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May 25, 2007

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Lily Allen Dueting with Blondie, Lend Voice to Dizzee

May 25, 2007 11:40:44 GMT

Lily Allen chooses to do a number of collaboration for her next project. Done with the 'free' clothing line, the British import is set to do a duet with Blondie's vocalist, Deborah Harry and chip in voice in Dizzee Rascal's new album.
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Beyonce Knowles to Take ALMA Awards' Stage

May 25, 2007 11:20:52 GMT

Renowned musicians are going to storm up the 2007 ALMA Awards stage and give a hell of performance. For a start, Beyonce Knowles will be there along with Prince.
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50 Cent Spilled Eminem's Secret Album

May 25, 2007 11:00:05 GMT

Eminem is ready to make some controversy going around. Buddy 50 Cent confirms for him that fifth album is coming on the way.
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Lindsay Lohan Has New Album Under Work

May 25, 2007 10:39:33 GMT

After several dramas, Lindsay Lohan puts her music career back on track. She is reported to hit the studio anytime soon for the third album.
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Snoop Dogg Made Hamburg's Live Earth Headliner

May 25, 2007 10:19:54 GMT

Denied in UK and Australia, Snoop Dogg landed his ship in Germany. He, along with Chris Cornell and British singer Katie Melua will be the headliners of Live Earth concert. Announced at a press conference by Live Earth co-founder Kevin Wall, the three of them will be supported by a number of local musicians.
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Deftones to Follow "Saturday Night Wrist" Soon

May 25, 2007 09:56:40 GMT

Always generating eagerness for their unique and experimental work, Deftones may treat its fans with the kind of excitement the end of this year. Spilling the idea of a new album, frontman Chino Moreno said that the band has some materials already in file.
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Audrey Tautou Wears "Chanel"

May 25, 2007 09:31:57 GMT

The figure of Coco Chanel is going to be brought alive to the big screen by Audrey Tautou.
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Amy Winehouse Given Ivor for "Rehab"

May 25, 2007 09:30:03 GMT

Looks like it's the year for Amy Winehouse. Apart from chart topping album, happiness of newly wed, and not mentioning a worldwide exposure for career, she had just won the Ivor Novello Award for "Rehab".
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Billy Talent & Nickelback, Big Contenders of 18th MuchMusic Awards

May 25, 2007 09:04:22 GMT

After nominated in the People's choice, the same bands Billy Talent and Nickelback stand greater chance bringing home 'statuette' in this year's MuchMusic Awards after nominated for their works.
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"The Sims" Movie

May 25, 2007 09:01:28 GMT

The best selling PC game in the history is about to get a big screen treatment. Yes, the 20th Century Fox reportedly has secured film rights to "The Sims" and will develop a live-action version of the Electronic Arts' simulation game.
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Nicolas Cage Escapes "The Untouchables"

May 25, 2007 08:22:14 GMT

Apparently comes to the same idea as Daniel Craig has done on "Blindness", Nicolas Cage has shockingly concluded to quit his role in "The Untouchables: Capone Rising", Variety has confirmed.
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Sandra Bullock Accepts "The Proposal"

May 25, 2007 07:42:06 GMT

Creating a chain of comedic roles, Sandra Bullock has submitted into her acting list another stint for a rom-com flick entitled "The Proposal" behind those in "All About Steve", "One of the Guys", and "Kiss & Tango."
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Disney Uncovers "Secrets" Teaser Trailer

May 25, 2007 07:12:51 GMT

Bringing up early look on its star-studded project of "National Treasure: Book of Secrets", Walt Disney Pictures has delightfully posted a teaser trailer for the flick on the web.
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The National Constitution Center Honors Bono with This Year's Liberty Medal

May 25, 2007 07:12:05 GMT

Bono is about to get an honor, not for his music work, but for his humanitarian efforts. The U2 frontman is set to receive the 2007 Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center, a non-profit organization that aims to increase public understanding of the US Constitution.
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Troubled Socialite Paris Hilton Turns Buddhist to Avoid Jail

May 25, 2007 04:54:50 GMT

Paris Hilton thinks she knows what's best for her. But does she or doesn't she, we'll leave it all to you to answer.
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Matt Damon Has Had Enough of "Bourne"

May 25, 2007 04:46:51 GMT

Looks like success and fame do not lure Matt Damon to stay any longer in the "Bourne" franchise. Despite all the huge cash and exposure received, the actor shockingly revealed to the press in Cannes yesterday, May 24, that the upcoming "The Bourne Ultimatum" will mark his last time playing the titular character.
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Rumor Has It, Natalie Portman Dating SNL Star Andy Samberg

May 25, 2007 04:22:15 GMT

It's been quite sometimes that we haven't heard about Natalie Portman and talk is heating up by now that the movie beauty is dating "Saturday Night Live" star Andy Samberg.
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"Indy 4" New Haven Scene Leaked

May 25, 2007 04:20:55 GMT

The tight wraps covering "Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures" apparently are starting to come loose now in the preparation for the flick to get shot in New Haven, Connecticut.
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"Blindness" Not Afflicting Daniel Craig

May 25, 2007 03:59:26 GMT

Back in March, reports were circulating around that Daniel Craig is seriously engaged in talks to topline philosophical thriller "Blindness" alongside Julianne Moore. However, it now turns out that the actor has pulled out all the plugs attached to the project, set to be helmed by Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelles.
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Reggaeton Star Daddy Yankee Signed a Deal with Sportswear Giants Reebok

May 25, 2007 03:46:21 GMT

A highly successful Latin Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican reggaeton recording artist, Daddy Yankee is giving hand at a new profession as he's been signed by sportswear giants Reebok to promote their custom sneakers.
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Celebrities Make Hollywood's Best Bodies List

May 25, 2007 03:14:33 GMT

Numbers of Hollywood celebrities, naming some are Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson, have made the list of "The Sexiest Stars Under The Sun" compiled by Life & Style Magazine.
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Posh Spice Set to Judge the Graduate Fashion Week Competition

May 25, 2007 02:23:24 GMT

A fashion icon and trendsetter, Victoria Adams is getting a perfect job for her, a fashion competition judge.