Cody Linley's Jake Ryan Back to 'Hannah Montana'

January 31, 2009 06:00:33 GMT

Teen actor Jake Ryan who is played by Cody Linley, will be back in an episode of 'Hannah Montana' season 3.

Cody Linley's Jake Ryan Back to 'Hannah Montana'
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In interview with TWIST magazine, Cody Linley reveals that his character Jake Ryan will be back to "Hannah Montana" in the third season. The actor said that he has shot the part while he was working his moves in "Dancing with the Stars". On the unknown episode, Linley said that it will be an "awesome episode" with crazy twist.

Jake Ryan is a famous teen star who goes from friend to boyfriend to friend again for Miley. In the episode "Achy Jakey Heart", Miley reveals her identity as a teen pop star Hannah Montana and on the other hand Jake reveals his true self as Leslie. Due to their popularity, the dates become the object of the media, and they parted when Jake could not live as an ordinary teenager. Jake promised to act like a normal person before starting to go out with her again.

Also in the interview with the magazine, Linley speaks about his music project, his feature movie "Forget Me Not", dating and also his relationship with Miley Cyrus who plays both Miley Stewart as well as Hannah Montana in the TV series.


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posted by deli deniz on Jan 10, 2011
ben hannah montana delisiyimm ı love youuu hannah and selena gomez
posted by hannnah montana on Jan 10, 2011
thenks kidss ı love youu my hannah montana
posted by cody\'sgirl on Dec 01, 2010
i think that cody is like so super hot
posted by mack on Sep 05, 2010
OMG i'm so mad Jake Ryan is my favorite person on the show and now hes gone forever
posted by Shreya on Jul 11, 2010
Cody is very cuuutte and miley u too i wish he shuld hav been 15
posted by sanat on May 12, 2010
Hi miley/hannah, I am excited on seeing you and jake once again. you should choose him rather than jesse bcoz jake transformed himself for you only. you should give him a chance
posted by ench on May 12, 2010
hi jake i love the hannah montana where you are there in season 1-season 3
posted by shaneece naidoo on May 06, 2010
I think hannah montana and jake ryan roks when you had to choose between jake and that guy youb made the right choice by choosing jake but please don't play jake with dat new guy!
posted by mano on Mar 03, 2010
I just love jonas and hanna montana
posted by marisela on Jan 12, 2010
hi u rock hannah montana and u too jake I AM from PERU
posted by mani on Jan 07, 2010
i am your big fan
posted by hi on Oct 26, 2009
hi u rock hannahmontana and u tooooooooo jake ryan i am from india
posted by Taylah Simeon on Sep 30, 2009
Hi Hannah Montana and other actors i saw the add off TV Miley had to choose between Jake Ryan or another guy but if i were her i would choose Jake because he's cute and funny and he didn't tell any one about Hannah's secret and he likes you so much and he hugs you a lot witch means he likes you so much . By the way I AM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN IN THE WORLD
posted by brianni on Sep 28, 2009
hi hannah your boyfrend jake ryan he look so gay you are too partty for you shold bark up with him okay.
posted by Linda Yang on Sep 23, 2009
hey gurl u rock yea I am ur best TV movie stars and yea I want to vote for u and jake ryan
posted by Linda Yang on Sep 23, 2009
hey gurl u rock yea I am ur best TV movie stars and yea I want to vote for u and jake ryan
posted by paaarty on Sep 10, 2009
G'day hannah montana!
posted by hmr on Sep 10, 2009
posted by Cecilia Agnus on Sep 05, 2009
I wish Cody was my age.But he's like 20 and I'm like only 14.(Can't you build a time machine!)Lets hope my wish comes true.
posted by Leslie Monroue on Sep 05, 2009
I think Jake Ryan is H-O-T cute. Too bad he's 20
posted by Jane on Aug 31, 2009
Hi I'm really looking forward on seeing Cody Linly again in Hannah Montana season 3. I hope I see Miley Stewart and Jake Ryan a couple again I really do hope.
posted by hilary on Aug 29, 2009
hii jack..ı love amor tu...
posted by maliha on Aug 14, 2009
hey i love hannah i m a big fan u have no idea
posted by nikki on Jul 31, 2009
hey!miley i can't wate for the next hannah montana episode
posted by shani on Jul 18, 2009
jake you look gayin that picture jack your still hot.
posted by me on Jul 12, 2009
hes hot! too bad hes like 20
posted by LaLa55 on Jun 08, 2009
I love Cody. He is such a good actor. He does a wonderful job playing Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana. And I do argree with the person who is yesiknowamweird. Hannah is a much better role model then Miley. I dont think her music s good period!!!!
posted by yesiknowiamweird on Jun 05, 2009
I happen to think hannah montana had ok music, (in some she just sounds like a man...). I like Hannah MUCH better than Miley. Miley is not a very good role model. Hannah is a much better role model.
posted by shanna from sigapore on Jun 05, 2009
hayy hannah im like your most biggest fan i love you you go great with jake see you.
posted by peacei on May 30, 2009
jake ryan is the best part of the whole hannah montana show!
posted by omg! on May 25, 2009
Oh my god, i <3 jake! i can't wait to see what happens with him and miley!
posted by hwkpeanut08 on May 13, 2009
YAYY!! I cant wait for Jake to be back!!
posted by aLfIn on Apr 23, 2009
hI iM yOuR fAnS bUt i liVE at iNDOneSIa
posted by ankita nd kusha on Feb 24, 2009
hi hannah we love u d most.v r frm india .u r too cool n our roll model
posted by UNIQIK on Feb 13, 2009
posted by sarah baumer on Feb 11, 2009
i can't what for the next epsoed of hanna montana
posted by pinkgirls_heaven on Feb 04, 2009
Im making a magazine for ICT and ive put you on the front cover! :P
posted by olivia and cain on Feb 02, 2009
i think youre cute
posted by tonicha FAWCETT on Feb 02, 2009
posted by macauley on Feb 02, 2009
hannah montana is the best
posted by cathysully on Feb 01, 2009
I can't wait to see the episode!
posted by juliemorgan on Feb 01, 2009
posted by yazmine on Jan 31, 2009
posted by hana montana on Jan 31, 2009
posted by t-ya straw on Jan 31, 2009
hi, i am your number one fan!
posted by melissa marimus on Jan 31, 2009
hi hannah montana
posted by sapna shukla on Jan 31, 2009
posted by hi on Jan 31, 2009

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