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August 09, 2008

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Official Tracklisting of The Game's 'L.A.X' Leaked

August 09, 2008 07:41:40 GMT

The Game's fans don't have to wait any longer to find out more of his upcoming third studio album "L.A.X". Its official tracklisting has been leaked, showing that the full album will carry as many as nineteen tracks.
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'Death Race' Let Out Action-Packed First Clip

August 09, 2008 07:38:52 GMT

Paul W.S. Anderson's action movie "Death Race" has released the claimed-to-be first clip of the movie. Displaying the scene where Jensen Ames played by Jason Statham is navigating through the rain of fire let out by his competitors, the clip shows the intensity of the deathly race which ends with a big bang.
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Jonas Brothers Deliver Record-Breaking Performance

August 09, 2008 07:26:08 GMT

Performing a free concert for "Good Morning America" on Friday, August 8, pop rock band Jonas Brothers have taken over the Big Apple. Performing on the stage erected at Bryan Park in Midtown Manhattan, the trio created a history of their own setting a new record for the largest crowd the morning show has ever hosted up to the date.
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Jay-Z Talks Keeping Mum About Marriage to Beyonce Knowles

August 09, 2008 07:24:22 GMT

It's been months since reports on him marrying longtime girlfriend Beyonce Knowles first leaked in April. And Jay-Z has, in a recent interview with Vibe magazine, spoken for the first time about why he and the songbird choose not to talk publicly about their marriage.
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'Friday the 13th' Gets New Behind-the-Scene Video

August 09, 2008 06:44:26 GMT

A remake of Sean S. Cunningham's 1980 classic horror movie, "Friday the 13th" was shot in Texas and during the filming period, Reelz Channel has paid a visit to the set. On Friday, August 8, Reelz's "Dailies" has exposed the on-set video report from the visit showing both behind-the-scene footages as well as interviews and now, the video has leaked out.
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Video: Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan Performing Beijing Olympic Theme

August 09, 2008 06:20:40 GMT

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was officially launched yesterday August 8 with a spectacular ceremony that includes a duet performance by Sarah Brightman and Chinese singer Liu Huan. The event that was held at the National Stadium of the China's capital, witnessed the international collaboration of "You and Me" that becomes the official theme song for the game this year.
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Britney Spears Shot for 2008 MTV Video Music Awards Commercial

August 09, 2008 06:12:48 GMT

After being mocked by host of MTV Video Music Awards last year for her awful stage act, Pop singer Britney Spears has apparently decided to not take it too personally as she will be in a commercial ads scene for this year's MTV show promotion. This week, the singer has been working on a video shoot taken in Hollywood Paramount Studio along with a British comedian Russell Brand, who will be hosting the show on September 7.
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Pregnant Lisa Marie Presley Bares Her Baby Bump in Marie Claire's September Issue

August 09, 2008 05:05:19 GMT

Coming to the term of expressing madness, Lisa Marie Presley is the best. The pregnant singer takes aim at the press, baring her baby bump for a series of stunning photographs for Marie Claire magazine, which are meant to fire back against early media reports, most of which were negative, surrounding her pregnancy.
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Mind-Bugling Opening Scene From 'Mirrors'

August 09, 2008 04:45:41 GMT

For those who have not been crept out enough by "Mirrors", IGN Movies has posted a video exposing its first three minutes opening scene. Gory and hair-rising, the footage is an elaboration from the clip shown in the previous trailers where a terrified man looks into his reflection in the mirror while his reflection cuts of his throat.
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Lindsay Lohan Seen Wearing Diamond Ring, Setting Off Another Wedding Rumor

August 09, 2008 04:44:09 GMT

The Hollywood rumor mill goes into overdrive again that Lindsay Lohan is getting hitched with her DJ pal and same sex lesbian lover Samantha Ronson. Such rumor is in all probabilities inspired by the fact that she's been spotted sporting a ring on her left ring finger.
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Girls Aloud Claim No Feud, Working on New Album

