Japanese Manga 'Death Note' to Be Made Into American Movie

June 03, 2008 07:52:44 GMT

Following the making of popular Japanese manga 'Dragon Ball Z' movie adaptation by the 20th Century Fox, Vertigo Films are going to bring 'Death Note' to the silver screen.

Japanese Manga 'Death Note' to Be Made Into American Movie
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Nowadays, Hollywood movie industry seems to be putting high interest on adapting Japanese manga into live-action movies. With "Dragon Ball Z" in the final process of being brought to the big screen, another manga adaptation is planned to be developed.

In their latest article, Shock Till You Drop revealed that an American version of manga adaptation "Death Note" is being developed by Vertigo Films. The studio that are often remaking Asian movies into American films like "The Departed" have been hiring screenwriter Vlas and Charles Parlapanides to pen the script.

Though no other detail has been shared further, "Death Note" is originally a manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. It has spawned into anime series as well as Japanese live-action films. The story of the manga series centers on a high school student who despises crime and corruption happening in the world. When one day he discovers a supernatural notebook through which he could kill a person simply by writing down the person's name, he uses it to eliminate criminals.


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posted by Anonymously on Jul 18, 2012
I love Death Note and I really don't want anyone to ruin it...Gahh..If they want to do it at least I expect the actors to be good especially the one who'll be playing L...and Near!
posted by Linne on Feb 09, 2011
posted by MattJeevas on Jan 25, 2011
UH NO THANKS!!! GOD!! They're always trying to ruin it. Stick with the ORIGINAL MOVIES AMERICA!!! Since it's expected to be released in 2014... I hope the 2012 theory is true... Warner Brothers.. WTF!?!?!?
posted by Rasu on Jan 06, 2011
They changed Light to LUKE MURRAY They better Change it BACK or I'm Going to petition a BAN on this crap!
posted by Certified L Lover on Sep 18, 2010
They shud keep Kenichi Matsuyama as L!! dont change him!!
posted by why on Sep 13, 2010
whyy whyy WHYYY -.-'' they better make L perfect zac is out of the question.. he can NOT play light.. i hate light cuz he killed my L but srsly zac ?!?! no no no...he dosent have what it takes to be light.. andd they have to put mello and near in the movie 2 ^^ and L must be awsome ...
posted by are u alice? on Sep 09, 2010
i honestly think that those guys that are planning to do it are just messed up in the head!!!!! I mean what's wrong with u people!!?!?!!?!?!? i know this will be a good opportunity for Zack to do another interesting things but come on!!!...even the japanese light actor couldn't play a good Light....i liked it but not that much...only the guy who plays light's voice in the anime is the one who can be a perfect light....he did an awesome job...If there's really a movie `'ll go to see it onlyy to laugh and cry...and laugh if they keep the end as it is...Light's dead.
posted by anon on Aug 02, 2010
i am SO extremely upset by this. they better not touch death note because they are going to complete destroy it and piss off the REAL fans and bringing the fandom down for everyone else. this is a classic and extremely well written manga and anime that i fell in love with and they are going to ruin it. plus, all of the rumors going around about what actors will play raito, l, and misa are just rediculous, and no ryuk!! i can't accept this and will be very upset if the script they have let out now really comes to the screen...
posted by kazuki on Jul 31, 2010
HELL NOOO, ANOTHER AMERICAN REMAKE there already plenty, couldn't they at least have the courtesy of bringing the japanese movies to america before brainwashing americans into this so called "spinoff of a japanese series" at least change the god damned name of the movie, it is undeserving of the original death note. I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS! WE NEED TO PETITION AND MOB THE STATION!
posted by Shinigami Hunter on Jul 02, 2010
as a diehard fan of death note, let me just say that i am somewhat dissappointed by how they have changed the script so much. i was really excited to see how they would CG Ryuk and Rem and all the other Shinigamis - because the US can pull off GREAT CG effects - and basically i was really excited about how they were going to pull this off. now, let me say how intrigued i am by the new story. i was never expecting a complete reflection of the original story. hell, even the harry potter movies skipped a few things, like Peeves the Poltergeist. though the new script is a bit of a shock, i am actually wanting to see the movie. this sounds like a good story - and you know, the whole point of a remake is to tell a great story differently. so though i am sad i will never see Ryuk or Rem, i now want to see this film very much. be a hater and call me out for this, see if i care. but a movie will never live up to everyone's expectations, and besides - it's worth giving it a chance, right? (and i'm not sure about the Jonas brother being L, but if Miley can downplay her accent a teensy bit, she'd make a decent Misa.)
