All of 'Batman 3' Rumors Slammed

October 08, 2008 02:30:45 GMT

'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' writer David S. Goyer speaks out about the truth on the rumors circulating around next Batman film, including on Christopher Nolan's return and casting reports.

David S. Goyer
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Apparently, all the rumors surfacing around "Batman 3" hold no truth in them. Addressing the so-called scoops about "The Dark Knight" sequel to MTV News, scribbler David S. Goyer completely rejected the speculations that director Christopher Nolan has been signed on, that the pre-production will start early 2009, and that the possible casting include Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Throwing cold water to the flaming fire, the "Blade Trinity" director stated that they are all merely rumors stating, "It's all B.S. ALL of it." In fact, he insisted that no official talk has been done between him and Nolan about the future film plan for Batman. "Chris and I haven't even talked about it. He quite understandably is taking a long, long vacation and wants to purge himself," he explained.

Still, he also confessed that they have loosely discussed themes and ideas. "We have mused here and there [but] I mean Chris is pretty much a one movie at a time kind of guy," he said. "I wish I could tell you more. There really isn't anything to tell." Lifting a bit of hope amidst the rumors denial, Goyer promised, "If and when [Chris is] ready to talk - we'll talk."

Speculations over "Batman 3" which is said to be tentatively entitled "The Caped Crusade" has grown since "Dark Knight" displayed its amazing run at the box office back in July. Up to date the sequel to "Batman Begins" which reportedly made with a budget of $185 million have grossed around $988 million worldwide and has become the second highest selling movie of all time following James Cameron's 1997 "Titanic".


