelous losers
posted by on Jun 06, 2009
Hi, I am 11 my bff is 11 and my sister is 10 and we are going to be on disney channel and be starting a band called thr triplete girlz and also a show. ha ha ha ha.
posted by neutral on Jun 04, 2009
sara was AMAZING and i dont care what people say about me. sure,sara is not as good as ariel, but DONT go and blame destinee and paris, it was their mom who made them turn down ariels mic at concerts so she wasnt heard as well. ariel has a true story for going solo aand i completely support her, and PLEASE STOP hating on sara she doesnt deserve it, she's a human AND HAS FEELING ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!! treat one another the way youd like to be treated please!
posted by NotaCliqueFan on May 25, 2009
OK. We all have our opinions. Personally i don't clique girls anymore cuss Ariel left. Sara is mad talented and they fit the harmony. But just one question for the clique girls... why did Ariel leave ? why couldn't you stop her and have Sara AND Ariel in the same band?
posted by ariel#fan on May 21, 2009
i think that ariel should have stay because she is better than sara and everybody thinks so
posted by mhcbr on May 11, 2009
airel left she had a fight with the other members and desided to go solo
posted by ivett on May 10, 2009
what happened 2 ariel monroe?
posted by allira11 on May 08, 2009
well majority will be happy coz she left! Why have 2 members left. Maybe the clique girls will just be a sister act now.
posted by paris girl on May 04, 2009
i hate the new gurl she is not blonde. i think that there style is gone nomore blue,purple,and pink and wat is up there sound is no good anymore i think that sara made them sink into the dirt.she really needs to go paris and destinee u need to ditch sara get areil back and everting will be alright the girlz will be back
posted by SaraDestinyAndParis! on May 04, 2009
All you guys are h8ing on sara woh did she do wrong ?? NUFIN she is talented and is a great singer they have harmonies that blend so well.she quit no1 elses fault !! dont h8 congratulate !
posted by MOORE NEEDS TO COME on May 02, 2009
i hate that this happen to her, ariel was so awesome i cant believe that she quite, sara is pertty but she DOSENOT FIT INTO THE CLIQUE GIRLZ im not saying i love sara, i completly hate her for replacing ariel's place!
posted by cliquegirlz<3 on May 02, 2009
ok ariel was and still is truly amazing she was THE best girl for the clique girlz i really wish ariel decides tocome back cuz then everyone would be happy sara didn't fit in the group at all, she doesn't have a great voice I LOVE ARIEL !!!!!!!!!! get her back
posted by haha on Apr 30, 2009
posted by i love u destinee an on Apr 26, 2009
hey destinee i love you so much you can sing but you really need to get ariel back because that new girl can't sing and she will bring you guys down becuz when you hear sarah sing she sounds like a dying cat please please please get ariel back
posted by u need ariel back on Apr 26, 2009
ok you guys sooooo need areil back i mean she was like your best friend and that new girl is ugly and she can't sing plus she is not blonde that was like your thing the three awsome blondes who could sing hey paris and destinne i love u guys but u really need to ditch sarah
posted by mad girly on Apr 25, 2009
sara cant replace ariel NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAY!!!And what is so BAD i that destinee ndnd paris reated her was misreble.
posted by ariels#1 fan on Apr 25, 2009
i think with sara in it, it become's odd and weird.i can't feel that same vibe i felt with ariel there.but at the same time ariel need's be heard so she she should've gone solo.but no matter wat no one can replace ariel she rock's my socks
posted by ariels#1 fan on Apr 25, 2009
i think with sara in it, it become's odd and weird.i can't feel that same vibe i felt with ariel there.but at the same time ariel need's be heard so she she should've gone solo.but no matter wat no one can replace ariel she rock's my socks
posted by ARIEL\"#1 adn on Apr 25, 2009
i miss ariel its not complete with out her but itz never ever gonna be the same the clique girlz got there selves in a hole to deep to dig out of.And lost ALOT of fan's!!!Sara doesn't fit in at ALL!!
posted by rockstar on Apr 24, 2009
why ariel why did you have to leave and this message goes to destiny and paris with sara you messed up the blond thing but im happy that your happy with sara but i wnt ARIEL!!!!
