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February 05, 2010

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Brian McFadden to Make Boyband Reality Show

February 05, 2010 09:57:05 GMT

Brian McFadden is putting his time in Irish group Westlife to good use - he's fronting a new show chronicling the drama of putting together a boyband. McFadden shot to fame with the "Flying Without Wings" hitmakers in 1999, but quit in 2004 to pursue a solo career.
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Alexandra Burke Is Set to Visit Haiti

February 05, 2010 09:54:54 GMT

British singer Alexandra Burke is planning a trip to Haiti after watching moving news coverage from the earthquake-stricken country. "The X Factor" star was quick to lend her vocal talents to Simon Cowell's Haiti charity single, a cover of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts", which he co-ordinated with the help of British newspaper The Sun.
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LeAnn Rimes Sought Police After Woman Harassed Her

February 05, 2010 09:51:39 GMT

LeAnn Rimes was forced to turn to police for help on Thursday, February 4 after she was harassed by a homeless fan. The singer was leaving a doctor's office in Beverly Hills, California when the unidentified woman, nicknamed Queen on the Scene, got a little too close to the star.
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Ozzy Osbourne Struggles With Short Term Memory

February 05, 2010 09:41:04 GMT

Ozzy Osbourne struggles to remember everyday occurrences - but still recalls 35-year old telephone numbers. The Black Sabbath star has been plagued with memory difficulties since his 2003 quad-bike accident in England.
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Michelle Williams Records an Ill Fan's Song

February 05, 2010 09:32:24 GMT

Michelle Williams (II) has made one ill fan's dreams come true by stepping into a New York studio to record a song written by the teen. The former Destiny's Child star teamed up with Sam Campbell, who suffers with brain defect Chiari Malformation, to lend her vocals to "Make It Last".
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Heidi Klum Unhappy With the Waxwork of Her Boobs

February 05, 2010 09:32:01 GMT

Heidi Klum fears waxwork artists made a boob with her breasts while crafting her likeness for the German Madame Tussauds - because her lifelike double is too chesty. The supermodel admits the Berlin-based waxwork looks a lot like her - but it's not a perfect mirror image.
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Chrisette Michele Working With Pharrell Williams for New Album

February 05, 2010 09:25:59 GMT

Chrisette Michele is prepping for another studio album. The singer, who released her second studio album in May 2009, has kicked off the recording process for the project and tagged Pharrell Williams to lend a helping hand.
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'Repo Men' and 'Underworld 4' Set New Release Dates

February 05, 2010 09:22:17 GMT

Box Office Mojo has come out with new updates of release schedule for several upcoming films. According to the site, Universal Pictures has moved up release date for "Repo Men". Initially scheduled to be debuted on April 2, this sci-fi thriller, starring Jude Law as a repo man who struggles to pay his artificial heart or it is taken off his body, will be dropped earlier, on March 19.
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Bruce Springsteen Removes Name From ASCAP

February 05, 2010 09:14:58 GMT

Bruce Springsteen has removed his name from an American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers [ASCAP] lawsuit against the owners of a New York bar, insisting he was never asked if he wanted to be a part of it. ASCAP officials have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Connolly's Pub & Restaurant, claiming the venue's bosses charged customers a fee to hear a band perform three of Springsteen's tracks in August 2008 - and failed to pay an annual licensing fee for the use of the tunes.
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Mackenzie Crook Quits 'Pirates of Caribbean' Too

February 05, 2010 09:14:46 GMT

British actor Mackenzie Crook has followed in the footsteps of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley by quitting the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film franchise. Knightley announced her departure in 2008, and Bloom revealed last month he wouldn't be starring in 2011's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides".
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Ke$ha Rules Hot 100 for Seventh Consecutive Week

February 05, 2010 08:57:06 GMT

Ke$ha has scored a seventh week at the top of the U.S. pop charts - her "Tik Tok" hit is still ticking. The party-loving star hit the top spot at the end of 2009 and no one has come close to stealing her spotlight in 2010.
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'Grey's Anatomy' 6.14 Preview: Valentine's Day Massacre

