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March 01, 2010

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Rosamund Pike to Play Pussy Galore for Radio Adaptation of 'Goldfinger'

March 01, 2010 09:56:14 GMT

Actress Rosamund Pike is heading back to the "Bond" franchise for a new U.K. radio adaptation. The British beauty starred as a double agent opposite Pierce Brosnan in his last outing as 007, "Die Another Day" in 2002.
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Mom Hopes Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy to Wed in Britain Church

March 01, 2010 09:55:46 GMT

Simon Cowell's mother has urged the music mogul to wed in his native Britain - to please his local reverend. The "American Idol" star sparked speculation he had proposed to Mezhgan Hussainy after she was snapped sporting a diamond band on her ring finger following an intimate Valentine's Day date.
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Robert Pattinson Not a Big Fan of 3-D Movies

March 01, 2010 09:48:09 GMT

Robert Pattinson is hoping the final "Twilight" movie isn't released in 3-D - because he finds the technology "confusing". The British hunk, who plays bloodsucker Edward Cullen, is preparing to start work on the final installment of the vampire franchise, "The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn".
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William H. Macy Mistaken for Mick Jagger

March 01, 2010 09:46:14 GMT

Veteran actor William H. Macy's new shaggy-haired look has fans confused - he was recently mistaken for The Rolling Stones rocker Sir Mick Jagger. The "Fargo" star, 59, usually keeps his locks short but he is growing them out for an upcoming movie role. Macy's shoulder-length hair had one celebrity-spotter convinced he was Jagger - and the actor was so amused, he decided against correcting the fan.
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'Shrek Forever After' Will Open 2010 Tribeca Film Festival

March 01, 2010 09:42:18 GMT

"Shrek Forever After" will have its world premiere at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. The DreamWorks' 3-D animation will serve as the festival's opening-night film and is going to be screened on April 21 or a month before its U.S. release schedule.
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Tracy Morgan: Friends Don't Believe I'm Starring Opposite Bruce Willis

March 01, 2010 09:35:40 GMT

Comedian Tracy Morgan is delighted to see his face on billboards advertising his new movie with Bruce Willis - because his pals refused to believe he'd landed a major role opposite the Hollywood action man. The funnyman, best known for his part on hit TV show "30 Rock", stars alongside Willis in "Cop Out", about two police detectives who go on the hunt for a stolen collectible baseball card.
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'Brothers and Sisters' 4.17 Preview: Freeluc.com

March 01, 2010 09:23:10 GMT

Picking up where this week's episode left off, "Brothers & Sisters" March 14 episode will still focus on the Sarah-Luc complication. Luc has 4 weeks until his visa expires and at the end of last episode, Sarah has agreed to marry him. Problem is now not only between the couple but also includes Kitty.
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Kevin Smith Agrees to Direct 'Cop Out' to Make Late Dad Proud

March 01, 2010 09:21:52 GMT

Kevin Smith signed on to direct new comedy "Cop Out" as a tribute to his late father. The filmmaker's latest release stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as a pair of detectives on the hunt for a stolen collectible baseball card.
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Kelly Rowland Teams Up With Michael Buble

March 01, 2010 09:19:56 GMT

Kelly Rowland has entered recording booth with Michael Buble to remix a classic song from the Bee Gees. The R&B singer teams up with Michael for the remix of the band's 1977 single called "How Deep Is Your Love".
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Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese Tie the Knot

March 01, 2010 09:08:24 GMT

"Supernatural" co-stars Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese exchanged vows in Idaho on Saturday, February 27. The couple married in an intimate ceremony in the bride's hometown of Sun Valley.
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Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me' Launches a Bunch of New Clips

March 01, 2010 08:57:36 GMT

Collider has got its hand on some sneak peeks from "Remember Me". Included in a single video, some of the clips have been released previously. However, the other clips entitled "You Can't Smoke in Here", "I Take After My Mother", "You're Tyler's Girlfriend", "Why Aren't You Riveted?" and "My Father Is A Yankess Fan" have not been previewed before.
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Jude Law Meets His Child With Samantha Burke for the First Time

