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January 02, 2010

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The 15 Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

January 02, 2010 01:08:00 GMT

It is a shared fact that Hollywood is running out of fresh ideas, especially seeing that more and more movie makers lately opt to go with remakes, sequels, prequels and some sorts. Nevertheless, as 2009 comes to a close and 2010 creeps closer by the seconds, it becomes pretty clear that American cinema still does have a lot to in stores considering that technology behind movie-making keeps on evolving for better movie experiences.
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Court Hearing on Charlie Sheen Restraining Order Postponed

January 02, 2010 00:49:59 GMT

Charlie Sheen will have to wait another week to learn if he is allowed contact with his wife Broke Mueller after their court date relating to a protection order against the actor was postponed.