February 05, 2010 08:52:47 GMT

It's Valentine's Day, and the doctors must treat dozens of injured people after the roof collapses at a popular romantic restaurant. From the look of the preview, Derek and Meredith are going on a double date with Owen and Cristina when they see the collapsed restaurant.
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Lil Wayne Wins Battle Over Cough Syrup Addiction

February 05, 2010 08:43:52 GMT

Rapper Lil Wayne has given up his thirst for promethazine-codeine syrup ahead of his upcoming 12-month jail stint, but insists he'll always be hooked on marijuana. The hip-hop star has long been associated with the cough syrup-type drink he once dubbed 'drank' - but he claims he no longer uses the liquid to get high.
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David Hasselhoff and Lindsay Lohan Spoofed in X-Rated DVD

February 05, 2010 08:28:43 GMT

David Hasselhoff and Lindsay Lohan have been parodied in an X-rated new "Dancing with the Stars" DVD. The two troubled actors are portrayed by adult stars in Hustler Video's latest release, "This Ain't Dancing With the Stars XXX".
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'We Are the World' Rapping Part Described

February 05, 2010 08:26:08 GMT

A number of Hip-Hop artists have laid their vocal for "We Are the World" remake during the February 2 recording session. And, one of the rappers involved, Nipsey Hussle, recently broke down the rapping part of the song.
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First Sneak Peek Video to Christina Aguilera's 'Burlesque'

February 05, 2010 08:12:43 GMT

Screen Gems has teamed up with Entertainment Tonight to share the first look at upcoming "Burlesque" by airing a featurette. Beside containing interview with Cher and Stanley Tucci, the video also takes us behind the scenes of the making of the film, giving a glimpse of Christina Aguilera singing and performing seductive moves on stage.
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Preview of 'Supernatural' Take on Valentine's Day

February 05, 2010 08:02:05 GMT

Like some other shows, "Supernatural" will take on the Valentine's Day event in next week's episode. A cupid but not like the usual cherub on mission to make people fall in love with each other will be the Winchester brothers' problem in "My Bloody Valentine".
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On-Set Pictures of Trina and P. Diddy's 'Million Dollar Girl' Video

February 05, 2010 07:48:22 GMT

Trina and P. Diddy are playing a couple in the upcoming music video for their joint track "Million Dollar Girl". A picture showing their video shoot has been posted by Trina on her Twitter. Another featured guest in the song, Keri Hilson, is nowhere to be seen on the set.
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Robin Williams Loses $6 Million 'Cop Out' Lawsuit

February 05, 2010 07:47:09 GMT

Funnyman Robin Williams has lost a $6 million legal battle with movie bosses who allegedly hired him as the original star of Bruce Willis' forthcoming film "Cop Out". The comedian sued bosses at Gold Circle Films, claiming he was hired to star in the movie, originally titled "A Couple of Dicks", and was entitled to the fee whether or not it was made.
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Dita Von Teese Reveals She's Being a Shopaholic

February 05, 2010 07:35:13 GMT

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese enjoys extravagant shopping sprees and once spent $70,000 on a single dress. Marilyn Manson's dancer ex-wife insists she frequently gets carried away and splurges four and five figure sums.
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Michael Jackson's Physician Will Surrender and Plead Not Guilty

February 05, 2010 07:17:19 GMT

Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, will turn himself into Los Angeles police on Friday, February 5 and plead not guilty if he is charged with involuntary manslaughter, his lawyer has confirmed. Murray is accused of administering a lethal dose of anesthetic drug Propofol to the King of Pop prior to his death in June 2009. The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office declared Jackson's death a homicide, stating the superstar died from "acute propofol intoxication" combined with sedatives.
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Sneak Peek to 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14