posted by cookies\'n\'cream on Apr 18, 2009
i think y'all are being realy mean, calling some one a whale or a bad singer. Ariel left because she wanted to. and sara is a great singer. so dont be snobs!
posted by maya And Joy girl on Apr 15, 2009
I love you sara diamond. I miss you ariel.
posted by Pink Princess+Clique on Apr 12, 2009
Hi! Just so you know, I was the last 2 commenters Pink Princess and Clique Girlz #1 fan, so don't get confused!
posted by Clique Girlz #1 Fan on Apr 12, 2009
Its not nice that people say that she sounds like a whale. If Sara was fired, half of me would say,"BRING ARIEL BACK!" and the other would say,"HAVE ANOTHER AUDITION!" Clique Girlz, don't listen to what these other mean meanies say. do what you think is right. BYE!
posted by Pink Princess on Apr 12, 2009
I miss Ariel. Sara seems really nice and she does NOT look like a whale!! Sara is beautiful. I do really miss Ariel, But it's Destinee and Paris's decision if they want Sara in their band. Hey, what if Ariel and Sara were with the Clique Girlz!!!??? Then, it would work out for everyone.
posted by ehmagod on Apr 10, 2009
i think sara's great! she makes it all less phony! personally i like the new vibe. no one ever noticed ariel anyway until she broke from the group, so now everybody KNOWS she has an amazing voice, that coudl be better than saras. but before, she was just there. you know? its better for ariel this way.
posted by imissyouariel on Apr 10, 2009
dude! i ddnt use to like ariel, but i ddnt dislike her either..she was just there. but now that she's gone its not the same!! i realy miss her there! im sure sara is good and whatever, but its just not the same...and is it me or does she look too peppy? she seems like shes trying really hard to point out that she's nice. i dont hate sara, but i just dnt thnk ariel should've left. their vibe just totally changed...
posted by it\'s all about me on Apr 10, 2009
I hate Sara Diamond she is so ugly Paris, Destinee can do better. Like a clone of Ariel! I super duper miss Ariel:( Sara doesn't fit in with brown hair. I freakin' hate Sara
posted by soccerluver7208 on Apr 08, 2009
Okay just when i started to really like the clique girls to the point where i knew all of the birthdays and such they made Ariel quit!!! and that really made me mad because she was my favorite and she was a really good singer. Sara is good but shes not as good as Ariel.
posted by comeawnn on Apr 02, 2009
get your ears checked and your brains checked too. sara is theeee better singer of the three (has a more powerful and astonishing voice for her age) and puh-leeeze the blond look?? seriously. they were preamutre bottle blond barbies before sara came along and made things REAL!
posted by Cheeselover on Apr 01, 2009
I want Ariel back.Sara kills the blonde mood! And shes not the best singer in the world.
posted by MuzicFreak on Mar 30, 2009
oh and btw Ariel likes Sara & people need to stop hating on the poor girl. its not right what the monroes did to her, but its not sarahs fault
posted by MuzicFreak on Mar 30, 2009
Reasons for not wanting her in the group? wtf? scuse me but they begged her to come back many times and she said no...SHE left THEM and I know Ariel personally and she is a very sweet girl. so that crap you heard about her being a brat was stupid gossip. shes amazing & I admire her for standin up for what is right
posted by red heart on Mar 30, 2009
newest news: sara has changed her symbol to a red heart cause of all the controversy and stuff so ppl can chill a bit; she was not out to BECOME ariel, she just used what was available. yay!
posted by alkjd on Mar 29, 2009
they have their reasons for not wanting ariel in the group. respect that. and obviously they gave sara purple and heart cause they aren't gonna make a whole new wardrobe for a new girl.. chill guys. GO SARA!!!! i heart you!!
posted by putindasentsin on Mar 28, 2009
uhh.....why dont you just invite Ariel back and make it a group of four girls?????
posted by jonas lover on Mar 27, 2009
sara is beyond ugly!!! i dont like her!!!! i want Ariel!!!!!!!!
