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October 03, 2008

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Preview of 'Knight Rider' 1.03: Knight of the Iguana

October 03, 2008 09:12:33 GMT

In anticipation of "Knight Rider" next episode, NBC have brought forward a promo video for the third episode called "Knight of the Iguana". A new mission will take KITT and Mike to the beach south of the border, Baja, where Mike and an unlikely new partner have to cover up their identities as a couple in order to take down the baddies. To be aired on Wednesday, October 8 at 8 P.M., the episode stars Justin Bruening and Smith Cho, and is supported by Val Kilmer as the voice of KITT.
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Carrie Underwood Dating TV Personality Travis Lane Stork

October 03, 2008 08:34:44 GMT

Carrie Underwood is single no more as rumor has it, she's dating TV personality Travis Lane Stork. Country music blog Nashville Narc broke the report, claiming on its site the twosome was spotted together on her current tour, with Travis even had backstage passes to one of her concerts in Topeka, Kansas.
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Sneak Peek of 'Supernatural' 4.04: Metamorphosis

October 03, 2008 08:33:23 GMT

Giving fans a chance to get a taste of next "Supernatural" episode, The CW have released a promo video for episode 4.04. The snippet gives out glimpses of the upcoming episode of the horror thriller series, pointing out questions whether Sam and Dean are hunting an innocent man or destroying a monster when they meet Jack Montgomery.
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Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley to Host CMA Awards

October 03, 2008 07:33:54 GMT

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley will share hosting duties this year at the 42nd Annual Country Music Association Awards. The two will be particularly busy for they are also scheduled to perform, not mentioning being the nominees for Female and Male Vocalist respectively.
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New 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' Trailer Lets Out Real Jungle Experiences

October 03, 2008 07:33:20 GMT

"Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" has just got its second full-length trailer. The new footage resolves around the meeting between the far-from-home characters with the wild species of their own kind for the first time. Pointing out that Africa is basically the wildest place on Earth, the new trailer gives examples on the harsh reality the zoo-raised characters are facing there though a slew of never before seen compilation of clips.
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Unveiled, Lily Cole's Nude Cover Shoot for French Playboy

October 03, 2008 07:31:47 GMT

The cover shoot that Lily Cole does for the October 2008 edition of French Playboy magazine has been unveiled. The pose, which raised controversy from a group of people even before it is released, sees her wearing nothing but a pair of white socks. She's pictured clutching at a giant pink teddy bear to cover her naked breasts and modesty. Sporting pigtails, she pouts seductively into the camera.
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'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' Welcomes Its Comic Trailer

October 03, 2008 07:00:03 GMT

The first trailer of "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" has surfaced. While the teaser focuses on how Kevin James as the mall cop Paul Blart is being teased and harassed by a skate boarder, this trailer gives out more of Blart's background story as a loser and his dream of becoming a member of New Jersey State Police but fails miserably when he falls asleep during the physical test given.
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Rosie O'Donnell Gets Her Own Show on NBC

October 03, 2008 06:51:40 GMT

Graduating from "The View", talk host Rosie O'Donnell is set to have a TV show solely to her own. A live variety show, aptly called "Rosie's Variety Show", is developed by NBC for a try out premiere on the night before Thanksgiving (November 26).
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Miley Cyrus Gets Herself Fake Tan

October 03, 2008 06:37:50 GMT

With her 16th birthday celebration is nearing, Miley Cyrus gets herself prepared, getting a fake tan at Sunlounge Tanning in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 1. Being approached by a throng of paparazzi as she made her way out of the beauty center, the Disney star proudly showed off her blushed skin.
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Hair-Raising Trailer of 'The Uninvited' Premiered

October 03, 2008 06:23:40 GMT

The first trailer to "The Uninvited", a remake of 2003 Korean horror "A Tale of Two Sisters", has been put out by IGN. Providing heart-throbbing look into the horror thriller, the video introduces first Anna Rydell, a young girl staying at a mental institution after a tragic death of her mother. Told by the doctor to recover herself with the support of her family, Anna returns home.
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Ciara on the Set of 'Go Girl' Music Video

October 03, 2008 06:17:16 GMT

Ciara has shot a music video for her new single "Go Girl" and some frames from the clip have been leaking this week. The video is particularly striking for the style that Ciara sports for herself. In one scene she wears metallic bra that shows off her toned body.
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Preview of 'CSI: NY' 5.03: Turbulance

October 03, 2008 04:51:35 GMT

Video promo for episode 5.03 of "CSI: NY" has arrived. Presenting the episode where R 'n' B star Nelly is taking a part as a guest star named Terrence Davis, it previews the episode when Mac Taylor deals with a mile-high crime scene.
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Ludacris' New Album 'Theater of the Mind' Delayed

October 03, 2008 04:45:36 GMT

Ludacris' upcoming album "Theater of the Mind" is facing a push back. The new studio album from the rapper will not be dropped on October 21 as scheduled but will only arrive in stores almost a month later, on November 25.
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Sharon Stone Denies Wanting Botox Injections for Son Roan

