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September 15, 2006

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Larry Charles Covered with "Dirt"

September 15, 2006 09:45:26 GMT

While it is still two months more for his latest film "Borat" to hit theaters, director Larry Charles has already prepared for a new one to be developed under his hands. Production Weekly has learned that the man is engaged in pre-production process on "The Dirt", a biopic of famous Los Angeles-based hard rock band Motley Crue.
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"Eragon" Trailer Goes Online at MovieFone

September 15, 2006 09:01:59 GMT

This sure will be such delight for the "Eragon" fans. 20th Century Fox as the production company of the fantasy flick finally has revealed the new trailer of the film after four delays since May 2006. Those who can't wait to get a glimpse of it can now find the trailer attached to Columbia Pictures' "Gridiron Gang" at MovieFone.
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Mike Dougherty Playing "Trick 'r Treat"

September 15, 2006 08:06:17 GMT

After got busy writing for superheroes flick like "X-Men 2" and "Superman Returns", Mike Dougherty is now taking a turn towards horror genre. The writer has been assigned to pen also make his feature directorial debut in "Trick 'r Treat."
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Kyra Sedgwick Runs Across "Daddy's Little Girl"

September 15, 2006 07:10:33 GMT

Filling up her resume with new film projects, Kyra Sedgwick has given her approval to have a starring role in "Daddy's Little Girl" aka "The Game Plan", a family football comedy from Walt Disney Pictures.
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Mark Burnett Reveals the "Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel"

September 15, 2006 06:24:28 GMT

Shifting from small to big screen, producer Mark Burnett has picked up the rights to make a film feature of "The Alchemyst: Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel", an adaptation of the first part of children's fantasy book series "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" by Michael Scott, Variety has reported.
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Imagi Breathes New Life to "Astro Boy"

September 15, 2006 04:59:42 GMT

Putting attention to Japanese animation or known as anime, Imagi Animation Studios has been reported to acquire rights from Japan's Tezuka Productions Company Limited to produce a new CG animated feature length motion picture titled "Astro Boy." The flick, set for a 2009 theatrical release, will be based on the renowned anime franchise which was initially created by Osamu Tezuka, the company has confirmed.
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The Wedding of TomKat Is Soon

September 15, 2006 04:48:10 GMT

There it is, after months of chatters and speculation, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding is said to be held soon. How soon? In within the next six weeks.
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Britney Spears to Name Her Second Son Sutton Pierce Federline?

September 15, 2006 04:28:48 GMT

Official announcement on Britney Spears second delivery has yet been made. Yet, rumor has it that the pop superstar is about to name her second son with husband Kevin Federline, Sutton Pierce Federline.
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Lionsgate Goes Straight "Away from Her"

September 15, 2006 04:21:12 GMT

Making a bold move, Lionsgate has just secured U.S distribution rights to a drama flick entitled "Away from Her", a directorial debut of Sarah Polley who is also the first-time screenwriter of the project. The announcement of the successful attempt was made jointly on Wednesday, September 13 by Lionsgate's President of Acquisitions and Co-Productions Peter Block and President of Theatrical Films Tom Ortenberg.
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Jon Heder and Wife Expecting Their First Child Ever

September 15, 2006 04:02:21 GMT

Jon Heder, the actor most famous for his portrayal of the title character in the 2004's "Napoleon Dynamite", will soon become a father.
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Patrick Dempsey and Wife Expecting Their Second Child

September 15, 2006 03:46:38 GMT

Patrick Dempsey, the actor who is currently working as Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd on the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy", does daddyhood again.
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Strand to Set "The Hawk" Free

September 15, 2006 03:31:11 GMT

A good move has been made by Strand Releasing. The company has satisfyingly obtained the rights to this year's Sundance Film Festival participant "The Hawk Is Dying." In continuation to the successful attempt, Strand has set the movie to be released by the next spring, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.
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Rapper Jay-Z Has His "Kingdom" Come

September 15, 2006 03:18:23 GMT

He announced his retirement three years ago with the release of "The Black Album". But now Jay-Z is invading, again, the music industry with his another new album.
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Former Supermodel Christie Brinkley Filed for Divorce

September 15, 2006 02:49:42 GMT

Former supermodel Christie Brinkley is officially ending her 10 years marriage to fourth husband, architect Peter Cook. The 52-year-old beauty filed for divorce in New York's Suffolk County Court earlier this week, just three months after reports mentioned her husband had an affair with Diana Bianchi, an 18-year-old he'd hired to work in his firm.
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"Raving", Julie Stiles' Directorial Debut

September 15, 2006 02:23:46 GMT

She's been doing acting on stage and big screen. Now that it comes to directing, Julia Stiles would likely to give it a go.
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The "Clock" Ticks in December

September 15, 2006 02:05:15 GMT

Following the hiring of Chilean filmmaker Jorge Olguin, production is gearing up for Mayhem Project's "Clock Tower." Production Weekly has reported that principal photography on the project is set to start December this year with Todd Farmer, Jake Wade Wall, and David Coggeshall writing the screenplay.
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Ed Harris to Construct "Appaloosa" with Viggo Mortensen and Diane Lane

September 15, 2006 02:02:54 GMT

Sets eyes to get himself double jobs, Ed Harris is intending to both star and direct "Appaloosa", a Western flick based on Robert B. Parker's novel of the same title. In bringing the project to the surface, the "Winter Passing" actor has gathered his co-star in "A History of Violence", Viggo Mortensen, and Diane Lane together in the cast line-up.
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"Dark Materials" Taking Shape in Oxford

September 15, 2006 01:58:21 GMT

Updating news on "The Golden Compass" which has already begun filming, BBC has reported that film crew are landing their feet in Oxford this week to shoot at the university's Exeter College which will stand in for Jordan College in the picture.