Robert Pattinson Thinks He's a Gentleman

January 23, 2009 07:01:38 GMT

Robert Pattinson thinks he is a gentleman because he never tells a girl to change for him.

Robert Pattinson
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When it comes to treating girl properly, Robert Pattinson thinks he is a gentleman. Providing an evidence to that, he says, "I don't tell [a girl] how she has to be for me. I don't want her to change herself for me."

Talking about girls of his dream, Pattinson reveals he likes "talented girls." He admits, "If she's really talented, I don't really care about the other things." Also he frankly claims that he "would rather go out with girls than with guys", while jokingly adding, "but if I tried to hit on every girl around me, then I would lose those friendships."

In line with girls, Pattinson confesses he believes in love at first sight, about which he gushes, "It's absolutely possible that you can meet someone on the street and suddenly fall in love with that person. That often happens to me."

Considered as a hunk and ladies' man, Robert Pattinson has been romantically linked to a number of actresses, including Camilla Belle and his "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart. Despite the mounting dating speculation, he has insisted he is dating no one.

As for the girl of his dream, he previously admitted he is looking for "the worst - mental, strong women." He was quoted as stating, "The stuff I find attractive in women, I always regret finding attractive. I always like a kind of madness in a woman, and when they are really, really strong", adding, "But I like it when they hate me right from the beginning."


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posted by shahtaj on Oct 06, 2010
ohh my kash robert is so handsome.his smile makes me feel like i own the dream is only to touch him and talk to matter where i live i could go anywhere where robert that possible for me to spend only one minute with you robert?
posted by Arkansas on Oct 01, 2010
Why do people say bad things about Robert? He does not go around bragging about himself being so beautiful. What has he done to offend anyone? If someone says something bad about him, that person is just jealous.
posted by for you only on Jul 25, 2010
you are really special but not forever becoz they all like you for your looks but when you will came to the age 70 no one even remember you
posted by Nicole Cargill on Apr 07, 2010
why are you all fighting over him, i think im the only older twilight fan here your all acting nuts, yes hes gorgeous but chill,
posted by kyle on Oct 30, 2009
oooooooooooooooooo hes sucha babe
posted by kelz on Oct 28, 2009
i am mad and crazy i really dont love him but he is nice rite why dou girlz do that there are better lookin men in the world then him just get over it like he would go with us get real ok x x x x x x x
posted by dyhtk on Sep 04, 2009
actors and actresses are all humen
posted by Kristen on Aug 15, 2009
You all need to go and get a life!!
posted by fluffgiirl on Aug 07, 2009
Actors are not real peoples they really are hybrids with recordins inside..they just show up at gala and charity balls and red carpet premiere..sometime you see them at airport or in cars but it is jut to give us the illusions that they are human....that is why they have body guard ..just in case you touch one of them and found out the trues
posted by do u really have to on Jul 22, 2009
I think all the girls who say they hate him is actully saying 'I Love him' I sorry and no offence. I think he has every right to like or love someone not be forced. So come on respect what he says. Everyone of you have a destiny and fate dont try to disobey it. If you guys really love hime respect what he said dont try to suit to his dream girl because your old habits will come back..... Sorry but I didnt mean to ofeence you. I know that every one of you have your way of expressing your love to him but think about it you say that you love him as the edward cullen not who he is maybe. I trying to help you maybe you dont need my help...
posted by Sophie on Jul 20, 2009
The Robert Pattinson phenomenon is out of control. "love at first sight" is such a cliche. It is a physical attraction which proves that he is firstly attracted to the looks of a woman. Not whether she is "strong" or not.
posted by bob on Jun 19, 2009
did robert pattinson just get struck by lightning? He looks like a freak. Why go so crazy over him? i think i'll have nightmares after looking at his picture
posted by death itself on Jun 08, 2009
Well thank god someone thinks a girl like me is good. Too bad I have no money to go meet him
posted by TooGangsta4Yo on Apr 29, 2009
Okay..... Brinca has a point i am very skinny and i am a supa tough beyotch haha!