posted by L-amenting on Jun 30, 2010
Info on the new movie. 1. Ryuk, as well as the concept of Shinigamis, or Death Gods, is completely omitted in the script. 2. Light is renamed Luke, to Americanize Death Note. 3. The Death Note story is no longer a crime and supernatural thriller, but changed into a horror movie in the American remake. 4. "Luke" (Light) is no longer evil in the remake, but rather possessed by the Death Note. 5. The story involves the death of "Luke's" mother, and him trying to use the book to find the killer. 6. It is rumored that Miley Cyrus will be playing Misa, and Joe Jonas as L. Everything listed above, other than no. 6, is said with 99% certainty. They're already in the process of ruining a classic. Those who support the American remake cannot call yourselves true Death Note fans, since you're encouraging this abomination. If even no. 6 is, then Hollywood has turned Death Note into a pile of Disney-esch rubbish. Even if no. 6 is not true, by changing the script so much, they've destroyed the essence of Death Note. They should do the world a favor and either drop this film completely, or change the title of the movie, because it is undeserving of the name "Death Note."
posted by Anlu on Jun 06, 2010
Personally,I think The Death Note movie will be a good thing to look forward to. Zac Efron does look a little like light, and even though he did hsm, maybe he could do a good job. As for L, I don't think he should be japanese since, as stated before, he's from England in the Anime and manga. I pray the movie isn't terrible!
posted by puppetmaster on Jun 01, 2010
Okay, we can't start dissing the movie until we actually see it. Yes, the manga and anime are awesome. And yes, there already is a Japanese adaptation. But Hollywood has the resources that Japan doesn't. Let's pray they won't screw up.
posted by Dawnleapord on May 03, 2010
Ok, i changed my mind. I actually think that zac would make a pretty good light.
posted by DeathNoteFan on Apr 15, 2010
Look at it this way, if people get Zac Efron to play as Light over half of the original people that wouldn't go would go just cause lots of people think Zac is 'Hot'. And that could raise them lots of money, if you think about it, its a great idea, besides, don't you want to SEE Zac Efron DIE at the end? It would be hilarious, also making the Zac haters interested to the movie. I may not be a fan of Light Yagami, but Zac Efron actually does look like him if you think about it. I also think that they should keep most things the same about the manga and anime, don't ruin it. Lastly, they should keep L's actor unknown, keep it a secret, so you don't know who it is until you are in the movie, it would draw interest to people of who the mystery person is. Think about that, they could actually make this movie a good one.
posted by Optimism on Apr 09, 2010
If Zac efron plays Light in the movie, at least one good thing happens. He dies at the end! I'm sure that'll get a round of applause
posted by L on Apr 08, 2010
posted by L on Apr 08, 2010
i heard danle ridclif will be playing as me in the movie zac is a loser his movies suck and i should know i got a tumer from my brother play ing the cd reyk should yous the death note on him how agrees
posted by L on Feb 04, 2010
Zac Efron...Zac Efron, thats an explanation in itself. This is the most fucked up idea anyone in the history of everything has ever had. The original Deathnote live action movies are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and we dont need the fucked up Hollywood system ruining it. And what the fuck is with their names. It's a Japanese movie their supposed to have those names! Honestly..If it were to be made the frikkin Americans would get all the fucking credit! They already have most of the world eating out of the palms of their hands. Why dont they just fuck it up in a simple way like dub it. If people are honestly to fucking lazy to read subtitles well then they can burn in hell. I am 100% against this. Dont touch the sacred-ness of original Deathnote. L
posted by Lawliet the cat on Feb 04, 2010
Burn in Hell whoever decided to kill Death Note in this way, it DOESN'T need to be a movie. We already have a japanese version and if you don't like it then just get out. I swear if Zac Efron or this movie goes ahead there will be millions of fans breaking down the directors doors with pitch forks. You've been warned Mr Director. Lots of love and hate. Outraged Death Note fan.