February 05, 2010 07:14:23 GMT

A glimpse of the 14th cycle of "America's Next Top Model" is shared thought a short promo. The contestants show enthusiasm when seeing host and producer Tyra Banks walking in. The teaser also reveals the new judging panel which now consists of Tyra, Nigel Barker, Kimora Lee Simmons and Andre Leon Talley.
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New Images From Jennifer Aniston's 'The Bounty Hunter'

February 05, 2010 07:11:16 GMT

Several new stills from "The Bounty Hunter" starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have made their way out via Collider. While the two actors were seen having dinner together in an image, another photo shows the leading lady put in a car's trunk by her on-screen former husband. Additionally, the two stars are captured individually in several other stills.
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Alex Meraz Calls 'Valentine's Day' Lame and Desperate

February 05, 2010 07:01:28 GMT

Actor Alex Meraz has risked the wrath of his "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" co-star Taylor Lautner after posting a series of criticisms online, branding the teenager's star-studded new movie "Valentine's Day" "lame". Lautner stars alongside Hollywood heavyweights Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Alba in the romantic comedy, as well as his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.
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Video: Justin Bieber, Rihanna and More Rocking Super Bowl Fan Jam

February 05, 2010 06:58:02 GMT

The concert series to celebrate Super Bowl XLIV has been kicked off with Nick Cannon and TV anchor Nancy O'Dell as the hosts. Justin Bieber and Rihanna performed along with JoJo, Timbaland and Young Jeezy on the first day of the gig.
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Nick Augusto Is Trivium's New Permanent Drummer

February 05, 2010 06:45:03 GMT

Rockers Trivium have hired a new drummer - confirming speculation Travis Smith has left the band for good. The group drafted in drum roadie Nick Augusto in 2009 after Smith withdrew from Trivium's U.S. tour to take care of "personal business".
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Brit Morgan Fills in Debbie Pelt on 'True Blood'

February 05, 2010 06:40:15 GMT

Been empty for more than a month, the role of Debbie Pelt on "True Blood" finally finds its depicter. The last major character to be added in the third season, Debbie will be portrayed by "The Middleman" alumna Brit Morgan. This casting strengthens the fact that creator Alan Ball prefers to hire little known actors to fill out the new roles.
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Tila Tequila Announces Her Comeback to Twitter

February 05, 2010 06:39:50 GMT

Internet pin-up Tila Tequila is back online - she's started up a new Twitter.com page just four days after closing her account. The reality TV star left the microblogging site on Monday, February 1 after branding it the most "hateful, racist and violent" community online.
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Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner Reminded Jamie Foxx of 'Laverne and Shirley'

February 05, 2010 06:26:31 GMT

Jamie Foxx is convinced he's found the modern version of iconic comedy characters Laverne & Shirley - insisting Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner are the next great funny duo. Foxx co-stars with the pretty pair in new movie "Valentine's Day", and admits their off-screen chemistry reminded him of Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams' banter in the classic U.S. TV show.
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New 'Robin Hood' Super Bowl Spot Comes Out

February 05, 2010 06:12:25 GMT

Super Bowl Ad has given glimpses of new footage from "Robin Hood". Set to be aired during Super Bowl XLIV which will be kicked off on February 6, the snippet offers a look at many action scenes as well as sharing the twist when the titular character is dealing with his love relationship while leading a war to save his home village from a tyranny.
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First Look at Ellen DeGeneres Behind 'American Idol' Panel

February 05, 2010 06:01:59 GMT

Ellen DeGeneres and her funny were given the first look at the preview of "American Idol" next week. "You frightened me. You were stalking us. You were like a leopard behind a cage," the new permanent judge told a contestant during a Hollywood week episode that will air on February 9.
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Amy Adams Is Set for 'Enchanted' Sequel

February 05, 2010 06:00:31 GMT

Amy Adams looks set to cast a spell over cinema audiences again - film bosses at Disney are moving forward with an "Enchanted" sequel. The redhead stepped into the role of a Disney princess to romance Patrick Dempsey in the 2007 live action fairytale.
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On Set Pics of 'The Good Doctor': Orlando Bloom Swimming in the Surf

