'Survivor' and 'The Amazing Race' Return February 2009

'Survivor' and 'The Amazing Race' Return February 2009

CBS has made an announcement of the netwrok mid-season schedule for 2009 time slot which includes the airdate of 'Survivor', 'The Amazing Race', 'Harper's Island', and 'Game Show in My Head'.

CBS has made a press release of its mid-season schedule. Through the press release, the network has announced the return of the hit reality shows, "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race", both of which will be set to air in the same month, February 2009.

On Thursday, February 12 at 8/7c, "Survivor", a reality show that follows a group of strangers put together in a remote island while competing in various challenges, will return to the small screen. Meanwhile, the 14th edition of "The Amazing Race" is scheduled to air on February 15 at 8/7c.

On the press release, CBS also announced the premiere date of its new shows entitled "Harper's Island" and "Game Show in My Head". "Harper", a 13-episode mystery event, will be set to air on Thursday, April 9 at 10/9c, whereas "Game Show", a new game show from Ashton Kutcher, will be premiered on Saturday, January 3 at 8/7c.

Additionally, last summer's top original scripted series, "Flashpoint", will return on January 9 at 9/8c.

Detailed schedule of CBS' mid-season shows:

Saturday, Effective Jan. 3
8:00-8:30 P.M.   : GAME SHOW IN MY HEAD (Premiere)
8:30-9:00 P.M.  : GAME SHOW IN MY HEAD (Premiere)
10:00-11:00 P.M. : 48 HOURS MYSTERY

Friday, Effective Jan. 9
8:00-9:00 P.M.   : GHOST WHISPERER
9:00-10:00 P.M.  : FLASHPOINT (Premiere)
10:00-11:00 P.M. : NUMB3RS

Thursday, Effective Feb. 12
8:00-9:00 P.M.   : SURVIVOR 18 (Premiere)
9:00-10:00 P.M.  : CSI
10:00-11:00 P.M. : ELEVENTH HOUR

Sunday, Effective Feb. 15
7:00-8:00 P.M.   : 60 MINUTES
8:00-9:00 P.M.   : THE AMAZING RACE 14 (Premiere)
9:00-10:00 P.M.  : COLD CASE
10:00-11:00 P.M. : THE UNIT

Thursday, Effective April 9
8:00-9:00 P.M.   : SURVIVOR
9:00-10:00 P.M.  : CSI
10:00-11:00 P.M. : HARPER'S ISLAND (Series Debut)

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    Sep 16, 2009

    amazing race is great,liked the chris couple to win

    Jul 07, 2009

    pfft! this show is my all-time fav!!! survivor kinda sucks... ahahhahaha you suckk jfvsch

    Jul 07, 2009


    Mar 22, 2009

    pfft! this show is my all-time fav!!! survivor kinda sucks...

    Mar 18, 2009

    We love the challenges and the change of fortunes of the Amazing Race, but hate the portrayal of the ever increasing Gay participants and their intimacy as being normal and acceptable, this is detestable and undesirable.

    Feb 01, 2009

    I absolutely look forward to every season of Amazing Race and Survivor. My fiance and I both watch these shows religously and it really brings us together as something we both share and enjoy. We also fantasize about being future contestants. Who's knows maybe someday you will see us on your t.v.

    Jan 26, 2009

    love Amazing race...would watch more survivor ...but hate all the stupid snakes ...i have a great fear of snakes so watched very little

    Dec 09, 2008

    Yep, these two shows are still pretty good to watch. Both were pretty incredible this season, easily some of the highest ranked out of them all. I wish they'd bring back The Mole again, but with Anderson Cooper back and them traveling all over the world again. This is what makes some of these shows so endearing is that you get to see so many different places. Survivor not so much, but the personalities and scheming make up for it. (Though there have been quite a few seasons of Survivor where it was just flat out boring and it was hard to watch them all.)

    Dec 08, 2008

    Thank you for bringing The Amazing Race and Survivor back for the winter season. I would hope that they both can make an appearance over the summer as well.appearance

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