posted by Dawnleapord on Jan 24, 2010
Ok. first of all, it we dont know how bad it's gonna be untill we see it. Yes, that may mean watching a movie that royally sucks. Oh well. But, I do think that, if even the japenese versions sucked, the american cant be much better. Im also COMPLETELY opposed to zac efron being light. even if i dont like light. It will just surrouded by screaming fan girls. and i know it sounds weird, but I cant wait to see it! im curious as to how it turns out.
posted by tommy on Jan 20, 2010
posted by Ilovemello on Jan 09, 2010
Three things: Yay! I'll be able to (understand) it! Hope stupid American film makers don't ruin it. I CANT WAIT TO SEE MELLO!
posted by Veshae on Jan 03, 2010
I know how sad. Death Note put as a American Version is a disgrace 2 all fans everywhere, which includes me!
posted by seiji on Dec 09, 2009
no way!!! why zac efron?!.. tatsuya is much better than zac efron!.. i must be dreaming.. damn!
posted by Astro on Dec 07, 2009
I honestly think Zac Efron wants to get out of Disney as soon as possible, I mean the guy was pretty quick to jump on "17 again". I really believe we should give the guy a chance (though I am very annoyed by the whole HSM series). As for those of you who think "AMeriCa iS jUst goNNa MeSs UP ANother anImE" It's not like they have the same Director or Screen play writer from the Dragon Ball movie. Do you really believe that Americans are all the same, with the same degenerate ideas? Aren't some of the people that write that crap on here American? I agree with the people that have stated America makes good movies provided by some flops. Dragon Ball was pretty god awful, but who's to say that Death Note would be the same? On a side note, what do you guys think of Clint Eastwood as Ryuk? (is DEAD serious)
posted by Hoshi on Nov 28, 2009
...What in the world people? Seriously? Are you guys gonna spam these chat boards to high heaven with immature comments. It's okay to have an opinion, just don't act like a child. Some of us are really serious. Anyways, I think that an American movie might be really good for this. Anime needs a name. I'm sick of those kids at my school that hate Anime for no legible reason. Not only that, America has some really good actors and actresses, not to mention a lot of money is used on movies. In all honesty, I highly doubt this is going to end up badly. As for Zac Efron, I don't particularly agree with that choice, considering I haven't seen him do much outside of High School Musical and one other movie. But I think he could pull it off if he works hard enough (maybe). So please please PLEASE stop whining. If your really against it, don't just whine and find some real pointers that could convince others on your side. Other wise, your really nothing but bugs on a windshield. Good day to you.
posted by Unknowwwnnn. on Nov 15, 2009
NO. L should NOT be played by a Japanese actor because L was NOT Japanese. If Some Of You Actually KNEW Death Note, You'd Know That.
posted by Emilyy on Nov 15, 2009
and another thing, i hate how a lot of you think that zac efron would be TERRIBLE in this movie and how YOU think they should keep the japanese names. is it your decision? no. stop bitching and get over it. they're making the movie the way THEY want it, with or without OUR opinions.
posted by Emilyy on Nov 15, 2009
There's something some of you aren't realizing here: American Death Note Movie = Better Acting. I Mean come on, i love the Japanese movies, but the acting was terrible. I could barely stand it. And why not zac efron? the only reason you guys don't like him is because he was singing in a fucking movie. chill out, it wasn't his idea. give him another chance. and besides, even if its just acting, he get's to die in the movie ;]
posted by Misa on Nov 13, 2009
ooh... hope Light looks prettier than in the japanese movie... seriously he looked like a girl
posted by Kira on Nov 13, 2009
Outrageous.. but I refuse to judge until I see the final product...
posted by DanniDacnomania on Nov 11, 2009
ZAC EFFERON?!?!?!!?!? :@ :@ :@ : @:@ Honestly This Is A Load. I Hate The Idea. I Am Joining All Potition Groups I Can And Hope This Project Goes Uncompleted. I Mean Zac, Knowing Him, Will Sing Halfway Through Or Summit. :@I Just Hate The Idea They Are Taking The Culture Out Of Japanese Anime. :@:@:@
posted by Ryuzaki on Sep 10, 2009
I guess its just me but i hate the idah. I liked the japnees death note dont get me rong but i think that scence it was a japenees anime/manga that was ok but the USA has no right to do that. There just goin to mess it up big time. the pirson who played L in the japonees move did a good job, and i dont know a american actor who can do as good as he did its point less i think. i think they thing that scence it was a big hit in japan that it will be a bug hit in america and they can make money on it. but i guess well have to see they may do a good job, but i dout it.
