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December 05, 2008

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Preview of 'Ugly Betty' 3.11: Dressed for Success

December 05, 2008 09:59:14 GMT

Episode eleven of "Ugly Betty" season three has been revealed through its newly-outed preview. It can be seen from the preview that Betty Suarez's character, played by America Ferrera, will try to be a "big city conquerer."
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2008 National Board of Review's Winners Announced

December 05, 2008 09:46:30 GMT

Winners of the 2008 National Board of Review have been unveiled on Thursday, December 4 and among the awards recipients is "Slumdog Millionaire". The Danny Boyle's drama about a poor Indian boy who gets a shot at winning millions in a television game show has been given three kudos, including for the coveted Best Film prize.
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Robert Pattinson Credits Local Drama Group for Acting Success

December 05, 2008 09:15:31 GMT

Finding his nowadays fame as "a bit of a surprise", Robert Pattinson confesses he began his acting career from nothing and so credits his local drama group, Barnes Theatre Club, to have contributed to his popularity. "I owe everything to the Barnes Theatre Club," he says in a statement.
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'Hancock' Sequel Confirmed

December 05, 2008 09:02:21 GMT

Being one of the summer blockbuster movies, "Hancock" will reportedly be getting a sequel treatment. When talking to Joblo while promoting his upcoming movie "Seven Pounds", the action drama's star Will Smith has come up with a confirmation that "Hancock 2" is "definitely" happening.
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Sneak Preview of 'Grey's Anatomy' 5.11: Wish You Were Here

December 05, 2008 08:39:13 GMT

A preview for episode eleven of "Grey's Anatomy" season five has been revealed through the recently-released video posted below. The preview teases more dramas that may happen on the next episode entitled "Wish You Were Here".
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Promo Trailer of Jim Carrey's 'I Love You Phillip Morris' Uncovered

December 05, 2008 08:26:02 GMT

An extended promo trailer of "I Love You Phillip Morris" has come out. Posted by Trailers Land, the three minutes more video gives an introduction to the main character, Steven Jay Russell played by Jim Carrey, revealing his life before and after he realizes that he is gay as well as the events leading him to have an affair with cellmate, Phillip Morris.
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Marilyn Manson Snapped Holding Hands With Evan Rachel Wood Lookalike

December 05, 2008 07:56:09 GMT

Goth rocker Marilyn Manson has sparked rumors he is back on the dating scene again after he was snapped holding hands with ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood lookalike. The supposed new lovers were photographed walking hand-in-hand while enjoying an outing in Miami on Wednesday, December 3.
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Jazmine Sullivan Wants to Duet With Chris Martin

December 05, 2008 07:36:00 GMT

Soul music singer/songwriter Jazmine Sullivan stated that she wants to record a song with Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin. "I actually want to do a song with Chris Martin," Jazmine confessed to People during an interview. "So maybe somebody will introduce me to him, or I can slip him an album and he can listen!"
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Clips of 'The Biggest Loser' Final Four Episode

December 05, 2008 07:25:40 GMT

Four new clips have been compiled into one video player as sneak peeks to week 12 episode of "The Biggest Loser". Most of the clips feature the contestants doing lots of exercises and preparing for the final challenge of the season.
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Full-Length Trailer of 'Friday the 13th' Hits

December 05, 2008 07:09:26 GMT

"Did you know a young boy drowned here?" a woman asks in the beginning of the recently-released trailer of "Friday the 13th". As the woman continues to explain further about the boy, the promotional video moves on with a shot of a lake and woods before suddenly a van jumps to the scene. Inside, a group of friends are having the time of their lives as they head into the cabin owned by the parents of one of the youngsters. As they soak up the fun, danger lurks in the corner.
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Video Premiere: Dierks Bentley's 'Feel That Fire'

December 05, 2008 06:51:13 GMT

Country music singer Dierks Bentley has released a music video aimed to promote his new song "Feel That Fire". In the video, he is seen singing verses narrating "about a girl who wants to be as alive as humanly possible, to feel everything, to take it to the hilt."
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Explore the Origins of July 20th Plot Through 'Valkyrie' Interactive Timeline

December 05, 2008 06:26:49 GMT

In anticipation to the nearing wide release of "Valkyrie", United Artists have got together a special interactive timeline for the drama thriller based on the true story of the daring and ingenious plot to assassinate Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. The July 20th plot interactive timeline chronicles the momentous occurrences from the day Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933.
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Cher Plots to Cover '60s Classic Hit Singles in New LP

December 05, 2008 06:05:44 GMT

Cher plans to enter recording booth to cover 1960s classic songs for her forthcoming studio album. Spilling the beans on the matter, she reveals that she wants to re-cycle hit singles from such musicians as The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Otis Redding.
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Jonas Brothers to Celebrate Grammy Nod With Football and Some Pinkberry