February 05, 2010 05:12:58 GMT

The cameras have rolled for the production of "The Good Doctor". On Thursday, January 4, lead actor Orlando Bloom has been seen filming his part on a beach in California, Los Angeles. Donning a blue shirt matched with black trousers, he was pictured running enthusiastically towards the sea. Later, he made his clothes wet as he soaked into the water.
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Steven Tyler Had an 'Awkward' Audition With Led Zeppelin

February 05, 2010 05:00:11 GMT

Steven Tyler has tried out for Led Zeppelin to replace their frontman Robert Plant who refused to join the band for a reunion. Commenting on the audition, guitarist Jimmy Page said he felt awkward about it.
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Carrie Underwood Makes Big Screen Debut With 'Soul Surfer'

February 05, 2010 04:56:21 GMT

Country star Carrie Underwood is to put her acting skills to the test on the big screen - she's landed her big break in new movie "Soul Surfer". The singer will head to Hawaii to star opposite Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt in the biopic of teen wave-riding sensation Bethany Hamilton, who was back in the water just three weeks after a Great White shark bit off her arm.
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Jessica Alba Embarrassed by Ashton Kutcher Over Sticky 'Valentine' Kissing

February 05, 2010 04:41:14 GMT

Jessica Alba was left red-faced filming her kiss with Ashton Kutcher for upcoming movie "Valentine's Day" - her chewing gum almost fell out of her mouth during the steamy scene. The married actress admits locking lips with her Hollywood pal was "awkward" to shoot - but the scene was made even more uncomfortable when a glob of her gum got stuck on her lip as Kutcher leaned in for a smooch.
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Heather Graham Hits Acrobatic Stage on Her Birthday

February 05, 2010 04:25:26 GMT

Heather Graham's 40th birthday celebration hit new heights as she performed onstage with acrobatic dance troop Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. Graham's boyfriend, film director Yaniv Raz, organised a surprise trip to Sin City for "The Hangover" star's special day, January 29, which began with a special Pilates warm-up class at Ka, the Cirque du Soleil show at the MGM Grand hotel.
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Reese Witherspoon Allegedly Dating Talent Agent

February 05, 2010 04:10:22 GMT

Newly-single actress Reese Witherspoon has been hit by rumors she's dating a Hollywood talent agent - just days after she was falsely linked to Scottish actor Gerard Butler. The "Legally Blonde" star, 33, split from long time boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal in late 2009, and she was subsequently rumored to have become involved with Butler.
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Report: Simon and Alex Kicked Out of 'Real Housewives of NYC'

February 05, 2010 04:01:21 GMT

Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord may be seen in the upcoming season of "The Real Housewives of New York City" but that may be as far as they go. The married couple reportedly is not returning for a fourth season because the executives feel they do not appeal as much as the other housewives. In other words, they are not asked back.
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Linda Hamilton Dissatisfied With 'Terminator Salvation'

February 05, 2010 03:39:48 GMT

Linda Hamilton was left disappointed by "Terminator Salvation" - insisting the movie paled in comparison to James Cameron's original films. Hamilton played iconic character Sarah Connor in "The Terminator" and "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" - Cameron's cult stories about a future war between humans and machines.
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Logan Lerman NOT Yet Offered to Be Spider-Man

February 05, 2010 03:39:09 GMT

Logan Lerman is not that close to be the new Spider-Man. Despite swirling reports that he is going to star in the untitled Spider-Man reboot, both Columbia Pictures and the actor's camp have denied it. A spokesman for the studio insists, "No offers have been made, nor have any business discussions been made with Lerman," while the actor's camp adds that no business discussions are being held at this time.
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Casey Johnson Died Out of Natural Causes

February 05, 2010 03:35:40 GMT

Tila Tequila's fiancee Casey Johnson died out of lack of insulin in her body system. The Johnson & Johnson heiress who was found dead on January 4, had been diagnosed with diabetes since childhood and the same disease ended her life, the Los Angeles Coroner's office announced on Thursday, February 4.
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AC/DC's Brian Johnson Mad Over 'Cocky' Fan Petition