posted by SOAB on Sep 10, 2009
I think that Misa should be played my British actress, Juno Temple.
posted by Mrs.L on Sep 06, 2009
Im okay with them making a movie here in the US..but Zack Effron are you kidding me?!?! They better get a goog looking guy who looks a lot like L to play him...he doesnt even have to be famous...Just my opinion :)and light....he can be whoever (except Zack Efron) and Misa can be whover they like(except some Disney movie star ESPECIALLY...MILEY CYRUS) !!
posted by SIlenT KiRa on Sep 04, 2009
i just hope the movie won't be fucked and make it really gay.....
posted by Hilaria on Aug 16, 2009
I'm really excited for this project to be released! In terms of casting I think it would be interesting to see how Zac Efron would play Light. I actually think he would do really well and he actually looks the part. Just because is is a HSM (and I've never bothered to watch those) star does not mean that is what his talent is limited to. I do think L should be played by an asian actor, however.
posted by kioko on Aug 14, 2009
posted by NiK on Aug 13, 2009
Who can see Rupert Grint as L?
posted by Emiri on Aug 05, 2009
Disney Idiots will not be in Death Note. I assure you of that. Obama doesn't want a series of suicidals in America.
posted by Kazumi on Aug 02, 2009
I can't wait and I think was right the L in the japanese version should play L again. That is if he can speak English well. But I think if Zac Efron is that good of an actor he can do it. Especially since he looks so much like the anime Light. ^.^ All though I think Misa should be some random new blond haired star.
posted by Yuki on Jul 30, 2009
I agree with the majority here. When I first heard there was an american movie coming my face was like ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! I already got bummed when I read that they were going to change the japanese names (to light reynolds or something like that -.-) if you make an adaptation, please keep the names, now theyre acting like they came up with it themselves ughhh I dont want to watch it, but I have to, I need to see if they're going to screw it up and zac efron?! ZAC EFRON?! He's not a bad actor, but please, death note is legendary, you cant cast zac efron and especially not for one of the leading roles! He's a 'pretty boy' and L is most definitely not a pretty boy type
posted by maddie on Jul 21, 2009
not to mention the fact that people are saying the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN "Hollywood/Americans need to stay out of anime and manga" and/or "f**k Zac Efron" is a fair summarization of 3/4ths of the comments on this board. SERIOUSLY YOU ALL ARE ACTING LIKE FIRST GRADERS
posted by Maddie on Jul 21, 2009
I think an American remake would be fantastic for the American anime fanbase. I mean, I doubt any of us want anime to stay underground, and a hollywood remake would definately shove it into the open. Anime and Manga need mainstream attention, and this would get it. of, and quite frankly, crying foul over an american remake, proclaiming "if it is not Japanese it sucks" is JUST as embarassing to the anime fanbase and as immature as the fangirls keeling over once they find out "ZOMG ZAC EFRON MIGHT PLAY LIGHT OMGGGG!!!!11!!!!!!1!!1!" I mean, those stupid Japanophiles seriously need to wake up and smell the coffee. AMERICANS MAKE GOOD MOVIES (Heck, it isn't to out there to say they make good cartoons) An American remake would want to apease the fans, and the production value and budget would be IN ALL WAYS BETTER THAN THE JAPANESE FILM. The original film couldn't shake the TV movie feel that plagues the japanese cinema, and all the waponese wannabe's should just relax, take a deep breath, grow up, and give the USA a chance. I was, at first glance, disgusted to learn of a us remake, and one possibly starring Zac Efron no less! But, I thought on it and came to the realization "My lord everything American DOESN'T suck." and over time I warmed up to the idea of Efron playing our man Light. He is a fairly good actor, and looks quite a bit like the character in question, so, yeah. GROW UP PEOPLE.
posted by NEARisLOVE on Jul 15, 2009
I think an American adaption would be great :) I love the anime so much. But Zac Effron? Sure he looks like Light, but he could never pull it off. Johnny Depp as L is kinda iffy to me, he's to old for it. He couldn't do the Wicked moves L did ;)
posted by StrawberryMint on Jul 12, 2009
pls.just dnt tel me its real oh my god. just hearing zac efron's going to be L or Light makes my hair stand up...ewww... i just hope it gives justice to original series if it wouldn't...WILL U JUST CUT IT OUT!!!