posted by bianca on Apr 18, 2009
hello PEOPLE , dude he lyks strong women it scary . then wat he thinks of girls tht are skinny n weak hahahahahahha he still SEXY BEAST
posted by KindaSyco on Apr 15, 2009
ummmm-hmmmm missy you right rob best wishes for sure you are bombin he is delicious but that jackson rathbone makes me melt! anyway i hope you find sm1 who is down to earth, crazy, and hates to love you! PEACE BABES
posted by down2daGtown on Apr 15, 2009
Gurl, or missy you know yo stuf! i agree with every word you just wrote i am a Taylor fan but damn dis gurl is right! go rob i wish you would thank missy haha you a cutie rock it up
posted by MissyGettis on Apr 15, 2009
He seems like a very sweet guy i am not obbsessed or anything.... i mean at first i thought vampires really?! and then i saw the movie and as soon as his acting came into the picture i was utterly captivated!! he is not mental or crazy or insane he just wants down to earth girls who aren't afraid to be themselves. if he likes talented girls and hopes to find one and thinks it is possible on the street, good luck rob! best wishes!
posted by Taylor on Apr 03, 2009
I think Robert is so hot!! I think that he should find true love and stick with it!!!
posted by hij on Apr 01, 2009
Well, well, the boy is a fan of talking about his own romantic wants. He's v pretty n probably jst as smart as they say he is, but dear god the more the girl hates him the better, i think. he may need 2 b taken down a peg or 2 with all this gratuitous praise...
posted by Angel nicole on Mar 31, 2009
hi umm im angel and i am 21!im not trying to be negative but he is so flawed in whatkind of girl he likes and other things but you people still love him!!!! it is just so fascinating to me! thanx hope everyone has a great day! and rob i meant none of these things negative towards you because you are handsome and everything i was just fascinated by that! =]]
posted by K19** on Mar 08, 2009
posted by Cheyenne on Mar 08, 2009
Okay, despite what I have read, some of the words about Robert Pattinson has made me gag. No affiance, but I think its a little scary. I am 28 yea hes good looking and seems like a nice person. But if I were him and I was reading these coments, I'd be freaked out! Hope you keep reaching your dreams Rob.
posted by anna on Feb 25, 2009
omg?!....your all crazy nobody get to know something about him but your all think he's sexy usw. ... -.-
posted by Paige on Feb 21, 2009
What the hell? Everyone allways says he's edward HE IS NOT EDWARD!!! IT IS ROBERT!!! He doesn't like any of yours because you don't call him by his name.GOD!! Haven't u read any of his interviews he says he doesn't like people who take him as Edward Cullen he likes people who take him for who he is!! I like him put i am not going to put oh edward marry me. Plus his name is not Edward!! anyone who calls him by that name is dum cuz his name is Robert.
posted by Thais Regina Sebasti on Feb 18, 2009
I love Robert.
posted by peri on Feb 13, 2009
sorry lol but what does he mean by talented lol ? :S i mean there are all sorts of talents around does he mean acting ? x x
posted by Miranda on Feb 12, 2009
O_O my english is like sooooooooooo baaad (i'm from sweden) but why do he want the girl 2 hate him? xD stupid, hot boy!!!!!!
posted by daynuh on Feb 09, 2009
be my hot sexy vampire always
posted by daynuh on Feb 09, 2009
yes he reads em to got to go peace out.
posted by sexy on Feb 05, 2009
does robert look at these?
posted by 2hot2handle on Feb 05, 2009
hey missys just to tell you look out for dakotah fanning!!!! she has been rumored even if only 14 to have i huge like FRICKN HUGE CRUSH on him!!!! like seriously she is a little young if you ask me!!!! like come on! Anyways rob you are the b-o-m-b!! rock on cutie!
