The Cheetah Girls' Adrienne Bailon Sorry for Leaked Nude Pics

November 10, 2008 06:13:44 GMT

A spokesman for Adrienne Bailon of The Cheetah Girls confirms his singer client "will be pursuing legal action against the person" who leaks her private nude pics.

Adrienne Bailon
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Photo credit: David Gabber/PR Photos

Adrienne Bailon, one of the members of the singing group The Cheetah Girls, has issued a public apology dedicated to her fans soon after her racy pictures hit the Internet. The pics that show her wearing only bra and exposing her naked bottom to the camera reportedly are intended to be sent to her boyfriend Rob Kardashian, the younger brother of celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian.

Setting the record straight on the circulating nude pics of Adrienne, her spokesman Jonathan Jaxson has issued a statement, explaining, "The photos that have surfaced of Adrienne Bailon were stolen from her laptop over a week ago at an airport in NY and sent to several media outlets." Jonathan reveals further, "These photos were taken in private. Adrienne will be pursuing legal action against the person or person's sending these private photos out."

On top of the planned legal action, Adrienne "is deeply sorry for any pain this may have caused to her fans", Jonathan ends his statement.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Adrienne's leaked nude pictures were stolen from her laptop when it went missing for a few hours at New York City's JFK airport. The same day the laptop was stolen, Adrienne's record label reportedly got an anonymous phone call from a man saying he would return the device for $1,000. Nevertheless, the laptop was later returned, it has been claimed.


