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Rose Byrne Said the New Bond Girl Is Abbie Cornish

August 02, 2007 10:03:57 GMT

May have let slip casting information on the new Bond Girl for "Bond 22", Australian actress Rose Byrne has pointed out to MTV News that the role has probably gone to her fellow thesp Abbie Cornish, who also happens to be her real-life friend.

The statement came right from Byrne's mouth during a recent interview with MTV when she was asked whether she had been contacted about the part. Denied any involvement in the project, the beauty surprisingly later exclaimed, "I think Abbie Cornish�s got it."

Jack Black Set for The Lost Adventures of Stone Perlmutter Jr.

August 02, 2007 09:20:16 GMT

He's been a music teacher, a film producer, and a Mexican wrestler, and now is about to become an adventurer as well, obviously for the big screen. Yes, Jack Black has signed on to assume the profession in his new starring vehicle "The Lost Adventures of Stone Perlmutter Jr", which he also produces.

Described as a faux documentary made from recently "discovered" footage from 1979, the adventure comedy is said to chronicle the disastrous journey of a self-styled Indiana Jones-type adventurer who travels around the world trying to find the Yeti, El Dorado, the lost tomb of Jesus, and other great mysteries.

JLA Helmer is George Miller?

August 02, 2007 08:52:02 GMT

Looks like George Miller is up for something big in his film-directing career. Latino Review and Collider.com have both come up with reports claiming the "Happy Feet" helmer is considering to take the director's chair in the anticipated "Justice League of America", which Warner Bros. Pictures is currently setting up under its banner.

Collider.com even further pointed out that Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern could possibly be featured in the project. Also informed the flick may become a priority for Warner Bros. than "Superman: The Man of Steel", the site surprisingly revealed that there is a rumor out there saying one of these superheroes would not see a sequel, which only means that the company is planning a death on the character.

Idol Judge Simon Cowell Has Star Struck

August 02, 2007 07:49:23 GMT

Music mogul Simon Cowell apparently has developed a new interest in entertainment industry. The "American Idol" judge reportedly is now venturing into film production through a music-themed project tentatively titled "Star Struck."

Inspired by Alan Parker's 1980 effort "Fame", pic will be set behind the scenes of a TV singing competition in the vein of "Idol" and British show "X-Factor" while centering on the show's ten contestants who try to make it to the top.

1-18-08 Now Titled Overnight?

August 02, 2007 07:20:13 GMT

Mystery continues to surround on J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie "1-18-08." Also referred as "Cloverfield", the project now is speculated to have a new title called "Overnight."

A posting on Slashfilm.com has informed a new trademark named "Overnight" was registered on July 18, 2007 for the use in "motion picture, television and music production and distribution services" by attorneys known to be associates of Abrams. What makes things fishy here is that they also happen to be the ones registering the Slusho.jp, which has been presumed to be the viral website for the project, as well as the name of Abrams' production company, Bad Robot.

Punisher 2 Filmed October 2007

August 02, 2007 05:13:42 GMT

Vigilante Frank Castle is ready to load his guns again this year. Lionsgate Film as the company producing "The Punisher 2" revealed in its new press release issued on Wednesday morning (August 1) that production on the flick has been set for an October start date with "Rome" star Ray Stevenson starring under Lexi Alexander's direction.

Marks the third screen incarnation for the Marvel Comics' anti-hero, the project reportedly will be made for an R rating and take place in New York where the titular character runs up against a mobster. Nick Santora, Kurt Sutter, Matt Holloway, and Art Marcum penned the script while Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige is producing alongside Avi Arad and Gale Anne Hurd.

The 20th Annual Shark Week Scores

August 02, 2007 04:17:12 GMT

Going into the surface Sunday night (July 29), Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" really got off on the right fin in its twentieth anniversary with the airing of "Ocean of Fear: The Worst Shark Attack Ever."

Telling about the true story of survival experienced by the crew of the sinking U.S.S. Indianapolis, the program amazingly attracted 3.9 million total viewers from 9-11 PM to become the highest-rated premiere episode on record for the event, beating out 2003's "Anatomy of a Shark Bite" (3.2 million).

