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Sienna Miller's Scene Cut From 'Black Mass' Starring Johnny Depp

September 03, 2015 18:41:29 GMT

Sienna Miller will no longer appear in Whitey Bulger biopic "Black Mass". Director Scott Cooper confirms that her scene has been removed from the true-story drama starring Johnny Depp. "It came down to narrative choices," so he explains.

Steven Spielberg Says Superhero Movies Will Fade Away Like the Westerns

September 03, 2015 17:05:52 GMT

Steven Spielberg believes superhero movies won't last forever. Speaking to The Associated Press during the press tour of his Cold War movie "Bridge of Spies" starring Tom Hanks, the veteran director/producer predicts the genre will die like the Westerns.

Mark Ruffalo Explains Why Hulk Is Not in 'Captain America: Civil War'

September 03, 2015 15:42:38 GMT

Hulk was initially rumored to join "Captain America: Civil War" but he was eventually sidelined from the movie. "My character had been inserted in the script, but then it was taken away. Who knows, maybe Hulk will never return," Mark Ruffalo told BadTaste.It.

Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks Studios to Split From Disney

September 03, 2015 14:34:39 GMT

Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks Studios is to end its distribution partnership with the Walt Disney Co., which expires in August 2016, sources confirm to Variety. Disney will release two more Dreamworks movie directed by Steven "Bridge of Spies" starring Tom Hanks and "The BFG".

Diane Krugger and Elizabeth Banks Stun at 'Everest' Premiere in Venice

September 03, 2015 12:30:31 GMT

"Everest (2015)" cast members and other Hollywood celebrities attended a special screening of the movie at the 2015 Venice Film Festival on Wednesday evening, September 2 in Venice, Italy. Among those who glittered the red carpet were Diane Kruger and Elizabeth Banks who were selected to do the judging at the 72nd annual event.

Stan Lee Reveals Reasons That Cause 'Fantastic Four' Failure

September 03, 2015 09:09:09 GMT

Josh Trank's "The Fantastic Four" was a total flop at box office. It was slammed by critics and received poor reviews. Following the failure, the director blamed 20th Century Fox for not using his idea. Regardless of what Trank said, Stan Lee, the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics, pointed out other reasons that caused the failure.

Liev Schreiber's Sabretooth May Appear in 'Wolverine 3'

September 03, 2015 08:12:07 GMT

It is obvious that "The Wolverine 3" will be the last film in which Hugh Jackman plays the clawed mutant. What remains unclear is whether Jackman will be joined by Liev Schreiber's Sabretooth. When stopping by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", Schreiber discussed the possibility of appearing in the next Wolverine movie.

Tom Hardy Is a Likely Candidate to Be the Next James Bond

September 03, 2015 06:46:43 GMT

Following rumors that "Spectre" may be Daniel Craig's last James Bond movie, bookmakers are placing bets on which actor will next play Bond. Latest report says that BoyleSports, an online bookmaker based in Ireland, has considered British actor Tom Hardy as a new favorite to replace Craig.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Promo Art Features Stormtroopers Riding Speeder

September 03, 2015 04:21:48 GMT

Disney has debuted another promotional artwork for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" which features one of the film's Stormtroopers and a Speeder mid-flight. The Stormtrooper wears a black armor while riding the vehicle seemingly in a high speed.

'Jack Reacher 2' Set for October 2016 Release

September 03, 2015 03:13:04 GMT

Although 2012's "Jack Reacher" wasn't a huge hit at domestic box office, it will get a sequel after all. The homicide investigator will return to bring justice as Paramount has announced that "Jack Reacher 2" will be released in the U.S. on October 21, 2016.

First Look at 'Angry Birds' Paradise and Villainous Pigs Revealed

September 03, 2015 02:18:54 GMT

Rovio Entertainment and Sony Pictures have released three new images from game adaptation "Angry Birds", giving a first look at the green pig villains. Meanwhile, the other images tease the all-bird island paradise along with its inhabitants.

'Code Name Veil' Puts Ansel Elgort as CIA Agent

September 03, 2015 01:33:18 GMT

Ansel Elgort is taking a CIA agent role in his new movie. "The Fault in Our Stars" actor is joining "Code Name Veil" which is directed by "Kill the Messenger" helmer Michael Cuesta.

Idris Elba Reacts to James Bond Author's 'Too Street' Comment

September 03, 2015 00:18:25 GMT

Idris Elba finally gave a thought to the controversy surrounding the next James Bond. The "Prometheus" actor who was deemed "too street" to play the world-famous spy responded in the most classy way.

Report: Cate Blanchett to Play Lucille Ball in Aaron Sorkin's Biopic

September 02, 2015 22:07:02 GMT

Having had numerous film projects to complete, Cate Blanchett is adding one more to her resume as she reportedly has been attached to star as Hollywood legend Lucille Ball in an authorized biopic that Aaron Sorkin is set to write for Escape Artists. A representative for Blanchett declined to comment on the report, while a representative for Sorkin did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Eyes Elle Fanning, Olivia Cooke, Lola Kirke for Lead

September 02, 2015 12:38:15 GMT

Steven Spielberg's upcoming movie "Ready Player One" is eying three actresses for its female lead. According to The Wrap, Elle Fanning, Olivia Cooke ("Bates Motel") and Lola Kirke ("Gone Girl", "Mistress America") are three of top contenders who will test for the role Art3mis, the avatar of Samantha Cook within the Oasis, which is the virtual reality universe at the center of the sci-fi story.

'Maze Runner 3' Will Take Place a Year After 'The Scorch Trials'

September 02, 2015 09:25:46 GMT

Although "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" has yet to be released, fans have already got some information about the sequel. Speaking to Collider, director Wes Ball revealed that "The Maze Runner: The Death Cure" would actually pick up one year after the events in "The Scorch Trials".

Michael Shannon Clarifies 'Batman v Superman' Flipper Hands Rumor

September 02, 2015 08:19:49 GMT

Michael Shannon previously hinted that his character, General Zod, would have flippers for hand in upcoming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Shannon made it clear that the information he said was not right.

Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore Are Best Friends in 'Miss You Already' First Trailer

September 02, 2015 07:21:26 GMT

The first trailer for friendship drama "Miss You Already" has surfaced online. The movie stars Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore as Milly and Jess, two best friends who have shared everything in their life since they were children and who are always on each other's sides either in good times or bad times.

Josh Gad to Play Film Critic Roger Ebert in 'Russ and Roger'

September 02, 2015 06:18:16 GMT

Josh Gad has signed on for biographical comedy "Russ & Roger". Gad will portray film critic Roger Ebert, joining Will Ferrell who will play critic and filmmaker Russ Meyer in the feature film which is being developed at STX Entertainment.

'Concussion' Director Disputes Report That Sony Altered Script for NFL

September 02, 2015 04:34:06 GMT

Will Smith's NFL fact-based drama "Concussion (2015)" has found itself in the middle of a controversy. The New York Times reported that the script of "Concussion" was altered to avoid antagonizing the NFL. However, director Peter Landesman disputed the report, saying that the movie would preserve the real story without compromising with the football organization.
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