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posted by lildezzy on Oct 04, 2011
MAN breaking up The Cheetah Girls was a wrong thing tah do becuz Raven, Adriene, Kiely, & Sabrina were the best at being the Cheetah Girls .... i noe yall dnt read this anymore but i loved watching the The Cheetah Girls !!! I looked at this show like i was raven and i did something wrong to make my friends made at me and then we stopped talking for a while but cum to it all i knew what i did wrong and i fixed it!!!!
posted by cheetas rules on May 26, 2010
hey i really love her but i just can't belive she gonna leave
posted by britney on Oct 03, 2009
hi how are you adrienne
posted by Savanna on Jul 24, 2009
so what some personal pics that were ment to be private got out its not her fault.shes 25 its not like shes those other sanks who are underage on disney taken them pics.shes ols enough for it they're NOT! i support u adrian just next time try to protect more...
posted by sleep tha sargent on Jul 15, 2009
Man i feel shes one of the most sexyest women alive even after the nudes im still a fan because shes grown and can do anything she wants .... keep ya head up girl fuck wht the rude wannas wit no life have to say
posted by dark on May 30, 2009
she is absolutly disgusting.I always hated that drunken BITCH.I hate your personality besides she WAS SUPPOSE to be a role model for young girls.but all bailon has done is to encourage them to take naked pics of themselves
posted by niknaks on May 14, 2009
well, this is a way to get some attention when you have no talent. So bring your sextape as well, everyone else has!
posted by barbara vivian on Apr 16, 2009
isso e um abisurdo a mulher nao pode nem te privasidade
posted by butter cup on Apr 16, 2009
hi im a colosal fan i wanted 2 kno did raven leava cause she only started yall up
posted by lovable/sexy on Feb 27, 2009
u guys are the best b/c u guys can sing but raven out of the group is the best
posted by donnie on Feb 06, 2009
a adreeine did the most coolest thing a disney girl would offenise. me and my friends think that was to good .
posted by ashley on Jan 31, 2009
hey cheatas my mom said shes a big fan. and my brother wants to marry all of you. mwah mwah mwah
posted by Shut da eFukc up on Jan 31, 2009
You people are so damn judgmental. I mean come on she did a few nude pics, whoo lets call the cops on her cuz she is a horrible person. man y'all women are just mad cuz you don't look as good as she does. and Y'all fellas is steamin cuz your G/F (if you have 1) looks muttly compared to her I say Big Ups to the cheetahlicious one! and Hope she does playboy Shes DEFINANTLY got the body for it!!!
posted by anonymous on Jan 28, 2009
I think it is incredible evil a person as she is injured. She is not the offender, but the people who stole your computer and your photos as we can all do whatever we want privacy and no one has the right to meddle in it.Nadie has the right to invade our privacy, you are famous or not because we all have in our homes, computers, daily things that are private and that nobody has to know because if we do not want this. I feel very bad. For the freedom and privacy.
posted by frog on Jan 12, 2009
Wow she has a ice ASS!!!!
posted by frog on Jan 12, 2009
Wow she has a ice ASS!!!!
posted by lovely roro on Dec 30, 2008
she is supposed to be a role model n i think she knows that with the cheetah girls bein world famous n stuff she should know that after watching other disney stars gettin caught she would too!even tho she grown and has all her rights it is just not fair to those little girls who look up to her n think wow is this the kind of world i live in?think b4 you do[my little cousins are still her fans bcuz i teach them better than that n we still got maddddd luv for them n support them i juss hope it doesnt happen again but yall still hot no homo:)]
posted by youdontnome on Dec 29, 2008
she is 25 for goodness sake its not like that new disney actress Jemma McKenzie-Brown (Tiara Gold from High School Musical 3) who has racy photos out and she is only 14!!!!
posted by U R on Dec 22, 2008
If you think you are so smart then you should of become a lesbian. Stupid ugly girl.
posted by U R on Dec 22, 2008
Adrienne Bailon, you r so stupid,think before you do something next time. Its really disgusting.
posted by angry mother on Dec 19, 2008
SHE'S GOING TO GET PREGNANT NEXT!!! dude these girls don't understand that they are role models little girls. im going to band my daughter from watching disney ever again. except for the cartoons.
posted by u.... on Dec 07, 2008
why did u even have nude photos anywayeven if u apologise a million times u have lost me as a cheetah girl viewer by the way i am a reviwer so u have just signed your career distitude certificate
posted by nana on Nov 25, 2008
im a big fan of the cheetah girls and especially my home girl addiriane shes the bomb shes cool and a latin chika like me that how i roll pp right addriane
posted by synn boy on Nov 23, 2008
people on that side of the world are so full of it and the world is feeling the affects now
posted by kay kay on Nov 19, 2008
Why cant for once we have a disney star that doesnt act so dumb and do charity and one that sings and has a tv show i loved adrian until now just like miley cyrus!
posted by Live.Laugh.Jonas on Nov 16, 2008
Yes, she's an adult, adult should be wise enough to know that things like this shouldn't be done. Why didn't she just go to his house and show him? or take it on her cell and show him? Jonathan, you are a freak. She's 25! Too too old for disney..and I thought Raven was to old for disney, she's only 22!
posted by slim on Nov 14, 2008
i agree wit dat, for a sec dere she wuz cool but now she becomin the new paris hilton,lindnsey lohan and maybe even vanessa hudgens lolz diz crazy
posted by screen name on Nov 14, 2008
she can do what ever she wants! she's an adult..
posted by aa on Nov 13, 2008
adrienne bailon is a fantastic singer and actor i don't believe what cyberbashers say about her she's just like selena gomez,demi lovato and taylor swift people need to leave her alone
posted by bee on Nov 13, 2008
Oh calm down, kids aren't gonna see that and automatically do it and if they do you need to teach thm not to imitate everything. She's an adult jeez.
posted by Actongue on Nov 12, 2008
What is the big deal. If she is over 18 then she should be able to do what she wants. She is a beautiful lady. America really needs to worry about more important things then a Lady who takes pics of herself for her BF yea it sucks because they were found but it is not that big of an issue.
posted by Horney on Nov 12, 2008
I have not seen the pic's yet and I already popped a boner!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by phil on Nov 12, 2008
I seen the pics , wow , nice ass, wouldn't mind rimming that one
posted by chris on Nov 12, 2008
jonathan, u are such a DORK! u care about her...that is crazy u only know her because of media outlets. grow up
posted by Dat n_word on Nov 12, 2008
She got ass..
posted by china5 from weeworld on Nov 11, 2008
who cares if she did its a free country mind ur own buisness
posted by Jonathan51293 on Nov 11, 2008
Those picture of adrienne who ever post this picture will pay the price because I I'am a big fan of adrienne and I don't like people to mess with adrienne because I care about her.
posted by cruzE on Nov 11, 2008
i think shez hot
posted by luke on Nov 10, 2008
posted by sabrina on Nov 10, 2008
well,since i saw your one world tour i thought it was greati loved all your songs and i hope you keep reaching out for your cheetah dream.hey chicka
posted by the girl on Nov 10, 2008
wow.... she is suposed to be a role model. ibet a little out there is gonna be like hey i wanna be like thatand now thy are gonna be like that!
posted by moii on Nov 10, 2008
so what shes old enough to do whatever,, leave her alone its not like your the cops
posted by ... on Nov 10, 2008
lol, shes like 25...get over it
posted by prince on Nov 10, 2008
she is not supposed to be a role model she is just being a teen get over it
posted by hahaha on Nov 10, 2008
posted by somebody on Nov 10, 2008
wow... Disney sure knows how to pick them. First with Vanessa Hudgens and now this pop-tart?? Why do they do it if the know there is a high risk of the pictures getting out?? Can they be THAT dense??
posted by ... on Nov 10, 2008
finally been waiting
posted by ... on Nov 10, 2008
finally been waiting
posted by me on Nov 10, 2008
im sorry thats disgusting, she is supposed to be aa good role model

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