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June 04, 2011

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to Sign Prenup

June 04, 2011 15:17:29 GMT

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have begun the planning of their marriage and the first thing they do is prenup. "It's the smart thing to do," sources told TMZ because both the reality star and the basketball player are worth millions each.
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Reported Splitting From A-Rod, Cameron Diaz Talks Marriage

June 04, 2011 14:08:23 GMT

It was only four months ago that Cameron Diaz was seen affectionately feeding Alex Rodriguez with popcorn during Super Bowl. Now it's reported that the couple has split, fueled further by an interview in which the actress again said that marriage and kids are not in her agenda.
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Report: Whitney Houston Extends Addiction Treatment

June 04, 2011 10:09:49 GMT

Whitney Houston feels like she needs more help in her "long-standing recovery process". The singer has completed a 30-day outpatient program earlier this week but she is "voluntarily seeking additional treatment for drug and alcohol," TMZ reported.
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Cop Can't Recognize Jeremy Piven and Gave Him Ticket

June 04, 2011 06:52:29 GMT

Although he has won Emmys and Golden Globe through "Entourage", Jeremy Piven failed to be recognized by a cop. The actor was written a ticket in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 2 after a cop pulled him over.
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Kim Kardashian, Snooki Meet Their Haters in 'H8R' Promo

June 04, 2011 06:11:16 GMT

Mario Lopez is going to bring celebrities face to face with their haters on "H8R". In a sneak peek to The CW's new series, Kim Kardashian will meet a woman who alleges the star's butt is fake, while Snooki will confront a man who calls her "sucks".
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Justin Bieber NOT Planning to Propose to Selena Gomez on Her 19th Birthday

June 04, 2011 06:04:49 GMT

Justin Bieber has poured cold water to the swirling rumors suggesting that he's going to propose to girlfriend Selena Gomez on her nineteenth birthday next July. Quickly speaking up to clarify the gossip was the "Baby" hitmaker's rep who strictly claimed that the issue was "Not true!"
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New 'Deathly Hallows Part 2' Clip Is Set for 2011 MTV Movie Awards

June 04, 2011 05:40:03 GMT

MTV is ready to thrill "Harry Potter" fans by preparing to debut fresh clip from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II" at 2011 MTV Movie Awards. The never-before-seen video will be presented by Emma Watson, who happens to be the nominee of the Best Female Performance Award.
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Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs Melissa Leo for Emmy Awards Campaign Ad

June 04, 2011 05:23:57 GMT

Jimmy Kimmel, along with Pee Wee Herman, pokes fun at senior actress Melissa Leo in his 2011 Emmy Awards campaign ad. Imitating "The Fighter" actress' trademark pose on a glamorous photo shoot for her 2011 Academy Awards campaign, the TV host appears in a "For Your Consideration" ad to try to woo Emmy voters.
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Video Premiere: Tyler, the Creator's 'She' Ft. Frank Ocean

June 04, 2011 05:22:50 GMT

Tyler, the Creator, the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All ringleader, has dropped a music video in support of his latest single "She". The clip directed by Wolf Haley and filmed in Los Angeles revolves around a "Goblin" who stalks a girl. Instead of taking the creepy theme like those thriller movies, it's twisted into a hilarious video.
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Blake Lively Plans to Laugh Off Nude Picture Scandal at MTV Movie Awards

June 04, 2011 05:19:10 GMT

Blake Lively's scheduled appearance at 2011 MTV Movie Awards will not be affected by her recent naked photo scandal. The 23-year-old beauty, who is booked to present the golden popcorn, is still set to attend the show which is going to take place on Sunday, June 5.
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Jesse Eisenberg Wears Bomb Vest in Fresh Clip for '30 Minutes or Less'

June 04, 2011 04:50:07 GMT

A fresh clip from "30 Minutes or Less" marks the end of MTV "Sneak Peek Week". It opens with a scene where Aziz Ansari is teaching his students in a classroom, before Jesse Eisenberg suddenly pops up and says that he is forced to rob a bank. When Jesse reveals a bomb vest attached on his chest, Aziz starts to chew the truth and freak out.
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Official Snippet of Selena Gomez's 'Bang Bang Bang'

June 04, 2011 04:34:23 GMT

Selena Gomez's soon-to-be-released promotional single has got an official preview. She posted the snippet on her Twitter and preceded it with a posting which read, "Getting excited to be @RyanSeacrest for the weekend on @AmericanTop40 BTW I'll have a surprise for everyone!"
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House Not Trying to Kill Cuddy in 'House M.D.' Season 7 Finale

June 04, 2011 04:33:13 GMT

House left an impression that he was trying to kill Cuddy in the season 7 finale of "House M.D." after he crashed his car into her living room, but now David Shore has explained that it is not the case. "I'm aware of that reaction [and], though it's not universal, it's something we have to think about. It wasn't intended," the show's creator insisted.
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New 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' Pic: Shockwave and Snake Robots