posted by hayden on Mar 26, 2009
to destine and paris:guys... why did u replace ariel like that. u gave sara her color and every ting at least have some respect for ariel.u guys have soooooooo mucchhhhhhhhhh talent. however u just lost ALOT of fans do whats best for u and give ariel the respect she deserves....
posted by pixiesticks414 on Mar 25, 2009
okay in the beginning of the cligue girlz tv on youtube sara copied off of ariel. ARIEL YOU ROCK I SUPPORT YOU 10000% AS A SOLO ARTIST! SARA SSSUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKSSSSSS AND SHES FRIKEN UGLY
posted by news. on Mar 25, 2009
Hi guys, I heard from a source that apparently got to meet the clique girlz a few times before sara came, and apparently (i have no idea if its true) but ariel was a huge diva and bratty and almost got kicked out of the band multiple times. Again, idk if its true and idk what to believe. just saying, there could be more than one side to any story...
posted by I don\'t care about on Mar 25, 2009
My sister told me about this so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Sounds like all you teenyboppers need to relax. Bands switch members out and replace them ALL THE TIME. Sometimes there are differences that can't be worked out. While it is shady that they have replaced a member seemingly with no remorse, these things happen. Chill out, kids.
posted by val on Mar 25, 2009
what did she copy from ariel in the youtube video? I missed that and I'd really like to know!
posted by NOOO on Mar 25, 2009
nooooooo guys!!!! i knoow i might be just one more person trying to stop this but can we please not say ppl are ugly or anything!?!? cause its really mean and btw they're both gorgeusss
posted by aww on Mar 24, 2009
aww thats sad. i think that though ariel is not really in the clique girlz anymore she was a part of it and her pics should still be there. just in a different album or something.
posted by Katrina on Mar 23, 2009
Hey guys.I totally agree with all of you,cause I don't know which side to be on.I'm just very depressed.But look at the Clique Girlz myspace.Go to their photos.They took away all of Ariel's pictures.I miss u Ariel..
posted by MissingAriel on Mar 23, 2009
Oh and yes I agree on you on the part when you said that she's way better going solo.Destinee and Paris are going to regret her leaving.
posted by MissingAriel on Mar 23, 2009
Um,actually yes she did.They were competing against each other in a New York singing competition.Ariel asked Paris and Destinee to sing with her,and they said yes.So technically she made the group.If she hadn't asked them...none of this would happen.Hope this helps.
posted by lizzie on Mar 23, 2009
Sara and ariel are both beautiful girls! both great assets to any group and better off on their own!!!!!!!!! both as solo artists would be ideal
posted by jaqunaha on Mar 23, 2009
well, sara totally messed up the blonde thing and sara is ugly! In the baby bottle pop, i thought it was ariel with black hair-y did she leave anyways?
posted by yaysara on Mar 23, 2009
sara is beautiful and talented. the clique girls are BEYOND lucky to have her. she could do really well solo
posted by hhaaefj on Mar 22, 2009
umm i didn't diss ariel. i just said who i though was better/prettier. my opinion.
posted by on Mar 22, 2009
umm. ariel did so not make the group. you could barely hear her most of the time!!!! shes way better on her own so her talent can be heard.
posted by MissingAriel on Mar 22, 2009
Weird.Ariel is the one who made the group,and she's the one who left.Sorry but..I don't like the Clique Girlz anymore.Well I do.But can you at least keep Ariel and bring in Sara so that everyone is happy?(I'm not happy,I want Ariel..)
posted by katiebobs on Mar 21, 2009
...And you really shouldnt dis Sara too, i mean we all liked Ariel,, but shes gone now so you should get over it,, and give Sara a breakk:) peace&easy<3
posted by katiebobs on Mar 21, 2009
ummm, ariel is really pretty you shouldent diss her..!!!
posted by hhaaefj on Mar 21, 2009
hey im a little late 2 figure this out lol. wow. ok i think sara is wayy prettier than ariel (no offense) ariels kinda ugly even though she can sing well. just my opinion :)
posted by yay sara! eww ariel! on Mar 21, 2009
ya well the title says it all :) -gabster
posted by yay! on Mar 21, 2009
yay sara you go girl! yay ariel's goneeeeee :D dont get P.O'd at me for stating my opinion :)
posted by GO SARA!!!!!!!!!!!! on Mar 21, 2009
Go sara if you read this ignore all the mean comments yyou rock and your beautiful and have BRUNETTE PRIDE!!!