posted by YouDon\'tNeedToKnowM on Feb 02, 2009
Rob is okay but you ppl are far to obsessed just like mee isn't he is accent juss sooo dreamy
posted by Fiji on Jan 31, 2009
Woah. Alot of comments.
posted by Mary on Jan 31, 2009
Wow... I don't even know why I'm reading this. He's mental. I say, little elves invaded his head and messed with his brain. But then again, we're all a little messed up aren't we? :D ahaha. He likes it when girls hate him? huh... interesting. I really want to meet him, just so I can tell him that he is out of his mind and mental.
posted by cutecandy on Jan 29, 2009
if he likes girls who hates him from the very beginning, then I hate you rob the moment I have laid eyes on you ;)
posted by awesomenessness on Jan 29, 2009
robert is so hot i went to a halloween party in a cafe and met him!
posted by music_is_my_boyfrndx on Jan 29, 2009
rob is a really down to earth i believe..
posted by Alys on Jan 28, 2009
I Really hope fame doesn't go to his head. he 'seems' so laid back, i just hope all the lust his fans carry for him doesn't turn him into a complete air head. othere then that hes great. haha
posted by ferda on Jan 26, 2009
robert pattinson has some issus to solve i have never herd of a man who likes mantal women befor coming from a 13 going on 14 year old girl im sorry to say but thats his choise
posted by wow on Jan 26, 2009
he thinks a lot about himself
posted by ed\'s gf! on Jan 26, 2009
he is mineeeeee. im in love with him <3
posted by clo33 on Jan 26, 2009
dude, if Rob likes mental girls then okay, I'd have to say Im insane. and if he lieks when girls hate him from the begining, then I hate him alot :)) he's amazing, & def a guy I could go for. Ive got talent by the way!!
posted by Meredith on Jan 26, 2009
Marissa, Your response to BellaCullen39: "cute means ugly but interesting, and Robert is DEFINITELY not ugly" I cannot believe you even said that! Cute definitely doesn't mean ugly. I don't know where you learned English but the definition of cute is "cunning: attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness" (Princeton)
posted by love u rob on Jan 25, 2009
hi rob, i like u so much and i love u so much. wishing u all success are under u. love u rob. some one from somewhere she
posted by I love Eward on Jan 25, 2009
franchement comme vampire il n'ont pas mieux trouver surtout pour ce film vu que j'ai lu tous les livres. Je le trouve trop beau désespérément beau! Mais je suis trop jeune pour lui dommage!
posted by marissa on Jan 25, 2009
bellacullen39, cute means ugly but interesting, and Robert is DEFINITELY not ugly
posted by esme on Jan 25, 2009
hi edward you r so hot :P
posted by CelinaD on Jan 25, 2009
He is a good-looking guy with many talents, and I hope he'll fint that girl he is looking for someday. What more can I say? He deserve it. ..but a negative thing is all the girls out there who wants to be his "Bella".. Hmm.. Arg. It makes me crazy that I cannot express myself the way I want. That I can only a limited number of english words to use.. Okey, very smart of me.. write something when I'm so tired. Now I know I'll regret it if I post this. Settin' the Norwegian in a bad light.. Okey, okey. I can finish here with a meaningful sentense. Uhw. Goldfish memory. ..good night.
posted by bellacullen39 on Jan 25, 2009
i think that robert pattinson is really cute
posted by huhannuhh on Jan 24, 2009
well i'm strong and crazy. and mad. and i love him. but it's opposite day - so i hate him.
posted by , on Jan 24, 2009
I feel sorry for him, he did a great job in the movie and I guess these young girls are just getting carried away in a fantasy of the main character Edward. I'm sure it will soon die out, or atleast ease up a little.