March 01, 2010 08:53:09 GMT

British actor Jude Law has reportedly met his lovechild for the first time since the baby's birth in September 2009. The "Alfie" star became a father for the fourth time when American model Samantha Burke gave birth to little Sophia following a brief fling with the actor while he filmed "Sherlock Holmes" in New York.
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First Look: Charlie Sheen on 'Family Guy'

March 01, 2010 08:40:00 GMT

In the middle of his messy personal life, Charlie Sheen keeps his career intact by making a guest voice appearance on "Family Guy". The actor, who was accused of strangling his wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas vacation, is animated on the cartoon wearing his signature "Two and a Half Men" shirt.
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John Mayer Flirting With Ke$ha

March 01, 2010 08:24:06 GMT

On February 27, John Mayer wrote on Twitter that Ke$ha has won his heart. "Dear Ke$ha, you have won me over with your tricks and charms and I must tell you I really like your song," the pop/rock singer tweeted on the micro-blogging site.
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Jay Sean Quietly Dating New Lover

March 01, 2010 08:10:51 GMT

British R&B star Jay Sean is no longer an eligible bachelor - the singer has found himself a girlfriend. The 30-year-old admits he has been quietly dating for the last few months, but he's refusing to name his new lover as he wants to keep the blossoming romance out of the public eye. He says, "She isn't in the industry and I'm keeping her quiet."
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Leona Lewis Plants a Tree for Her Every Flight

March 01, 2010 07:55:08 GMT

Leona Lewis is making sure her jet-setting music career doesn't harm the environment - the singer plants a tree every time she makes a journey by plane. The "Bleeding Love" star is a keen supporter of green causes, and admits she feels guilty when she traverses the globe to promote her music.
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Video: Jennifer Lopez Showcasing New Songs on 'SNL'

March 01, 2010 07:52:11 GMT

In addition to spoofing Rihanna in a digital short, Jennifer Lopez also took the stage to entertain the "Saturday Night Live" viewers with her live performances on February 27. She acoustically sang two tracks, "Starting Over" and "Pieces" both of which are supposedly taken from her new album "Love?".
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'Glee' Spoiler: Will Is a Whore

March 01, 2010 07:51:11 GMT

Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester is not exactly the man he is, according to Jessalyn Gilsig who plays his wife Terri. The actress spilled that the supposed protagonist has his flaw after all, and it will show when "Glee" returns on April 13.
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Full Winners List of 35th Cesar Awards

March 01, 2010 07:45:58 GMT

"A Prophet" has come home victorious at the 35th Annual Cesar Awards. Being nominated in thirteen categories, the film managed to land nine kudos, two of which were presented to its star Tahar Rahim. The 18-year-old won best actor and breakthrough performance for his role as a 19-year-old small-time hood who becomes a Mafia kingpin behind bars.
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Uffie Not Bothered by Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok' Similarities to Her Track

March 01, 2010 07:34:12 GMT

Rapper Uffie has dismissed comparisons between one of her tracks and Ke$ha's recent hit "Tik Tok" - insisting she's not "upset" about the "similarities". Ke$ha scored a number one on America's Billboard chart when she released her debut single in 2009.
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'Average' Gemma Arterton Confused by Her Sexy Image

March 01, 2010 07:30:22 GMT

British actress Gemma Arterton can't understand her pin-up status - because the former "Bond" girl is convinced she's "average" looking. The 24-year-old shot to stardom with her role opposite Daniel Craig in 2008's "Quantum of Solace", and she has since been included in various polls of the world's sexiest women.
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Ewan McGregor to Take a Break From Acting for Bike Adventure

