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November 01, 2008

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Larry Birkhead's Life Goes on Public Through Reality Show

November 01, 2008 07:47:46 GMT

After being exploited regarding gay rumors and the custody battle with Anna Nicole Smith for his daughter, Dannielynn, Larry Birkhead's life will be more exposed to the public. ET has informed that the former lover of Anna will have his own reality show on E!, which is currently untitled.
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Behind-the-Scene Footage of 'Transporter 3'

November 01, 2008 07:15:53 GMT

In anticipation of "Transporter 3" theatrical release, Lionsgate Films' action movie from the "The Transporter" franchise has just got its behind-the-scene video released. Giving a minute of the film's snippets as well as the on-set shooting, the video also contains a commentary from leading actor Jason Statham who discusses about his character, Frank Martin.
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Jonas Brothers' Family Album Exposed

November 01, 2008 06:55:25 GMT

The family album of the Jonas Brothers has been leaked. The set consists of several pictures of Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, taken during their childhood years.
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Additional Episodes of 'Samantha Who?' in the Work

November 01, 2008 06:48:12 GMT

ABC have announced their plan to develop additional episodes for Christina Applegate-starring comedy series, "Samantha Who?". Instead of bringing the full-season orders which are usually comprised of 22 episodes, ABC, on the other hand, plot only seven more installments, bringing it to only 20 episodes.
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Jenny McCarthy and Andy Richter to Guest Star on 'Chuck'

November 01, 2008 06:46:44 GMT

NBC's action comedy series,"Chuck", will have two additional guest stars to complete its second season. It has been revealed exclusively by E! Online that Jenny McCarthy and Andy Richter will make an appearance in the series for one episode only.
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'Kath and Kim' Picked Up for Full Season

November 01, 2008 06:29:05 GMT

Thursday night comedy series "Kath & Kim" has been given a thumb up for the back-nine order. On Friday, October 31, afternoon, NBC network have announced that they have picked up the full season for the U.S. version of the hit Australian half-hour.
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Bravo Picks Up Six Brand New Projects

November 01, 2008 06:07:48 GMT

Bravo's preparation regarding the departure of "Project Runway" to Lifetime continues. After announcing the production of "Runway" duplicate entitled "Fashion House", the cable television network owned by NBC Universal, has confirmed its 6 brand new projects to be developed for the network's upcoming shows.
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Preview of 'Ghost Whisperer' 4.06: Imaginary Friends and Enemies

November 01, 2008 05:06:37 GMT

Things will change drastically in the new episode of "Ghost Whisperer". Something major will happen to Melinda, as the tag line from its preview is read "She was given a gift and one true love but nothing lasts forever...".
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M.I.A.'s New Song 'Shells' Unveiled

November 01, 2008 05:05:27 GMT

One of brand new materials from British songwriter and singer M.I.A. has been revealed. The new song is entitled "Shells" and features dance/pop sounds blended in mid-tempo rhythm.
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Two More Added to Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' Cast

November 01, 2008 04:50:47 GMT

Two more actors have been recruited for "Inglourious Basterds". According to The Playlist, the two additional cast ensemble will be Academy Award-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson and one time Cannes Best Actress Maggie Cheung.
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Sarah Silverman Appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Awkward

November 01, 2008 04:34:42 GMT

Sarah Silverman made a guest appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and created several moments of awkwardness. The comedian and the talk show's host, Jimmy Kimmel had been dating for five years before splitting up earlier this year and back again at some point before everything becomes unclear.
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Exclusive Interview: Val Emmich on 'Little Daggers' and His Role on 'Ugly Betty'

November 01, 2008 04:03:39 GMT

Val Emmich, the first unsigned singer to appear on MTV's "TRL", will be playing Jesse, Betty's beau-to-be in 3.07 episode of the award-winning, primetime show "Ugly Betty". He is also going to explore his acting talent on independent movie, "Fighting Fish". However, his main line of work is in music.
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First Trailer of Kate Winslet-Starring 'The Reader'