posted by blah on Jan 24, 2009
sorry robert i hated since i saw hp. and the goblet of fire
posted by noelle122 on Jan 24, 2009
hey, so I really believe Robert is a gentlemen. For the little interviews people see, I think incredibly that he and Kirsten would make an adorable couple. The boyfriend of hers gives me the creeps, he kissed a guy once, It was acting, but still. Hes weird an not that attractive. I completely think Robert and Kirsten should give it a try, come the 3rd and 4th movie, the heat will grow tremendously! As everyone says, the second they met, there was amazing chemistry, bet there wasn't chemistry when her and mike or whatever his name is met. She and Robert already have that spark. With Camilla, leave her alone...people would actually get very anger. supposedly, shes Joe Jonas girl. and all she does is make you laugh. Kirsten and Robert, open your the twilight fans out here.!
posted by Madison__103 on Jan 24, 2009
I think thet Robert needs to find his sole mate like everyone eles. So keed on walking down those streets, one day you will find that one. And to all you girls who are "in love" with Robert or Edward you need to give the poor guy alone. He has anough things to worry about then read blogs you right! Plus you all that are writing are only about 16, too young for him. Just give! The address thing was cheesy
posted by pimpa on Jan 24, 2009
u all shut up i know him he is my dads friend i live on his st
posted by twi-hard fan on Jan 24, 2009
my friends all think rob is ugly but personly i think he is a sexy beast !!!!!!
posted by Nessie on Jan 24, 2009
it sounds like he's describing Kristen :D
posted by selement moi on Jan 24, 2009
edward est le genre d'homme que je cherche desesperement ... je ne le trouverais jamais mai je ne peux m'y resoudre :p Quand a ROBERT PATTINSON lui c'est un acteur donc je men fiche ^^ cependant il mintrigue car il nest pas comme les autres du moin pas en aparence ;) vivement le 2 jespere quil noubliront pas trop de detaille important ;)
posted by hellllo., on Jan 24, 2009
Robert Pattinson is a great actor. And I've fallen in love with the Twilight series. I also think that Edward Cullen is VERY interesting, oh yeah, and HOTT! Actually more like sexyy. I also think he's a gentleman. Even though I never met him. <333Twilight
posted by michy on Jan 24, 2009
robert pattinson is really hot, even in twilight. if he really is going out with his co-star kristen stewart, they look good for each other. i luv robert and edward!
posted by claire on Jan 24, 2009
wow!.iam talented! hahaha...all personalities he said is what iam!!hahaha...and robert pattinson i hate you from the beginning!!and my name is claire like you mom but i have I!anyhoo...who cares? hahaha
posted by I\'m Not Sure!?!?! on Jan 24, 2009
I think Robert Pattison is very good looking. I think his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight has made every girl full in love with him. I think girls love him only because they love Edward they don't really know Robert Pattinson. I think personally he is a bit stuck up.
posted by chele on Jan 24, 2009
i can wakeboard. while wakeboarding, i can jump almost the full wake. and i can also do a 180!! i can draw good too im in advanced art, i became advanced in art in just half a year :D
posted by lilly on Jan 24, 2009
For me it sound like he's describing Kristen :D
posted by Grace on Jan 24, 2009
I hope he makes a couple with Kristen. Anywaym Robert you are awsome and your acting is amazing! I love Twilight! You might be the next Top 1 famous person in the world! Everyone likes you!
posted by hula-girl_27! on Jan 24, 2009
I love his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-} i wish that my boyfriend had that hair!
posted by dance_freek_107 on Jan 24, 2009
i love him and people who r under the age of 16 should seriously stop saying that robert is sexy! its redicilous im 17 and i love him but im allowed to because imold enough but some people are annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO STOP AND U NO WHAT KRISTEN AND ROB WOULD MAKE A GOOD COUPLE BUT THEIR NOT IN LOVE SO LEAVE THEM ALONE!!
