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December 06, 2008

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T.I. Will Join Katy Perry on 'NBC's New Year's Eve with Carson Daly'

December 06, 2008 07:36:17 GMT

T.I. has been confirmed to make a live appearance alongside Katy Perry on holiday TV show "NBC's New Year's Eve with Carson Daly". Another big name who is also set to perform live at the event is Ludacris.
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Gil Grissom Bids Goodbye to 'CSI' on 'One to Go' Episode

December 06, 2008 07:30:02 GMT

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" will indeed see the last of William Petersen as Gil Grissom in the series' first episode in 2009. Through a recently-outed press release, it has been unraveled that the bowing out of Peterson has been embedded in the forthcoming episode entitled "One to Go" as his character takes a sudden leave from the CSI team.
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Preview of 'Ghost Whisperer' 4.10: Ball and Chain

December 06, 2008 07:02:10 GMT

In the new episode of "Ghost Whisperer", Melinda will assist a ghost who must face hard facts about her marriage. "Ball & Chain" will air two weeks from its previous episode, on December 19. More on the complicated romance between Melinda and her dead husband Jim is also put on the spotlight here.
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Robert Pattinson 'Terrible at Baseball'

December 06, 2008 07:00:18 GMT

Becoming one of nowadays most-searched actors due to the success of his vampire drama flick "Twilight," Robert Pattinson admits he isn't good at sports and is terrible at baseball despite the fact that there's a scene where he had to play baseball in "Twilight." "I think sports are stupid," he says.
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Video Premiere: The Game's 'Camera Phone' Feat. Ne-Yo

December 06, 2008 06:55:32 GMT

A music video directed by Kevin Connolly of HBO's "Entourage" to support The Game's Ne-Yo-featuring single "Camera Phone" has arrived. Filmed in a Los Angeles' nightclub, it features The Game and Ne-Yo popping champagne in a VIP room surrounded by women. Ne-Yo even gets up close and personal with Cheryl Burke of "Dancing with the Stars".
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Potential Villain for 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Sequel Named

December 06, 2008 06:19:34 GMT

Though "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is still months away from its theatrical release, the talks of its sequel have hypened. Bringing up the latest speculation about the possible follow-up movie is Cinema Blend (CB), which claims that the 20th Century Fox eye to use a character named Cyber as the villain.
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Preview of 'Heroes' New Webisode: The Recruit

December 06, 2008 06:02:49 GMT

Another webisode of NBC's "Heroes" will take over the online world. "Heroes: The Recruit" will start airing on Monday, December 15 with the first chapter called "Private Mills".
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Marilyn Manson's New Girlfriend Identified

December 06, 2008 06:00:46 GMT

Marilyn Manson's new leading lady, who previously was said to be his ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood lookalike, has been identified. The lady is claimed to be Isani Griffith, who works as a model.
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will.i.am Talks Black Eyed Peas' Forthcoming 'The E.N.D'

December 06, 2008 05:07:28 GMT

In an interview, Black Eyed Peas' member will.i.am reveals that he plans to make the band's upcoming LP "The E.N.D (The Energy Never Dies)" as a "music diary." He tells Billboard, "It's a diary ... of music that at any given time, depending on the inspiration, you can add to it."
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Elizabeth Banks and Terrence Howard Among 66th Golden Globes Nominees' Announcers

December 06, 2008 04:49:35 GMT

Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has come up with the names for the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards nominations' announcers. On Friday, December 5, the organization reveals that Elizabeth Banks, Terrence Howard and Rainn Wilson have been appointed to announce the contenders for the upcoming Golden Globes.
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The One Who Dies in 'The L Word' Revealed

December 06, 2008 04:28:17 GMT

The final season of "The L Word" will claim a life, and the unfortunate one is finally unveiled. Showtime, the network that airs the lesbian drama series, have released a sneak peek to the first episode that will air January 18, showing that one of the main characters, Jenny, is found face-down in a swimming pool.
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'Half-Blood Prince' Finished, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Production Addressed

