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March 09, 2007

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Anna Nicole Smith's Cause of Death Known, but Not Yet Made Public

March 09, 2007 09:28:38 GMT

It's been a month after her death and following tough examination and autopsy Anna Nicole Smith's cause of death finally is known. In fact, the result won't be made public any time soon.
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Universal Sparking Two More Film Projects

March 09, 2007 09:19:25 GMT

Wasting no time in setting up more big screen features at its pit, Universal Pictures has secured rights to develop not only one but two projects of different genre.
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James Tupper Confirms Anne Heche's Romance

March 09, 2007 09:10:16 GMT

The man breaks his silence. James Tupper, the "Men In Trees" actor who was reported secretly romancing co-star Anne Heche, finally spills the bean on their relationship.
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A Tour Held for "Introducing Joss Stone"

March 09, 2007 09:03:07 GMT

With the release date of "Introducing Joss Stone" coming nearer, Joss Stone is preparing herself for the tour held in support of the album. It will start on April 27 in Mashantucket, Connecticut and roams all over North America until June 13 in Filene Center, Vienna, Va.
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Four Registered As "St. Trinian's" Students

March 09, 2007 08:46:33 GMT

Boarding on the same vehicle, Emily Watson, Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, and Russell Brand are all poised to share scenes together in "St. Trinian's", a new big screen version of the classic British comedy franchise that spawned several popular movies in the 1950s and 1960s.
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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Did Exchange Rings but Not Engaged

March 09, 2007 08:46:08 GMT

The romance between Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden is getting stronger than ever as they reportedly have exchanged rings.
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More Getting Dug Out of "Star Trek"

March 09, 2007 08:23:54 GMT

Coming together for an exclusive talk with MTV, duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have delightfully given more details about the new big screen installment of "Star Trek" franchise which they wrote and are executive producing for Paramount Pictures.
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American Idol's Top 12 Announced

March 09, 2007 08:00:33 GMT

America has chosen the twelve contestants they think deserve to be the finalists in American Idol cycle 6. Four more guys and girls are cut down from the competition on March 9 leaving only 12 behind.
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The First Exclusive Webisode Showing Shakira's "Dirty Little Secrets"

March 09, 2007 07:52:56 GMT

Shakira willingly shares her "Dirty Little Secrets" with you all. The singer is having the first of three exclusive "webisodes", featuring her during her "Oral Fixation Tour," launched by MTV.
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"Cryptozoologists" Conduct Scientific Research at New Line

March 09, 2007 07:49:12 GMT

Still intends to evoke laughs in the theaters, New Line Cinema is about to develop a comedy feature based on a spec script it has successfully purchased from David Gilcreast, Variety has reported.
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"Worlds End" Trailer Coming March 19, 2007

March 09, 2007 07:26:50 GMT

Soon, the U.S. audience can have their first glimpse of the hotly-anticipated "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End." Walt Disney Pictures has officially announced that a new trailer for the flick will be shown publicly on Monday, March 19, 2007 during the premiere episode of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" between 8-10 pm.
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K-Fed Pitching a New Reality Show

March 09, 2007 06:38:04 GMT

Kevin Federline is so desperate to be famous. Thanks God that as his estranged wife Britney Spears is in rehab, the man is working on his own by pitching a new reality show based on his life.
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Disney to Launch "Frog Princess" in 2009 and "Toy Story 3" in 2010

March 09, 2007 06:24:58 GMT

Future now is clear for both "The Frog Princess" and "Toy Story 3" as Walt Disney Studios has finally settled on the year to release these two animated features for all family to enjoy in the theaters.
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Coldplay Confirms It's "Part Of The Plan"

March 09, 2007 06:20:24 GMT

The rumor on Coldplay's involvement in Swizz Beatz new album is finally confirmed true. The rock band is going to perform its score in the track "Part Of The Plan".
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Newlywed Elizabeth Hurley Already Pregnant?!

March 09, 2007 06:00:22 GMT

With her lavish-wedding report just around the corner, fresh claim has emerged from Elizabeth Hurley. Rumor has it that the newlywed is pregnant after a photo of her wedding celebrations appears to show a tiny bump.
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Is Gisele Bundchen Pregnant with Tom Brady's Child?!

March 09, 2007 04:53:34 GMT

The romance between Gisele Bundchen and boyfriend Tom Brady is heating up as rumors are swirling in the supermodel's home country of Brazil that she's pregnant with the Patriots quarterback's child.
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Top 10 in Hot 100 for March 9, 2007 Leg of Chart

March 09, 2007 04:40:18 GMT

The Billboard 100 chart topper this week is pretty much a still episode from last week. MIMS' "This Is Why I'm Hot" is still holding on for the top position while Akon's "Don't Matter" is entailing behind at #2.
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Maggie Gyllenhaal to Fight By "The Dark Knight" Side

March 09, 2007 04:36:57 GMT

Stop all the fuzz about who to replace Katie Holmes in "The Dark Knight", folks, as Variety finally has brought in reliable news stating that Maggie Gyllenhaal is one step away from becoming Rachel Dawes, the role that the "Dawson's Creek" star dropped earlier this year.
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Michael Jackson Showed Up in Tokyo

March 09, 2007 04:17:41 GMT

Michael Jackson made an appearance Thursday March 8th in Tokyo for several "fan appreciation events." There were 400 people who showed up, all of whom claimed as die-hard fans, and more than 100 orphans and handicapped children who were invited for free.
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Johnny Depp's Hospitalized Daughter "Doing Much Better"

March 09, 2007 03:55:06 GMT

Johnny Depp can for now on feel a bit relieved as her daughter, who has reportedly fallen ill in England, is "doing much better."
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Eminem to Testify in High Court

March 09, 2007 03:48:53 GMT

Canceling a gig at Slane Castle last September 17, 2005 has brought a prolonged effect for Eminem. Ireland's High Court has called him to testify on the reasons that affect him calling off the show.
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Eddie Van Halen Going to Rehab

March 09, 2007 03:20:59 GMT

It's tragic. Eddie Van Halen, rock guitarist of music group Van Halen, said Thursday March 8th he would enter rehab "to work on myself," just days before the music act will be honored at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York City next week.
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Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Reprise for Their Fans' Hunger

March 09, 2007 03:10:46 GMT

After the tremendous success of Soul2Soul II Tour 2006, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are ready to get it on again. Naming this year's tour Soul2Soul 2007, the husband and wife have announced that this leg of tour will begin June 6 in Qwest Center, Omaha-Nebraska and continue up to August 10 in Honda Center, Anaheim-California.
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TV Show Access Hollywood's 'Guy Candy' List

March 09, 2007 02:59:11 GMT

Justin Timberlake is Hollywood's number one hunk. The pop singer has topped the 'Guy Candy' list compiled by TV show Access Hollywood, praised as "easy choice."
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Will Smith Is Recuperating Following Shoulder Injury

March 09, 2007 02:38:55 GMT

Will Smith injured, but don't worry for he's fine. The actor sprained his shoulder last week while shooting his upcoming film, the action horror "I Am Legend."
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Seventh Doll for The Pussycat Dolls Is Down to 9

March 09, 2007 02:26:57 GMT

In search for seventh doll for troupe The Pussycat Dolls, reality show "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll" which was aired in The CW last March 6 has reduced the number of contestants from 8,000 to mere 9.
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Today in Angelina Jolie's Next Adoption

March 09, 2007 02:13:11 GMT

While rumors are circulating on Angelina Jolie's upcoming adoption, here we bring you details on it. Yes it's true that the actress is about to adopt a Vietnamese child, and it will be a boy between the ages of three and four from an orphanage on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City.