March 01, 2010 07:17:08 GMT

Ewan McGregor is planning to take a break from his movie career to head out on another round-the-world motorbike trip. The "Trainspotting" star teamed up with his pal Charley Boorman for a marathon motorcycle trip in 2004. The pair spent four months on the road traveling from London to New York and covered a cumulative distance of 22,345 miles.
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Marie Osmond's Son Sent His Final Words to a Female Friend

March 01, 2010 07:14:34 GMT

Before he jumped to his death from the eighth floor on January 27, Marie Osmond's adopted son Michael Blosil texted his female friend who lives in his apartment building. Michael told the woman, with whom he was supposed to spend that night together, that he has left a note for her in his apartment.
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Director Hired Topher Grace for 'Valentine's Day' Due to Anne Hathaway

March 01, 2010 07:02:30 GMT

Director Garry Marshall cast Topher Grace opposite Anne Hathaway in new movie "Valentine's Day" after the actress confessed to a teenage crush on the "That '70s Show" star. The "Pretty Woman" 's filmmaker landed a star-studded line-up for his latest release, including Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper.
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New Promo of FOX's New Comedy 'Sons of Tucson'

March 01, 2010 06:55:58 GMT

FOX has shared a 30-second promo of its new series "Sons of Tucson" that gives the background story of the whole comedy. Three young brothers find a dad-to-hire in a local sporting good store after meeting Ron Snuffkin who coincidentally needs money to pay his debts. Ron is in for a surprise when discovering how messy the boys' life is, literally.
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Johnny Depp Will Not Avoid Watching Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'

March 01, 2010 06:42:16 GMT

Johnny Depp is hoping to catch a screening of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" - despite having avoided watching all his film collaborations with the director in the past. Depp has worked on a number of Burton's big-screen projects - including "Edward Scissorhands", "Sleepy Hollow" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - but refuses to sit down and watch after they're completed.
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Miley Cyrus' 'The Last Song' Unleashes New Images

March 01, 2010 06:37:39 GMT

Another sneak peek to "The Last Song" has been shared in a number of fresh stills. In one of the pictures, lead actress Miley Cyrus and her co-star as well as real life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth are featured getting cozy. Meanwhile, two other shots expose Cyrus playing a piano in a garden.
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Janice Dickinson Looking for Love in Reality Show

March 01, 2010 06:28:51 GMT

Janice Dickinson won't stop at having a reality show surrounding her modeling career. The self-proclaimed the world's number 1 supermodel is brewing a new reality show which sees her as a cougar feeding on young men to serve the purpose of her romantic life.
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Britney Spears NOT Releasing New Album This Summer

March 01, 2010 06:27:20 GMT

Recent rumor suggesting that Britney Spears is going to drop another studio album this June has been denied. In her official site, the report which was run by TMZ is called BS by management team of the "Circus" singer.
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Leona Lewis Urges People to Support Earth Hour Campaign

March 01, 2010 06:04:11 GMT

British pop star Leona Lewis is campaigning to save the planet - she's backing the latest Earth Hour drive, which encourages the public to switch off all lights for 60 minutes. The "Bleeding Love" hitmaker has thrown her support behind the scheme and she's hoping a billion followers across the world will pledge to cut their power for an hour on March 27 to remind politicians of the importance of climate change.
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Artist of the Week: Jason Derulo

March 01, 2010 05:53:53 GMT

From the one who usually sees other artists cracking the charts with his self-written singles, Jason Derulo now becomes renowned singer who scores his own chart-topping song. After ruling Billboard Hot 100 with debut single "Whatcha Say", he is currently extending his reign across the pond with his second single "In My Head".
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Robert Pattinson Talks About 'Bel Ami' Sex Scenes

March 01, 2010 05:11:46 GMT

Robert Pattinson's fans should be prepared to see his sultry side in "Bel Ami". Billed to play Georges Duroy, whom he previously described as a totally amoral character, the British actor has teased that "there's a lot of sex" in the upcoming movie.
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Video: Kid Cudi Kissed by Male Fan On Stage

