'Do Not Disturb' Cancelled After Three Episodes

September 26, 2008 07:54:40 GMT

Words are rive that the inability to lift the ratings has forced FOX to scrap off the Wednesday sitcom.

'Do Not Disturb' Cancelled After Three Episodes
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"Do Not Disturb" officially becomes the first new show that gets a cancellation this Fall. FOX have decided to axe the drama comedy starring Jerry O'Connell after only three episodes, due to poor reception from the audience.

Some sources have confirmed the cancellation to EW's Ausiello Files and said that the empty slot will be filled by "'Til Death" which will be stretched to 10 P.M. on Wednesday. Still, no official statement has been outed from the FOX camp.

Earlier this week, the production team of the show apologized publicly for presenting a crappy show, writing a letter to TV critics: "We here at 'Do Not Disturb' agree that by airing the 'Work Sex' episode - before airing the actual pilot - we created much confusion and we deserve all the criticism, the bad puns (i.e. 'an early checkout from the fall season,' 'Do Not Make in the First Place,' etc.) and, yes, even the accusation that it very well could be the final nail in the multicamera sitcom's coffin."

"Do Not Disturb" which was ordered by FOX for 13 episodes, chronicles the story of a once-famous New York City hotel as seen through the eyes of the employees. The first episode hit the screens on September 10, absorbing 4.6 million before declining steadily to 3.5 by the third episode.


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posted by So Mad on Oct 17, 2008
Oh my gosh! I'm so mad! I really liked this show.
posted by aaaa on Oct 16, 2008
pushing daisies, not pushing up daisies
posted by RJ on Oct 01, 2008
Omg this is ridiculous! it is the only commedy on fox worth watching. i love it and it needs to come back!
posted by MattS on Sep 30, 2008
I just can't believe they are keeping 'Til Death. I have watched 'Til Death since it has been on and it is remarkably worse this year. I thought that Do Not Disturb wasn't that bad. It is not as good as "How I Met Your Mother" or "Big Bang" but is better than 'Til Death and a few others. I thought the cast did a decent job and worked well together.
posted by Tetro on Sep 28, 2008
I checked out the pilot a few months back and although it isn't too bad it just wasn't for me...much prefer big bang theory & pushing up daisys for the humor
posted by paper plane on Sep 28, 2008
I love this show and I am sad it is leaving Fox

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