Universal Pictures Gears Up for Sports Comedy with Pros

August 02, 2007 03:44:35 GMT

Another day, another project from Universal Pictures. The giant film company is now being reported to have put a new sports comedy titled "Pros" into its future movie slate following its plan to make "Shinobi" alongside Circle of Confusion and Spitfire Pictures.

Story takes shape after a fire incident destroys a local YMCA's tennis court, leading the kids to ask a favor of a local country club to allow them playing on its courts for the summer. This, however, ignites a rivalry between a hardworking blue-collar YMCA pro and a blue-blooded playboy country club pro.

Dark Knight to Have a New Theme

August 01, 2007 09:17:50 GMT

Dark Knight, The picture
Fans of the Caped Crusader may hear something different by the time they watch "The Dark Knight" in theaters nearby.

An exclusive report brought in by Superhero Hype! has earned statement from composer Hans Zimmer saying he is working on a new Batman theme for the highly-anticipated project, which will be the second installment in the revitalized superhero franchise.

Ricky Gervais Takes Early Retirement

August 01, 2007 08:49:13 GMT

Need not surprise, folks, the "Early Retirement" Ricky Gervais is set to have obviously only happens on the big screen for sure.

Yes, the British comic reportedly gets attached to topline the comedy for Warner Bros. Pictures, which will set it up under its banner alongside Mosaic Media's Charles Roven and Richard Suckle.

Rush Hour 3 Gets Starry L.A. Premiere

August 01, 2007 08:17:24 GMT

The world-famous Grauman's Chinese Theater indeed got more crowded than usual on Monday, July 30 as numerous enthusiastic people flocked to greet well-known figures coming for the L.A. premiere of "Rush Hour 3", the latest threequel in this summer set to open August 10 in theaters stateside.

Most eyes fixed on star Jackie Chan when the martial arts veteran, luminous in a loose white outfit, ran cheerfully down the Hollywood Boulevard, dishing out smiles and kisses to delighted fans and flashing cameras.

Disney Producing Pet Robots

August 01, 2007 07:40:27 GMT

Entering the realm of comic-book adaptations, Walt Disney Pictures is on its way to bring to the surface high-tech comedy "Pet Robots" based on a graphic novel of the same name alongside BenderSpink's Chris Bender and J.C. Spink, Variety has reported.

Names to direct, adapt, and star are still unknown yet, but it has been confirmed that Jake Weiner will executive produce with Jon Silk co-producing. Weiner is no stranger to the comic-book-adaptation thing, having previously co-produced 2005's "A History of Violence", New Line Cinema's film version of the John Wagner and Vince Locke graphic novel.

Helmer Hired for Snow and the Seven

August 01, 2007 06:45:39 GMT

After struggling to get "Snow and the Seven" into the surface, Walt Disney Pictures finally is bringing the project into another phase of development as the studio has successfully tapped veteran music-video director Francis Lawrence to handle helming matters on the flick.

A live action East-meets-West take on the "Snow White" fairy tale, the fantasy adventure focuses on a British girl raised in 19th century Hong Kong who realizes that her destiny is to conquer an evil force. This thus leads her to get prepared to fight under the tutelage of seven Shaolin monks.

Skinwalkers Soundtrack Hitting the Stores!

August 01, 2007 05:20:48 GMT

In anticipation to 'Skinwalkers' theatrical release, a soundtrack spawning beats by Andre Lockington (Xchange, Cake, Saint Ralph) is brought on street to give early impact. The online release date is set for July 31 while the physical CD will be dropped August 7, just 3 days prior its movie release.

For this record alone, Lockington did a research on Japanese's Taiko and Sudanese percussion that will serve the basis of the whole orchestral arrangement. The overall sound of the scores is the meeting between modern digital vibe and medieval instruments.

Vince Vaughn Brewing Projects at Universal

August 01, 2007 04:29:53 GMT

Appears to be keen enough to plant his name firmly in producing field, "Wedding Crashers" star Vince Vaughn has struck a two-year, first-look producing deal with Universal Pictures through his Wild West Picture Show Productions.

The funnyman and the giant film company will reportedly kick off the pact with three big screen features, each of which could be a starring vehicle for the actor. Already in development stage is "Male Doula", a high-concept comedy based on idea hatched by Vaughn which will have its script penned by Dana Fox, who has also been tapped to write for "What Happens in Vegas...".
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