March 01, 2010 04:54:12 GMT

Hip-hop star Kid Cudi was left stunned during a guest appearance at British singer Dan Black's concert in Los Angeles last week after a male fan jumped on stage and kissed him. The "Day N' Nite" hitmaker joined Black at his gig last Tuesday, February 23 to perform the remix to the pop star's track "Symphonies", but Cudi was taken by surprise when one overexcited concertgoer climbed on to the platform and planted a kiss on the rapper's cheek.
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Brooklyn Decker to Make Big Screen Debut in 'Just Go for It'

March 01, 2010 04:43:39 GMT

Model Brooklyn Decker is set to make her movie debut in Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's forthcoming release "Just Go for It". The stunner, who is married to tennis champ Andy Roddick, will show off her sense of humor in the new romantic comedy and she's delighted to have landed the role.
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'Lost' Spoilers Unveiled at 27th Annual PaleyFest

March 01, 2010 04:29:06 GMT

On Saturday, February 27, "Lost" took the baton from "Modern Family" that kicked off this year's Paley Festival on Friday. Several in attendance to support the sold-out panel were the show's producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse as well as cast such as Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, Zuleikha Robinson and Nester Carbonell.
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Video Premiere: Soulja Boy's 'All Black Everything'

March 01, 2010 04:27:25 GMT

Soulja Boy reveals an accompanying music video for his single "All Black Everything". Donning black ensemble and joined by male and female companions also in dark-colored outfit, he raps to the camera and proudly names his swags from his BlackBerry to Lamborghini chain.
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Walt Disney Releases Teaser Trailer for Mandy Moore's 'Tangled'

March 01, 2010 04:26:33 GMT

Walt Disney Pictures has outed a sneak peek to its upcoming movie "Tangled" by debuting a teaser trailer. The short video does not feature any character from the film and just gives a look at a high tower. However, there are voices of some characters, including Rapunzel voiced by Mandy Moore who reveals that her hair will lose its power if it is cut.
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Tisha Campbell Scared of Second Baby's Mental Wellness

March 01, 2010 04:22:33 GMT

U.S. TV actress Tisha Campbell was worried about expanding her family with actor husband Duane Martin, because she feared their second child would be born autistic. The "Rita Rocks" star was heartbroken when she discovered her eight-year-old son, Xen, was born with the disorder, which can impair social interaction and communication.
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Hayden Panettiere Rules Out Reconciliation Rumor With Ex-Boyfriend

March 01, 2010 04:08:56 GMT

"Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere has dismissed rumors she's reunited with her socialite ex-boyfriend Harry Morton, insisting their relationship is purely platonic. The 20-year-old actress has been romantically linked to Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko since December 2009, when they were snapped holidaying together in Miami, Florida.
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Matt Damon to Pass 'Bourne' to Russell Crowe or Denzel Washington

March 01, 2010 03:53:13 GMT

Matt Damon is contemplating stepping down from the "Bourne" action franchise and passing the role on to Russell Crowe or Denzel Washington - because he's convinced that's the only way the brand can continue. The actor is in talks to reprise his Jason Bourne character for the fourth time, but he is hesitant to pledge his commitment to the "Bourne" series after director Paul Greengrass announced his departure from the spy series in 2009.
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Lil Wayne Films Seven More Videos Before Going to Jail

March 01, 2010 03:52:30 GMT

Three days before he heads to the courtroom on March 2 for yearlong sentencing, Lil Wayne shot seven more music videos which will be released to tide fans over while he's away behind the bars. The rap mogul filmed all of them back to back on Saturday, February 27 in Miami.
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'Tron Legacy' Gets Previewed at Secret Screening