posted by Ohgeez on Jun 24, 2009
Okay, no, no and NO. They replaced Goku with some pretty boy and the possibility of Zac Effron as Light and Miley Cyrus as Misa makes me sick. D: If those two are going to be in that movie, they better have an absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G L, or that movie is going to be trash.
posted by cuppycake/bb on Jun 13, 2009
I'm looking forward to seeing it but they better not mess it up
posted by Matsuda on Jun 07, 2009
posted by darkness on May 21, 2009
leave ANIME FUCK ALONE you ass you fcuk up dragon ball now your want to FUCK UP DEATH NOTE [fuck YOU ] LEAVE ANIME ALOONE ----I HATE HOLLYWOOD, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELLLLL.....
posted by bjinks54 on May 21, 2009
why do you people constantly try to fuck up all these great animes of japan, turn them into live action movies, i love the originals version of japan manga, anime, live acton japan, leave this area alone you bonehead dicks. stick to what you know, americans version of things, you do know we have enough violence to make much more movies, so stop fucking up the anime of manga, did you not get it with the fuck up version of [dragon ball fucked up movies] it suck big time, enough to make me ill. so leave the anime to the real anime people[ NOT AMERICANS] who don't even know what they are all about, read the manga's look at the orignal dvd's or vhs tapes get some knowledge about these movies. don't go breaking our hearts with your water down attempts to fuck up the one thing we all came to love and adore.
posted by Kira on May 06, 2009
This series is most definitely fit to become an American movie. I honestly hope that they do a good job on this one like they did with Dragonball.
posted by Mads on May 01, 2009
Hey I think it would boost the fan base and make it more accesible to the public, so I am all for it!Awareness is good!
posted by Sam. xP on Apr 28, 2009
ERUGH! i HATE the fact that they might be using all these DAMN Disney characters for this amazing thought. in fact. no offense. i actually kinda hate the fact that they are even making an American Version. Zac Efron i think i could just about deal with because well, he's an alright actor...but the others? JEEZ this isn't a Disney movie and it should STAY that way.
posted by hirorulez on Apr 26, 2009
O_O If Kira existed...he wouldn't approve of this...lmao I bet there's gonna be, like, a global riot over this. Very funny. And did ya hear, that Joe Jonas might play L and Vanessa Hugens might be in it if Zac Effrons in it....why...WHYYY!!! >_<
posted by KirasEvilLaugh on Apr 20, 2009
Ok the Japanese movies weren't THAT BAD! (i know, i said it) The first one was actually pretty good, nooow the second one...oh boy... lets not go into that. If they want to make this movie they better cast me. xD Ryuk would fit me, got the voice xD
posted by iHEARTmello on Apr 16, 2009
would it really hurt zac do to something other than disney? it's unfair to say he should do the same things all the time. he's a decent enough actor & he deserves a chance. i used to hate him too, but i really do think he deserves a chance. he'd be good at the role of light yagami tbh. it doesn't matter if he once did high school musical, actors do movies of different genres all the time. he shouldn't be labelled because of what he started out from. x
posted by Jessica on Apr 15, 2009
i agree with alot about l of light yagami being played by zac efron i hate the idea i mean there is nothing wrong with zac hes hot but he sould stick to disney movies dont you think it will hurt all the little fans of his with all the swearing he will have to do in the movie and they better not bleep it out either or i will be pissed!!. y of you gone to youtube and put in [American Remake]Death Note -Movie Cast - Light Yagami(Rumour-choice#1)well im ot going to say much more or i will be in a bad mood all day..
posted by MoonlightShadow on Apr 10, 2009
Ah yes, I was just reading further and I've also realized..if they're going to do this, they better add in more of the details and keep true to the manga, the Japanese one pissed me off because it didn't stay true to the story, which isn't that hard... L better be awesome though...he is my Deity
posted by MoonlightShadow on Apr 10, 2009
I would go to see it, just to laugh at it. But honestly, Zac Effron as L? (not Light guys..) that's retarded, ok, lets hire some preppy, "good looking" guy to be the insomniac, no emotions guy, sounds like a match to me. And Miley Cyrus might be able to pull off a Misa for the stupidity, but I don't think she could pull off the "undying puppy love" They seriously shouldn't make an Americanized version, the cast and crew would die a few days after published because of angry otaku, me being one of them. LEAVE DEATH NOTE BE!!!
