Beyonce Knowles Sings Church Bells as Etta James in 'Cadillac Records' Clip

November 27, 2008 09:23:47 GMT

An over two minutes clip of 'Cadillac Records' presents Beyonce Knowles performing as Etta James in the scene where James is challenged by Leonard Chess to sing Church Bells song.

Beyonce Knowles Sings Church Bells as Etta James in 'Cadillac Records' Clip
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Another "Cadillac Records" has made its way out. While the previous clips show either Jeffrey Wright's Muddy Waters, Columbus Short's Little Walter or Mos Def's Chuck Berry, this clip focuses merely on Beyonce Knowles' character, Etta James.

Taking nearly 3 minutes to be watched, it highlights on the moment James is challenged by Adrien Brody's Leonard Chess to sing her Church Bells track, saying she is not woman enough for the song and asking her whether she knows about being in love. Taking the bait, James who is about to leave the recording studio steps back in front of the mic and sings the song whole-heartedly.

A drama musical chronicling the rise of Chess Records and its recording artists, "Cadillac Records" is directed and scripted by Darnell Martin. With a star-studded cast ensemble that also includes Emmanuelle Chriqui, Cedric the Entertainer, Gabrielle Union and Tammy Blanchard, this tale of sex, violence, race and rock and roll is set to be released in U.S. on December 5.

"Cadillac Records" Clip - Etta James Sings Church Bells:


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posted by cobra on Oct 18, 2011
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Church Bells and I'd rather go blind.
posted by dede on Dec 17, 2010
etta wat is yo prob beyonce is a better singer than u any way????????????? BABYYYYYYYYYY stop hating
posted by neriah on Oct 04, 2010
man that song is just the best song i every herad when you sing it but any one else lamer
posted by ALL HALE TO BEYONCE! on Aug 31, 2009
Beyonce deserves the utmost respect for her performance of the song 'Church Bells' in the movie 'Cadillac Records'...WOW, I must say, it impressed me to the max!!! bIG uPS to B!!!
posted by stuff-it on May 14, 2009
beyonce did a wonderful job. i loved her voice and all. love churchbells and id rather go blind. Only thing i didnt like was how she kept on cursing the way she did.
posted by don dvia on Feb 06, 2009
I luved it.!!!!! When I 1st saw the movie I was in compelet awe at her performance. She has grown as a actress and the way she delivered those notes.!!!!!OMG. 2 the ppl dnt like her, fine u dnt have 2. But u need 2 give ppl credit when its do!! And if u listen 2 her sing this song and still feel like she can sing than ur jus a hater!!!!!
posted by ponchorilla31 on Dec 09, 2008
It's so funny how people will take the time to blog about someone that they don't like. I'm sure Beyonce takes time out of her superstar schedule to blog about them. lol. NOT!
posted by y hate beyonce on Dec 05, 2008
first christina has nothing on beyonce and i like her and all but i have on question "WHY DO EVERYONE HATE ON HER THE WAY THEY DO?" She is just GOOD!! Plus are you all not doing the same thing everyone has done to christina, britney, and all my soulful singers out there... chow some class and appreciate the gift and not sweat the person because GREEN is always in... REAL TALK, PEACE!!!!
posted by mccurryburg on Nov 29, 2008
yeah, but she's no Etta James. hell Christina Aguilara has a better voice than Beyonce
posted by hate beyonce on Nov 27, 2008
she has proven she can act woopy doo,...........finally
posted by obsessedwithbeyonce on Nov 27, 2008
LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV It!!!!!!I can't wait for dec. 5.
posted by sit01 on Nov 27, 2008
the voice i cant stop watching it God give a very special thing to Beyonce i think that she got the most beautiful voice of her génération and she is so cool so humble i just love her

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