November 01, 2008 04:02:22 GMT

The Weinstein Company have shared out a first look inside their forthcoming drama adaptation starring Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet, "The Reader", through its first trailer. Chronicling the tale of a man whose life has been shaped by his illicit affair during his youth, the trailer presents the story from the point of view of the now grown-up boy as he recalls his affair with Hanna, the woman twice his age, and Hanna's trial when he was a law student.
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Taylor Swift Voted for the Very First Time, Felt 'So Completely American'

November 01, 2008 03:46:32 GMT

Taylor Swift voted for the very first time Thursday, October 30 at home in Sumner County, Tenn. Refusing to mention which candidate she voted for, she did admit that casting her ballot made her feel "so completely American."
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Ashlee Simpson Plans Top Secret Baby Shower

November 01, 2008 03:42:59 GMT

Due to give birth at "any point" now, Ashlee Simpson reportedly has been planning to host a top secret baby shower. Life & Style Weekly, which is the first to report that matter, claims invitations will be sent to guests via email. The location where the festivity is set to be held still remains secret though.
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John McCain Confirmed for 'Saturday Night Live' Stint

November 01, 2008 03:18:59 GMT

Sarah Palin has earned her slot and it's time for John McCain to invade "Saturday Night Live". Three days before the election, the Republican candidate will do a last minute measure to stack up some votes with an appearance on the sketch show that popularized his running mate, Palin through an impersonation by comedian Tina Fey.
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Jonas Brothers Share Their Fashion Styles on MySpace, the Video

November 01, 2008 02:56:10 GMT

Jonas Brothers have teamed up with MySpace for a brand new episode of the site's fashion segment called "The Fit," in which they share about their fashion styles, offering a behind-the-scenes look at them getting styled for the music video of their new smash hit "Lovebug," which is shot in the '40s set. The clip, which was filmed back on September 18, also features the brothers' stylist Michelle Tomaszewski who shares the concept for their costumes from head to toe.
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Alice's Nature in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' Revealed

November 01, 2008 02:54:00 GMT

With many speculations still swirling around "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", a new rumor about Isabel Lucas' character, Alice, has been sparked. TWF2005 reported TFW TF2 Insider has let out confirmation that Alice will be a Pretender, a transformer which hides itself inside a disguising shell.
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Video Premiere: Coldplay's 'Lovers in Japan'

November 01, 2008 02:49:40 GMT

British band Coldplay have debuted a music video in support of their new track titled "Lovers in Japan". Filmed in London, the Mat Whitecross-directed video starts off with a small vintage television turned on by frontman Chris Martin. Then he watches the TV showing him and his band playing the song.
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A Clip From 'Gossip Girl' 2.09: There Might Be Blood

November 01, 2008 02:41:50 GMT

Blair would do anything to get into Yale, even if it means babysitting a 15-year-old. In the new episode of "Gossip Girl", the Yale-obsessed Blair comes to a prominent Yale donor's apartment in order to win their heart and eventually smoothen her way to the university, but she received little notice from the dean's friend and his wife.
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8 Minutes Footage of 'Twilight' Found

November 01, 2008 02:21:13 GMT

A portion of highly anticipated "Twilight" has been screened at the Rome Film Festival and now 8 minutes of it has been leaked out. Giving an extended sneak peek into the vampire drama, the bootlegged footage presents the meeting between Bella and the Cullen family for the first time.
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Public Memorial Service for Jennifer Hudson's Family Set for Nov. 2

November 01, 2008 01:58:15 GMT

Hudson Funeral Home, which is owned by Jennifer Hudson's aunt and is handling the private memorial arrangements for her slain family, announced Friday, October 31 that a public memorial service for the performer's late mother Darnell Hudson Donerson, brother Jason Hudson, and nephew Julian King is planned for Sunday, November 2 at the South Side Chicago church where the Oscar-winner grew up singing. The service is slated to be held from 4 P.M. to 7 P.M. at the Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist Church, located at 4526 S. Greenwood in Chicago.
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Official Cover Art and Tracklisting of Britney Spears' 'Circus' Come Out

November 01, 2008 01:48:59 GMT

Britney Spears has uncovered cover art for her forthcoming sixth major studio album "Circus". The album's cover is dominated by yellow color and displays her posing graciously and smiling courteously.