August 09, 2008 04:40:09 GMT

British girl group Girls Aloud have blasted rumor saying that they have been in a dispute. Instead, the group which consists of Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, and Nadine Coyle, have reportedly worked on their fifth album, not-yet-titled.
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'Happy-Go-Lucky' Welcomes Trailer

August 09, 2008 04:14:43 GMT

Hailed to be fresh, funny, and uplifting, "Happy-Go-Lucky" is a drama comedy film from Academy Award-nominee Mike Leigh starring Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan and Alexis Zegerman. Before the film hits limited theaters on October 10, Miramax Films present the domestic trailer of the Simon Channing Williams-produced movie.
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Daddy Matthew McConaughey Going to Plant Son's Placenta in an Orchard

August 09, 2008 04:03:56 GMT

It is what it is. Matthew McConaughey arguably is such an unusual guy and most of all a distinct celebrity father. Boasting the bright future of his baby boy, who's still one month old, he tells CNN's "House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta" in interview that he has kept the infant's placenta and plans to plant it in an orchard, hoping that it will help fertilize the land.
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'Burn After Reading' Gives Out Two Character Videos

August 09, 2008 03:46:44 GMT

In their effort to promote Coen brothers' latest drama comedy "Burn After Reading", Focus Features released two brand new videos. Each video which format is a sort-of-mini-trailer focuses on clueless gym employee Chad and womanizer federal marshal Harry, two out of the five main characters in the movie.
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Video Premiere: Donnie Klang's 'Take You There' Feat. P. Diddy

August 09, 2008 03:33:12 GMT

Donnie Klang has dropped music video for single "Take You There" via FNMTV. In the song, taken from his upcoming debut album "Just a Rolling Stone", Donnie has teamed up with rapper P. Diddy as a guest star.
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Picture: Jenna Jameson Poses Nude for PETA

August 09, 2008 03:09:00 GMT

Becoming the subject of media attention with her being reported pregnant, it seems like Jenna Jameson won't stop keeping the public talking about her. The retired adult movie star has ended her career in the porn industry, yet won't be slowing down anytime soon, lending her curvy body for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)'s latest ad.
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'The Heist' Brings Out a Killer Side of Chris Brown

August 09, 2008 03:08:48 GMT

For his latest feature film project, 19-year-old Chris Brown has been involved in T.I.'s action thriller "The Heist". To work with a list of other talented actors including Idris Elba and Matt Dillon, the R 'n' B sensation will be seen as someone other than a young and successful musician due to his portrayal of a murderous bank robber and recently, he opened up about it.
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Best New Artist and Dancing in a Video Nominees at 2008 MTV VMAs

August 09, 2008 02:57:40 GMT

The nominees for MTV Video Music Awards in the Best New Artist category have been downsized to mere five. Contending for the coveted prize are none other than German rock band Tokio Hotel and teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus. Both acts are taking the storm this year with their music videos "Ready , Set, Go!" and "7 Things" respectively but will still face a tough competition from three others, namely "I Kissed a Girl" crooner Katy Perry, American Idol champion last year Jordin Sparks and country darling Taylor Swift.
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Sugarland Founder Suing the Band for 1.5 Million Dollars

August 09, 2008 02:49:26 GMT

Along with their growing success, band Sugarland are currently sued by former band mate Kristen Hall, one of whom created the band in 2002. She is seeking more than $1.5 million from current members of the group, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush who have been previously reported to put their latest album "Love on the Inside" at number one in Billboard Hot 200 chart this week.
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Former 'American Idol' Star Clay Aiken Welcomes Baby Boy

August 09, 2008 02:19:25 GMT

From a former "American Idol" runner-up to a father, that's Clay Aiken. The 29-year-old singer becomes a father for the first time as his first child was born Friday, August 8.
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Shia LaBeouf's Mashed Fingers Cost 'Transformers 2' a Month Production

August 09, 2008 02:18:15 GMT

Shia LaBeouf's car crash accident appears to finally take its toll on the production of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". Although director Michael Bay has argued that the injury sustained by the young star would not affect the filming of the "Transformers" sequel, it seems that what has happened is the other way around.