posted by GO SARA!!!!!!!!!!!! on Mar 21, 2009
Go sara if you read this ignore all the mean comments yyou rock and your beautiful and have BRUNETTE PRIDE!!!
posted by peace on Mar 21, 2009
stop dissing ppl. some ppl think ariels prettier some do not. big deal! get over it and get awn with your lives. it doesn't change anything.
posted by ashleah on Mar 21, 2009
I totally agree sara does not fit in!!
posted by omg on Mar 20, 2009
i agree with you so much STOP RIGHT NOW! some things that ppl are saying are downright unacceptable. Puh-lease stop acting like YOU can sing any better!!!! SARA ROX MY COOL SOX!! oh and anyone not ok with that please don't start fighting with me cause your entitled to your opinions as am I. SO, if you please, just state something like ARIEL ROCKS MY SOX or SARA DOESN'T Rock my socks because in the end,this comment section is all about accepting others opinions. CHeErS!
posted by STOP RIGHT NOW (than on Mar 20, 2009
lol allusion to spice girls! anywho, guys stop saying that sara sucks and im not even gonna repeat the last two comments before mine, sheesh guys! Grow up and realize that calling sara names isn't gonna change ANYTHING so chill and be nice. It's not like she stole your chance or anything you don't even know her!!!!!!!!! I understand if you miss ariel and may not like her voice or something but saying senseless and beyond rude things is plain dumb!! Thank you :)
posted by NJW on Mar 19, 2009
posted by sara sucks on Mar 19, 2009
i hate her belh she sounds like complete crap and she can not replace ariel ariel rox sara sucks!
posted by leesh on Mar 12, 2009
Hey "no idea where to go"! A lot of people feel like you and you DON'T have to choose. don't take sides unless you REALLY feel strongly about one of the two: ariel or sara. so, you get the point, it doesn't really matter in the long run, does it? :)
posted by deprimida on Mar 12, 2009
oii sou do brasil.....ariel nao deveria ter saido...ela e muito boa!!!saudades
posted by sandy3q on Mar 11, 2009
i like ariel and i think she shouldnt of left. but if she was feeling bad then i guess she could leave. no offence to sara, but i heard her sing and i dont think she matches up to paris, destinee, and ariel.. :( i miss u ariel plz come back
posted by no idea where to go on Mar 11, 2009
Hey, i dont know what to do, i loveeeee ariel and i dont thik she shouldve left :( but sara is really really good, but i still want ariel back as much as the next time, so dont go around dissing sara, or destinee,or paris, what happened wasment to happen :( sadly, well i will always be a fan or the clique girls, but also a fan of ariel, and alot of people are saying that i have to chose, so i dont know which way to go, please help me chose. i love them all!!!
posted by GO SARA DIAMOND :) on Mar 11, 2009
Hey world :D Guys. reeeeellaaaaxxxx. Tune your ears properly and listen. Do you hear sara's voice. now, please, if you may, go on youtube or something and listen to the exact same part of the song "then i woke up" and believe me, they sound similar enough. I respect that some of you do not like sara's voice and miss ariel, but do not call her ugly and bad and anything else she is clearly not. You don't even know her, (i do!) :) ciao xox
posted by MZ DIMPLE on Mar 10, 2009
,,,hi .. you know sarah ur good ,,,but not like areil... ariel izz the bezt.. soo plz get out of that group because ur not belong.. GET IT..
posted by ..mzdimple on Mar 10, 2009
.,,.hii guyzz... wew... hi sarahh... ..can you do a favor.. pllzz get out of the group of clique girlzz ... becauze..
posted by iWant ariel back NOW on Mar 10, 2009
Sorry sara, but I don't think you have a right to take ariel's place in the clique girlz. i know it's not your fault, that's why I'm also blaming paris and destinee. You two NEVER let her have hardly any solos or anything! the camera was never on her and trust me, it should've been, I thought the clique girlz were incredible before she left. and now you two are pretending like nothing happened and giving sara her color and her sign AND her harmony part. I'm getting sick of this, if you don't say SOMETHING to ariel in your next video, saying you miss or love her or anything, then I really don't have a reason to be a fan anymore.
