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November 10, 2005

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Barrymore's Just That Into "You"

November 10, 2005 09:51:20 GMT

Drama romance seemingly always be something attractive for everyone. It is too for actress Drew Barrymore that her and Nancy Juvonen's Flower Films has agreed to produce the like for New Line. The project tentatively titled "He's Just Not That Into You."
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Reba Goes Entirely as the Host of Family TV Awards

November 10, 2005 09:27:08 GMT

The country singer-turned-sitcom star Reba McEntire won't have time to break as she's been tapped to host the 7th annual Family Television Awards which will be taped Nov. 30 and aired on the WB on Dec. 11. This is the second time for her to be on the duty after her first one in 2000.
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See Ya on the Road Joel

November 10, 2005 09:14:26 GMT

See ya on the road bro. We're absolutely glad in hearing that you are about to return to the road as a solo-headlining artist for the first time in nearly eight years next January. Wish your luck anyway.
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Coldplay Announce 2006 US Tour

November 10, 2005 08:59:24 GMT

It's been so long that we haven't heard about them and now the British band comes up with good news. A 2006 US tour. Yes Coldplay has just announced their plan to embark on a spring 2006 tour, beginning January 25 in Vancouver and run through early April. Just click the Web site http://www.talkthetour.com and you'll se the confirmed tour date.
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Rock Icon Lennon Available for Internet Download

November 10, 2005 08:38:04 GMT

Former Beatle John Lennon will get the honor as one of world's music legends. The singer's music will be made available on Real/Rhapsody, Napster, MSN and Yahoo! Unlimited. The entire Lennon solo catalogue will then be made available digitally beginning December 5th (December 6th in the US).
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More Cast for Kung Fu Panda

November 10, 2005 08:13:41 GMT

Based on the announcement outed by DreamWorks Animation, the like of Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, and Ian McShane are joining Jack Black in the cast of the computer-animated comedy "Kung Fu Panda." Meanwhile, award-winning actress Lucy Liu is still in talks to lend her voice in the animation movie.
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Green Day won't be American Idiot by Themselves

November 10, 2005 07:56:33 GMT

American rockers Green Day obviously denied recent rumors claiming they will star in the movie adaptation inspired by their award-winning album "American Idiot." However, the band will help producing and scripting instead.
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All That Santana Does on the Album Chart

November 10, 2005 07:10:54 GMT

The pop album chart for this week is dominated by various artists mainly for their contribution on the "Now That's What I Call Music! 20." The set is reported to sell for 378,000 copies in the week ended November 6. Right behind the chart topping is Santana's "All That I Am" which becoming the second best album of the week with sales of 142,000 copies.
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Leonardo DiCaprio Blinks

November 10, 2005 06:48:02 GMT

Leonardo DiCaprio won't blink even just once as he's busy with his new film project of Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller "Blink." The actor's production company Appian Way is developing the set with Leo himself is set to star in. On board to write and direct is Stephen Gaghan.
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Christensen Falls for Penelope

November 10, 2005 06:18:06 GMT

"Penelope." It sounds like a woman's name. In fact, it is the title of a movie which Hayden Christensen has had an interest to star in. In the meantime, Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon have both agreed to appear.
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Another Hilton's Smash Up

November 10, 2005 05:50:45 GMT

Needless to say about this celebutante. Troubles follow wherever she goes. Just days after she underwent a subpoena, Paris Hilton again involves in a trouble. This time the hotel heiress was lucky for she wasn't hurt in a minor car accident happened early Wednesday as she left a Hollywood nightclub.
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Joan Allen to Join Bonneville Cast

November 10, 2005 05:05:44 GMT

While she is still in early talks to reprise her role as Pamela Landy in "The Bourne Ultimatum," the third installment of the Universal spy thriller franchise starring Matt Damon, Joan Allen also is considering taking another project. The three-time Oscar-nominated actress is said to star in a film produced by SenArt Films.
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Nolte & Morton Have the Feeling of Pride and Glory

November 10, 2005 04:45:47 GMT

Can you feel the feeling they have inside? I bet you can't. It's only Nick Nolte and Samantha Morton that have such feeling. None other can feel the same way as they do. It's about "Pride and Glory" they have in their thought that they're in talks to star in the drama movie. Besides them, Colin Farrell, Edward Norton and Noah Emmerich have all agreed to star in.
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Stone & Musicians Come Together for Katrina Victim

November 10, 2005 04:22:25 GMT

Despite the fact that Hurricane Katrina has left much detriment, still we can taste its positive impacts. When many people were suffered by the disaster, many other stood shoulder to shoulder to help the victims. See how many notable musicians and or movie stars do donations and charity works to raise help.
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Paris Happens to be Subpoenaed

November 10, 2005 04:01:50 GMT

Troubled actress Paris Hilton again involves with the law. Yet this time she just happens to be a witness. The hotel heiress has been subpoenaed as a witness in a criminal case done by Darnell Riley who was arrested on January 22, 2004, for allegedly breaking into the home of Joe Francis, creator of the "boob flashing" video series Girls Gone Wild and trying to kidnap him.