posted by Watari on Apr 03, 2009
NO. Death Note should just be left alone. There is already the brilliant manga and anime and three Japanese movies. In my opinion that is enough. America especially should not attempt a movie after the mess they made of the English dubs. Death Note is amazing! We don't need an American movie!
posted by endingneverland on Apr 01, 2009
I think effron should just find another gay movie role to play. And leave this on to the pros. Anyways no one would even dare to cast him as L. If so he would be dead within the next 24 hours. XD
posted by BLMMN on Mar 29, 2009 First of all, you guys REALLY think Miley Cyrus is playing Misa? Really? That's not going to happen, guys. Second of all, no matter what you guys think, neither Keni'chi Matsumaya won't play L. Don't get me wrong, I thought he was adorable (more adorable that anime/manga L), but he wasn't quite creepy enough for L. And he can barely speak English. Wouldn't work for a British detective. Also, Johnny Depp would NOT make a good L because he's 45. Whine about it all you want, he won't revert back to his 21 Jump Street days. And, honestly, I'm hoping that Zac Efron gets cast as Light. Yeah, I hate him, but if he pulls it off, I'll respect him for that. And if he doesn't, well, at least I'll be laughing through the film.
posted by EraldoCoil on Mar 28, 2009
Death Note could be made into an excelent movie if they had the cast and directors etc. I think L-sama could be played by Johnny Depp if he was MUCH younger, but Matsuyama-san is the only one~ And Miley Cyrus could play Misa since she has her stupid personality. But if Zac Efron plays Yagami-kun, I will personally kill him.
posted by NOOOO on Mar 23, 2009
If they make this amazing anime and manga into an American Movie with actors like ZAC EFRON playing the role of Light Yagami, i will scream. That would just ruin it in my opinion D:
posted by mangaftw on Mar 08, 2009
they'd better not be doing this it'll fucking ruin the anime and manga compleatley the japanese movies were good i admit but that's cause they got a good cast miley cyrus as misa? that'll never work and zack efron al light?! that's just fucked up i mean seriously who could take him seriously as kira? they'd all end up thinking of hight school musical and start laughing at him
posted by angel666 on Mar 01, 2009
the japanese movies werent that good. people either loved the anime so much they made the movie seem better or they completely fell in love with kenichi as L. i noe i sure as hell did. but an american version might be better if they find the right actors zac looks like Light, but could he pull off acting as a killer? and it will be hard to find a good L... oh well. id see it regardless.
posted by Kona~chan on Jan 31, 2009
I hear that Miley Cyrus may be playing Misa... NOOOOOOOOOOO!
posted by Sam on Jan 24, 2009
Okay, seriously, all of you whining about how hollywood movies suck ass and the new death note movie is going to be shit need to shut the fuck up and GROW UP. First of all, the Japanese movie wasn't the best either. Admit that to yourself. Second, for the american movie to be worse than the japanese one would actually take effort. Third, how can you say hollywood movies suck when you all know you've seen quite a few hollywood movies (particularly comic-based movies) that were pretty damn good? For example: Spider Man. Fantastic 4. THE DARK KNIGHT? As for Matsuyama playing L? That is completely irrational. You all know perfectly well that it doesn't matter how amazing he was in the Japanese version, he will NOT be able to adapt to the american stylization of acting. He just can't. Seriously, shut up and mature a little bit, and maybe try pulling your head out of your ass for two minutes so you can actually see whats really going on around you. Your arguments make no sense, and its clear that you have absolutely no idea what your talking about.
posted by sileaux on Jan 24, 2009
Geres what I'm thinking. Death Note shouldn't be another opportunity for well-known celebrities to show their shit off to the world. It's a foreign movies remake, so if they really want it to be successful they should hire nobody actors. In the japanese version, it was okay for them to use celebrities from other movies because it originated in their country. It's their idea. For a foreign country to use huge stars on a remake is just weird on all kinds of levels.
posted by Tam... on Jan 23, 2009
WHAT THE FUCK??!! They may think its a good idea to make Death Note into a hollywood film, but I doubt the fans are too plaesed with this. originals are always the better movie, and they made the anime into a Japense film and it wasn't that good at all.. I seriously doubt the hollywood verison will be good. God I hate Hollywood. They love to ruin everything we love. And fuck Zac! He won't make a good Light.