February 05, 2010 03:24:46 GMT

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is fuming over a fan petition urging the rockers to change the setlist on their "Black Ice" world tour - insisting their devotees shouldn't take rock 'n' roll so seriously. The band has been hit by complaints from loyal fans during their global gigs, with many teaming up to launch a campaign in a bid to force the rockers to play different songs at each show.
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Lady GaGa Clears Up Rumor of Her Snubbing 'We Are the World'

February 05, 2010 03:15:03 GMT

Lady GaGa sets the record straight about her refusing to join "We Are the World" remix. "I've actually been in rehearsal for my new tour, but I was never supposed to do 'We Are the World', so that's a rumor," she told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush before then adding. "I believe that they may have asked, yes, about it, but I was unable to do it."
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Brigitte Nielsen Blown Away by Rihanna's Compliments

February 05, 2010 03:09:08 GMT

Brigitte Nielsen boasts an A-list fan base - R 'n' B beauty Rihanna has hailed the 46-year-old Danish actress as a style icon. The model-turned-screen star was stunned at the recent the 36th Annual People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles when the "Umbrella" hitmaker ran up to her and began showering her in compliments.
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'Vampire Diaries' 1.14 Preview: Fool Me Once

February 05, 2010 02:59:20 GMT

Damon wants Elena dead. Next on "The Vampire Diaries", Stefan helps Elena and Bonnie out of a dangerous situation. When Stefan, Damon and Elena work with Bonnie and Grams (guest star Jasmine Guy) to open the tomb, everyone is shocked by what they discover.
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Carey Mulligan Unsuccessfully Impresses Mum With Oscars Nod

February 05, 2010 02:49:03 GMT

"An Education" star Carey Mulligan failed to impress her family with her first Academy Award nomination - her busy mum hung up when she called to break the happy news. The British newcomer learned on Tuesday, February 3 she's in the running for the Best Actress prize at the 2010 Oscars - but when she telephoned her mother Nano, a college lecturer, she was told to call back later.
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Kelly Clarkson Blasts Taylor Swift's Label for Attacking 'American Idol'

February 05, 2010 02:35:22 GMT

Kelly Clarkson fires back at Taylor Swift's label boss Scott Borchetta after he attacked "American Idol" artists when defending the country music singer's performance at the recent Grammys. She is mad when Scott called the Idol performers as singers who never miss a note.
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'The Last Airbender' Shares New Scenes in Super Bowl Spot

February 05, 2010 02:34:32 GMT

Paramount Pictures has finally released a new sneak peek at "The Last Airbender" through a Super Bowl spot. Though shorter than the previously released teaser, the new snippet offers new footage from the film while focusing on Noah Ringer's Aang showing his fighting skills.
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Leonardo DiCaprio Not That Old to Consider Having a Child

February 05, 2010 02:32:28 GMT

Leonardo DiCaprio has no plans to become a father in near future - because he's too busy with his career to start a family. The 35-year-old actor has been dating Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli sporadically since 2005, but he's in no rush to settle down.
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Husband 'Upset' and 'Surprised' of Brittany Murphy's Cause of Death

February 05, 2010 02:29:09 GMT

A lethal combination of prescribed drugs, anemia and pneumonia had killed Brittany Murphy. L.A. County Coroner's office has ruled the 32-year-old actress' death as accidental, specifically saying that it was "community-acquired pneumonia" which was worsened by "iron deficiency anemia" and "multiple drug intoxication."
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Charlie Sheen Faces Assault Charge Ahead of Court Hearing

February 05, 2010 02:09:23 GMT

Charlie Sheen will be charged with misdemeanor assault and felony menacing ahead of a court hearing on Monday, February 8, according to a new U.S. report. The actor was arrested on Christmas morning in 2009 in Aspen, Colorado following a domestic dispute with his wife Brooke Mueller. He spent much of the day behind bars and then was ordered to stay away from his wife.