posted by ariel\'s gone on Mar 08, 2009
i'm so sad ariel's leaving I am no Sara fan but their voices do harmonize really well. I miss ariel with her they had the looks and the voices there was just something there that made it all clique together. Sara is now the new member and when i first heard it i thought it was just a rumor but then when i found out it was true i was pissed, happy for ariel because she was doing a good job going solo but sara! come on. Now there is nothing you can do about it so stop complaining it's like you lost your family. You'll get used to it. Clique girlz i wish you good luck and ariel too.
posted by ariel\'s gone on Mar 08, 2009
i'm so sad ariel's leaving I am no Sara fan but their voices do harmonize really well. I miss ariel with her they had the looks and the voices there was just something there that made it all clique together. Sara is now the new member and when i first heard it i thought it was just a rumor but then when i found out it was true i was pissed, happy for ariel because she was doing a good job going solo but sara! come on. Now there is nothing you can do about it so stop complaining it's like you lost your family. You'll get used to it. Clique girlz i wish you good luck and ariel too.
posted by 天云 on Mar 08, 2009
posted by SARAH YOUR A LOSER on Mar 08, 2009
posted by vanaynay on Mar 06, 2009
why did ariel leave. i want her back. sarah does not fit in whith the clique girlz. i did not even hear about the rumors untill today.
posted by GET OVER IT. on Mar 06, 2009
posted by sara diamond is the on Mar 06, 2009
sara if you read this, don't pay annnnnyyyyy attention! theyy (losers) are just jealous! theyyy (losers) can nawt sing for their lives. If theyyyy (losers) could, then maybe theyy (losers) shouldve tried out for the clique girlz! :)
posted by i love sara diamond on Mar 06, 2009
not that you need any help defending yourself girlie!! you;re all amazing and keep it real! don't let all the rumours and gossip get you down
posted by i love sara daimond on Mar 06, 2009
SARA DIAMOND IS AMAZING!!!give her a chance you'll love her too she'a a fresh new great addition to a great band!! wish you all the luck in the world!! MTL REPRESENT SARA
posted by kalen burke on Mar 05, 2009
sara im sorry evryones saying you suck dont worry thell get over it you seem really nice and u do fit in you dont suck.
posted by wtf on Mar 05, 2009
posted by im so depressed on Mar 05, 2009
sarah dimond can i ask you something ????????????? why did you ruien th clique girl ???????????????
posted by use to be clique gir on Mar 05, 2009
sarah why did you ruiene the clique girlz they were fine untill you came !!!loser i hate you sarah dimond grrrr !!!! destinee paris plz fire sarah dimond and bring ariel moore back plz plz plz plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by use to be number one on Mar 05, 2009
ariel ariel ariel i miss you why did you leave i hate the new girl sarah dimond i haaaatttteee her soooo much she is ugly cant sing worth crap doesnt fit in the group but you will always be my favorite cliquegirl i want you back i miss you iwill support you 100% what ever you do miss you ariel bye plz come backplz tell me why you cant come backi hate sarah dimond miss her bad fire sarah dimond let ariel moore come back do whats best for the group plz
posted by blabberjabber 324 on Mar 05, 2009
posted by okk once again on Mar 05, 2009
ok so ya. get over it. Sara is great and so is Ariel. Think of it this way for hardcore Ariel fans: Now you can listen to her, and only her! She's better off alone anyway! She's got the spotlight to herself!!! Be happy for her and forget about Sara! :)
posted by STUPID SARA on Mar 04, 2009
Uhhh no offense, but Sara does not look like she fits in. Repeat Ariel, Destiny and Paris. It sounds right. How about Sara, Destiny and Paris. Ewwwwww NO THANK YOU!