posted by Ashley on Jan 15, 2009
Dear people saying: "Omg, give Zac Efron a chance! He only has been in one role! He might be able to play the part!" Uhh... News flash: He's been in many more things besides HSM. Jesus Christ. Stupid ignorant people... He's a bad actor in general. Get over it.
posted by raleigh on Dec 31, 2008
anime should NOT be made into live action. america will kill it.
posted by raleigh on Dec 31, 2008
NOOOOOOO! god, please no!
posted by ElkhartGreg on Dec 29, 2008
Still not convinced that someone playing a role like Troy could do it? Then imagine this conversation as Vertigo prepares to look at actors for the roles Studio Exec A: "Leonard DiCaprio is a huge fan and has expressed interest in playing Light." Studio Exec B: "This role needs a better actor than the kid that played Luke on 'Growing Pains'. Who's next?" SE A: "Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie would like to be FBI Agents Penber and Misora." SE B: "Great, Johnny Suede and Cash from Cyborg 2. I don't think so...". SE A: "Tom Hanks has also expressed in the Penber role." SE B: "I don't want people to think that this is a movie about cross-dressing so I'm not about to hire the star from Bosom Buddies." SE A: "With respects to Light's father, both Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman have had their people contact us." SE B: "So our choice is either a Dentist or another cross-dresser? Tell Nicholson there are no giants plants in this and tell Hoffman he'd better not bang on my window..." SE A: "Lastly, Johnny Depp wants badly to play L and has even agreed to read for it if needbe." SE B: "The kid from 21 Jump Street and the Freddy Krueger movies???" ...Hopefully, this has made my point...
posted by ElkhartGreg on Dec 29, 2008
I can't help but laugh when people protest Zac Efron based strictly on what he's done in the HSM series and fears that DeathNote will turn in to a musical. If the movie's good, anyone who says that they won't see the film is lying and he'd generate the HUGE interest needed outside the manga niche to get sequel-producing box office returns. The bottom line is that We've Only Seen Him In One Role. Who says he couldn't pull it off? The bottom line is that we don't know if he can do it or not because we haven't seen him play anyone besides Troy. Let's at least be open to the chance that he could pull it off...
posted by jason on Dec 17, 2008
hi jeza your a such loser i will killl you first i will write your name 2 it?......
posted by jeza on Dec 17, 2008
its a good movie ever cause i love deaths and i love to kill persons
posted by (Daijobu!) Banana Bo on Dec 16, 2008
This must not be allowed to happen. Especially not with that little scumbag Zack Efron. The guy who played L in the Japanese Movie was in Linda Linda Linda, too. I swear if it goes ahead I will see to it that every last copy of the American film is burned.
posted by Rawwr on Dec 14, 2008
ZAC EFRON AS LIGHT??? O.O please not muppet man! he would ruin the movie! but i guess its already going to be ruined coz they remade it. and OMG! NOONE IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO PLAY L PROPERLY! KENICHI MATSUYAMA IS THE ONLY ONE! i love DN and ick i cant even imagine how much theyre gonna screw it up ><
posted by Person...? on Dec 08, 2008
I haven't even watched the Japanese one, but I want to watch it anyways. ^.^ I agree Zac Efron isn't suited for a character like Kira, AND NO ONE CAN BEAT L!!!!!!! hhahahahaah i<3L!! I just hope the movie turns out good, I'd watch it either way :)
posted by Arcania on Nov 13, 2008
I hear Zac is gonna be Kira, I hope he doesn't mess it up. Definitely he can play the "perfect highschool boy Yagami" part, but the diabolical Kira? hmm... and then there's L...who can play L...? ah, If only Jhonny Depp were younger... I swear to God, though, if they mess this up, they will have the producer's names on every fake deathnote in the world...>_<
posted by Mello\'s Chocolate on Nov 03, 2008
I actually think this would be a good opertunity to make a better version of the movies. The japanese DN's were SO frigen low budget! I don't even know why they bothered to make the movies! I think it would be great to have more American fans of DN, but if Mello's not in the movies I'm going to cry! DN is probabley the most realistic, life-like, manga so it's very apropriate to make this into a movie. I hope that they will make at least 3 or 4 movies so that they won't mess up the storyline, and PLEASE let Mello be in them!!!! MELLO-KUN!!!!!!! D,8
posted by Kelly-sama on Oct 30, 2008
HWAAA! High School Musical boy??!! HWAAAAA! The thought strikes horror into the very souls of living people....HWAAAAAA! Holy Crap!