December 06, 2008 04:11:52 GMT

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I" production may start differently for its stars. Talking to a group of reporters when promoting for "Nobel Son" on December 2 in Culver City, California, Alan Rickman, who plays Professor Snape in the series, shared what he knows of the shooting schedule for the next "Harry Potter" film.
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Video Premiere: Miley Cyrus' 'Fly on the Wall'

December 06, 2008 03:59:46 GMT

A paparazzi-inspired music video to promote Miley Cyrus' new single "Fly on the Wall" has been premiered. Shot in a dance studio in downtown Los Angeles on November 9, it starts with a capture of her leaving a theater with a guy who "gets overcome by some strange cough" and then turns to a paparazzi.
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Faith Hill and Courteney Cox to Launch Scents in 2009

December 06, 2008 03:53:56 GMT

Both Faith Hill and Courteney Cox will have new scents to be launched in 2009. WWD reports Hill has been signed by Coty to do a signature fragrance, which is expected to be launched in late fall 2009.
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'Sin City 2' Possibly Starts Shooting in Spring 2009

December 06, 2008 03:27:33 GMT

The sequel of "Sin City" could fall into production in Spring 2009. While doing the publicity for her upcoming drama "Seven Pounds", Rosario Dawson let out confirmation to IESB that the script of "Sin City 2" has been completed and the production is eyed to be kicked off sometime in April 2009.
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Chris Brown's New Song 'Save Me' Comes Out

December 06, 2008 03:25:26 GMT

A new song from Chris Brown has arrived. Titled "Save Me", the single is a slow ballad jam which takes 3 minutes 8 seconds long. Reportedly produced by David Banner, it is expected to be featured on Chris' upcoming LP, tentatively titled "Graffiti".
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Amy Jo Johnson Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

December 06, 2008 03:19:41 GMT

Actress Amy Jo Johnson, 38, and her fiance Oliver Giner, 33, have welcomed the arrival of their first child, a baby girl. They name her Francesca Christine Giner.
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Certified 'Punisher: War Zone' Posters Offered for Charitable Auctions

December 06, 2008 02:50:44 GMT

As "Punisher: War Zone" hits U.S. theaters, fans and collectors are given the chance to win authentic prize from the action drama film. On December 6, Lionsgate Films announced that they are holding eBay charitable auctions, bidding up five exclusive posters from the Lexi Alexander-directed film.
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Two Sneak Peeks to 'Prison Break' 4.14: Just Business

December 06, 2008 02:48:40 GMT

FOX have released two previews of their action drama series "Prison Break" that will return on screen on Monday, December 8 with the episode called "Just Business". Michael, Sara, Lincoln and Sucre are trapped in a warehouse while Self is trying every way to get them to talk from outside the building.
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Video Premiere: Metro Station's 'Seventeen Forever'

December 06, 2008 02:27:36 GMT

A music video promoting Metro Station's song "Seventeen Forever" has been debuted. Shot in carnival-themed scenes, the video features crowd of an entertainment spot complete with its fun house, ferris wheel, fire barrels, and stunt motorcyclists.
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Angelina Jolie Makes The Hollywood Reporter's Power 100 and Highest Earning Actresses Lists

December 06, 2008 02:21:15 GMT

The Hollywood Reporter's annual ranking of the most influential women in entertainment has been unveiled Friday, December 5, seeing the likes of Angelina Jolie and Miley Cyrus among the lucky 100 people picked to fill in the slot. Both of them claim the 24th and 100th spots respectively, whereas fellow celebrity Oprah Winfrey secures the No. 1 spot of the trade paper's 17th annual list, which is usually called Power 100.
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Richard Curtis' 'The Boat That Rocked' U.K. Trailer Uncovered

December 06, 2008 02:14:16 GMT

"In 1966, Britain was terrorized by a boat that rocked," a narrator begins his introduction on the U.K. trailer of "The Boat That Rocked". Highlighting on the phenomenon of British pirate radio revolution in the '60s, the trailer shares glimpses of the comedy movie, giving idea about what the movie is all about.