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December 09, 2006

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Songstress Rihanna Is Joining the CoverGirl Family

December 09, 2006 06:35:01 GMT

Rihanna is invading the world of cosmetics. The songstress has inked a deal as one of the faces representing CoverGirl cosmetics.
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Kate Bosworth Checks Into "Love Hotels"

December 09, 2006 06:21:04 GMT

Kate Bosworth has an eye for being a producer. The striking actress quietly has purchased the film rights to a novel titled "Lost Girls and Love Hotels" written by Catherine Hanrahan, the author has revealed on her official Blog.
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Mariah Carey Versus Mary Carey

December 09, 2006 06:10:19 GMT

No, they are not the same. Mariah Carey and Mary Carey are absolutely two different persons. The one is the famous pop singer, while the other one is an adult film actress. See? Unfortunately, the less famous one apparently wants to make use their similar last name to earn a living.
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Is It Possible? Shakira and Beyonce Knowles Duet

December 09, 2006 04:56:33 GMT

What do you think? Is it possible for Shakira and Beyonce Knowles to have a duet?
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Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" Infuriated the Mayans

December 09, 2006 04:41:56 GMT

Considered to be unrealistic and presents a stereotyped depiction upon describing Mayan civilization, "Apocalypto" has angered indigenous members of the culture who condemned the movie and director Mel Gibson as being inaccurate and racist.
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Singers Couple, Diana Krall and Elvis Costello Welcome Twins

December 09, 2006 04:31:40 GMT

Diana Krall and hubby Elvis Costello have double happiness. The couple welcomed their first children together Wednesday Dec 6th in New York, twin sons Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James.
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Angie Knows Best What to Give to Brad Pitt on His 43rd Birthday

December 09, 2006 04:07:49 GMT

Angelina Jolie knows Brad Pitt best. She knows what he likes most and so has had in mind what to give him on his 43rd birthday on Dec 18th.
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Pleads Not Guilty to Tax Fraud, Wesley Snipes Looks Forward to Clearing His Name

December 09, 2006 03:46:55 GMT

He was first arrested on tax fraud on Friday morning Dec 8th. But Wesley Snipes was later on pleaded not guilty when he surrendered to government officials in Orlando.
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Is Britney Spears Taking Anti-Depressants?

December 09, 2006 02:57:25 GMT

Is Britney Spears doing drugs? In Touch Weekly said so. The publication is saying that Spears has turned to medication to help with her split from Kevin Federline and has been spotted carrying several types of anti-depressants in her purse.
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Warner Unveils "TMNT" and "300" Trailer

December 09, 2006 02:47:48 GMT

As movies are lining up to see the lights in theaters next year, Warner Bros. Pictures has released trailers for two of its highly-anticipated flicks which sure will satisfy the moviegoers' curiosity before both hit the cinemas in March.
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Brangelina to Marry in South Africa This Christmas?!

December 09, 2006 02:27:22 GMT

No one knows when and where Angelina Jolie and his man Brad Pitt will tie the knot. Yet, rumor has it that the pair is planning to marry in South Africa this Christmas.