posted by Elle on Oct 29, 2008
Hmm, I'm worried, but I want an American version, simply to see it from another light (lol, bad joke intended)... but Zac Effron would be an awful Light. I'm not saying that because I hate him, but because he simply doesn't have the right character structure. I couldn't believe him in a "Cold aloof prodigy turned obsessive, homicidal meglomaniac" role. Not right at all. Ken'Ichi's L will be hard to replace, though, his acting was brilliant. And *giggle* Mello's comment really sounded like something DN's Mello would say!
posted by Nicha on Oct 28, 2008
i think Zac would be fine playing Light- BUT NO ONE CAN REPLACE THE GUY WHO PLAYED L IN THE JAPANESE LIVE ACTION! NO ONE!!!!!!!!! KEN'ICHI MATSUMAYA FOREVAH!!! (oh my god he set such a high standard... it'll be SO hard finding a good L now...)
posted by kagame on Oct 22, 2008
hey,atleast if efron does play light,we get to watch him die >XD
posted by kagame on Oct 22, 2008
hey,atleat if efron dose play light,we get to watch him die >XD
posted by theBat1toM2 on Oct 22, 2008
What's with you people!? Haven't you noticed that the original versio of the movies Vertigo has remade sucked!? Didn't you notice how the Vertigo versions DON'T!? They'll do fine! And as for Efron, I'll think he'll do great, if he does play Light. We all know he can't play HSM forever, and he knows it too! If he is on board, the biggest reason is either A)He's a fan, or B) He wants to branch out as an actor so he's not always "that kid from HSM." And he PROBABLY won't play a character like Light like his HSM character, dipshits. Not sure why you can't figure that out. O yeah, that's right-you're a bunch of hating dipshits! DER!
posted by Luna on Oct 22, 2008
if light is gonna be zac efron then they might as well put miley cyrus as misa...
posted by Luna on Oct 22, 2008
if light is gonna be zac efron then they might as well put miley cyrus as misa...
posted by Seejayy on Oct 21, 2008
I heard that Johnny Depp might also be considered, I think he would be playing L. God... I really hope Zac Efron isn't in this movie... If he is, I'm going to stop watching American movies all together. The DBZ one is going to suck... Big time...
posted by missy123 on Oct 21, 2008
is this all a rumor about Zac Efron being Light
posted by Dylanie on Oct 17, 2008
I heard Zac Efron was going to be Light in the movie. WHY!? I'm gonna punch him and murder him. RAWRRRR
posted by L on Oct 13, 2008
I hope they do make an american remake of Death note but it better not star Zac Efron it it because He'll ruin the movie for sure.
posted by haharandomlaughing on Sep 25, 2008
no disney stars please no!!!
posted by Rudolphsky on Sep 21, 2008
Sweet...... Well it can't be worse than the Japanese version, comeon, L looks like Rock Lee....
posted by Alex on Sep 21, 2008
OMG!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! They will ruin Death Note! D: and Zac Efron as Light? No way, it will suck! T__T
posted by Rui on Sep 21, 2008
It would be alright but the Japanese ones were fine already, in my opinion, though if the American version would at least pick suitable people to play the roles and not just Hollywood's latest actors and actresses. But seriously, please no Zac Efron..
posted by Uwaku on Sep 19, 2008
The japanese one wasn't very good, so this one might not be as good as the Japanese ones... Sadly...
posted by Mello on Sep 17, 2008
No. Nuh uh. NEVER. An American remake? The Japanese movies were bad enough! America has a tendency to ruin perfectly good things from other countries. Shitty anime dubs being one thing. And I'm sorry, but I DO NOT want to see fuckin' Zac Efron plaing Light! If an American version was made, it would feature today's current 'stars', or rather, Hollywood's latest idiots. Burn in Hell, plans for an Americanized Death Note movie.
posted by Blackchaos on Sep 12, 2008
DeathNote is definitly an apropriate mang to have remade into a american movie. I can't wait to see it, but I just hope that its actually a good movie. As for DBZ, I'm a little baffled as to how they're gonna make a live action remake of that, but I hope its good too, even though I don't really watch DBZ, its a step forward to the respect people might have for manga.

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