posted by shalea lyn on Mar 03, 2009
hi! guyzz im from phil.. im your # 1 fun... hi! paris iloveyou ,,, keep up the good work.. areil i mizz you soo muchh ... your still the trio except DIAMOND soooryy
posted by cliquegirlz#1fan on Mar 03, 2009
...sarah diamond your like a duck .. you cannot sing sarahhh,, and you will never areil your such a big damn.. i hate you soo muchhhhh....
posted by i dont like sarah on Mar 03, 2009
...why did areil quit ...why??? and sarah diamond OMG,,sorry guyzz but i hate sarah and im so sad about areil i want her too come back.. but still im your # 1 fan in phillipines..iloveyou guyzz except SARAH DIAMOND sooooorrrryyy but i hate her... bye ..mzdimple..
posted by cliquegirlzusedtobe on Mar 03, 2009
i used to be a huge fan of these girls...sooo with sara there i am no longer a fan...i miss ARIEL!
posted by cliquegirlsfan(used2 on Mar 03, 2009
lol not JEALOUS i mean GREEDY
posted by cliquegirlzfan(used2 on Mar 03, 2009
Okay! im so angry now its unbelievable. 1sty i was mad that they actually REPLACED ariel, the new girl has her colour, symbol, parts, EVERYTHING! and now, i heard it online, it was this interveiw, and Destinee and Paris sed "We're the best we've ever been with Sara with us" I mean, they just pretty much sed tht they sucked with ariel. i really hate sara diamond, and honestly, the sisters seem really jealous like they'll do anything the be famous.
posted by cliquegirlzfan on Mar 03, 2009
bring ariel back! bring ariel back! bring ariel back! sara sucks!!! her mouth is like the size of texas!
posted by music is my life on Mar 03, 2009
Sara ruined it! Its OVER! You guys are better as a duet! I have nothing against sara its just cant change it like that! you have so many dissappointed fanns.... If one quits then DONT GET A REPLACEMENT! ive seen you guys live with ariel and there was so much chemistry. i think thats over....why??????? BRING ARIEL BACK!
posted by girlygirl on Mar 02, 2009
omg! ariel left!she was the best out of all of them! this new girl sara sucks!!!!!!
posted by 13m0n-g04+s on Mar 02, 2009
oops--i ment to replace the 3 with a five! And I'm also mad because Sara took Ariel's color!!!
posted by 13m0n-g04+s on Mar 02, 2009
I'm going to give Sara a chance. I don't like her now for 3 reasons: 1.) She replaced Ariel 2.) She can actually live knowing that she replaced Ariel 3.) She's ugly 4.) She isn't good 5.) She doesn't fit in.
posted by ariel.. miss u on Mar 02, 2009
im not gonna say that sara doesent have a voice i mean that gurl can sing but ariel is at least 10 times better i mean no offense and sara doesent fit in with the hair and all
posted by ariel miss u on Mar 02, 2009
y did ariel quit and then they even let sara take her color they will never be as good as they were and i am HUGE fans... im mad because ariel was my FAVORITE and i hope they read these comments
posted by imprintee on Mar 02, 2009
i miss Ariel already! she was my favorite. sara is alright but she looks weird with her hair standing out. if they put her in the center between the others it would look more balanced. i just don't like how she took over ariel almost exactly! I wan't airel to come back =(
posted by ★CLIQUE_GIRLZ_ on Mar 02, 2009
OMG i cant believe that Ariel Moore quite she was way pretty than Sarah Dimond she is ugly and i dont care what people say she is ugly she cant even sing she sucks i hope Ariel Moore comes back to the club and thene she took Ariel Moore color i cant believe she did that and thene Paris and Destiney they should have stay by thereself that would have benn better iam coufused because why did Ariel Moore leave the band??????=(
posted by sara dimond sucks on Mar 02, 2009
shelly fox you go sit under a rock where you live gerk
posted by sara dimond sucks on Mar 02, 2009
no shelly fox she didnt get many singing parts because destinee and parises parents wanted there kids in the spot light not ariel she was the best one of the group i loved her best it wasnt because she couldnt sing
posted by sara dimond sucks on Mar 02, 2009
shelly fox you are a loser you suck i dont like her for 5 reasons i use to go to school with her, iv herd her she sucks,she is ugly, she cant sing,she doesnt fit in,ps im not a loser your a loser and a gerk
posted by marissa on Mar 02, 2009
omg sarah dimond sucks i miss ariel moore
posted by Shelly Fox on Mar 02, 2009
also Ariel quit because she didnt get many parts in songs and that was because she wasnt very good!