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posted by Tobias on Oct 29, 2010
y'all are all dumb... the only reason to bring Bane in is because he was so lame last time he was on film... the monster is a genius, and if they bring Bane in, he should be the main villian.... I, personally, don't think he should be in it... nor do I think catwoman should be played by Jolie... If catwoman is in the film, she should be played by either an unknown actress, or someone you wouldn't expect... Is there anyone who thought Heath Ledger would pull off the Joker so well???? In my opinion Robin is out, Phillip S. Hoffman would make a good Penguin but the character is borderline cheesy, Batgirl??? not a bad idea, and as far as Depp playing Riddler, that will be a huge dissapointment... Honestly I think Jim Carrey would play the dark version of the Riddler way better... but that's just me P.S. if they recast the Joker he better look right and do a damn good impression, because Heath nailed it
posted by hawk on Aug 12, 2010
this could be an interesting way to introduce the character. and plz criticize, change stuff delete what ever you like just a silly thing i made up
posted by TROY! on Jul 29, 2010
BANE! Bane breaks Batman. Catwoman stirs things up, then helps Bruce heal. Divide Gotham into 5 bourroughs. Give the mob bosses fancy names. Have Bane break them all out of Arkahm. Bane breaks Batman and the movie ends with Bruce beginning his comeback, Bane still at large, setting up Batman 4. For once, the hero does not win in the end but he doesn't completely lose either.
posted by darkersin on Mar 31, 2010
look forgot the riddler forget the penguine and defenitly forgot robin enter in harley quin that should be for sure but what about clayface lets keep adding new villians to these movies and forget about the ones who were played already i mean yes heath played a great joker (sorry jack) but depp as the riddler? come on jim carey killed that i think and the penguin had its time but lets do some better villians then that harley quin make her as twisted as the joker was and add in someone new clayface the blackmask something new. but please don't do another robin or some character that has already been done please in the name of the comics and originality keep it better then the next one
posted by unknown on Feb 05, 2010
I'm the real unknown and jessica alba as batgirl or catwoman. No... If he or she's serious... wtf? Batman is better by himself... and will be by himself as long as C.N is director. Barbra would make a good cameo for the film though. But they did already in the last two face scene when he had their family hostage bla blah blah...
posted by Sven Izzy on Dec 15, 2009
IMHO: Title: "Shadow of the Bat" Synopsis: Bruce Wayne, devastated by his loss of Rachel and his public image, blames Batman for both. He soon decides to cast off the cowl, but Batman may not release Bruce Wayne so easily. Villains: Black Mask and Catwoman, possibly Riddler.
posted by unknown on Nov 12, 2009
i think you should look for jessica alba as either catwoman or even enter gordon's daughter. BatGirl
posted by joker84 on Nov 04, 2009
okay as if you guys haven`t read anything on what david s. goyer said the rumors r false! so these rumors are are own okay if chris dont come back then i think david is the only choice in my eyes his scipts are kick ass frankly i wish the scirpt for the flash would be in the works! anywho depp would suck thorton would suck as well jolie as catwoman the only one i think is good is hoffman but if anything i would like some unknowns to play in this movie and please anof with the robin thing tooo early to throw him in! and wounldnt want him in anyway if you dont want to lose bale as batman then stop with the pitch of robin to join in the flim he dosent want him in it! ehiter do i mask is good rahs al goul story would suck plus it would have a love story with his daughter and there was no room for that plus he just lost ross duh! the riddler idk yet and joker getting played again i think would be right and heath ledger would want that! give him thanks by not letting him take all the glory he would like that .
posted by ata.martha on Sep 05, 2009
i think, nolan is the best director for that and mr. bale is the best actor for batman's role. Megan Fox for catwoman ??? sucks !!!! Let;s see !!! Cat Woman = Charlize Theron but clearly i don't care about who's be the villain ??? i just care about nolan and bale or this movie will be sucks again !!!
posted by matt on Aug 18, 2009
i could also see a silence of the lambs type thing happening with the joker inside of arkhaim asylum. here he would meet dr harleen quinzel and influence her before turner her loose on the city to do his bidding.
posted by matt on Aug 18, 2009
ok heres how it will really go: William Fitchner (the manager of the mob bank whom the joker told, "whatever doesn't kill you will only make you stranger," will indeed become stranger. He is already connected to the mob and thus will easily fit as the black mask, a former business executive who rises through the ranks of the mob to become a boss and control large portions of the gotham city underground. The Black Mask will work for James Gandolfini who should be cast as Rupert Thorne, the new head of the Falconie crime family. Thorne will somehow make Hamilton Hill the new mayor and Peter Pauling the new police commissioner who will help him turn the entire city against batman.
posted by Batfan85 on Aug 05, 2009
Oops my fault I completely 4got i think Oswald Cobblepot(The Penguin) would be da best "main" villain. so there u have it Villains for "The Caped Crusader" 1. Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot (Main) 2. Catwoman 3. Harley Quinn Allies for "The Caped Crusader" 1. Gordon 2. introduce Robin
posted by Batfan85 on Aug 05, 2009
They should recast the Joker(no disrespect 2 Heath Ledger) he did a great job. Recast Joker so they can use him 2 introduce Harley Quinn. Add Catwoman 2 da mix , and introduce Robin but keep it dark and true 2 da comics. Do u feel me?
posted by Batfan85 on Aug 05, 2009
posted by Danzier on Jul 25, 2009
Have Robin as a villian. Introduce him in the 3rd batman film, and then hold it true to batman and robin and have robin being assy about the fact batman is getting all the attention, then robin goes rouge and turns on batman :) or something along those lines. Also if they cast johnny depp as the riddler i wont wanna see it. It wont work, Depp is only good as Jack Sparrow he cant do anything else, edward scissorhands was good, but willy wonka = shit, sleep hollow = shit,