October 03, 2008 04:33:58 GMT

Sharon Stone is denying reports that claimed she lost custody of son Roan because she wanted him to get Botox injections in his feet to resolve a problem he had with foot odor. Her legal attorney Martin Singer insisted the actress never made the suggestion and claimed such story as "complete fabrication."
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Producer of 'Transformers II' Acknowledges Shia LaBeouf's Latest Injury

October 03, 2008 04:25:09 GMT

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of the forthcoming "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," has acknowledged the on-set injury Shia LaBeouf experienced on Tuesday, September 30. However, he confirmed "everything is fine" with the actor.
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A Glimpse Into The Fiercee Awards Episode of 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11

October 03, 2008 04:15:04 GMT

The CW network have released a sneak peek into the next episode of "America's Next Top Model" cycle 11 which is entitled "The Fiercee Awards". The snippet takes a brief look into what the judges have to say about Sheena Sakai's latest photo where she replicates the raw emotion when someone is stepping on her dress.
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Video Premiere: Alanis Morissette's 'Not As We'

October 03, 2008 04:07:36 GMT

Alanis Morissette has come out with her new music video, "Not As We". Simple in its concept, the video features close shots of Alanis on the beach, inside a bathtub, meeting people and alone inside a house.
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'Twilight' Takes Part at Third Intl. Rome Film Festival

October 03, 2008 03:44:55 GMT

Fifteen minutes of the highly-anticipated "Twilight" will indeed be premiered at the International Rome Film Festival. Summit Entertainment have recently confirmed about the screening of the vampire romance flick to MTV News though do not go further by sharing out the exact date for the screening.
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Nicky Hilton Opens Up About DJ AM's Latest Condition

October 03, 2008 03:40:31 GMT

Paying her good friend DJ AM a visit following his hospital release last week after he was involved in plane crash on September 19, Nicky Hilton confirms he's in good condition. "He looks just fine," the hotel heiress and socialite said in a statement despite the fact that he's been treated for second and third degree burns to his upper body.
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Preview of 'Ugly Betty' 3.03: Crimes of Fashion

October 03, 2008 03:29:29 GMT

When a horrible accident occurs, everyone at Mode becomes a suspect. "Crimes of Fashion", the new episode of "Ugly Betty" will witness the search of the guilty one that causes pregnant Christina to fall down the stairs.
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Beyonce Knowles Addresses Fans on Upcoming Album

October 03, 2008 03:01:29 GMT

Mid the circulating rumors that her new album will not be finished in time, Beyonce Knowles releases a statement on her official site, giving fans an update to her album's progress. The R'n'B singer said that over 70 songs have been recorded in the past twelve months and that it will be her most raw album that she ever worked on.
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First Five Minutes of 'Blindness' Hits

October 03, 2008 02:58:47 GMT

Before moviegoers head to theaters on the first weekend in October, Miramax Films have presented thriller movie lovers with the first five minutes video of their upcoming "Blindness". Opened with a scene covering a busy traffic on one ordinary morning, it then closes up to one particular car stopping in red light. When the light turns green, the man driving the car hits the brake causing chaos on the street.
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Broadway Theaters Dim Lights to Honor Paul Newman

October 03, 2008 02:38:37 GMT

It's been days that Paul Newman died, but honor keeps rolling in for him with the latest one coming from Broadway theaters which will dim their lights to honor the late actor. At 8 P.M. Friday, October 3 all Broadway theaters will remain dark for one minute to give regards to him.
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Madonna and Alex Rodriguez's Cozy Dinner for Two

October 03, 2008 02:32:51 GMT

Keeping their lips tightly sealed about the extent of their relationship, Madonna and Alex Rodriguez add fuel to the rumors that they're dating after they've been spotted enjoying a cozy dinner at Dos Caminos Third Avenue on Tuesday, September 30. US Weekly broke the news and cited a source as saying the rumored lovers "seemed very close."
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A Clip From '90210' 1.07: Hollywood Forever

October 03, 2008 02:25:15 GMT

The CW have provided a promotional clip for "90210" which will have its new episode "Hollywood Forever" aired on October 7. The clip shows Dixon, admiring the new place that his girlfriend Erin gets. Realizing that they are alone in the house, they plan to do something fun.
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'Changeling' Fresh Clip Presents Angelina Jolie Interrogated

October 03, 2008 02:24:22 GMT

A brand new clip of Angelina Jolie-starrer "Changeling" has been put out. Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, the one-minute plus footage highlights on the performance of the Academy Award's 2000 Best Supporting Actress recipient when her character, Christine Collins, tries to explain her situation to an intimidating doctor portrayed by Denis O'Hare at the mental ward.
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Usher's 'Comfortable and Intimate' Lingerie Line Underway

October 03, 2008 02:01:23 GMT

Turning up at the Marlies Dekkers show Sunday night, September 28, Usher has revealed plans to launch his own line of lingerie. The collection will be for men and women and he promised it will be "comfortable and intimate."