posted by Shelly Fox on Mar 02, 2009
you guys dont even know her so how can you say she sucks if you havent heard her yet
posted by Shelly Fox on Mar 02, 2009
you guys are all losers!! sara diamond is absolutely amazing. and if u dont like her then dont comment and go sit under a rock instead of wasting your time!!!!!
posted by ex clique girlz fan on Mar 02, 2009
i loved clique girlz till sarah dimond came i wish ariel moore didnt leave but she did you guys paris and destinee you should of stayed just you two in sted of getting a third person if you ask me you should FIRE her i hate her i less clique girl fan your number one fan gone because you picked sarah dimond i hate her i had your cd i knew everything about you i was at your audition you should of picked me i miss ariel moore bye
posted by why did ariel moore on Mar 02, 2009
the clique girlz use to be my favorite group till sarah dimond came i hate her she is ugly cant sing leave well i hope you do get someone else i miss ariel moore why did you leave i miss you omg this sucks i hate sarah dimond she sucks i loved ariel moore
posted by Clique Giirlz #1 FAN on Mar 02, 2009
Sara I am srry. plz for giv me i am sooo srry show me what u got be for i judge u. Clique Girlz #1 FAN IS VERY SRRY
posted by Clique Girlz #1 FAN on Mar 02, 2009
This is to Destinee & Paris: Why did Ariel quit? U guys should have only been a duet. It would have sounded better.
posted by Clique Girlz 1# FAN on Mar 02, 2009
I strongly dis-like"Diamond" Her singing doesn't blend, w/ Destinee & Paris they r still my fav band! But "Diamond" sounds like a dying duck suffering from road-kill. Ariel was much better.
posted by I hate sarah dimond on Mar 02, 2009
sarah you suck you dont blend in like sarah dimond sucks said you stand out you dont look right in the group sorry but you look ugly to im sorry well no im not but ya you suck i miss ARIEL MOORE why did she leave i miss her i hate sarah dimond
posted by sarah dimond sucks on Mar 02, 2009
sorry sarah but you suck i miss ariel you cant sing and your ugly you dont blend in with the other girlz it wont be the same without ariel i miss ariel sarah you suck
posted by WE on Mar 01, 2009
posted by KORN 4 LIFE on Mar 01, 2009
posted by nintendo liquid on Mar 01, 2009
posted by ariel luver on Mar 01, 2009
i cant believe ariel quit she was the best out of all of them and sara SUCKS!! and shes ugly. ariel i miss u :(
posted by hahalosers. on Mar 01, 2009
Hmm.. I agree that sara breaks the we're all perfect blondes thing. You people are just all scared about the change and hate does come out from jealousy doesnt it. And uh, comparing her to a whale is just downright stupid. If you hate her so much then why didnt you go and audition? Hmm? Well I havent been a clique fan for so long, but I do like ariel better but im not going to go and spew sara like shes a piece of trash.
posted by okk. on Mar 01, 2009
ok, so i realize that most ppl don't really like her but we should give her a chance. i personally think she sounded great and kind of takes away that phony "we're all perfect blondes" look they had before. I liked ariel but i like sara too!
posted by taylor on Feb 28, 2009
i agree sara just doesnt clique with them like they say i think paris and destiny just could have been just them two because they just cant replace ariel
posted by ariel on Feb 28, 2009
I dont think sarah fits in with the clique girlz like ariel did
posted by cloe on Feb 28, 2009
i hate sara she suck i like ariel better
posted by cliquegirlzfan on Feb 28, 2009
i think sara's okay but just its just not the same. still, i love the clique girls, undecided on sara. Rock on Destinee and Paris!!
posted by im so depressed on Feb 28, 2009
sara is ugleee i jus participated with an online poll abt the fans issing ariel and hating sarah well i sed no i hate her and it showed the results and abt 1,000,000,000 ppl voted they dont like sara. i miss ariel and the rumors were true

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