December 05, 2008 05:43:54 GMT

Instead of celebrating their Best New Artist Grammy nomination in big way, Jonas Brothers prefer to have a low key festivity by having a football game. Besides, they also opt to have some Pinkberry.
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Mischa Barton May Guest Star on 'Ugly Betty'

December 05, 2008 05:43:29 GMT

"Walled In" actress, Mischa Barton, is reported to guest star on ABC's comedy drama, "Ugly Betty". Hollyscoop reported the 22-year-old actress may get her debut appearance on the popular series for a five-episode guest arc.
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'Dragonball' Possibly Gets a New Title

December 05, 2008 05:06:02 GMT

"Dragonball" could possibly get a title extension. According to Coming Soon, the 20th Century Fox may add "Evolution" to the current title of the James Wong-directed action fantasy, making it to potentially be called "Dragonball Evolution".
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Michelle Trachtenberg to Return to 'Gossip Girl'

December 05, 2008 04:48:48 GMT

Michelle Trachtenberg may have another appearance on The CW's popular series, "Gossip Girl". According to Nylon Online, the series' producers are planning to bring back the "Black Christmas" star to reprise her role as Georgina Sparks for the teen drama's upcoming episode.
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Britney Spears' 'Circus' Official Music Video Premiered

December 05, 2008 04:11:02 GMT

One day after the full leaked music video for her new single "Circus" hit the web, Britney Spears moves up the premiere date for the video from December 5 to December 4. While the unofficial video features low quality scenes, the official one is filmed in high quality with the same circus-themed captures showing a lion, elephants, jugglers and a fireeater put as cameos.
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Jennifer Hudson 'Extremely Honored and Humbled' by Four Grammy Nods

December 05, 2008 04:09:59 GMT

Jennifer Hudson, who is still mourning the death of her mother, brother, and nephew, has admitted she is "extremely honored and humbled" by the four Grammy nominations that she obtains for her self-titled debut album. Expressing her gratitude, she was quoted as saying on Thursday, December 4, "It's been a childhood dream of mine to release an album, so to receive 4 Grammy nominations is truly a blessing."
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Izzie's Potential Illness on 'Grey's Anatomy' Revealed

December 05, 2008 03:17:31 GMT

The possible truth about the real condition of Dr. Izzie Stevens' character, played by Katherine Heigl, on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" has been revealed. As multiple reliable sources informed to EW's Michael Ausiello, the reason behind Izzie's hallucination of having interaction with dead people is a matter of health- and brain-related.
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Celine Dion Plans to Expand Her Family, Has Frozen Embryo

December 05, 2008 03:08:05 GMT

Tied to do more shows until late next year, Celine Dion has stated that after completing her concert tour she's planning to have more children with husband Rene Angelil. To CBS "Early Show" host Julie Chen, she said "Yes, we do have a frozen embryo. We'd love to extend the family," when asked to verify the rumors that she wants to expand her clan and has a frozen embryo.
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Akon Feels 'Gutted' After Losing Michael Jackson Collaboration

December 05, 2008 02:52:18 GMT

During an interview, Akon revealed the he was "gutted" after his duet song with Michael Jackson was dropped from the tracklisting of his newly-released record "Freedom". Opening up to The Daily Star, he put the blame over the missing out of the collaborative single on Internet leaks.
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Sneak Peek of 'Terminator Salvation' Trailer

December 05, 2008 02:46:08 GMT

Before the full trailer of "Terminator Salvation" is making its way for fans enjoyment, 35 seconds of it has been brought into attention by Entertainment Tonight. The brief sneak peek presents mostly Christian Bale's character, John Connor. It also teases off the look at some of the terminators as well as the actions to be expected from the action thriller film.
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Robert Pattinson Talks About Fans, Fame, and Dream Date

December 05, 2008 02:05:35 GMT

22-year-old actor Robert Pattinson shares to reporters how his life has changed after starring in hit vampire drama "Twilight," revealing his unusual habit and the recognition he receives. Despite all the attention he gets, he admits he isn't looking for a girlfriend at the moment.
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Second Trailer of 'Delgo' Arrived

December 05, 2008 02:02:51 GMT

The second trailer of Freestyle Releasing's animated movie "Delgo" has been released. Though shorter than the previous one, this one gives out more on the truce between the two opposing races, and the friendship between a spunky Nohrin princess and a reckless Lockni teenager when the hostilities between their opposing races escalate.
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Video Premiere: Lily Allen's 'The Fear'

December 05, 2008 01:59:07 GMT

A music video in the accompaniment of Lily Allen's brand new song "The Fear" has made its way out. Shot in Bedfordshire, it presents the British singer singing the song surrounded by hunks dancing around her. Near the end, it shows her walking out of her balloons-decorated house, away from the crowd.