March 01, 2010 03:39:19 GMT

While a new trailer for the long-awaited film "Tron Legacy" will not come out until March 5 prior to "Alice in Wonderland", a number of "Tron" fans were able to see some footage from the film after following some clues to find out where the sneak peek would occur. The Bridge theater in Los Angeles was one of the places where the exclusive screening took place on Saturday, February 27.
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Lady GaGa Might Deal With Concert Fine

March 01, 2010 03:27:26 GMT

Lady GaGa is allegedly facing a $19,000 after she was late on stage at her London concert on Friday night, February 26. The "Poker Face" hitmaker kicked off her two dates in the British capital by taking the stage at the O2 Arena around 45 minutes late after rehearsals overran, according to Britain's Daily Star Sunday newspaper.
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Jason and Molly's Wedding in Pictures

March 01, 2010 03:24:12 GMT

Jason Mesnick tied the knot for the second time on Saturday, February 27, marrying Molly Malaney whom he met on "The Bachelor" last year. Despite being a private nuptials which will be exclusively televised by ABC for a two-hour special, the ceremony was captured early in several photos.
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Simon Cowell Shares Devastation Post Father's Death

March 01, 2010 03:05:58 GMT

Simon Cowell has opened up about his devastation following his father's death in 1999 - insisting his career seemed "meaningless" after the tragedy. The music mogul was in America when his music industry executive dad, Eric, passed away, and he only learned the news when he phoned home to tell his parents that his recently signed band, Westlife, had topped the British charts.
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Kanye West's Recording Sessions Halted Due to Tsunami Warning

March 01, 2010 03:04:44 GMT

When there was a warning from authorities in Hawaii about a possible tsunami, Kanye West and his crew reportedly still stayed there to lay some tracks for his upcoming studio album. Panic swept the state and all people including them were evacuated.
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Chris Noth Entangled in Party Calamity

March 01, 2010 02:51:53 GMT

"Sex and the City" star Chris Noth was caught up in a terrifying incident in New York City on Saturday night, February 27 after a glass roof collapsed on partygoers in a Manhattan building. Noth was one of a number of stars attending a Purim bash at the Sony Building, where around 300 guests gathered to celebrate the Jewish festival.
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Jennifer Lopez Spoofed 'We Are the World' Remake on 'SNL'

March 01, 2010 02:45:05 GMT

Although her new album will not be released until summer and she has no imminent movie to be promoted, Jennifer Lopez delivered a grande performance on "Saturday Night Live". In one sketch, she spoofed "We Are the World" remake which was recorded for Haiti recently, dressed as Rihanna complete with the cropped wig and hipster sunglasses.
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'Shutter Island' Easily Rules Box Office Again

March 01, 2010 02:35:17 GMT

"Shutter Island" is not going anywhere from the top spot of North American Box Office. Though it dropped about 45.9% in ticket sales, this Martin Scorsese's thriller won easily on its second weekend, adding an estimated $22.2 million to its domestic cume which now became $75 million after it was released ten days ago.
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Jon Bon Jovi Learns to Combat Homelessness During Tour

March 01, 2010 02:30:43 GMT

Jon Bon Jovi is using his free time in between concerts on Bon Jovi's latest U.S. tour to school himself on homelessness in local communities. The group is currently promoting their new album "The Circle" and the singer has been spending his spare time visiting shelters and housing programs to learn more about neighborhood projects.
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Ashley Roberts Confirms Her Departure From Pussycat Dolls

March 01, 2010 02:16:40 GMT

After Kimberly Wyatt and Jessica Sutta revealed their desire to go solo, now it's Ashley Roberts' turn to decide whether or not she will continue making music with The Pussycat Dolls. She took it to her website to share with her fans that she would love to take her future into her own hands.
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Marie Osmond's Son Killed Himself

March 01, 2010 02:02:45 GMT

Marie Osmond is in mourning following the apparent suicide of her son Michael Blosil. The 18-year-old, who was adopted as a baby by Osmond and her ex-husband Brian Blosil, was found dead on the street outside his apartment building in Los Angeles on Friday evening, February 26.