June 04, 2011 04:02:15 GMT

Bad robots in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" have hit the web through a new image. While it looks similar to a Shockwave-featuring photo which was revealed previously, the villain this time is featured alongside his snake-like buddies, the ones that cut down a skyscraper in "Dark of the Moon" videos.
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Joe Jonas' New Single 'See No More' Gets Mixed Responses

June 04, 2011 03:33:08 GMT

Joe Jonas' first solo single has finally been revealed in a new song called "See No More". Soon after the middle of the Jonas Brothers' song debuted on radio, it got mixed reactions from fans; some called it "addictive," but there are others who were simply not impressed with it.
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Photos: Snooki Flaunts PDA With Boyfriend at Florence Street

June 04, 2011 03:30:20 GMT

Not so long after being involved in a fender bender as she crashed a patrol car last week, Snooki is once again stealing attention on the streets of Florence, Italy. The 23-year-old reality star was snapped having PDA with boyfriend Jionni LaValle, while filming "Jersey Shore" in the Renaissance city.
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Sookie and Jessica Strip Off in New 'True Blood' Season 4 Promo

June 04, 2011 03:14:44 GMT

A new trailer for "True Blood" season 4 is released to tide fans over the June 26 premiere. Set to air on Sunday, June 5 during 2011 MTV Movie Awards, the preview has landed online earlier via Entertainment Weekly.
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Kate Middleton's Female Friend Reveals Their Girl-On-Girl Kissing

June 04, 2011 03:11:10 GMT

Rumor has it, Kate Middleton once had a makeout session with a girl. The 29-year-old beauty who became Duchess of Cambridge following her marriage to Prince William reportedly did "the girl-on-girl moment" when she attended Marlborough College boarding school in 1996.
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First Trailer for Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum's 'The Vow' Arrives

June 04, 2011 02:37:03 GMT

Valentine's Day is still far away but the first trailer for romantic film "The Vow" has landed online via Apple. Newlywed Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are deeply in love, before a car accident erases Rachel's recent memory and threatens their romantic relationship. As it is revealed that Rachel assumes Channing as her doctor, the emotional problems begin.
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Adele Apologizes for Canceling Her North American Tour

June 04, 2011 02:36:03 GMT

Adele, who recently ruled Billboard Hot 200 for multiple weeks with her sophomore set "21", was forced to scrap remaining dates of her North American tour due to illness. In a statement when announcing the cancellation, the British singer said, "I'm really frustrated." She added, "I'm so sorry."
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'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Gets Premiere Date, Season 5 Gets Start Date

June 04, 2011 02:22:32 GMT

The premiere of "Jersey Shore" season 4, which is currently in production in Florence, Italy, has been set. Snooki and the gang will return with a new chapter on Thursday, August 4, at 10 P.M. ET/PT on MTV, the network has just announced.
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Blake Lively Might Have Leaked Nude Photos Herself, Joe Francis Says

June 04, 2011 01:58:54 GMT

News surrounding Blake Lively's nude picture scandal hasn't died down despite her camp's attempt to deny the authenticity of the racy images. Most recently, Joe Francis shared his theory regarding the issue, "I would say 90 percent it's an orchestrated attempt or act on her part [to raise her profile]. I'm not sure, but my inclination is that it's coming from her. She knows what she's doing or someone in her camp does."
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Universal to Develop Sci-Fi Thriller Movie With 'Fast Five' Director Producing

June 04, 2011 01:44:15 GMT

After gaining success through "Fast Five" and its previous "The Fast and The Furious" film series, Justin Lin is back with a new movie. This time, he will once again team up with Universal Pictures to develop an untitled sci-fi/thriller project, in which he will serve as the producer along with Scott Stuber.
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Kim Kardashian Beaming in Engagement Night Photo

June 04, 2011 01:39:03 GMT

More details on Kim Kardashian's engagement have been shared by her sister Khloe Kardashian. The "Khloe & Lamar" star has just posted a picture from the night when Kris Humphries popped the important question to her sister. Looking happy, the pair smile to the camera with the New Jersey Nets star holding her shoulder.
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Paramore's 'Monster' From 'Transformers 3' Arrives in Full

June 04, 2011 01:04:15 GMT

Paramore release a "Monster" song on June 3 as their first official release as a trio. Being recorded for "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" soundtrack, it carries aggressive tone with solid hook which hardly makes the song a disappointment. The mood is set right from the beginning when the distant guitar sound is played and the tight drum-smacking sound follows.
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Megan Fox Disliked How She Was Portrayed as Sex Symbol

June 03, 2011 17:40:32 GMT

Megan Fox did not like the way she was portrayed in "Transformers" films, therefore she quit. According to her former co-star Shia LaBeouf, Fox was not ready to become a sex symbol after her appearance in the first film which hit theaters in 2007.
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Listen to Coldplay's New Single 'Every Tear is a Waterfall'

June 03, 2011 17:16:31 GMT

The single that Coldplay announced at the end of last month is officially out for digital sale. "I turn the music on/ I've got my records on/ From underneath the rubble, sing a rebel song," frontman Chris Martin crooned in "Every Tear is a Waterfall".