posted by geaf on Jan 23, 2009
posted by robsten_fvr on Jan 23, 2009
i really hope kristen and rob end up together!! i think he has a massive crush on her because hes known for proposing to her!! kristen seems like a very strong girl but it too bad she has a boyfriend!! kristen is wayy better choice than camilla belle or the disgusting courtney love's daughter!!
posted by dawnie on Jan 23, 2009
well to be honest i dont love him or rather i love the idea that he could be so close to edward but no i dont love him he is quite cool and awesome but to wow for me :)
posted by Kayla_Cullen on Jan 23, 2009
Ahaha I agree with edwardandtwilightXO. But ya gotta love him. (:
posted by Rob=love on Jan 23, 2009
Rob is adorable and from all the interviews i've read about him and seen he is a very good guy and is very honest. He has a beautiful smile and a great laugh...and it really is love at first sight ;)
posted by amk1447 on Jan 23, 2009
hi you are kool :)
posted by twillight on Jan 23, 2009
posted by alice cullen on Jan 23, 2009
obviously kristen stewart has feelings for this SEX SYMBOL. and hes a good guy, you can tell. but really, she has this BF and i mean, ok, hes kinda CUTE, but SERIOUSLY its not like shes gona end up MARRYING him. and i'd LOVE to see robert and kristen 2gether. tht'd be so cutee. MENTAL STRONG WOMAN HAHAHAHA... <3
posted by edwardandtwilightXO on Jan 23, 2009
wait, phsyically strong, or like mentally strong? cause if it was phsyically thats just weird.... oh well, LOVE YOU SPUNK! &#9829;
posted by dfsdfsdf on Jan 23, 2009
Robert is probably, in all honesty, the most gorgeous man I've ever seen.
posted by myBell10 on Jan 23, 2009
I think Robert has the most unbelivalbe sexual tension I have ever seen I literly felt it from the tip of my toes to the base of my neck..all I can say now is oh my GOD!!!!!!!nothin but sexy!!!!!!!!
posted by :D overly-obbsessed on Jan 23, 2009
i hate u rob! there ,i hated u from the beginning so now u have to like me! lol, jks! rob is an amazing actor and really really REALLY hot! and Edward cullen is THE sexiest thing i have ever seen! ( no joke!) i have always believed in love at first sight and i proved its real cause as soon as i saw this sexy-vampirie/ actor i was head over-heels! :P love you rob! keep up da good work!
posted by screwit on Jan 23, 2009
Honestly I think Rob constantly contradicts himself from one interview to the next as to what he's looking for - he needs to get out of his current headspace with his 'obsessions' and look for something HEALTHY with an available girl. As for pairing him up with Kristen. I wish ppl would stop that. Anyone who's been in a serious relationship knows that any romance started while one person is already in a committed relationship knows that it would never work in the long run. Rob deserves better than that. Reality. It's a good place to be. :)
posted by wtf on Jan 23, 2009
thats sum bull he aint all dat Bow wow totally out rules him in hottness so does T.I. woot woot :)
posted by Natalka on Jan 23, 2009
I just hope for him that he will find the perfect girl to love. We all deserve to love someone in our life. To young for me tho but very cute (smile) Don't search Robert she will come one day when you lease expected!!! Good luck (wink)
posted by mrs.edward cullen on Jan 23, 2009
robert is soooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by edwards sexy on Jan 23, 2009
EDWARD IS THE HOTTEST MAN IN THE WORLD! i think hes really good at playing the role of edward! i dream about you all the time <3
posted by edward is sexy on Jan 23, 2009
hi i think u r soo hot a i have always wanted to meet u if u want u can come to reno n.v 89512 manhtten st 1135
posted by rose on Jan 23, 2009
Robert is so adorable in his own way :an i respect that he is a gentleman every good girls dream well.... maybe some like me i love gentlemen like robert is good and calm: well luvs ya =P
posted by hot for edward on Jan 23, 2009
o im inlove with edward! he is so hot!
posted by hi on Jan 23, 2009
hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are pimp! and edward is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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