posted by unknown on Jul 11, 2009
Hey guys unknown here. I'm going to spoil somethin' for ya! Yes Real Characters for batman! and Guess what my guess is...? Dr. Hugo Strange! Who out there has read prey? Think about it... In this book, Commish gordon has to take batman down as ordered by the mayor cause Strange made people believe that batman did it so every body hates him in the book(and now you see that at the end of DARK KNIGHT.) Batman lost his car in dark knight and will need a new one(most likely sleeker faster) in the book he was making a new "batcar". strange even gets someone who would be able to fight batman toe to toe Night Scourge. jonny depp as riddler? no! He should play Dr. Strange. Riddler should be in the begining and easly beaten in the first ten min just as a little somethin somethin for the batfans. I could go on and on but I predicted dark knight to the tee. and I'll predict this one.
posted by tbone17 on Jul 01, 2009
I think the 3rd batman should have bain along with the riddler in it. They shouln't team up that would be too corny. batman 3 should also be boken into 2 movies, have batman start to be overwhelmed by the advercity and towards the end of the first movie have bain break his back as he did in the comics. The overall theme of the second movie would be people start seeing all hell break loose so to speak in in gothem. People then realize just how much they need batman. While this is going on batman is healing and trieing to regain his strength. Also other bat vehicles should be involved in the movies.
posted by snow on Jun 21, 2009
ok all these bad guy but as far as dark messed up actors why not have micheal madson mr blond he could play any number of characters maybe a bit bulky for riddler but still if anyone can be a mess up villain its that guy maybe mad hatter or killer crock
posted by block on Jun 10, 2009
I believe in using realistic characters and plotlines in order to keep the movies from being to "comic book-ie". The next film, if there should be a next film, should be a mental and physical showdown with the Mr. Reese "The Riddler", the serial killer "Zssa" and his own mental stability. Zssa showed up in Batman Begins in the very beginning court room scene and I believe was seen leaving the Asylum after Scarecrow released the loonies and was never caught. These two villians would provide hours of entertainment for Batman and us. It would be dark and sinister which every Batman film needs to be. An appropriate title would be "Shadow of the Bat".
posted by ikd on May 16, 2009
i think ras al gool will come back because of his lazarus pits.
posted by unknown on Feb 03, 2009
Angelina Jolie hmmm. Well Everybody wants her to play her. She does have the look, but... She wont because, Chris does the unexpected like, Ledger Playing Joker. Who'd of thought Mr. Broke Back Mountain Would Play Mr. Stone Cold Killer. So he'd do better than pick an actress based on what people want. he'll do what he wants. and make it 2 times better. If he directs the next film. Ya'll Check me out on myspace url sheepisblack
posted by y_so_serious on Feb 01, 2009
They have to do a follow-up movie after the Dark Knight, people want more! I think Jonny Depp is an amazing actor and I think is one of very, very few actors that can match and possibly top Ledger's incredible performance. There were also rumors of Angelina Jolie maybe being catwoman and if so I think that is a great pick because Jolie has done many action movies and she'll be able to handle the stunts required to be in batman. Plus she is a great actress. No matter who the cast they need to put out another Batman but it has to be able to match the Dark Knight.
posted by unknown on Jan 31, 2009
p.s. joker served his purpose very awsomely. so fin wit him. realistic villans like Chris said so, mabey black mask for the whole mob scene thy R going for, maybe riddler(mabey)maybe catwoman or talia algul (IDK) for a small role as love intrest. maybe no love. Mad hatter. major break through for scarecrow. Killer Croc... Or the ever so sorry story line plot of hush in a diff time line like they did with MR. Zaes. (grasp) Realistic. Or... Mabey no Batman 3. Crap. HA HA HA... Was That A Hint? No!!! Could it be though? No!!! Well...
posted by unknown on Jan 31, 2009
Batman, Better alone! Robin is... off. Batman dosn't really need "help" or emotional help. There is alfred an Gordon and good cops as help. he wouldn't need some needy kid to help him with his needs. plus it look pedafile(is that how you spell it?) for batman.
posted by lol on Jan 30, 2009
There will never be a Robin in Nolan's movie. Nolan even stated that he doesn't want a Robin in his movie. And Rachel Dawes as Catwoman? What the heck? That is totally stupid and the fact is that she is dead.
posted by hellzyess on Jan 26, 2009
www scribd com/doc/11385138/Batman-3
posted by sab1822 on Jan 02, 2009
if robin's in it i will kill myself... he is a pansy in tights, lets face it. batman is better off fighting alone... i hope the scarecrow makes another appearance tho- i feel like they didn't really tell the end of his tale in dark knight
posted by schrat on Dec 31, 2008
ok this is the way the 3rd batman should go. I know I will be wrong but producers pay attention to my idea. First off batman has lost his will to continue on. Enter Robin who tells him to stop being a sissy and buck up. 2nd what would be more fitting to find out that catwoman is rachel daws. she loves him but hates him at the same time. very fitting. also why not add another woman in there. no not batgirl. but another girl that has a reason to be mad. her name is Harley Quinn (Dr. Harleen Quinzel). Jokers love interest. hmmm interesting plot...and of course your asking well who would play her. an actress named Fairuza Balk. Look up pictures of her and harley quinn. trust me. Lastly you have to have a man roll guy. There enters johnny depp as the riddler. I understand that this will not happen but if somebody could use this idea it would be amazing and an amazing movie. 12/31/2008 at 2pm...
posted by sbrock12 on Dec 25, 2008
I think the third one will have robin in it
posted by asdfa on Dec 10, 2008
Gotham Dawn would be a better title, imho

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